Invitation To Our “GARDEN OF HEALING”

“Silver or Gold, I have not, but what I have I give unto you” a nice thing to say, and while we are not the first to say it, or even to put it into practice, when it comes to sharing the gift God has given us, we are more than eager.

God’s gift of a Garden of Healing has found its place in the everyday life of a couple of Health and Wellness instructors since the very moment it began to spring up. Both Anna and I have spent the greatest part of our lives, at least lately, helping people realize the more spiritual side of Health and Wellness, and through this realization, insight to counter the affliction and infirmities that have gone unchecked attacking many of us especially the last few years.

The many visitors who have come to the garden, some of which, brought to tears by the splendor and natural beauty that presents itself, a God-inspired oasis in the middle of the desert. While we have planted many of the fruiting trees of papayas, nuts, apricots, guavas, citrus, apples, and berries of all sorts, many of the plants merely spontaneous sprung up, growing too astonishing heights in mere the last few months.

The Garden of Healing, which itself provides its own fruit that when combined with our meals supplies the needed healing nourishment people use for their own specific medical and psychological ailments. 

But more than this there it is a peacefulness that can only be described as mesmerizing, even our chickens roam carelessly, as do the many bunnies and sparrows that frequent the grasses and leaves of the ground cover, its blanketing cool colors always provide the most gentle receptive breezes and sweet scents in the otherwise stark dry desert.

We have made it our mission to help people realize the spiritual significance in the health and wellness of their lives. Addiction Rehabilitation and PTSD being among the many chronic physical issues we have seen the greatest success in treating with spiritual therapies. Our instructions are simple, help people realize the greatest significance this spiritual visualization has on their Healing, Health, and overall Wellness, then give them real tools to facilitate their own Ascension type recovery with merely the vast natural abundance God has so graciously given all of us.

Expanded instructions of many into the images we speak of in our book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” are part of the gifts we have been given and freely give in return. While Anna and I have sprung from years of natural Pilates, and Physical Therapy treatments for many thousands of people, these instructions are as far removed from those primarily physical applications as the stars are above the ground.

We invite you, and our friends to come to visit our garden and dabble in discussions of Ascending displays, and as you experience its awakening into healthier vitalities, you will not but help witness its childlike play. And if we decide together to embrace new frontiers, with healing and therapies arts, casting off fears, and shedding of tears, you may find yourself Baking a Bread, or painting a picture instead, or perhaps dancing in grassy pools as your bodies mends, energies ascend, and by God’s Grace your spirit takes will take flight.

By Peter Colla

“Lord help us to notice you in everything we do, and by doing so ascend into your spiritual realm. And Lord Bless Our President Trump.”

Visit us at to download a free pdf copy of our book. Available on Amazon

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The Critical Mass of Enlightenment

Why is it so important to get the message out there?

Not for monetary gain, or fame, hits, or likes on your channel, these are all vanity. There is only one reason why it is important to get the message out there and that is because that is how God wants it.

Why does he want us to spread the message, and why doesn’t He just reveal it supernaturally himself? 

The reason is; it is because of free will. We are all participants in this world He has created for each and every one of us, we are all important, all of us those who need to hear what is going on, and every single person who has to make the decision to share the message of truth. 

The world or the natural demonstrates everything in the supernatural, this is how it has been throughout creation, this fact governs the natural laws that everyone can rest upon regardless of their sex, religion, or race. 

Such universal laws such as; light driving out darkness, or love always prevailing, another one; God is always in control, there are so many and people know them true in their hearts whether they want to believe them or not. 

Let us for a moment examine one of these laws of nature and how it may apply to the geopolitical environment we find ourselves in today. 

I often write about the applications of spiritualism or Godly belief in relation to health or healthcare. 

For the sake of the more scientific observation, I am going to chair a discussion regarding what appears to be a slow revealing of facts regarding the many discrepancies we seem to be seen throughout our entire society whether it be in the healthcare (my field), or politics, media, finance, even the foods we eat?

The question on the table; “Why, if they know there were falsehoods regarding any of these issues is it so slow for the whole story to get out?”

I believe the answer to this important question can be observed in nature and is clearly demonstrated by God with a simple explanation. 


The Natural Laws that govern Equilibrium, Catalysts, and Reactions.

For anyone who has studied chemistry or perhaps stayed awake in high school long enough to remember, in simple terms; when two reactants are brought together, they mix or blend together separate yet together. The chemist then introduces a catalyst, a small facilitator that when added will induce a reaction of the contents of the whole, this causes a chain reaction of activity and with often then results in a total transformation of the whole into a new and more energetic product or result.

Basically, it is like mixing the basic parts of gunpowder; potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur, all potentially flammable products but increase the heat in any part even slowly and eventually enough heat is added to facilitate the reaction of the whole. As a matter of fact, people have to even be careful when mixing it because aggressive movements can produce enough energy to facilitate the reaction aka the explosion.

In chemistry, the chemist will often bring the two reagents into close proximity mixing or in contact, then drop by drop add the catalyst is added in order to get a uniform and complete reaction. Adding the catalyst too fast could cause a massive explosion, resulting in so much force that results in the product being ejected without having an opportunity to react itself. 

Now let’s look at what is going on today. 

I think most people would agree that worldwide there seems to be a sort of polarization of thinking that seemed to start around the time President Trump took office. A strange phenomenon where it seemed while people in the past demonstrated more “on the fence” type attitude about things, then and now, more than ever, a sort of pressure was placed on everyone all over the world forcing them to choose which camp they wish to belong to. I believe this pressure was pressed upon people by God, forcing them off the fence.

Sure, four years ago this seemed to be a simple choice whether you were a Trump supporter or not, but today it seems to be even more concentrating into a decision of; “Are you interested in truth or have you bought into the lies they have been feeding us for a millennium?”

We have without even knowing it created a volatile environment full of kindling where only the smallest amount of catalyst can be added and it results in a spontaneous reaction.

Lies, evil, and darkness as they become ever so much more evident, literally, everyone throughout the world has become aware that an evil faction is set on controlling and perhaps destroying us. If not they are at least aware that these dark ruling classes are there and have reared their ugly heads from the recesses of their hiding like some black mold which suddenly may have appeared in the shower cracks. 

The good news is the product or result of the reaction is “Awareness,” call it “Ascension,” 5D, growth, truth, it doesn’t matter what you label it. When people get enough input of catalyst which is truth, God, or goodness, the reaction is inevitable.

Every person in the world is important, and likewise so are all the souls that may have been deceived by all the lies throughout our entire society. Of course, there are truly evil people who have gone down a road of no return entering into practices that feed upon our very children, but like black holes of which I have written earlier, there is no hope for those.

