The Breath Of God, A Weapon Of Healing!

Waking up this morning, in this ongoing education of applying Spiritual Beliefs in the health care treatments regiment of people, I had an overwhelming download regarding the essence of “The Breath Of God?” Anyone who knows me or has read the writings God has so graciously blessed me with, would know this download process is only the first step in what becomes an examination of what does this mean, how does it seem to manifest itself in the physical, and finally how is it applied to my own little section of the war; in what manner can this information be used to help some of God’s specific children free themselves of the jail the health care system has placed them in on this road we have taken together in Quantum Ascension.

As many of my readers have now come to know, God has so blessed me with this new relationship with one of His Mighty Men: David “Nino” Rodriguez, and through David allowed me to speak of these observations He “God” has shown me throughout the many years of treating His children. Revealing in the words as He prompted me to subsequently write many more, than the one-on-one patient relationship I have done so prior.

It is not at all surprising that following the interview on YouTube I was flooded with hundreds of beautiful emails from people of all walks of life, literally across the globe graciously commenting on our video, not a single negative word, and the majority speaking of their own struggles relating desires to apply these statement to their own lives, questions of relevance or possible applications to specific afflictions, leaving me busy to answer every one, for they are all precious to God, and thus can not help but be precious to me as well.

What I found particularly interesting and I immediately took it as a sign from God was when I woke up the next day, today, visualizing now how to put the “Breath Of God” download onto paper, I suddenly realize I have another hundred new emails to answer, but more significantly; the first ten or so were all questions about how to apply these factors I have written about in the past books to COPD (Breathing disorders) or as one woman specifically asked “Could there be anything done for Aphasia” an infirmity that disrupts the person’s ability to talk?

Well, I guess that pretty much; “Puts the match to the grill” steaks are on the menu for tonight!

The Breath of God? What exactly is that?

I have found it increasingly important as of late to include “Respiratory Therapy” in almost all of my patients in the field I treat. Basically, these are exercises that increase the capacity of a person’s breathing, first by increasing the rib cage area using exercises to stretch and open up the posture for better breathing, then expand on the weakened muscles that surround the chest and back aiding in the exchange mobility as well as strength to insure improved gas exchange. Without getting too technical here helping people breathe deeper and with more strength.

What is funny, forty years ago when I studied Physical Therapy overseas they didn’t have the separate distinction of Respiratory Therapy separate from PT, but it was all part of the same education to be used if needed? But today I find the majority of the students who come fresh out of college have no idea what I am talking about when I tell them; “This patient needs breathing enhancing exercises?”  Is that just because they have compartmentalized the breathing into another sub-field or is it possibly because the educational system has no desire for people to learn how to strengthen their breathing any longer? A question for another time or another Deep State plot for Nino to expose!

But it does make sense, “they” the system, doesn’t seem to want us to be able to breathe freely, certainly not be able to speak, otherwise why else the mask? What are they trying to restrict, it certainly has nothing to do with the restriction of viruses? I’m not going to regurgitate old writings, but a mask has about as much chance of stopping a virus as a tennis racket has with bailing water out of a swimming pool!

Back to the Breath

Another misnomer regarding breathing is that we “breath in,” the Physiological “fact of the matter” is the Diaphragm this large muscle at the bottom of your lungs contracts and basically pulls down making room in your chest cavity allowing space for the air to enter.

“God pushes the air into our Lungs!”

In essence; He breathes life into us, His Breathe Of Life, again and again in each breath into us, so in the same manner we can use water, is it possible to use the potential of breath as we have already examined in water?

“We have not because we ask not, so I’m asking!”

“God; does what you say about the Breath of Life apply to every breath we take?”

Don’t have to look far there seems to be plenty of references in the Bible stating basically that the Breath is of God, and is Life, removal of this breath and life departs. 

But how interesting, when Jesus died they heard his Breath leave him like the roar of a lion. 

I myself witnessed this when my 94-year-old Aunt Marion passed, she was like a mother to me and when she approached the dusk of her years I invited her and my uncle in, not just so it was easier for me to take care of them, but because of the belief I already assimilated the same I spoke about in earlier writing, Social Distancing; A Crime Against Humanity two blogs earlier. 

In her case my wife Anna who became her bedside caretaker even to the end witnessed the same transition of life; she suddenly opened her eyes, looked up and smiled, seem to focus up suddenly with a clarity she had not demonstrated in her eyes for months, then let out a clear and deep breath as she closed her eyes and died.

