Desperate Times, Shit Is Getting Real; Put On The Full Armor Of God, If You Can!!!

We are told we are to put on the “Full Armor of God?” What could be more useful for the front-line soldiers in the trenches today, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about then you probably are not one of them. Desperate Times means Desperate Measures, don’t be caught with your pants down Patriots!

I have heard it said mainly by pastors that this process needs to be done daily, and while this for me has the tendency to facilitate more doubt than faith especially in a simple health care practitioner such as me, because on occasion, more often than not, the business of the day seems to lead to a practical realization that the majority of the days I venture forth without contemplating putting on the “Full Armor of God” in my conscious and active mind and then I am left wondering by the end of the day do I actually have it on or not?

But as we examine the actual statement made by Paul written in the Book of Ephesians we see that these articles of battle are actually linked more to preparedness one acquires through the ongoing examination of each of the various factors or contemplations, concentration, and understanding rather than a repetitive asking for something over and over again like a child having to ask permission to pick up a toothbrush and brush their teeth.

What is clear is the fact that we need this Armor of God to stand against the “wiles” of the enemy? An interesting word “wiles,” while it is not commonly used, at least not around where this guy lives, Arizona is not commonly known for its more literate linguistic diversity, unless of course, you live in Scottsdale where I have known persons to brag about being bilingual merely because they dated an Italian once or twice in their life, another story for another time, the word wiles seems to primarily mean; being cleverly persuaded, manipulated, or tricked into performing nefarious acts for someone or something else.

The very next statement, prior to the actual putting on of said armor is; “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” 

Now this is something that seems to be of prevalent importance especially for my many colleagues who believe they are fighting on the front line of an “End Times War,” specifically battling in God’s Army fighting dark with Light for the very souls of the people? Well, I don’t know about you, but as I have strived to spread more Godly Truths, and since all Truth comes from God I’m not sure if there are any other types especially in the health care arena, it would seem that I am reciprocally hit with increasingly frequent counter attacks, censoring, persecutions, especially distracting concerns of false accusations, leading one reinforced certainty to the understanding that there are entities out there that desperately wish Truths to be held in check and definitely not spoken to the people they may help.

And since these attacks seem to come out of “nowhere,” because they probably do, it only reinforces the understanding of the person being attacked, as well as the many others standing around watching the show, that the Truths being spoken must indeed truly be True, otherwise, why would the Dark Side even bother? Interestingly enough the more direct the truths seem to come right out of the mouth of God, without the continued interpretation and subsequent pollution of Mankind’s repeated translations, the more aggressive and apparent feverish hatred the opposition has in their attempts to curse this information, deflect the discussion, or shut it down altogether. Nothing demonstrates this fact more than the Main Stream Media’s aggressive contempt and outright hatred for our illustrious, and in this writer’s opinion, current elected President Donald Trump.

More and more today we do need to understand our place in this war, our vulnerabilities and likewise, the instrument’s that we can otherwise use to protect us.

The pieces of Armor are simple; girding our loins with Truth, the more truths we obtain, the more secure our loins, our reproductive parts, our destiny! And while shadows and the curses may hide, fade or vanish even with a flicker of a single candle, truths once realized and taken in our souls through belief become a part of us adding to the intensity of our vibrational existence. I speak of this more extensively in my book Quantum Ascension.

Breastplate of righteousness, well if a soul seeks righteousness in their life, why would they suddenly need to put that on each day, they either have it or not! But of course, knowing you have something is important to feeling confident in your protection, eliminating any fear an attack might get through the breastplate to actually attack the heart.

Feet that are shod (Protected with heavy shoes) in the preparation of the Gospel of peace. Preparation means preparing ahead of time, that shouldn’t be too hard to do? The next three seem more important at least for battle.

The Shield of Faith, which would appear from all the depictions to be held in the Left hand (Also a Spiritual Therapy discussion for later). Importantly, the Shield is to protect and extinguish against the fiery arrows of the evil one.

The Helmet of Salvation, another one of which once placed on the head, why would a person need to take it off again except maybe to cut their hair, oh ya, I don’t have that issue. 

And finally Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, which I also have heard it called the Sword of Light. I’d like to think of it as a supercharged Light Saber that destroys any demon it merely comes in contact with. This one is always carried by the right hand. 

It doesn’t matter what part of the body you are fighting from, if you are passing on Truths in any fashion, like it or not you are in the war, and being in the war makes you also a target for the enemy. Now more than ever with all the heightened alert the Deep Stank is in, due to the exponential exposure they are suffering, retaliation especially in the spirit is now more prevalent than ever with increased veracity against the Truthers! Having the entire Armor of God on is critical for us to engage, overcome, and be victorious.

I had an interesting discussion with my Mentor Peter Laue in Pagosa Springs Colorado, a man who I have come to believe is as much of a modern-day prophet as any who have ever lived. 

He said to me casually the other day; “If you are planning on going into battle in the spirit, fighting for Truth in God’s Army you better not be carrying your cell phone in your hand, as a matter of fact, it’s better to turn it off and leave it home!”

I asked him casually why’s that?

He smiled and said to me, “What hand are you going to discard your piece of Armor for it; the Sword or the Shield?” And casually went on to do what he was doing or saying before.

Having the Full Armor of God is not the question of whether a person has it or needs it, but understanding also the chink in the Armor a cell phone or other distractions represent, this only results in weaknesses the enemy can see in the spirit and will exploit for its purpose!

Brothers and Sisters, 

As long as you are part of the team, part of the body, the End Times Army fighting the fight in your own corner of the war, regardless if you are One; A front line fighter, a speaker of truths to those who are still asleep, or a healer bringing the healing Truths to those who are injured?

Two) A Transporter like a Pilot or a Driver of a Med wagon, either you bring the message to the people by sharing it, or you bring them to the message by inviting them?

Three) If you can’t do the one-on-one or talk to the groups, and bringing the message is just not your gig, then you can support the team with physical help, prayers, or financial support so do you lend a helping hand to your brothers and sisters?

All three are necessary parts of the body; the mouth to speak or the hands to lay on for healing, good strong legs to bring the message to the people or carry the people back to the message, and finally, a strong back to carry the burdens of the body, the support of the whole body?

All are equal parts, no one is more important than the other, all needed in the mission given us in this little corner of the war. For every person who wakes, they are also healed, and when we are part of that healing body responsible for one more person seeing the light we in essence have assisted in saving their life!

I myself as a health care practitioner have had the honor of having individuals tell me; “I saved their life,” recently more than earlier in my career, nothing is as sweet of a sound as to hear those words.

I invite anyone who has read these words and perhaps had seen me; Peter Colla speaking with my dear friend David Rodriguez regarding Spiritual Healing, I invite any of you to come to join me as we further develop how every one of you can become a Spiritual Healer. If this interests you but perhaps a different part of the body is more to your talents and skills please contact us as well because we are building a Spiritual Healing Body, a partnership of people who are interested in not only symptom reduction but Truths as spoken of in the Word of God, applying them to others and becoming a Healer, a Truth sharer in the Army of God.

Welcome to the Team!

Peter Colla

“Dear Heavenly Father; Thank You for all of Your Wisdom, Guidance, and Protection as we fight Your Fight, each of us in our own capacity. Empower us with the will to step into the frey, equip us with the full Armor Of God and help us clearly see anything we may hold in our hands that might distract us from what You would put there for our own Good.”

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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  1. Dennis says:

    Discernment comes from the uderstanding of the holy spirt,& the word of god,” his children understand this,” & are not decieved by the ways of the world.

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