Our genius President Trump knows this, and if he was to tell the masses too much, too fast, it could cause an explosion that while many already ascending individuals could react the right way, many others could burn up or be expelled out of their minds by the vast power of such a revelation. 

So the catalyst, the truths have to be added slowly, and methodically, one drop at a time, allowing them to mix throughout the entire compound, time to assimilate into the whole, to guarantee we have a uniform and eventual critical reaction allowing for total ascension or reaction, leaving no parts behind. 

He is dealing with an entire world.

The fight today is no longer between countries, religions, sexes, or even rich and poor but between good and evil. Our president is fighting for the souls of every single human being out there. 

God the Father speaks clearly in the Bible about the fact that every single soul is precious to Him, as a matter of fact, He clearly says; He considers a single soul more important than the entire physical universe. 

I believe that our President is not only being led by God, inspired by God, and protected by God, but I also believe he is being enlightened by God with knowledge and wisdom to bring about victory in this world to the point where so much evil will be reduced or illuminated as well as so much good and the truth will be injected that a catalytic reaction will occur throughout the entire world in which the entire human race will ascend.

But we are also, each of us in our own small universe a part of the whole, like drops of water in the vast ocean, each of us has a responsibility to share what we have learned, spread the truths as they are revealed to us. We are all called to be messengers of truth to our brothers and sisters.

You never know when that Critical Mass of just one more person will be enlightened and then a total worldwide awareness reaction will spontaneously occur and all of us will suddenly explode into “Ascended Awareness,” “Upper Dimensional Thought,” “Heavenly Existence,” NESARA/GESARA, call it what you will, it is all the same. 

By Peter Colla

“Heavenly Father give me the strength to share the truths, even if just a few with all you would have me, allow for the critical mass of awareness to occur so we can all see the full vision of the creation you have made for all of us.”

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Adrenochrome; Could It Be The Mark Of The Beast

I would have to say that the consideration of what exactly was the “Mark of the Beast” as spoken of in The Apocalypse of John or commonly known as The Book of Revelation in the Bible, has been for me a pondered question for at least the last nearly thirty-five years. Precise interpretations of exactly what it would look like have been presented, especially from the more evangelical churches of Christianity, to be anything from a simple tattoo on the wrist or forehead to a sinister chip being implanted into us. This could be done either by means of a surgical implant or even through vaccinations as is being proposed today, and everything in between, including even the cell phones we hold, or the bar codes that have shown up on every food product that must be transferred from hand to mouth are all only a few of the dozens if not hundreds of possible explanations to the images John spoke of? 

I vaguely remember back around the time of our countries Bicentennial, there was an increased Revelations interpretation of the then signs of the times, speaking of the many facts and the deciphering of prophecies spoken of in Revelations. This manifested itself into exactly what the various symbolic representations of John’s visions meant, how they were demonstrated in that particular time, even how various technological advances could only be interpreted to mean the return of Christ, along with the exact meaning the dread of the evil mark of the beast signified within itself was unquestionable. 

The unanimous thought was the ultimate acceptance of this mark more importantly resulted in a voluntary relinquishing of God and a sort of bowing down to Satan that was unmistakable as well as irrevocable, of this fact nobody seemed to dispute. 

That being said, the actual need to, in the process, with the free will choice of participation in some sort of ritual bowing and acceptance of Satan into themselves, must be fulfilled through active and responsible acceptance. This has discarded the more innocent theories of involuntary participants such as cell phones or vaccinations nanochips to be discarded as not feasible because they illuminate an active acceptance on the part of the person accepting the mark. 

This is not to say the Dark Entities that would plan such things would love nothing else but to corral a large portion of mankind especially the innocent, and they might try to develop such programs for those specific purposes. But God in His infinite wisdom has placed fail-safes into the physical universe that protect innocent people especially from plots and plans evil-doer may design to remove from his children their options of free will. In such a case their plans would never work, God is in control.

Maybe it is for these reasons that recently I have seen various aspects of what is being shown in the furthest hidden recesses of hell on earth, the revelations of human trafficking, the trafficking of small children, the vast as well as unbelievable dark reasons why such acts could occur? I have to admit my self, as much as I have researched in the past the darkness that hides behind human trafficking and its connection to satanism or sex trafficking, I could not fathom that it could be of such numbers worldwide to warrant the then-candidate Donald Trump mentioning combating human trafficking, needing it to be on the forefront of his Presidential docket. Nor after his election the need to actually send in multiple warships into the Caribbean to battle drug and human trafficking?

But now, at least recently, information has been revealed of the true nature and the actual product of which could be acquired through a massive network of child trafficking and child abduction, and that is the production of the chemical compound known as Adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is the chemical compound that forms in the blood by the flooding of adrenaline into the bloodstream as a result of the victim being literally scared nearly to death. And of course what are the easiest people in the world to scare in such a way but the innocent and youngest, most defenseless among us; our littlest children? 

Apparently, this chemical compound not only has life-improving qualities such as making women appear younger more womanly, men more masculine, muscular, and young, but apparently along with its many age reducing and disease healing attributes it renders upon the user an intense almost uncontrollable high which is immediately and completely addictive, many thousand times higher than the strongest heroine. Making it as well the most expensive and addictive drug in history, and thus making it only accessible to the richest and most affluent on earth. 

Now back to the “Mark,” right about the time the COVID Scamdemic broke information regarding the wide usages of Adrenoichrome as well other facts regarding this chemicals vast network necessary to facilitate such a market, let alone keep it secret, it began to leak into the internets back alleys of research and truth seekers investigations from so many different sources all over the world, whistleblowers, and even scientific researchers, that denying its existence could no longer hold any water. Mainly regarding only the excessive usage especially among Hollywood elites, many of the ruling class politicians, royals, and even athletes throughout the world were enough to demonstrate that this problem was not only true but vast and diabolical from nature. 

Another interesting fact was the information that it was being reported whereby there was supposedly a lab in China which accounted for the worlds synthesized supply of Adrenochrome processed from the blood as it was harvested from children and then distributed. The same lab apparently the COVID-19 virus was developed in Wuhan. It was also reported at this time that the supply was cut off, but shortly before, the last few months of supply of Adrenochrome was allowed to be shipped out but was “Marked” with a specific, non-transmittable, and particular strain of COVID whereby if anyone used this substance their body would be forever “Marked” by this virus, and all the authorities would have to do is test the blood and a person would be revealed if they were an Adrenochrome user or not?