This Anna later told me was exactly how her own grandmother had passed when she also witnessed it back in her youth. Anna even managed to record it on her phone, stating “did you see that light it seemed like her face suddenly lit up just before she died” and when we looked later at the image sure enough as clear as daylight on her face even though the room was dim and the shades are drawn no lights on in the room even her phone had no light on during the recording, Marion’s face was lit up. 

If water can transmit the very essence or intent of a blessing or curse then how much power could the Breath of God relate? People might say water is liquid and air is gas, but I would counter that even in the driest of regions and my own Phoenix certainly would count, there is still water if only fractional in every breath, and if it’s not then our own body releases it also mixing and defusing through every breath we take.

Breath of God, and Water, what about sound, sounds move through our breath even as we speak every word.

“Even every word you speak, you will be held accountable to God.” The Man Himself said that one!

Is it perhaps because we mingle our very words with the Breath of God, chilling thought considering all the shit I’ve said throughout my life? 

Why every word, why not every punch or kick, or every bite of food, every stolen coin, or stolen kiss, or every thought? Because words are creations from us, they transcend into the universe and are eternal. We create with the creative utterances of our spoken word in the same way God spoke the entire universe into being.

My Mentor Peter Laue in Pagosa Springs Colorado, as we discussed this download and again as we have so many other before, he added his own image he too received as the discussion turned from Revelation to Illumination in our own round table concerto of magnifico symphony. 

Peter stated; “This no doubt brings clarity to the fact when I sit and read the Bible silently to myself I get something from it always, but the overall effect when I read it out loud or my wonderful wife Rebekah reads to me, it seems to have a mesmerizing effect not only on my mind but on my whole body as if to bathes my body literally with the Words of God.”

Yes, that is it, the breath is of God, every breath, just like every drink of water it has the potential for blessings as well, but we have again free will if we wish to engage this gift laying right before us or pass it on by without even noticing.

My dear Brothers and Sisters God doesn’t force Himself on any of us, He merely stands back as any loving Father and watches all His children sit and play with the wonderful world He has created for all of us. In this humble writers opinion, “There is no building you must go to, or special designation you must declare, no mickey mouse club card you have to have in your wallet to receive God’s love, the only requirement look up to God, He delivers it in every breath we take.

On the Patriot Front; If any of this mentioned above is even on the most fractional basis true and more importantly speaks to your spirit, then what a powerful weapon indeed God has given us in this War of the World, this End Times Revelations Battle between good and evil, this Quantum Ascending war throughout the world for souls?

In recent discussions I have had with Nino, the world seems to be exploding with revelations that point to not only the lies so many of the leaders of the vast systems that rule us all have perpetrated against every single one of us that doesn’t happen to belong to their club.


Because the only reason that seems to make sense is they wish to dumb us all down, control us, enslave and drain our very blood, and when they have enough, they kill us off?

But if God’s Breath is in the very words we speak, and if we can empower the Truths that these other Patriot’s such as Nino, Juan O’ Saven, Charley Ward, Lynn Wood, Simon Parks, or as my wife Anna does, just to name a few, reveal every single day, then add with that the intent of knowing our Breath is empowered by the very essence of God Himself, say little for the healing potential this has in our own bodies, just imagine the effect you will have when you, in turn, spread the word, a single truth, or bring a friend to hear these revelations as God’s breath not only empowers them but reverberates through you as you bring God’s truth to heal them and through the experience heal yourself in the process.

Patriots, my God, we have a nuclear-powered slingshot at our fingertips, with the destructive potential of a trillion suns against the powers of darkness, and all we have to do is turn on the little red pill button and start firing!

Patriots in the Name of Jesus pick up your Godly weapons and go enter the fray!

By Peter and Anna

“Dear Lord Jesus give me the courage to pick up your Truths and spread them throughout the world as we all enter into this end times war against evil on your spoken words of truth.”

Bless You

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Peter & Anna

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2 Responses to The Breath Of God, A Weapon Of Healing!

  1. RanDee L Miller says:

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I have watched Nino for months. I enjoy his humour, his Intel, his views and beliefs. I believe him to be a righteous young man doing God’s work. He reminds me of my late son…

    To say I was mesmerized by your appearance would be an understatement. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I blessed every drop of water I drank today LOL.


  2. Cindy R Langston says:

    Like everything, I believe there are no coincidences. Everything, I believe is God willed, God’s leading, God’s intention, Or God-ordained. Finding you, when I need you the most. Thank you so very much for what you do.
    I saw your video with David, and your soul and spirit shines through.
    You are a Warrior, of a different kind, The most important kind. Exactly what the world needs At this time. God-bless you and your family

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