Breaking News; Senate Declares Corona-Virus A Lie!

Throughout my entire life as a professional medical services provider I have seen a steady decrease in the faith of the general public for the healthcare industry we see today, but never have I seen such a blatant disregard for human life and an absolute one hundred and eighty degree change in policy in such a short time frame, as well as what appears to be borderline contempt for the American people’s health, if not that of the world, as I have seen perpetrated by the medical system, Big-pharma, and the insurance industries, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent vaccine in the last year or so?

Then to hear Monday that the Senate declared; “the entire Corona-Virus pandemic basically is a lie,” made me want to vomit. This basically in effect places the entire narrative of; bats in a market with its viral variants around the world, lockdowns with the subsequent necessity of mail-in ballots, the flip flop mask-wearing bull shit, and the ultimate worldwide big corporate and political obsession with every citizen needing to suddenly get the vaccine, into the category of how these few rich satan worshiping bloodsuckers have totally screwed each and every one of the rest of us out of health, wealth, the lives of countless loved ones throughout the world. 

Not even to mention the unnecessary depression, health-reducing fear, and subjection, who knows how many suicides, increased drug addictions, the ruination of millions of normal people’s businesses and livelihoods, the worldwide theft of our free “right to vote” of the leaders of our choosing into our government! So many of my colleagues, myself included, saw that the science of the virus just didn’t make sense, but when we stood up and said anything we were vilified. But the few who had the courage to step up and say something quickly would be silenced by the media, the financial entities they worked for, many attacked by the governing licensing structures they participated with, and in a few cases eliminated physically. 

The shutdown of hospitals I witnessed myself, as well as dozens of thousands of Health Care providers being sent home without pay, didn’t match at all what was being reported in the news. Any possible word of treatments or antidotes other than the vaccine narrative pushed by them was censored from all discussion platforms. The death counts were so exaggerated or falsely reported that it almost demonstrated the almost arrogant foolishness these reporting agencies must feel for their audiences. “Don’t believe your eyes believe what we tell you!” seemed to be the common call fraise. 

So now what?

If this is a lie, then what else are they lying about? If they are willing to lie to us in order to convince us to take a vaccine for a pandemic that was, in essence, all lies, then what is their real agenda for wanting to push it on us so badly, even to the point of bribing people in the grocery stores, free strip dances, or promising to reduce the sentences of prisoners to convince them to take it?

There are so many poisons and toxins in the vaccines, not to mention things that have nothing to do with any kind of viral immune response stimulator, only thing that makes sense is they have no desire to try to eradicate some kind of virus that now turns out to be a lie, but desperately want to inject these other chemicals into the bodies of every human in the world for some ultimate plan they seem only privy to? What else have they been hiding, maybe in the inoculations they insist newborns must take, or the medications that have active ingredients for a particular symptom measured in micro-grams (one microgram equals one-millionth of a single drop of water), yet must deliver them in these huge horse pills, making people take them for the rest of their lives?

These people, entities, traitors of their own countries, corporation heads have in essence perpetrated the single most notorious and diabolical attack with this “Lie Pandemic” against all the people of the world in essence to what appears to be a desire to seise for themselves political control, and at the same time steal vast sums of money from us all, and maybe initiate their ultimate plan to eradicate the largest portion of the population, us!, so they can easily manage the rest and claim this world God gave to all of us for themselves alone. 

Earlier in my life, I ran into one of these Cabalists, an extremely rich and greedy man who seemed to stop at nothing to take my few possessions from me. One day I asked him face to face; why are you so obsessed with my little garden when you can buy so many plantations without even hardly scratching your wealth? He smiled with a crooked smile and simply replied; “It’s not that I particularly want your little garden, I just don’t want you to have it!”

That is the evil we are facing and have been dealing with for centuries, they care not how much gold they steal from us, how much tax they suffocate from us, or how many loved ones they may rip from our lives, it’s not that they want these gifts God has given us for themselves, for the most part when it comes to the wealth they already have them, no, they don’t want us to have them!

So now what?

What do you do when you find out that they lied to you?

Truthers, front line reporters like Juan O’ Saven, Nino, Charley Ward, Simon Parks, Mel K; Spiritual Therapists who have been helping, investigating, writing and helping people for nearly a decade try to realize they are in jail, one perpetuated by the lies of not only the healthcare industry, but pretty much every major industry that controls the narative we call reality.

Realizing a person has been lied to is the first step in not only escaping the prison the lie fabricates around them but it is the first step in claiming healing promised us virtually through the Word of God.

So again what now?

If they lied about this to you, the next logical question must be who are the people and what is the root of the darkness who perpetuates this lie, and then why?

It would seem that the public is already demanding these answers as a few of the top orchestrators are being called to the plate? But let us not forget that these people who happen to develop the so-called virus or funded its development were not alone? They alone were not responsible for lying to the public about the spread, the dangers, the lies about the numbers, or the sudden interest the insurance companies had for paying the doctors more for a COVID diagnosis than regular sickness. 

Who prompted the Governors of these states to go along with the charade and what power did they hold over these vast lawmakers all over the world to fall in line with this lie narrative against their own people? Who made the most money throughout the shutdown and why are they so adamantly behind the vaccines narrative and censoring? 

There are countless who’s and why’s to be investigated, and as each of us steps up onto that path of “Realization of the Lies” and then investigation of the who’s and why’s, with each revealed truth we find ourselves stepping one more step out of the valley of depression and doom we have been placed in, climbing the higher mountains that line the valleys as we get a birds-eye view of ever-increasingly Godly clarity.

The good news is in the spiritual realm of Quantum Ascension when Truth is Realized in a person there is an Illumination that takes place in their spirit, causing two significant effects; 

One, this increase of positive vibration in effect raises the vibrational status of the individual slightly making them through their own increasing positive resonance to effectively recognize more and more of the truths intuitively as they are revealed to them. 

Two, the increase of light absorbed by the individual in his or her spirit has the added effect of driving the darkness that is the “intention of the curses,” these lies wish to instill, out of their being. 

This is the essence and necessary first steps in Mind, Body, and Spiritual Therapies that elicit healings and not just symptom reduction, the path to true healing.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus help all my brothers and sisters first hear the admission of the lies that have perpetrated against all of Your children around the world, then help us all to see the Truth, Your Truth as it reveals for us the hidden agenda the dark spirits of this world would wish to inflict upon us. Give us the tools and the Wisdom to use them as we fight in Your end-times battle between Good and evil.”

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1 Response to Breaking News; Senate Declares Corona-Virus A Lie!

  1. Ruth says:

    My sister believes fully in all the Charlie Ward, quant financial, all a pantomime, Q, etc. and what they say is coming, while I’m sceptical. She is not a Christ follower (we are living in the end times) and I am. She now believes in a higher power but that it. Go figure.

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