Immediately when I heard this and the fact that it was referred to as being “Marked,” I had an “Amen” thought in my spirit about the Mark of the Beast. Perhaps this was what John was referring to when he said anyone who took the Mark, they would be damned.

Ritualistic drinking of human blood and eating of human flesh is nothing new to this world, and while Hollywood may want to somehow desire to shirk it off as artistic or hip, there is no doubt the connection to the darkest aspects of devil worshiping or satanism that seems to be the driving force behind these activities. 

Science has also proven recently the correlation of Cannibalism and the physiological changes that take place within the cellular physiology as a result of people who ingest human blood or human flesh, and the result is metabolic changes occur that are not only permanent but deadly. They have also proven a correlation of people who practice cannibalism with neurological changes in the brain resulting in the person going insane. 

I think a person would already have to be insane to even think about drinking the blood or eating the flesh of a traumatized child.

There are also references in Revelations about the mark would be clearly visible on their hand/wrist or their forehead/face, and at first, this only seemed like some kind of coincidence, I also began to realize that people who commonly use this drug clearly show signs of it on their hands, but especially that it causes them to develop black eyes about the time when the drug’s effect is wearing off.

The atrocities that seem to be insinuated in reference to what these beasts must do in order to facilitate the production of Adrenochrome in abducted children are almost too unthinkable to imagine let alone speak of. I believe it is in reference to these act though that Jesus himself stated; “All sins could be forgiven, except those against the holy spirit.” What if he is referring to holy spirits as those that reside in children? 

He also said; “It would be better a millstone is tied around your neck and you were cast in the abyss, then to hurt one of these little ones.” 

The President did sign into executive order a mandatory death sentence to anyone involved in or benefiting from the abduction and trafficking of children.

Children are among the purest of spirits, I believe the enemy knows this and has spent centuries trying to brainwash us into believing that we are all born into sin. While that might be so, I also believe these children we are speaking are all innocent, and if our Good and Noble President has truly waged a war against trafficking and satanic ritual abuse worldwide then I believe God must be on his side in order for him to make any marked advancement on ridding the earth of this evil once and for all. 

I believe that anyone who places Adrenochrome to their lips must know in advance not only what they are doing and their choices but know full well where it comes from. They must in essence be willing to sell their souls to Satan in order to partake. 

Those children that were abducted, raped, and even killed for their blood, for the innocence of their blood, the only good news is that try as they might, evil cannot hold onto the light. While these demon-possessed animals that hunt our children may benefit for a short time from the physical essence of such pure spirits as little children, the essence that is spiritual cannot be held by darkness thus resulting in an immediate return to God the Father. 

The souls of the innocent are Martyrs for Christ, and we who are believers, who have lost family, loved ones, a friend through the greed of a few blood drinkers, we will have our vengeance, we will see them again in the next life because our vengeance rests with God. 

God has created the very mechanism that was their lust, has become the Mark of their death.

“The Mark of the Beast”

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord, I pray for our great President Trump and the many brave Warriors that are working around the globe to free the innocent children that have been taken. Free them, protect them, and bless them as you authorize your army of avengers to bring a real plague down on the perpetrators of the horror of child trafficking.”

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Vaccinate Light Into Health and Wellness

A question was posed to me by a new friend who was curious how the principles of Health and Wellness, specifically addressing sickness or injuries using techniques of Body, Mind, and Spirit could be applied to the area of corporate business, and not just Healthcare business, considering he is a business radio talk program owner-developer.

The very next day a very prominent local International Business Owner and Manufacturer posed almost the exact question to me but related to advising the Queen of a foreign government; How could the concepts for improving the Health and Wellness of an individual be of any help to a Queen who wishes to develop the resources of her country and lead her people into prosperity?

I thought about what each of them said or wrote for a great while after reading the last email, and perplexed at the questions being posed me within that twenty-four-hour time frame. 

I was posed similar questions by a man who interviewed Anna and me on the radio only last week, just a day after we were on the radio with Anita, both to speak about our new book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”  in which we speak of methods and correlation of healing while using techniques that encompass Body, Mind, and Spirit concerns, treating and evaluating to the causes of infirmities and not just cause.

Again the question came up basically; “how could these principles you write about in healthcare and the treatment of afflictions using spiritual, mind, and body techniques be translated into the business environment, to be useful for businessmen or the corporate sector?” This was an interest of his since his platform primarily addresses business or at least is a business talk radio show, in this case, young entrepreneurs?

I pondered this thought and after I read my friend’s email about the Queen, wondering how such information could possibly affect business, what possible good could it be for King or in this case a Queen, to use as a positive effect an entire country? Seemingly even a more daunting question.

So like I often do when I don’t understand something or find myself contemplating a riddle, like I did in my book; “Why do some people heal and others don’t,” I decided to take the question to God.

That was four days before and then I heard something. 

He answered!  I will write you the answer exactly and in the same manner, it was delivered to me. Whatever you do with it, it is totally up to you.

The question in my mind was; 

How hard would it be to apply the concepts of healing I have already been given into the corporate or business or even an entire country model?

The answer was a shock to me, so I will just give it to you as I heard it.

“It is not hard at all, as a matter of fact, it is much more difficult to heal an individual than any group of people, whether that be a family, company, city, or country for that matter.”

“Actually the larger the group the easier it is.”

“All attacks regardless of what you see as the size or circumstance are all spiritual.”

“Attacks on individual persons are done at the cellular even molecular level and performed against a soul in the smallest and most insignificant places compared to the whole effect on a person’s life. These attacks by entities of the smallest and most insignificant of physical essences are the easiest to manipulate, and it is only through dark spiritual “intent” that their actions turn perfectly created children into slaves.”

“There are trillions of cells in the body but changing the belief of the person or spirit as a whole, in essence, has the effect of changing the social structure of the entire body.” “It allows for the initiation of genomes, in the smallest of places, that have the ability to elicit goodness in the cells.” ”This same principle is a constant regardless of what size group of molecules, cells, people, or an entire nation of people you are dealing with.”

I saw this principle played out in the discovery of Epigenetic’s and the fact that we could change our very genes, initiating firing of positive actions and respiratory functions with our very thoughts, but more importantly initiating healing with our beliefs. If we feel we are sick or more importantly doomed, we become what we believe and begin to manifest it, but likewise, if we just feel we can heal, it is a great first step in manifesting it in our life. 

While bodies are made up of trillions of cells, companies or cities at the most are made up of hundreds or thousands of individuals and countries likewise are a mere fraction compared to the independent numbers spoken of in the human body.

“Inject the same principles into the individuals of a community regardless of the size; a single cell, a corporation, or an entire country and the effect is an increase in light, healing occurs and darkness must flee.”

