Deep Dive Into Diseases; Examining Spiritual Therapeutic Options for the Jab… Lesson 9 “Dis-Ease”

Disease is “Dis” – “Ease”

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

We all know what we were taught regarding diseases, that they cause pretty much any and all issues of our modern day issues, and are linked in one way or another to the causes of death today. Yet with my increased experience in health care over the last thirty-five years, it has become increasingly evident that more emphasis has been placed on decreasing symptoms of an ever-increasing assortment of diseases with fewer applications of treatment to the plausible causes themselves?

With this scam-demic and its seemingly infinite array of hypothesized yet never isolated variants, or the many ludicrous mandates against something that had a zero percent death rate, except, of course, among those who already have comorbidity the death rate seems absolute. Of course there has been also an increased doomsday narrative worldwide against something that proved to have all the infectious mortality in the entire population with the exception of the elderly as perhaps overdosing on a bad fortune cookie. Yet, be it as it may, for the first time in history every country on the planet not only unilaterally decided to panic in fear, lay down any and all hostilities, but locked down, mask mandated, and laid all hope, resources, and prayers on a vaccine long before anything could be tested, let alone any true virus could be isolated ever?

I used to think that it was ridiculous that insurance agencies and Big Pharma would treat the rich different than the poor, but as things began to ramp up, and it became clear, even the rich were not free of dangers of pestilence brought forth upon us by those all caring and let’s not forget all-knowing industries that don’t give a rats ass about anyone except themselves. And who’s agenda has become more evident recently as to not particularly wanting to share this world God has given all of us, with anyone except themselves and the few minions they hold back for the further propagation of their wants and desires aka slaves.

It is so clear that our wellbeing is not their intent but actual malice seems to be the proposed agenda, and then have the audacity to use their owned media puppets spewing their propaganda as truths; “don’t believe your eyes, but believe what we tell you,” proven false number, falsified diagnosis reporting to jack up the numbers, and ludicrous attempts to hide the true nature of the ingredients as well as the expected outcomes of the jabs?

In recent years, especially the last few under our greatest and I believe only True President Donald Trump we have had since Kennedy, a steady and exponentially increasing flood of revealed hidden information bubbles to the surface with no less volume than the Lava bellowing out of the La Palma Volcano.

Information coming to the surface regarding such things as the patterns of the majority of diseases we currently suffer from, especially in regards to cancer, maybe not only fabricated in a lab, thus the need for a pattern, or pieced together through various components seeded into us through the various systems we ourselves pay for, specifically our food, waters, or other environmental stay produce for our common consumption, aka poisons. This left me particularly perplexed considering I had lost more than a few loved ones to that so-called patented yet now redefined as ticking time bombs or hidden genetic anomalies.

Exodus 15:26
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I [am] the LORD that healeth thee.

As we have attempted in earlier videos and I try without trying to sound too rhetorical that we indeed do reside in an End Times war between Good and evil and thus between God and agents of darkness. Since these situations, or battles, are primarily fought in the realms of the spiritual, it is most advantageous to examine them from a Spiritual perspective, thus shedding Light unto the scene, revealing Truth and allowing us to through comprehension and gained Wisdom see, thus believe, and ultimately realize our victory promised us in the Word of God.

The very word disease, can be broken down into two subwords “Dis” and “Ease.”
We all know what ease is and when learning, understanding, and speaking of bodily structure for the most part just about every function of the body is essentially easiest to understand when looked at in the form of balanced systems.

This would make sense when understanding the majority of afflictions that occurs against our body if we see them as interrupting or agitating the balance of these systems and thus placing them in a temporary state of un-ease, then it begins to also make a bit more sense to assume if a nefarious enemy wished us to remain in an unbalanced state or a condition of un-ease then temperately reducing our symptoms but doing nothing to solve the issue causing the chaos in the first place would seem a reasonable objective?

Interestingly when we further examine the word “dis” there is a Roman god of the underworld credited with chaos and confusion called “Dys.” Without getting into too much lecture about some demi-god or demon of hell, it is worth noting that in the Spiritual realm witches and warlocks will speak the names of the spirits they wish to invoke in the hopes to further their curses in the supernatural. And since we have recently come to know that the majority of our language derives from not only its Latin Roman base but also has a great deal of pagan cult influence, one can only assume in every case where the prefix dis is attached, a clear negative intent, there is tag least from the pure meaning of the word negativity assumed or wished for with its use.

So here we go again “Dis” “Ease,” all of these afflictions books and books of them, all comfortably labeled diseases and then thrown out among the masses as something not only to be feared, but something we as mere mortals have absolutely no control over, because they, for the most part, can not be seen, felt, tasted, smelled, or even sensed, yet because of their vast power of infectious dread or inescapable contraction probability, we must go again to the experts that have taught us of their existence for the only possible solution to this dreaded plague we have seen to have to reside within us or around us because everybody knows God created all this stuff us included and then just left us to sit out waiting to explode like some dried up piece of dynamite baking in the Arizona sun.

I don’t think so. We are created in the image of God.

And thus, if we believe something, and especially if we speak it continually it will manifest in this reality. Sounds created the universe, sound recreates it continually in our own universes.

So much has been spoken recently regarding this particular dis-ease and the proposed remedy that has been offered up to somehow stop something, that by the way, has to date yet to be isolated. There seems to be more and more evidence flowing to the surface regarding the nefarious nature of many of the components in the jab. One is the presence of graphenehydroxide. Graphene is a common component in pencils and while they do give the pencil its dark or black color, I have known many a kid to have a pencil or two in the mouth without ever worrying about getting sick. But there again the pencils probably were not cursed.

Spike this and that’s, all with mentioned possible effects when combined with other components either in the jab or presented from other trusting sources seem to have no good purpose for being there other than just a possible dubious effect that is known to them who put them there in the first place. And since their presence has been validated through multiple sources it would seem that by the very fact the ingredients and their very inclusion is kept from by the not so obvious tactic of just not including any ingredient list with the jabs packaging? If that’s not obvious!

So what do we do? Let’s examine the spiritual, and yes Juan O’ Saven did mention recently in an interview with Nino the possibility of some kind of cutting-edge technology used by a nuclear Physicist that can identify the particles and even extract them? Nice for those who can afford to drive Austin Martins and have cutting-edge friends in high places, but unfortunately for the rest of us as Nino so correctly stated “don’t have the leisure of having such benefits at hand?”

Likes cure likes. Activated charcoal in water.

Charcoal is not only one of the best-known components for removing foul odors and toxins from the air but is the most commonly used filtering medium for extracting heavy metals and impurities of all types from water.

God never allows a hurdle to come before us that He doesn’t Himself place all the means for us to overcome right where we are. We don’t have to go looking for it or beg from some high and mighty scientist, we merely have to call out to God and ask and he will provide.

Luke 9:1
Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

By Peter Colla

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

Life Guards, Star Seed, Truther’s, Patriots, Spiritual Therapists, we really are all the same.

Bless you

Peter Colla

And the Patriot’s Push Team

“Dear Lord help us as we help others to lift themselves from the fear of the deep, help us as we ourselves seek and then share truths, and give us the understanding to recognize the Truths You would breathe into us to Ascend.”

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