A Health Report for Nino’s Corner For The Troops; Satanism Shows It’s Hand

A Health Report for Ninos Corner by Peter and Anna, Health and Wellness Spiritual Consultants; Warning Heavy Spiritual Energy Drain Due To Dark State Attacks!

Coming out of the weekend of our countries Independence, we were also bombarded from multiple fronts with the fact that on the other side, they, The Dark State had their own satanic holiday plans, that we happen to swim through literally like meandering through a swamp of filthy shit-stained muck.  

Without getting too much into the specifics of satanic rituals or the nuances of who they abuse in these ritualistic sacrifices that seem to encircle these days like vultures, let us merely say the witches and warlocks were extremely busy this last week in their efforts to wreak havoc not only on the innocent as well as anyone fighting for the True Light Jesus Christ, but also present their own pathetic sacrifices to satan, mullock, baal or whatever else “want-a-be god” they happen to be praying to on this particular time of year? 

Interestingly enough the subject of child trafficking, child abuse, secret society participation, or any other aspect of their filth, seemed to be on the forefront almost across the board, nowhere demonstrated more than the timely release of the long-stalled, somewhat anticipated, and much-publicized Black Widow movie. 

Now, who doesn’t like the Avenger movies with their noble good-looking characters, right over wrong plots, feel-good jokes, or tear-wrenching scenes when one or more characters finally falls after surviving countless battles and killing hundreds even thousands of foes in a single show?

I always found it to be a bit insensitive to watch the audiences leave the theater many times after watching their favorite character defeat the seemingly indefeasible foe? Walking out with smiles on their faces, after cheering themselves, or laughing at the elation of watching their heroes comfortably win and eat a taco at the end, luckily all alive and safe, regardless of hundreds, thousands, or uncountable deaths that would have played out involving the innocent men, women, and children who happens’ to be too close to the fighting to run from one or another falling building. But isn’t that the real message here, who cares how many sheep die, as long as the elite group of heroes survives? 

Yay!! Our elite save the day, they won they are safe, millions died, who cares, the hero and the girl survived!

Insensitive or Desensitized?

But here you go, even though I know the characters are based primarily on actual demonic characters of legend, witches, high priests, or that the shows are jammed packed with satanic “illuminati” symbolism, not to mention the blatant killing on an almost titanic proportion in every scene, I guess I still like watching these shows, go to every one of them, and even take my young children along. Hey, I claimed to be a healthcare writer, not a saint!

But back to the Black Widow;

Interestingly enough this movie from the very first scenes was jammed packed with reveals regarding child trafficking, child mind-altering, forced sterilization, ritual abuse or satanic cult like innuendoes, children killings both by children and done by them, and even many references to political characters today linked or at least suspected to child trafficking both here and abroad, so much so, it left an observer wondering are we watching a “black hat” or “White Hat” movie here?

But it wasn’t long before the typical story was regurgitated up like a sour piece of crayfish out of Grandma’s Sunday gumbo; here again all the evil, all the trafficking, mind-altering that is done is done by the Russians, and the elite team, the good guys (representing the West) they are all only interested in saving the poor children, they would never even think of harming a child?

Here they go again parade it right in front of our noses, bring it to the forefront, allow us to see it with our own eyes as we make it real in our own universes, even though we all think it is all fantasy, that subtle unconscious approval as we make it “Real” in our own “Eyes,” and low and behold co-create it with our own spiritual “Realization!”

I have the not-so-fond memory and unfortunate historical experience of running into one or more witches, “wanna-be” witches, or even perhaps a warlock or two throughout my many years of providing health care. They seem “hell-bent” on seducing, capturing into their service, turning, and if not possible destroying as many people they can especially people who demonstrate good hearts or have a desire to truly help others. 