“In the case of Kingdoms, the principles are even easier to realize than in the cell.” “It is because countries are led by their leaders, and reflect the heart of their leadership good or bad.”

The Old Testaments are full of examples where Kings come into power, some good, some evil. Under the reign of the good Kings, the people flourish, under the bad ones they suffer. While God may decide who gets to be born a King and who doesn’t, it is up to the individual King to decide to become a good one or not and even in some cases a great one. 

“With great gifts come great responsibilities, leaders are always indirectly responsible for the prosperity of those they rule.” “People choose to heal as easy as they chose to believe, and it is the same way a kingdom can prosper, that is through the active choice to heal by its leaders themselves that prosperity prevails.”

As a King of Queen, as an Owner of a company, or even President of society regardless of size, the facts remain as constant as set in place by God for us all. Rain or God’s blessings fall upon all heads equally.

The consequential understanding of this principle then dictates an ideology one may need to embrace as a precipitator to facilitate Goodness in their life, especially when it comes to leadership. A person merely needs to pick up their mat and walk, a distinct movement towards light must be made.

Corporate structures, countries, or cells in the body all have the same basic veins in which blessings or curses can enter; through their eyes in the form of light, through sound in the form of sounds or speech, fed to them through the products of their labors, and last through the experiential structure of the body as a whole, through the good or bad experiences. It is simple mathematics in the matrix comparison of Health and Wellness and Production.

Let us assume all physical structures in the real universe are made up of the same electromagnetic energy oscillations, then the only difference between energies that bump up against us reside not in the difference in structure, but “Intent.” Some energies are intended for nurturing, goodness, light, and love, while others have the intent for destruction, hate, darkness, and evil. Positive energies build, and negative ones diminish.

Injecting any factors of goodness into any system thus has the effect of increasing all good things in that system merely if by only pure quantity. But the retrospective conclusion would also be said to exist; injecting any darkness, whether it be any of the four windows in would result in a decrease of these structures. But since darkness is the absence of light it cannot be a quantitative element, it adds nothing to the equation as a whole merely has the effect of diminishing by its increasing presence.

A conclusion could be made that any positive factors or intentional energies can be placed on the line of positive real factors, and any negative factors can only replaced in the line of divisional elements thus having the effects of reducing the whole numbers as their presence increases.

Example;      500     Portions of Love, Light, Healing   

divided by    25  Portions of Hate, Darkness, Sickness

The resulting atmosphere of experience is 20 or productive components, the darkness cannot reduce the initial 500 inputted Godly portions merely has a reducing effect on their potential strength. But regardless of what is created in the physical universe the least amount of shadows a single object can cast is one.

Thus if no addition darkness is added the factored equation of any gift by God is the sum of the whole;

500/1  = 500

But when a structure or the sum of the whole in essence increases the light that shines within it has the effect of causing the darkness to flee and thus diminish even the single shadow that exists in the physical.

In essence, we could be “Vaccinating” light into the structure whether it be an individual or a group, this would be much better than injecting the person with mercury, but that’s for another day.

Or basically having the physical effect of allowing the given shadow to be diminished as a factor below the sum of a single or a mere fraction of its original;

500 / 1/100 = 50,000

Injecting Godliness into any structure causes the structure to glow with its own inner radiating light thus not only have the effect of causing the darkness to diminish, or flee but also has the indirect proportional effect of increasing the original gift from God.

A basic equation for production could be extrapolated from the above-mentioned factors as; Production of a system, equals the combined components of Happiness, being an additional input of Godly energy, realizing happy corporate members will not only produce an energetic work environment but add to the overall physical reality of the community by adding real goodness to an already constant universe.

All Good things come from God, so Happiness must by logical conclusion also come from God.

Health/sick X Wellness/slave = Happiness/depress  X Gratification/worry = Productiveness/boredom X Fulfilled Life/useless =Production/waste

People who are healthy and not call in sick, not only come to the workplace but come with life enthusiasm. When people have an expectation of wellness in their lives they release themselves of the lies and slavery it brings in the dogma of doom these afflictions attempt in their attempt to enslave people in endless medicated lives.

Happiness is given in the same proportions to health in people’s lives, and with it a gratification that what they are present within their labors of the day is exactly what God would have them participate with today, a working knowledge that they are receiving gladness as a wage to produce hope, there is no need to worry about tomorrow for the same God who gave them the gladness of today takes the responsibility to create the new day that is tomorrow.

Productiveness is increased if merely by the addition of Goodness, Light, Happiness, or any other factor in each member of these social communities’ immediate environment. Increases if even a fraction is increase none-the-less, the increase is growth, with growth comes experiential wisdom, another gift from God, and this can effectively translate into a fulfillment that transcends a life of a particular soul.

Ultimately all of these factors when Growth is achieved in any way, on a cellular, personal, community, business member, corporate entity, or even country level the increase has the effect of increased production.

Decreasing any of the negative factors to the minimum of a single shadow cast by the individual objects of participation has the effect of reducing waste to its most minimal singularity.

Increasing Godliness into any of these structure has the effect of increasing the Godly light in the structure and causes the darkness to flee thus fractionalizing it to the point where it will increase the positive factor at hand and increase the overall gift already present by astronomical proportions, as seen in the case of 500 becoming 50,000.

When it comes to leadership the reason it is so easy to affect the overall outcomes is because of the multiplying effect leadership grants.

The Leader whether it be a President, King, Queen, Director, Coach, Father or Mother of a family, has granted to them by God the responsibility and grace of the leading multiplayer;

Leader ( Health/sickness X Wellness/slavery of their peoples ) = Production/waist of their communities

Adding any positive number has a positive effect on the whole, but adding a negative number which has a likewise negative effect.

If the leader increases Godliness, Health, and Wellness into their own life, they must increase the effects throughout their entire social environment of their people. This is a Godly constant and a promise.

It is impossible for a company to prosper that is being led by someone who is afflicted by sickness, but at the same time as healing comes in so does the countries health proportionally increase.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus help me inject your light everywhere I go, and in everything I do.”


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Eliminate Evil and Humanity Will Ascend

Over the course of the last few months, there has been sporadic talk about NASARA, debt forgiveness, Ascension through various venues whether they be real within the perspectives of our own physical universe or more of a supernatural origin, which seems to stem from what appears to be Godly or a more supernatural aspect. When it comes to ascension it really matters little spiritual or purely physical from the origin, the result is the same; an increase in awareness from people results in an increased spiritual awakening.

This spiritual awakening is important to say the least, especially when it comes to the entire human existence on our planet, but this awakening or the gifts that seem to come with it especially economical, are nothing in comparison to the other battle that is waging out there, and that is one between good and evil.

