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The Dam Has Broken!

I had a dream, and in my vision within the dream I saw a great build up of debris holding back the waters of a clear beautiful creek. Clay and dead timbers and all sorts of discarded objects were used … Continue reading

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A Local Therapist’s Take On The VA Debacle, And General Shinseki’s Resignation

A single man, while having the ability to change and effect many areas, maybe even breath life into a dying body, has little or no chance to affect the overall eventuality of said course the would be corpse is heading … Continue reading

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Gods Gift Handed From One To Another

I imagined somewhere left in this land, fashioned by the creative hand of God, there still is left properties nestled softly on the edge of yet still nearly untouched lands, preserved from times long past as memorials to a time … Continue reading

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Insurance or Spiritual Enslavement

I can remember a day early in the career of a health care provider, one with fonder reflection, a gentler time, when basking on touch of soft scented spring breezes felt like willows lacing themselves in the arms of those … Continue reading

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