The Belief In Miracles w David Nino Rodriguez & Peter Colla; “Follow-Up Q & A’s”

July 17, 2021 Video with David Nino Rodriguez

“I need to buy your books for my brother. He’s 70, but had the vitality of a 20-year-old until recently. He lives in Houston. I moved to California as a young Navy wife, now I’m neither. I am stuck here for now.” 

“I live in Brisbane, Australia and am 58 years young ex-military ex-police and for the past year, I work in a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation center as a support worker for people of all ages & backgrounds. I also have 8 yo son who is Add Asd Adhd allergic to dairy wheat fish…”

“I’ve prayed and believed for healing for my eyes, tried every kind of treatment…” 

“I am a 53-year-old woman…who was “diagnosed” with MS in 2008 & immediately prescribed different therapies & pills.”

“Hello Peter, I just watched you on Nino Rodrigues’s show and I am blown away.”

Questions and Answers Video Today

Many questions, many emails, hundreds, after I was on the David “Nino” Rodrigues show last month; Belief In Miracles w Peter Colla on YouTube June 17, 2021, marked for me a day that would culminate at least in God’s purpose realm, a pivotal moment, a day of answered prayers and perhaps unseen yet felt miracles.

People flooded my email with countless questions, requests for my books, which until then had sold perhaps a handful of copies in over three years, but suddenly people interested even pleading for more information regarding the many aspects of observations I had witnessed over the years because we, my wife Anna and I, placed God back into the health care treatment evaluation, treatment procedures, and focus by not only ourselves but the people who God blessed us to have been placed under our care.

I say pivotal because, yes while we had seen many of the miracles occur, or hear of the results and then write them down, share them with others, even try to reproduce them in others, these interactions had been until now primarily one on one. Being employed in the same system that would seem to suppress such focus, especially when receiving a paycheck had made me a target for constant and seemingly increasingly aggressive attacks to stifle any words or suppress the spreading of such experiences, regardless if I had anything to do with them or not, either directly or indirectly.

So now when suddenly a larger audience could apparently see these reports, hear the stories or be directed to the written accounts, and suddenly responded the overall feeling was nothing short of “Bliss,” but also a deep sense of gratitude to David for giving us that opportunity, opening that door, giving this old therapist the needed kick under the ass to actually reach out myself, make my own videos, and share with the world what I have seen, feel God has shown me and others, and send out my own sort of “messages in bottles” as more and more of them are tossed into the ocean and I sit back ad wait to see who might have one float up onto the shore of their house far off on distant shores? Who might be touched by words as I merely tell my stories and relate the beautiful flowers God has so graciously allowed me to touch in His so perfect and beautiful field.

If you feel like, you might take the time out of your busy day and listen to part or even more than a part of this Spiritual Therapists ramblings, who knows it may strike a chord or remind you of this or that acquaintance that you might agree such word could help them? And if one person only one, in the whole world is help regardless if they buy a book or not, then my sweetest dreams and fondest wishes have been realized, and all the efforts combined for all the writing I have written, or videos produced, is worth it, as that person may receive a sprinkling of healing from the outstretched arms of God.

So please share or tell others, or write me with your own concerns, I will try to write you back as soon as I can, and maybe if you approve I will speak about thoughts or ideas concerning your own issues you pen to me in a video, at least until the day that we can speak in person or together on a call.

Bless all who join us in the healing process and help others, some with mouths to speak, some with arms or legs to carry, some with strong backs to lend support, all are part of the body of the healer.

By Peter Colla 

See more of this writers feeble visits to the Generals Tent, check out this other videos with Nino on Ninoscorner.TV and YTube;

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Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”

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You can also write me directly at to purchase a signed copy of either book directly from us, or any other questions regarding spiritual based therapies and healing.

Bless You

Peter and Anna

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