If what they say is true and our world has been held captive for a very long time by a very few people who are not only at the top of all the power, media, royalty, industry, as well as the financial control of the worlds monetary systems, and up until recently in control of every major industry in the world including all of the military, it would seem that they are losing their grip on the narrative as their secret seems to be leaking our like water through a strainer.

Much worse than all of this control is their reported devotion to Satan along with a deep addiction to perpetuate absolute evil throughout the world especially towards the most vulnerable and innocent in our societies.

This end-time war, if it indeed has traversed into a battle between light and dark, and I pray that is true, because with the understanding our illustrious President Donald Trump has first “Cut of the Head of the Snake,” as has been reported, and he is now after others, the second tier and their cronies that participate in the same reported atrocities, could amount to a monumental reduction of evil in the world?

It is unfathomable to think of the network of support and the reciprocal mopping up it would take to likewise take down the entire corrupt spider web that must exist to abduct a reported 22,000 children worldwide a day. It is inconceivable to think how much control over the medial, governments, all aspects of society including communications, transportation, even the medical fields, to keep such a large-scale human trafficking ring running to the point of such numbers and keep it under wraps from the general public.

Of course, such a spider web of deceit, cruelty, and horror of such a magnitude would have to encompass the entire world and would have to be in place for a very long time in order to grow to that volume.

Many researchers, investigators, whistleblowers, and insiders who have been captured or turned throughout the world, have reported increasing supporting evidence whereby it has become impossible to keep under wraps, especially for the perpetrators of torture and human sacrifice of children to go unnoticed any longer. We are indeed in a time of enlightenment.

I heard it said recently that the actual word Apocalypse comes from the Greek word “Apocalypto” which means to be revealed or enlightened. If we are truly in the end times as spoken of by John in Revelations of the Bible, it would certainly look like for the first time things are truly being revealed, especially when it comes to the horrors perpetrated against the most innocent of our children. But also on that fact, there are many places throughout the old and new testaments when significant warnings made against harming children.

It would better a person have a millstone wrapped around their neck and be cast into the abyss than to harm one of these little ones,” Jesus himself said that.

That’s another thing, our God led President did sign into order almost immediately an Executive Order that anyone partaking in human trafficking against children received a mandatory death sentence.

I don’t think it takes a great deal of contemplation, nor do people have to have children themselves to realize that acts of cruelty towards little children, especially torture, rape, or sacrificing them to Satan, constitutes a deep-set evil inside of a person, and itself demonstrates an act against humanity itself. Children on even the most basic level represent our future, anyone cruel enough to participate in such atrocities in any capacity has no good whatsoever inside them.

I recently contemplated with my lovely wife the difference between people who maybe act bad or possibly have bad tendencies compared to people who are truly evil, and we came to the conclusion that people who act bad, while often they know what they are doing, there is always an opportunity to repent, make up for it, or turn around for good. But for people who have crossed the line into the baby blood-drinking arena there is no going back, these people by the way of partaking in such a horrible act, actually freely invite evil into themselves.

But back to the ascension, if by only the means of eliminating all or a large portion of the evil in the world that is responsible, as well as partakes in the human trafficking of children, the world could with one stroke find itself in a much cleaner, and as the result of much more enlightened spiritual universe to reside.

I guess in a simple example; take a dirty glass of water, foul-smelling, even harmful for you, but filter out all or the majority of the toxic components and the resulting glass becomes clear, life-giving, and refreshed; “enlightened”.

I believe when the largest portion of these Luciferian bloodsuckers is eliminated from the world, the amount of evil eliminated will have such a global effect on the whole, that people all over the world will spontaneously begin to ascend merely by the clarity of the environment they suddenly find themselves residing in. Many of the people who might find themselves doing bad will see the uselessness of it for themselves and no longer which to do it.

The remaining whole world may begin to ascend spiritually, mentally, and physically.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord protect and guide our President and all the brave soldiers who fight all around the world to rid the scourge of child trafficking, help us all see the truth and likewise ascend into a higher clearer spiritual consciousness.”

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Ascension In Spirituality Starts With One Single Step

Considering the need for ascending especially when in conjunction with health or healthcare, one must realize a change of a person’s perspective or at least their attention must move towards the spiritual end of the spectrum if they wish to receive a spiritual effect.

What I mean by this is; as a person concentrates on more basic things such as the needs of the world, especially health care concerns, and we will use for the purpose of this illustration “the sore little toe?” I have seen this particular issue manifest itself in patients especially when they are having acute symptoms and/or are under direct spiritual attack.

As a person concentrates continuously on the “sore little toe” it is difficult if not impossible for the same person to place their eyes let alone their attention on anything else. No need to talk to the same person about anything even remotely spiritual, they will absolutely not hear you.

With these people, it is of utmost importance to remove their attention even if it is for a moment from the all encompassing “little toe” that has dominated their whole life or soul (the same thing by the way). But of course taking steps in spiritual ascension is the most important, and absolute if there is any chance for the person to obtain healing.

How many people didn’t bother to even lift their heads as Our Lord walked by, missing out on the very healing only steps from their grasp?

Today in this time of reported worldwide turmoil, fear, and persecution especially towards the helpless and innocent children, one would think people would gladly lift their heads from their daily concerns of trivial contemplations and at least inquisitively consider the afflictions of so many less fortunate.

But I am seeing that for the most, a consideration that any of the issues or atrocities being realized especially in the recesses of non-mainstream reporting when it goes against the flow of the murky river full of garbage they are being constantly fed from all directions, it is just easier for most to keep their heads down, or worse yet, buried in the sand, locked up in the box, at least turn a deaf ear to distant cries of the suffering?

Recently my wife a healthcare guru, who by the way is next to Donald Trump the most brilliant person in the entire world, has had such frustrations with a few friends who even refused to open articles and read for themselves documented proof of the issues being dealt with behind the reported scenes of the mainstream medias puppet news. In her frustration, she asked; “How do we get these friends to see, when they even refuse to open their eyes?”

So I posed that question in my prayer meditations I make in the closing or opening moments of a particular day. And as clear as if someone was speaking next to me I hear this sweet voice say to me; “You want help someone to start Ascending you don’t start by showing them the whole stairway up the mountain, but merely present them with the first step, a single step only, and if they take it they will themselves come to the realization that everything they have been told about that step is a lie.”

“Start with a single fact, especially something they can identify with, a single small thing they can wrap their thoughts around and see.”

