Dr. Peter & Anna Colla Interview with Dr. Charlie Ward & “The Letter From The Prophet”

The Charlie Ward Show on Bitchute

Dr. Peter & Anna Colla have spent their lives Treating Tens of Thousands of Individuals in the Natural & Physical Health Environment, Always looking to the causes of issues rather than just Symptom Management.

As the Health Care System degraded into one of seeming enslavement and symptom control rather than proposed healing, they realized only by treating in its entirety the Body, Mind, and “Especially” the Spirit could true healing be achieved.

Realizing the Truths Hidden in the Lies all around us, in plain sight, these two people who simply have tried to find God and then inject Him any way possible into their Healthcare Evaluation, Treatment, Development, Teaching, and Implementation, Helping Themselves as well as other People in their Ascension Process in this new (yet 2000-year-old) Quantum Healing Experience. They have come to realize we are all warriors in this End Times War and NASARA/GASARA is upon us we merely need to see it.

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Recently brought out of the individual one-on-one treatment environment onto the world stage by Truther Interviewer David “Nino” Rodriguez, and later Dr. Charlie Ward, Nicholas Veniamin, and Pryme Minister among others, Dr. Peter & Anna have further Dedicated their lives and “Pushed All Their Chips In” to bring their eye-witnessed experiences, all-natural treatment alternatives, discoveries, and God-Given Truths to everyone at homes of (Phoenix Arizona) as well as abroad in their second homes (Poland and Tuscany Italy) those who God brings into their lives.

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Bless You

Peter & Anna Colla

“The Letter from the Prophet”



America, I am fully alive. I am alive in my chosen vessels, the remnant. I am not known by the clothes they wear or by the things they do or say. I am known by the Spirit. Only those who love Me, know who I am. I am known as their Savior and Lord. I am Love, Power, and a Sound Mind.

The remnant is fearless. The remnant is merciful. The remnant trusts Me. The remnant knows who I am. The remnant will kill giants, heal the sick and raise the dead. The remnant is already doing that because it is no longer they who live; it is, I, Jesus, who lives in them, the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. That’s who I am. The remnant has made room for Me, for who I am.

America, you are dying and don’t know it. You will soon know it. I am removing the blinders from your eyes. I have already started. All will see what I see and know what I know. The Holy Spirit will illuminate your conscience. You will be dismayed and amazed. You will cover yourselves with sackcloth and ashes. You will run for your life and hide in caves.

America, you are lost and don’t know it. You are asleep and don’t know it. You are chasing the wind in pursuit of happiness and success. I cannot trust you with more until you are grateful with little. You are living on borrowed time and borrowed money. Your children will be inheriting a bankrupt future. Your elected politicians have fed you with empty promises. AMERICA, have the courage to take a courageous look at yourself so you can see what I see.

America, I don’t need you, but you need Me. America, you need Me if you want to be free and stay free. You have thrown out my laws and replaced them with your own laws and traditions. You have replaced Me with many gods, many idols. Your weapons of mass destruction will backfire unless you repent unless you forgive those who wounded you. America, if you do not want the sands of time to erase your footprints, fall on your knees on the steps of the Supreme Court. Repent and weep over the innocent blood that was shed.

America, my Father so loved the world that He sent Me to you. My sacrificial love prompted Me to leave my place of glory and walk amongst you as an ordinary and vulnerable man. Only a handful recognized Me as both the Son of Man and the Son of God. I am fully alive today and present amongst you. Only the remnant knows Me and follows in my footsteps. You can add your name to that remnant only while there is breath in your body. If you are not a part of that remnant, these words will be like gibberish. You will ridicule the Author and his messenger. You may even kill him or put him in jail. You have done it before. You have done it many times.

The world and the devil tried to do away with Me, but I rose from the dead. I defeated the devil at the Cross of Calgary. He is still defeated. I am fully alive and victorious. America, do you realize that your leaders and laws keep trying to do away with Me and My Commandments? Shame on them! They will not succeed. They will hide in caves, too ashamed to show their faces.

America, you have become a proud and arrogant nation. America, you have wasted my grace. You have mocked Me with your laws and entertainment. It’s payday unless you fall on your knees and repent. Vengeance belongs to my Father. He will judge those who have spit in my face and mocked my Name. But those who faithfully labored in my vineyard, those who spilled their blood, their sweat, and tears and did the will of my Father, those who were not ashamed to proclaim my name, they will have a place of honor in my Father’s House.

America, I will remember you, because of the many who spilled their blood at Gettysburg, the Beaches of Normandy, Vietnam and beyond to keep America and the world free. I will not blot you out, America. I will remember their sacrifice and have mercy on you. Their blood has not been spilled in vain. But America, your lawmakers and judges shall be judged severely for allowing wombs to become tombs. You have shed innocent blood. Your former glory shall be history.

I love you America. I died for you, America. I am warning and chastising you with these words because I love you. You must know that your own righteousness cannot save you or cover your impoverished soul. America, point your finger at yourself and examine yourself. Do not point your finger at other nations. In my Father’s house are many mansions, but there are none for unrepentant sinners or unrepentant nations.





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2 Responses to Dr. Peter & Anna Colla Interview with Dr. Charlie Ward & “The Letter From The Prophet”

  1. Andy Sifuentes says:

    love this ‘ as always ‘ thank you Charlie ” May the lords blessing always be with you . and us WE the People ..

  2. Frank Cunningham says:

    Hi Peter and Anna, I enjoyed your podcast with Charlie Ward a few days ago, so glad that you are all safe and finding that fake news is clearly in charge. You spoke of actors, yes no doubt, I have seen many staged shows of bodies. One, the guy in one body bag was smoking a cigarette while waiting for all the bags to be staged. We are getting more reports that it is Ukrainian Nazis who are killing the citizens and of course, blaming the Russians. Please comment, this is as important as anything today, as Communism and Tyranny grows.

    Stay safe, Frank and Anita

    Frank Cunningham
    CEO & President at Durango Stone
    Telephone: 602.438.1001 Mobile: 602.451.0529
    7946 E McClain Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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