Spiritual News Alert; “When Is It Time To Jump Into A Spiritual Battle?”

I stare into the abyss of hot burning flames, 

Ruby red like the blood of amber fire remains, 

Pulsing hot is the anger that flows through my veins, 

Boiling to the point of nothing, 

As my heart with fear weeps in vain.

Nowhere does the body burn hotter than within the blood of deceit and betrayal. As these days blend to months and then approach casually a year, the thoughts of lingering thefts and treason, our very country being stolen out from under us, descends subtly as a lump of burning coal settling within the very bones of our soul.

Men and women all over the world are awakenings daily with an exponentially increasing rate as Patriots spread the Truths of the true evil being unleashed against not only the most innocent of our children, but against all who do not bend to the dark rulers, witches, billionaires and oligarchs of these various systems that govern our existence. 

But what happens when anger builds in the hearts of men, yet finding no form of release seems possible due to a dumb-downed sense of uselessness especially when viewing how vast the grip, and evil the intent this enemy seems to have for any and all Children of the Light.

As my readers have come to witness as well as expect, my particular corner of the war I write about, as well as fight in the spirit, happens to be in health care, and specifically freeing my brother and sisters who happen to be in bondage of the healthcare system as well as the lies perpetrated both by Big-Pharma and the entire greater Healthcare industry as a whole, this especially includes the insurance industry, medical education, mass-media, as well as the political structure of traitor’s who support it knowing the truth.

Anyone who has read my writing, or heard me speak whether in private or publicly knows I have no lost love for those who rule the systems mentioned above, as a matter of fact, my contempt is for not for them particularly, even if they have lied, stolen, deceived, even killed for what they would consider self-gain, not only from me directly, but many others? No, my hatred is for the evil spirits that coerced these poor fools to the point where they would contemplate selling their souls for the thirty pieces of silver.

But the fact of the matter is when we do not express our anger, or even are forbidden to voice our malcontent, these fires build up in our blood and our bones and have the potential to reek all sorts of havoc in our own personal universes in the spirit as well as cause real physical disease in our bodies! 

Disease, is nothing more in the physical body than “Dis” “Ease,” in other words a state of being I which the ease or balance of our bodies is placed into “Dis,” or basically a chaotic state of imbalance. The word comes from one of the Roman gods of the underworld, a lesser god but one that is primarily rooted in chaos. It would seem that every word when precipitated by the prefix dis either means the opposite, or a chaotic version of the word it is associated with?

Words have power, and since Jesus, Himself said; “We will be accountable for our every word…” I would imagine that even claiming such issues or speaking them to others must also at least on some plane result in something at least more than a casual hello goodbye or even a passing smile, at least when it’s not hidden by some ridiculous witch mask?

Let us further examine the possibility that the various events perpetrated against us, or our loved ones, actually do have an effect on us ourselves especially when we are not able to loosen the fires that seem to have kindled within? So what to do?

Again when I am wondering about this or that, especially body, mind, and spirit, the spirit being of the greatest concern when dealing with spiritual attacks, as it would seem the majority of what is negative around seems to be so these days, it is at this point I go to the source and that is God? In this particular case, it didn’t take but a single moment for the exact subject to come up as I spoke with my most learned advisor Peter Laue, his response not only surprised me but after hearing it explained made perfect sense.

People, for the most part, have a tendency to stuff the emotions, thoughts, even words, as they just take the injustices of evildoers, as helpless victims take a beating from a bully. Regardless if we are talking about sicknesses, poisonings, thefts leading to poverty, lies leading to “dis”-belief, cheating, slander, torcher, murder it is all the same on an energetic basis, all part of the same Creation energy that has been thwarted to malevolence through evil intention.

My first thought was to put an eye on what it really was “A Spiritual Attack” in order to drive the darkness at least from the attack, and render the curse inert at least in the spirit, but Peter was quick to add that does little for bottled up fires in the bones and blood that results from days, months, even years of sustained attacks without justified retaliation. No, Jesus turned over the Money Changer’s tables, because He saw then the vial corruption the Bankers had already been engaged in, trying to enslave itself a large portion of society, literally in His Father’s house.

When we just take the injustice done to us, our children, our neighbors, and hold our tongues refusing to tell others of these acts, we in essence buckle under to self-censorship, a voluntary release of our freedoms of speech, basically cowl under in the fear of reprisal, and this is nothing but another word for “Fear Of Man.”

No, my dear Brothers and Sisters, we must not hold these fires within, we dare not suffer our bodies to try to bear them, especially in these times when the injustices seem so outlandishly prevalent. Spreading truths, revealing the bullies, refusing to support their companies, stop buying their products, stop laughing at their jokes, is the only way we can throw righteous water on their devilish flames, better yet come out swinging with the Sword of Light and burn these devils up yourselves.

But here again how exactly do we do that?

Well, that now is the million-dollar question. When at war there is only one thing to do when we find ourselves wondering what now, should I take this bridge or not, charge into hoard of some enemy demon troops with my Light-Saber blazing?

But here again, in war, we as frontline soldiers never attack or push forward unless we get specific orders from The Commander and Chief, the General Himself. The General makes the strategies, He decides the objectives, He has the intel, He knows what support will be where and when, He knows all the Right moves to insure victory, especially when your General is Jesus Christ Himself!

That is the answer, “You have not because you ask not” so I’m asking? When am I supposed to go into battle and how? What am I to say, how am I to say it, to whom and why we are at it; “Why don’t I just have You make Your words my words.”

God will never send you into a battle He doesn’t equip you for completely to overcome, but we better make sure He is indeed sending us into the battle?

If you go into a battle without orders from God, you go in alone, and that’s not any kind of nakedness a Soldier of Light wants to experience.

Take your fire that has been stopped up in your bones and blood, and go to God to ask Him how you can release it, when, and exactly in what direction. This is the definition of Righteous Anger!

The time has come to stop stuffing and start expressing!

We are at war, so take up your Sword, lift up your eyes to our Lord, ask your assignments, grab your shield, and start kicking ass!

By Peter Colla


“Dear Heavenly Father help me express that Righteous Anger You would have me do, help me Father to have the restraint to only go where You would have me go, say what You would have me say, and most importantly only go into a fight that You would specifically direct me into.”

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  1. Mindy McCombs says:

    Beautifully written Peter God Bless
    WWG1WGA 💖🙏🇺🇸

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