When people start to truly realize they have been lied to about practically everything they have come to know to be true in media, government, financing, education, even religion, it is not the lie that lifts their consciousness but the quest behind the lie to discover the “Who’s” and “Why’s?”

They will say; “Why did these people lie to us for so long about this small seemingly insignificant thing, but just as import, who is behind the lie and why?” When people start asking this for themselves it is then a small light is lit in that so dark cave they are living in. But again what happens when light enters a dark place; darkness must flee!

It is not our job to show people the whole picture at once, they can’t take it. No, show them one small piece, a piece that relates to them, maybe that relates to their little toe? Once the light comes on, off they go into a world of investigation for themselves realizing more and more the great spiritual battle out there, how long it has going on, and how much, the oh so many things we have been deceived about?

Our President Donald Trump is not only the greatest president this world has ever seen, due for no other reason than the fact he has actually taken on evil itself and is trying, with God’s help, to irradiate it from this world, or at least a large portion of its leaders and the vast superstructure evil has built on the backs of all of our family members for centuries. He is also an incredible genius, he seems to demonstrate himself that he cannot tell everyone everything he is doing all at once?

Sure for the people who have already ascended in their realization, we would love to see all the proof right away, arrests, warrants, pictures, and even executions, but what about the so many people who have their heads stuck in the sand, or worse, the many millions or billions that are also good people but have been so deceived by these Deep State systems that lead us, and have infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives? These victims of Deep State manipulation are the many people who really believe they are right even if they are being told to do something stupid like riot or hate for no reason?

They too are children of God, but merely misguided and deceived. If President Trump told them everything at once they would look at the mountain in front of them and would run the other direction or maybe want to die? No, God loves them too, and they need to be convinced slowly and methodically, one step at a time.

The wonderful thing is with each in their own way light gets turned on, and in another small part of the universe it is as with lighting a small candle in a dark mine shaft, the whole cave is lit up, darkness flees and there is a realization; there is no Boogie man merely a bunch of foolish lies, deception, and shadows that run like wet cats as soon as the light appears.

One other thing, just like any major reaction, there is plenty of kindling out there! After a while, enough people over the whole world will light up and at a critical moment when the mass exceeds the “threshold for combustion,” an explosion of awakening will occur all over the world? I talk about the “Threshold for Ascension Combustion” in my book Quantum Levels of Ascension in Healthcare, soon to be released.

I believe this threshold is actually happening as we speak! When this worldwide combustion occurs there will be no place for darkness to flee and it will have to leave the planet for good.

So for all of you people out there who have already taken the “Red-Pill,” don’t worry about telling others about the whole enchilada, concentrate on one single fact, one that may touch them personally, help your brothers and sisters realize the truth hidden within one lie, embrace it and when they ask “why,” tell them with a smile; “Why don’t you go out and find that out for yourself?”

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, help us demonstrate wisdom as we speak to our friends, showing each of them in their own turn their first step in that great climb of Ascension towards spiritual enlightenment and God-given health.”

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The Black Hole Of A Soul; Adrenochrome

The Black Hole of the Soul

Excepts from “Quantum Levels of Awareness” as Related to Health and Wellness


So as it is in the human experience, the same patterns of creation repeat themselves not only within the universe of our own existence but also in the greater cosmic universe. Atoms resembling solar systems, clusters, and galaxies could be accumulations of energies which in their own associated forms only recently discovered seem to resemble systems not all that different to stars perhaps throughout the entire known universe.

 Nowhere is this ever so evident as in the hypothesis and description of the anomaly of Black Holes. As we have discussed in earlier writings the distances between the actual physical particles on a Quantum level, at least those we can physically detect, and measure, are vast compared to their relative size, leaving science with the realization that the majority of space even within our own physical bodies is for the most part empty space.

Without getting into too much of the actual astrophysical description of a stellar black hole, it is commonly believed, and taught, that when a star of much greater density than our own sun burns up a key part of its available fuel, the resulting collapse upon itself by its own sheer gravitational density surpasses the ability of the star to explode in what most stars find as their fate aka supernovas, and the result is crashing in even into the very barriers of the subatomic structure itself resulting into the formation of a black hole.

The process or the mathematics of this theoretical anomaly, and I do say theoretically because while the presence of a black hole can be observed, it is not the actual black hole which is being seen, but the effect the anomaly has on the surrounding environment that has led scientists to believe they not only observe them but also study them. It is these effects that the black hole has on the surroundings that I am correlating to the study we are discussing here.

A black hole is an ever-hungry pit of darkness that only sucks everything in and rarely generates anything except possible destruction in return. Everything that falls within its grasp is sucked down to what has been called the continuum, whereby nothing of reality can exist.  What perhaps started out as an entity that gave light and heat to unknown worlds has degenerated into a hungry, selfish, loner always left wanting, never fulfilled.

All physical matter within the black hole is so compressed by the sheer force of the gravity the entity emits as that matter itself is compressed into such a small insignificant point that it is theorized that there may be absolutely no distance even between the singular pieces of raw energy, capturing and then suffocating any and all physical energy even light into a single infinitely small space. Physics would tell us it is impossible for two separate physical particles to occupy the same space, and in the case of the black hole, it is theorized that an almost infinite amount matter or energy in fact does. This would of course counters any physical description of space or time for that matter but for the case of our discussion; “this seems the most practical example.”

For the purpose of our discussion, I would like to make a correlation between the anomaly of a black hole and pure evil that can occur in the hearts of some truly evil people.

It is the belief of this author that when God banished the enemy “satan” and his followers, from his presence he stripped them of everything that would be considered Godly; Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Mercy, anything good. If we assume as God created the physical universe and called all of His creation in their turn; “Good,” then likewise everything physical was removed from this evil leaving only the spiritual essence of it to dwell in darkness.

Even the emotions or actions such as Truth, Kindness, Compassion, Love, Wisdom, all come from God and thus fall outside the access of spiritually dark creatures who by nature must flee from anything Godly especially light when it is engaged.

Thus, also the necessity to articulate in even Anti-God emotional or energetic endeavors such as fear, torture, slander, murder, lies or deceit, because if these poor creatures with their very existence are to flee from God it is only within these remaining shadows that any kind of existence can be realized.

But now back to the black hole; it is my supposition that we are all universes in ourselves, entire galaxies, and trillions of star systems that harmoniously cooperate in this wonderful creation our Dear Lord has seen fit to create into each and every one our singular lives. For He did say Himself; “For I knew you, even before the first star was in the sky, or drop of water appeared in the sea.” This in itself would support the fact that we have always been here and we are, in the likeness of our Creator immortal beings. But this fact I will touch upon a little later in this book.

