Social Distancing; One of the Many Hidden Crimes Against Humanity?

In my lengthy years of treatment I have had the pleasure of treating literally thousands of souls, hopefully towards their benefit, but especially lately vowing to place God somewhere into the treatment scenario whenever possible, this has allowed us insight to treat to the cause (all the causes) and not just symptom reduction as seems to be the intended goal of the majority of medical treatments out there today.

But nowhere do I see frustrations, doubt, or a sense of uselessness, alienation, and loneliness as I see in the elderly community especially here in western society?

Being an Arizona-raised and schooled individual basically short of California put me about as west as a person could be in geographical location as well as philosophical upbringing, yet years ago I had the blessing of being able to do a portion of my college education in Europe, specifically Holland. 

It wasn’t the education that I am bringing it up for, but the vacations that would follow as we had each summer at least a month of days off where almost the entire country would shut down and travel someplace for “holiday?” Our destination of choice was Germany.

It was here in these early years I witnessed an anomaly that touched my heart. 

As a couple of college student aged travelers we would seek out “deals” as much as possible, traveling to the smaller villages, seeking out lodging in “Zimmer Frei” or “Room Available” locations; people who would rent out a room or a few, usually including breakfast for a modest rate per night, at the time happen to be 18-30 german mark, approximately the same as the then Dutch Guilden but an astonishing only 6-10 dollars for the whole room? A perfect amount leaving much more money of the daily ration left for dinner later, of which often was much cheaper in the small village, and especially more for the exceptional beer that without a doubt was to follow in the evening. 

It was at one of the earliest of these Zimmer Frei experiences that I saw something that would touch my heart for the rest of my life. The majority of the houses were these multilevel, multi-generational homes where their oldest lived on the bottom floor, the parents or owners of the home live on the main floor and the children, or now the guests stayed in the upper floor smaller children’s bedrooms.

One of the first mornings I woke up early and went outside into the beautiful flower garden I noticed a very elderly woman picking vegetables from the garden, fresh tomatoes or herbs she placed into a small basket. The woman in my young eyes had to be extremely old she moves so slow, but also with the care that expressed nothing short of wisdom; she knew exactly what she was looking for and how to extract it with minimal effort. 

She then slowly went on to the flower garden where she clipped a few roses or daffodils setting them gently on the top of her small basket. After watching her for a few minutes she hardly glanced at me as I greeted her, I’m not even sure if she could hear me let alone understand my ridiculous german attempt at communication, and walked slowly by into the home.

When we finally went in for the breakfast, a table full of various European cut meats, cheeses, fruit slices, fresh coffee, eggs I am sure the woman gathered herself from the few chickens that wandered around the yard and let’s not forget that smell of fresh baked german rolls that seemed to greet us every morning in those small german villages. 

I noticed the few tomatoes the elderly woman gathered were beautifully displayed in the center of the table meticulously carved and adorned with the herbs she also gathered, the flowers she had also cut now were displayed in small bud vases in the center of the table as well, a perfect accent of the beauty and purity this wonderful place has to offer a guest.

When the “woman of the house” came in I immediately said to her; “I noticed a sweet elderly woman, gathering those flowers this morning?”

“Yes, that her job, she is actually my mother.”

“She lives here with you?” I said knowing myself in the West elderly people that old usually didn’t still live with their children, they usually live in nursing homes. 

“Of course she does, this is her house, where else would she live?” the woman says. “She lives on the bottom floor, it’s too hard for her to go up and down steps, so she stays there now. My father and my husband’s mother did too before they died a few years back.”

“How old is she if you mind me asking?” I asked.

“Ninety-seven, she lived through two wars in this very house. She can’t do much anymore, but what little she can she does, a bit of gardening, gathers eggs occasionally, and folds some of the smaller pieces of laundry. The garden though is her place, she talks to the plants and flowers. I learned when I was just a little girl that when you talk to the flowers as she does, they grow so beautifully and the fruits are so good.”

Here I am now all these years back in the West, traveling from one nursing home to the next treating people as well as I can. 

What is interesting some of these nursing homes are truly luxurious, one in Scottsdale Arizona, I like to call the “Taj Mahal,” because the people each have their own apartments, marble floors, their own set table for dinner, with butler service, table cloths, fine china, and order their dinner off a menu like some fancy restaurant? They seem to have everything they need, a beauty salon on-site, limousine service to take them to and from doctor appointments, I guess even a concierge to get them show-tickets if they wish?

I remember treating one woman in the Taj Mahal and asking her; “How do you like living here, this place is amazing?”

“I hate it!” she says almost bursting out in tears. “My son promised me he would never send me to a nursing home, and then when he dropped me off  couple of years ago, he said don’t worry we will come to see you every week and as often as you want.”

“The once a week quickly turned into once a month, and then ended up once every six months, yesterday was the six months and he didn’t show up!” 

“I’m so lonely, this is the loneliest place in the world.”

What are we doing as a society?

People serve their families, their communities for years, love their children, maybe they do maybe they didn’t, but it seems in the West when people retire, they are no longer needed, the common ideology is to ship them off to the nursing home alone. 

