Nino’s Interview With Juan O Savin; This Author’s Comment Response.

I generally get very few comments regarding my posts, the few I may get are often positive, or basically just want to sell me something, little need to respond, and other than a thank-you or perhaps quick decision whether I approve of the comment or toss it in the trash, the response of any sort is hardly ever asked let alone contemplated by me. 

But after reading the first comment received after my last post, I sat almost all day long wondering how I might respond had this person stepped up and asked his questions or comments face to face, so for lack of better words I decided to respond to his comment with an additional posting this next day.

Syrin commented;

“I have zero faith in 107 anymore. He was asked about whether the military would ever step in, and he answered by giving Biblical history and ignoring the question. He likes to listen to himself pontificate. If I hear “digital Pearl Harbor’ one more time, I’m going to puke. Hey 107. Did we let Japan win after Pearl Harbor? Did we step back and let them take over the US 9 MONTHS after the attack like now? Here’s a question for you. What do you call all ranking members of the military? OATHBREAKERS. I would trade our entire treasonous gay pride loving military for 500 Myanmar soldiers.”

In my last article; News From The Front Line; Nino Raises His Fists In Exhaustion, I believe I made it clear my position as an online observer of the interview and all I believe I am qualified to voice is merely my opinion as such an observer. I was not privy to the actual recording, nor have I met personally either of the men that carried on the conversation in question. Other than to say, I personally enjoy hearing them speak and since their reporting falls in line with much of the same spiritual work as well as dilemma I seem to be entangled with in my own life’s work, especially evident in my writings, at these for the last couple of years, I find it appropriate to comment myself in my own writings the influence, positive, or otherwise, effects their work has on my own challenges.


After reading through your comments quite a few times it thus prompted me to respond first and foremost; I can respect your position, and appreciate you taking the time to comment. And while I cannot speak on behalf of Juan O’ Savin, and certainly could not begin to even in the least try to defend him, I would only say that the little I know of the man, and that is very little, is based purely on the same interviews you have heard, or so I would assume. 

But there is still questions on the table, and as a writer of this blog and the person you did ask, if I could go so far and be so bold as to floor a response to your statements, I believe I might respond to your comment of losing faith for him with a humble and hypothetical statement by him; 

“Good, I don’t want you to have faith in me, I want you to have faith in God, faith in the fact that we are truly in a war between good and evil, whereby good is winning, faith my brother that Light and Truth will overcome darkness and deceit.”

But I feel you my friend, it is hard these days watching what so appears to be the thief getting away with the booty, even though everyone seems to know who the thieves are, and exactly how they stole from every single American citizen. Democrat or Republican, Black or white, rich or poor, it matters little because we didn’t get to choose our leadership it was ours and they took it from us! We no longer get to choose the direction our country will go for the next few years, or how we are to spend our own hard earned tax moneys, these few foreigners did, along with a handful of traitors inside our own leadership who all have the same common desire; selfish and dark desires, the wishes of those few, are more important than the wants and needs of our overwhelming majority. 

When we loose the option to choose our leadership, we loose our very grasp on freedom democracy represents, surrendering any thought of a Free Republic and replacing it with a dictatorship, one of the worse kind; influenced, controlled, coerced, bought, bribed, and rigged not by us the people but by foreign entities, and a few traitors within our own ranks. 

As for your statement about the Digital Pearl Harbor, I do believe I have at least some familiarity to that comment, seeing how the entirety of my male family at least twelve my now deceased uncles fought in world war two both in the German as well as the Pacific Japanese fronts. I actually to this day still know a woman named Rebekah Laue still alive who witnessed first hand the attack on Pearl Harbor, and while it was tragic, costing the destruction of the majority of our Pacific Fleet, she stated first hand this attack initiated devastating fear into all Americans at the time, sending ripples of terror across the entire country. That being said the Japanese never occupied our country. They didn’t win the war they merely won that battle or at least they thought they did.

This subject too ventures into my area of expertise considering as a medical provider I have learned if a person has even the faintest hope of finding a cure for any ailment that afflicts them it is imperative to look to the causes, all the causes of the attacks from not only a physical (medicine) perspective, but additionally a mind (positive thinking, positive energy), and most importantly spiritual (Belief) base, using Body, Mind, and Spirit evaluation and consequential treatments. This being what I mostly write about. 

The best way to fight any attack is to fight back in the same direction and manner in which the attack occurs. You can’t take a stick to gun fight, and you can’t fight back if you are looking in the wrong direction. Pearl Harbor is a perfect example; they attacked with bullets and bombs and our appropriate response was bullets and bombs. 

Again, to not be so bold as to speak for Juan O Savin; this war, this attack that was clearly perpetrated against every American citizen, was not an attack of bullets, bombs, poisons or even fists, not between, races, religions, or countries, although as time goes on poisons (The Jab) seem more and more to be the weapon of choice, no, this is a war waged in the digital realm, within the quantum realm of digital bites, perpetrated by foreign entities, collaborated by many of the very own treasonous leaders, the dark traitors of the innocent. We do to a degree have ourselves to blame, we have put these baby killing blood drinkers into positions of power. 

This is a digital war waged within the very particles of computer information matrix, a traitorous manipulation, of theft, and coercion against all of us who are not part of them. A war between good and evil manifested upon us through the desires of a few for the manipulation, control, enslavement, and possible eradication of many. World War Two took four years after the initial attacks to finally come to and end, we have been at it for what seven months?