I don’t know if they get brownie points, cheap thrills, or actually get a leg up as they climb their ladder to the top of whatever pathetic secret boy/girl club they think they might have been selected to participate because they are “special?” What a joke, the only thing special about them all, or might I say for the least even remotely looks like a skill, was their dedication and false belief in whatever power they seemed to think they receive protection even strength from? Well, I do know actually, they do only go up to their climb to grand poo-bah by increasing the evil of their sacrifices, killing, blood-drinking, or human flesh-eating, continually needing to increase the atrocity, sacrifice more and more innocent people, or themselves participate in the vile acts to actually earn their pathetic button on that ladder climb down after selling their soul.

The few that I have actually known, for the rest, do all have a few things all in common, I wouldn’t necessarily call them talents; their self-loathing, lack of self-confidence, and outright contempt for anything good or pure, this greed, jealousy, or combinations of all of the above, that seems to drive them to atrocities against the most innocent of their own kind which would make even the most vicious animal cringe or barf?

While we are on the subject of the Black Widow, in my recent experience dealing with my own attacks of my past by the spoiled narcissistic brats, who someone somewhere along the line fooled into believing only what they wanted in life mattered regardless of who it hurt, including even their own children, I came to the realization that the “Black Widow” is one of the most potent spells in the witches paper hag bag of tricks.

Apparently, the way the Black Widow works is that when the witch invokes the spell by praying to whatever candle or goat head they happen to have on hand, making their own sacrifice of one or another innocent baby kitten, worse yet some elder they happen to get their grips on, or absolute worse of all, a child that had the misfortune of falling in the black claws of the witch or having this horror of having this pig of a woman for their mother, it induces a spell that mimics the Black Widow spider. 

The whole idea is to first lure the victim in, victim which in this case is usually a man, entice them with sexual attraction, quite a feat for the witch since once you take away the shroud of whatever sexuality the spell might illicit, you are left with a clear vision of what you are really dealing with, a stinky old hags tricks, and all the attractiveness of a hairy legged spider. 

Further, the web, sticky and nearly invisible, the black widow’s web is among the strongest of all the spiders having many of the characteristics of silk, but its chaotic web formation does in essence reflect the insanity that is bouncing around that pinhead size brain of its. The web is not as much to catch victims, as it is to alert the spider that a victim has fallen in her trap. She comes charging down the web to sting whatever has fallen into her greedy grip.

But back to the curse; in witchcraft, the “black widow” is designed to entice a male victim, lure them in close, entangle them with webs of deceit, compliments, seduction, pity, whatever direction the unknowing male may have approached from, then slowly remove all manliness out of the victim for the sexual purpose in which the witch happens to want, followed by sucking of all the essence of life the now pathetic squeaking little mouse-male has left, until she either discard him like a dry useless husk or kills him herself. This is the curse of the Black Widow!

The good news, in my own case and that of the Side of Light, once we realized these were being implemented in the form of a curse, and actually received the wisdom that such a thing actually exists, it has the result of putting the Light into that situation, as was the case in my life and render’s the spiritual power of the curse harmless! Now all we need to do is deal with the pathetic little witch who we can now see as she really was; a scared little brat without its bully big friend to empower her!

The black widow spider when scared runs away so fast it almost vanishes in a flash, so does the curse leaving only a strand or two of the web to alert us to the fact that it ever was there at all. 

For me going forward after this realization, once in a while I would feel a little piece of spider web on my face or at my right ear, (a topic for another discussion), and knowing it could be a curse merely command it away, the light of the spirit to reveal it, or just sometimes I would casually say no, and the curse would never follow.

We all can do the same, when we realize such witchcraft is out there, recognize the signs of the spider, or other spells, and treat them the way we should under God, with confidence and strength, we defeat them as easy as stepping on a black widow spider walking across the ground.

Happy Hunting!

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Thank You for the wisdom to discern the Truths as they present themselves in our life, help us recognize attacks and deal with them accordingly as You would instruct us. Remove the power of the curses of witches and grant us victory over the rulers of this Dark State that has tried to take control of Your people.”

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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