So as entities of trillions of star systems there is a part of us that represents the very heart of our living soul. In the physical universe, it has been stipulated that at the center of the largest of galaxies reside in the center a black hole. I myself have not seen evidence that this is true, and since these same scientists can merely hypothesize about it, without actually basing it on observed data, I will assume that in some cases this may be true, and perhaps in other cases, it may not be. Perhaps in some cases, a large cluster of stars so bright and correspondingly massive, drive the engines of some galaxies, yet in others, these driving factors are in fact dark and ominous.

But I also believe when we cross-correlate what occurs in human beings the same can be said; some people have brightness inside them that is so evident that it radiates literally out of their eyes. He also said; “The eyes are a lamp to the soul.” Likewise, people who have chosen a darker path for their lives also demonstrate more sinister and dark eyes, the worse of these even seem to lose what little whiteness that may surround the eyes leaving merely a spiritual slit of darkness where their eyes should be.

I have known people with what appears to be darkness in their hearts. As we look upon them with “Ascending Vision” it is apparent they may also have a small dark spot that seems to reside right in the middle of where their heart is. At first, this is the most insignificant of a small spot, leaving the observer with the notion; “Is it there, do I actually see something or am I just imagining it, that shutter, or small crevasse that seems to be forming where their heart is supposed to be?”

But as more and more evil is poured into the black hole that resides in the center of their chest the larger and more profound it becomes and likewise, the hungrier this ever consuming, never satisfied lust is, always wanting more, increasingly depressed, never happy with what it has. Seeking more darkness to fill the void.

One example, I can only imagine is that if it is true, what they say about Adrenochrome; a substance derived from the torture and killing of innocence, that when people start taking it they receive such an incredible high that their desire to relive that initial high is so strong they cannot control themselves but must feed the dark black hole they have now invited into their being. Ever growing in dosage, and addiction, to are committed spiritually to continue to lay at the feet of the dark spirit that resides there now, they must obey or die, irrelevant at what they must do, what it will cost, or who they must kill to get it.

I think feeding any kind of spirit that has control over a soul has the potential to manifest itself into a dark hole like entity, but truly sinister deeds perpetrated against innocence must risk crossing the line of “Sins against the Holy Spirit?” What holier spirits exist then them of newborn children? Obviously, no light can reside in a person who would choose to partake in such a ritualistic activity as drinking the blood of a traumatized child or eating human flesh merely for whatever physical satisfaction or personal gain they may receive from such an act.

I heard a lecture back in college from a converted ex-high priest of the satanic church who said when they would engage in ritual sacrifice, and thereby the most coveted person they would seek to acquire for these rituals would be the purest of heart. Of course innocent animals, later elderly, then children, eventually babies, and ultimately young virgin girls were among the most desirable, because of the pure essence of these spirits possess and that which these creatures wished to capture and use.

It was this high priest that said when they would capture and torture these poor victims the essence of their purity could only be held for a short time and thus they would have to continually search out more victims to feed the darkness they themselves served.

Again everything under the sun is an example of another of God’s creation. Even within the great power of the black hole with its almost infinite strength and gravitational power, light is regularly ejected from its polls. As a matter of fact, the intensity of the light that is ejected from the polls regularly out of back holes is so intense that it is equal in strength at that moment to the combined output of all the stars in a galaxy or more.

Even the great power of the black hole cannot hold onto the light, and after holding it for even a moment in time must release it into the vastness of space, leaving the grasp of the dark foe and radiating into the vast heavens of Gods entire universe. So in reality it is also in the spirit. These dark creatures even as they desire to take pure spirits they can not have them, hold them, or even contain them, good and thus light causes light to flee, not the other way around.

By Peter Colla

“Lord Jesus I pray your mercy on all of us that have purposely or perhaps even inadvertently asked darkness to reside within us. Turn on your light in each and every one of us, and help us take yet another step up in the ascension of our consciousness.”


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The Internet Will Be The Demise Of The Deep State

The Tower of Babylon may have stood for centuries as a reminder of what happens when humankind not only strives to ascend to God through our own foolish ventures but does so through the communicative cooperation of everyone on the planet in unison. For didn’t God the Father Himself say; “Is there nothing they cannot do if they all speak the same language?”

Historians have told us, in-regards-to various conquerors throughout our world, that had it not been for the great distances as well as the difficulties to communicate with intercontinental peoples, the world may have been conquered long ago. A “One World Government” would have been established and darkness would rule the world.

Let us for a moment suppose the idea that the powers to be have given us the internet as a means to try to control, censor, and manipulate the world’s entire population by thinking they control the information narrative. The internet was by its initial setup primarily a place for gambling and porn, or at least that is what it seemed in the earlier years.

As usual, the weapons that the enemy would use to destroy the Children of the King have indeed been turned against them. What has in-fact occurred; the internet at least in the earlier years, has provided a platform whereby people can publish unadulterated information even about the most seemingly ridiculous topics, suppositions, or theories those even being conspiracy or in truth in fact?

This single miscalculation by itself would not have led to the demise of the Dark State alone, since the “powers to be” do control, at least from an administrative perspective, the internet, or at least they think they do by owning the companies that facilitate it.

No, their miscalculation is not learning from history when it was right in front of them all along!

About fifteen years ago when the internet was in its infancy I noticed an anomaly while playing online pool on one of the earlier browsers; when I would talk to someone, specifically chat, they would chat back in English no matter where they lived in the world. I remember remarking to a person from Mongolia; “It is amazing how good your English is?” He promptly responded; “I’m not writing English but typing Chinese and your responses are showing up in Chinese.”

Just like the in days of the Tower of Babylon, today we are all able to speak the same language, and as God the Father did kind of say; “If they can communicate all of them everywhere with the same language there is nothing they cannot do.”

Now that we are all speaking the same language over the whole world I believe the world is awakening to the fact that we are all Children of God, there is no difference between races, colors, locations on the globe or even religious belief, and the only real enemy out there is the true enemy evil, darkness, or the Satanic minority that would only control, enslave or destroy us.

We had to go full circle with God and now that we are all talking, we can finally now all stand up together against evil, and there is nothing they can do about it except cry. As the light is turning on everywhere in the world the darkness is fleeing, but guess what, they are running out of places to flee!

By Peter Colla

“Thank you Jesus for many gifts you have given your children, and thank you for the wisdom you share with your children. Help my brothers and sisters open their eyes to the darkness that has tried to destroy your children, and turn on the light in each of them as the truth shines forth like blazing torches in previously dark places.”

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Plagues And Riots, What Is Really Going on?