This digital battlefield is environment of terabyte bullets, bombs in the form of media blitzkrieg, countless computers held in the hands of evil leaders who think they conspire in secret, all linked together in a vast network of interactions without form or dimension, the people who orchestrated these attacks are not of any one country but hold the common belief that they are above the mundane consideration of the typical working live stock us, and that happens to be everyone but themselves. I would define live stock as; that which lives yet lacks rights, desires, or considerations, other than to serve the wishes, needs, and pleasures, of those who possess them. 

This digital realm is not so much unlike our own spirits, an energy that can only be understood possibly on a Quantum level, boundless yet if one could paint a physical picture the boundaries these energies contain dwell within the desires and intention of men. Likewise our spirit contains its own God-like energy surrounding it, enveloping it, and making that which is otherwise inanimate animate, the soul.

So how do you fight a digital war? Likes can only defeat likes. 

You fight a digital war with digital weapons, you defeat a spiritual war with spiritual weapons, you defeat a war between good and evil with the assimilation of spiritual truths. 

The enemies plan create a problem, offer up the solution, and then bring us to the ultimate place or goal they intended all along. 

The Spiritual counter;

Identify the issue or attack “Revelation” (done), turn the light on so everyone everywhere is aware “Apocalypse” or “Illumination” (happening now), then right the wrong and hold those who did it accountable “Restoration” and “Devine Justice” (coming).

You see my dear friend history always repeats itself, and truly understanding the parallels historical accounts demonstrate help us all understand steps, specifically the place we find in, the like stones we find ourselves stepping casually yet confidently through this garden we call life God has so graciously created for us. 

If you wish to speak of correlations, examples, even parables regarding something played out in the digital realm, then examples of stories whether believed or not, nothing demonstrates the realms of the spiritual like the accounts of the Bible. And nothing demonstrates better with clear correlations the times we live in today than the Book of Esther and the attempts of Haman to slander, ruin, steal, and eventual try to eradicate the innocent, and how God intervened through real people to save them. 

Teaching historical truths to help many people look past the fear of the 3D media fear, doom and gloom, helping people in fear see truth so they can “fear not,” helping them see Godly design in spiritual accounts as Juan O Savin does and Nino so bravely reports in order for many to receive peace, calm, and maybe a little Ascension is not “pontification” its mercy. 

I pray brother; you and anyone else who reads this article or listens to those valiant truthers who risk their lives, bringing truths and revealing lies, open your eyes to hear and open your ears to hear past the faces, titles, or reputations of those who are speaking but examine the words and see if they might through your own fact checking, discussions, and comments, might have merit and thus then be passed onto others like a cool refreshing sip of water passed on to other brothers and sisters dying of thirst in this hot summers desert.  

Bless You

By Peter and Anna

“Dear Lord thank you for all the diverse Flowers in your garden, help them all to realize they are not alone, the good guys have this, You have this, open their eyes to see the truths, open their ears to hear, the courage to stand up and pass on these truths to others.”

The Sword Knocking Down the Strongholds Painting above is by Rebeka Laue

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3 Responses to Nino’s Interview With Juan O Savin; This Author’s Comment Response.

  1. Richelle says:

    Second time I’ve read your articles and I feel they are very well thought out. You seem to be able to truly talk to the reader which I find appealing whenever I’m reading any article. Also, regarding Juan O Savin; from what I’ve gathered from interviews, especially interviews with Robert David Steele who has actuallly met Juan at least several times. From that interview you find they are both retired Marines….although I wonder if Juan is retired. My own brother was in Reconnaissance and so when I listen to other interviews, I gather he may be in something like that…..just a guess. Also a whole group (Nino, Jaco, Mel K, Scott Mckay, Ann Vandersteele, etc.) went to some function hosted by Juan in Las Vegas I think in February. They also had the opportunity to meet several people that have known Juan for many years. He is the real deal and truly knows what he is talking about.. . I also find Juan is very well versed in Biblical History and I find he tends to use . I also find Juan is very well versed in Biblical History and I find he tends to use that to help us understand the enemy, understand what is taking place, BUT without giving intel away to the enemy; leading the viewer or listener to read between the lines and understand he can’t give away info. Anyway, that’s just my thought. I find many people have been posting negatives about Juan which I supposed pisses me off since the guy is so busy but actually shares time to help us to keep our heads and remain calm. Again, I really enjoy your articles and look forward to reading more. I did not mean to make this so long. .

  2. Miss Millie says:

    The only thing I disagree with in this article is that for the most part, we did NOT put these people into power. As we now know, they have been stealing elections for a very long time and not just the presidential election. I get frustrated with “Juan” or “W” or whoever he is, but he isn’t the only one. For many of us, we are battle weary. We just need to have faith in God, use our discernment and pray. If you feel you aren’t getting anything from Juan (or anyone else), then step away. Try not to get discouraged or let negativity creep in. That is just what the enemy wants.

  3. bfriddle says:

    I’m retired so I could have read this all. My 1st two words explain why not. So to the point. If you ever notice when someone dies or there is a tragedy, or there is a burglary. It is much different if it is a relative or close friend, your local area, or your home that is burglarised! Right now we are in a bit of a lull. I could be president (head of state) and things pretty much go on normal. That is because everyone still pretty much does their part. When it starts to get off again, like with the toilet paper shortage, it could easily be more serious.
    I’ve got similar feelings about Juan, Mel K, Charlie Ward, Kirsten Wong (all good people I believe.) I thank the God I trust to be forgiven, for I sin. It is not my place to judge or fret. There could well be a tipping point, where you or I realize we’ve been had. That is to the place and time of doing something about it!
    If you look at places like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, or even China, just think if more people had spoken out. What would have happened to them if they did? The tank man. Just like that we will know our limit.
    Let us pray, we are never to late.

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