Loneliness, abandonment, are two of the most destructive forces in the spiritual environment, these negative emotions lead to stress which is a known immune system reducer. This not only causes depression, as well as facilitates other destructive health issues such as anxiety, suicidal thoughts, but they reduce the resistance of the person suffering from these emotional attacks making them susceptible to infections and thus a danger to others like them.

If that isn’t enough of a crime just sending off our elderly alone into the nursing home like some discarded old suitcase stored away in a long-forgotten storage unit somewhere, what about taking individuals out of their home when they displayed any symptoms whatsoever with the “COVID Scam-demic” and sending them against their will into nursing homes not only in New York but seemingly everywhere. 

Here in Phoenix, I was assigned to treat a man diagnosed with COVID in a nursing home. When I showed up to the location, on lockdown, no one in or out except medical providers, when I examine the little information he had in his chart it clearly said he tested negative for COVID. But when I went to his room the door said caution COVID patient inside use all precautions.

In the room was merely a white plastic chair in front of the tv, a cot in the bedroom, and nothing else. Here was a man in his young fifties who when he had gone in for a chemo treatment they brought him back against his own wishes and dumped him here. 

I said to him your charts had written in it you are negative for COVID but the door says COVID patient, he said he was actually tested at least five times since being here, challenging me to verify that fact with the nurse, which I did and he was right, all negative! He went on to tell me that they brought him here after his last chemo treatment, and he has been a prisoner ever since. No cell phone, nobody to call anyway, since he lives alone, his only worry is since it has been months and he can’t even let his landlord know where he is his little bit of stuff is probably gone by now.

My wife Anna traveled to Poland just before the outbreak of COVID precautions here in the US, where her father is suddenly attacked with four life-threatening illnesses, already hospitals were isolating all the patients no longer allowing any visitation, but thankfully his doctor was a family friend and did allow her to sit with her father when the medical personnel had already written him off for finished. He made a full and miraculous recovery. 

How sad for so many patients here and everywhere, that they wake up in hospitals, nursing homes, or just alone in their own homes and suddenly they have nobody visiting them? How terrifying for those who don’t have the understanding that this is really for their good, this social distancing, this social isolation, “suck it up” we have to keep this COVID pandemic in check!

“And now they are saying COVID was all a lie, Fuck You, how many people died lonely!” Anna said in a heartbreaking tone.

During the so-called COVID precautions it seemed like it was imperative to suddenly isolate and alienate people especially anyone who was ill regardless of what they were diagnosed with. No visitations, not even spouses allowed to visit each other. Social distancing, in nursing homes people made to eat at least six feet regardless of they were living and even sleeping in the same bed.

Ridiculous masking mandates that force people to stop communicating, eliminating even the smile from a possible greeting, let alone the hug that was completely removed from society as a safety precaution against the “Spread?”

De-socialization, one of the foremost symptoms of depression! Depression, a clear and widely known factor in reducing a person’s resistance to illnesses of any kind!

You want to spread sickness, alienate the weakest of society, reduce their immune system by increasing depression and then inject another sick individual into their small communities especially in the nursing home where no real nursing care is actually provided, people are merely discarded and locked away like old useless items of the past. Then force them all to take some vaccine filled with known toxins and how can you not expect many of them to get sick?

When everybody is looking here and there how does it affect me, watching COVID case numbers on CNN, talking about vaccines and whether or not they are safe to take, election fraud, child trafficking in Hollywood, or bull shit politicians squabbling about how much money they can flee from the people, vast sums of money being given to this or that bogus charity, a real crime is being perpetrated right under our noses, vilified by dark entities against another vulnerable portion of our society. Our elderly are clearly being tormented, poisoned, and offered up in sacrifice to moloch without us even knowing it is happening.

In witchcraft it has been reported that as they climb the sacrifice ladder of spells and rituals to satan offering up first insects, then animals, they eventually use people, first the homeless, then the prostitutes, they are easy targets, people already dead, corpses or aborted tissue seems to be in there somewhere, eventually up the innocence scale to the children, babies and elderly they climb. Interestingly the elderly are considered useful in these sacrificial rites as wanted commodities. This fact goes all the way back to Biblical time as the attacking forces would hunt the weakest the children and elderly as they attacked at night or in stealth.

In our foolishness to look around us and see the diabolical true origins of this Corona Virus, these lies perpetrated around the world, uncovering those who developed it and why, we are constantly setting our vision on what effect it has had against us, financially, health-wise, or the dark plan they must have had for lying to so many of us, all the while we just glance by the atrocities that are being perpetrated against one of the most vulnerable of our society and in essence against each and every one of us? 

Social distancing leads to social alienation, which leads to depression, which increases stress and decreases resistance… all lead to increased infectious vulnerability not decreased!

Social distancing may in itself be one of the most diabolical crimes against humanity perpetrated right under our noses!

Sheep to the slaughter! 

By Peter and Anna

“Thank God for the many truthers out there who are risking their lives, revealing the truths and exposing the villain’s behind what would appear to be a blatant attack against all of humanity.”

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