Brothers and Sisters,

It has become evidentially clear to me that as we press further along the wars waging out in the streets and in the hearts of people who look from the sidelines deciding for themselves exactly what is going on, that this has digressed into a clear and worldwide struggle for “control.”

The controlling factions, the ruling classes, and subclasses, the hidden societies, and Clique of olé guards that have been placing their own knees on the necks of more and more people’s have enjoyed for years ever-increasing control, riches, and power. But with the recent changes of political movement and a deeper desire by the majority of the American voters to usher in “Change” even “Make America Great” again, these controlling factions’ realization of having control slip out of their fingers, and possibly have it stripped from them completely has led these Satan driven control freaks to desperate measures, they have decided they must gain back control at any measure.

They don’t care if they must develop a plague in a lab or fabricate, train and facilitate riots and looting throughout the world to kill and burn down all of society, they will stop at nothing, hold back no lie, accuse or even kill any innocent, even babies, as long as they regain control!

My wife and I as we learned pretty much the hard way, in our own experiences, the only way to true healing and health was to FREE people of the “Control” the health care system seemed to place not only on their bodies but on their very beliefs, but as we increasingly perfected these freeing ideals so also where the attacks pressed and intensified against us by those who would desire to hold control.

Control, or the jezebel spirit that inhabits people who long for this control power, like some blood potion to drink, especially over other children of God, are the true enemy that needs to be flushed out of every aspect of society. And I pray that this flushing out of those who wish to control is being done today. 

Once flushed to the light, it is only then that the spirits that control them flee, leaving these poor foolish misguided children standing naked without support to face the severity of God’s Judgement Light in their own lives. It is at this point they too can repent and come to the light, the only other choice turns a rebellious face against this light and parish.

But the good news; more and more people are watching from the sidelines, they are observing the real struggle that is playing out in front of them as well. They are elevating in their own understanding and realization; they are ascending in spiritual growth and knowledge.

They are realizing this is not some random pestilence, or pallets of bricks haphazardly placed, but manufactured attacks against innocent people, these are not peaceful protests for change but riots and destruction against innocents that have one purpose, and that’s to illicit chaos, fear, and hatred. They are seeing the revealed lies by the many who we have ourselves been lifted up in society, observing even these who would claim a “Saviors” solution to our feared pestilence are perhaps the same who play a roll in its creation!

This will stop, it must, the cause of the sickness must be rooted out; it is! And like black mold that has perpetuated itself throughout a home, we must eliminate all the darkness, first by exposing and putting the light on it, then identify where it originated and finally remove it. It is only then that real freedom from infirmity can be realized.

I believe our great President under the promptings of our Great Lord Jesus is doing this very thing right now.

And I believe society as a whole is seeing it as well. There are many more good people than there are evil!

Plagues and Riots, what is really going on?

Welcome to the Quantum level of understanding.

Love you 


“Dear Lord Jesus, open our eyes and draw unto the light that which is truly behind this chaos that has polluted the foundations of the homes of your children. Expose those who would desire to control and even destroy Your innocent children so they too may see the truth.”

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Protocol For COVID 19 Rehabilitation 

The closer a person can initiate rehabilitation into the care plan of a person after returning from the hospital especially with severe respiratory associated with pneumonia or issues such as seen with COVID positive patients the better chance we have of putting the person on the road to full recovery. The earlier intervention has the greatest therapeutic effect compared to waiting until a person can be seen in an outpatient clinical situation especially with the shutdowns that have occurred these days.

I myself as a practicing Physical Therapist feel it scandalous that medical offices have closed or stopped seeing people in need out of fear. I have treated Post COVID Positive patients using this protocol and seen wonderful and rapid success, patients returning to full pre-infection strength, and even reaching levels of performance that exceed the pre-existing functional levels.

Protocol for COVID 19 Rehabilitation 

Physical therapy home health evaluation and subsequent treatment for post pneumatic infection and or COVID 19; 

Full viral infection precautions upon entry into the home;

* Gloves, Mask, Bag technique, Disinfect testing apparatus prior, and post-use. Barriers to be used if in doubt to the cleanliness of the environment. Wash hands thoroughly before and after any contacts.

* Vitals specifically important temp and pulse ox. Use patients equipment if available. Pulse Ox recheck throughout the session. Clean with alcohol or Betadine after.  

* In addition to any general physical therapy impairments commonly seen in Home Health referrals, test for upper and lower breathing strength. (Particular interest in Upper body, chest, and Breathing Assistant muscle groups; back, chest, and abdominal muscle strength)

* Bring the patient to the understanding they will get better. Better; means better than they were prior to the injury. Have them verbalize their agreement, discarding doubt or negative speech.

* Patients are de-conditioned, weakened, short of breath. Increase with conditioning exercises, functional enhancing especially activities that use the entire body, high repetition/low weight strengthening, full and deep breathing strengthening exercises. Performed in front of a mirror for posture and visual encouragement. 

* Rapid progression from sitting to standing therapeutic exercise program. 

* Immediately incorporate breathing enhancing and breathing facilitating exercises into any exercises given. Check with Pulse Oximeter between and during sets, rest if O2 sat approaches 92 or below.

* Implement Breathing exercises between to increase O2 exchange and reduce shortness of breath status.

* Increase into exercise routine outside in sunlight at least 15-20 daily. 

* High volume water consumption minimal one gallon/day. White tea is also good. Best if the water is kept in a glass container, (better if you write the word “God” or any other blessing on the container).

* Neck and shoulders tension relief Manual Therapy and or Massage Therapy. Self-stretching, Heat or Cold pack application on self for tension reduction.

* Frequent flushing of mouth with warm very slightly natural sea salt saline water, every hour. 

* For optimal effect add-in “Intermittent Fasting.”

* Progress into active functional enhancing therapeutic exercise program the person can perform at home or with a friend such as Tai-Chi, Pilates, or Yoga, all with enhanced breathing added. 

* Add in “Chi Energy” engaging instruction and demonstrate its uses as well as importance. 

* As O2 blood sats remain above 95 patients can progress to more concentrated, combined, and difficult exercises. Remember to incorporate breathing into exercises.

* Swimming is the ultimate end goal target for a full recovery. 

* Finally and most importantly; “Fear Not,” we are called to be overcomers and not fear, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”

** Anticipated full recovery from post pneumatic symptoms.

By Peter Colla PT

“Dear Lord help us remember that you overcame all sicknesses with your sufferings, we as your children have the right to claim this power and overcome. You said; We have not because we ask not? So I am asking; this little bully of a virus will have no power over me or the people I happen to see before me, and if it has already attacked them it must, and will flee! In the name of our Lord Jesus.”

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