“I’m Drowning Here?” And God Said; “So, Pull Your Head Out Of The Water Stupid!”

Pull your head out of the water, wake up, open your eyes stupid, seems to be the call fraise of our day lately?

I have heard it said; “the most dangerous creature in the entire ocean is a drowning man.” Perhaps I heard it in my own Life Guard training back in High School, and while I had the pleasure of working as a lifeguard for one summer at Big Surf in Arizona, the thought of actually applying for a summer job as a Life Guard in the desert in Phoenix Arizona, or even contemplated that I would pay attention to anything they happen to teach us, seems to lean from the more ludicrous to the more likely conclusion that I probably heard it in a movie at one time or another?

Now, many years later, as I now continue to practice the medical arts, and attempt to help the many people who happen to either; solicit my direct care, watched a couple of the videos I have done happen to read these blogs, or one of the few books I have published so far, would seem that the thoughts in and around the water come more and more into the picture at least when trying to paraphrase the nuances around sicknesses and or ability to heal from them?

As we swallow that whole statement perhaps it would be practical with at least a couple of chews to disassemble a bite or two of said statement above, before trying to gulp the whole man-sized sandwich in one gulp. For one, it is my thirty-five years experience that the application of medicine is not learned in a book or taught by someone who learned about sicknesses studying them down the long stark corridor of a microscope? It is, for this reason, it is called “Practicing Medicine” and not mastering it, working it, or playing it, although when I look at some of the students that come out of the schools these days they know as much about actually treating people, as they might know about speaking Chinese, only because they happen to read a word or two on the inside flap of a fortune cookie, I guess babies play might be the most applicable?  

The other interesting tidbit is the “Systems” almost financial obsession with expressing to practitioners, providers in any sense of the word, or even companies that produce medicines whether they be natural, or Big-Pharma produced, that absolute forbidding of using the word “healing,” in any sense or description whatsoever? Since I can emphatically report these same institutions while they too may be aware that Healing can only come from God, I don’t think they forbid it out of some kind of reverence for Him, or perhaps in an indirect attempt to give Him credit? 

Oh ya, what does all this have to do with water, or as I have commonly written in my own gaggle of writings seemingly endless speakings on the potential of water in and out of the health care as well as our own healing arena? In this particular case here I was this time venturing down a completely and until now very stifled path in my writing I have yet to publish and that is a novel. “Yikes!” 

And for anyone who may have taken a moment or two to read some of my writings and see, that at least for me, writing is not exactly placing down of words on paper to state a point, follow a line of reasoning to some foregone conclusion further along at the end or even the wordy tale or story, but in essence, I attempt in words to describe the image that has suddenly appeared in my head and then through words try to understand it myself? 

Perhaps this falls back to my experience and God-given talent in art, people who know me would tell you that when it comes to any inclination of creativity long before I could ever write let alone comfortably read and understand a sophisticated story, I could paint or draw pretty much anything I could see with almost photographic realism? Not exactly a practical tool, when your own father, tells you at the earliest age; “stick with a real profession; doctor, lawyer, engineer, you don’t want to end up one of those starving artists painting sofa size pictures and selling them some street corner?”

So here we are again, another image, and I sit here trying to put it onto paper at least to make complete sense of it and try, even if but in the weakest sense, to do what God told me to do; “Write.” If it happens to have something significant to do with medicine and warrants further publication I will follow it up with a video, otherwise file it away yet again in the long not so forgotten and at least occasionally see an archive of the paulorpeter.com blog?

I heard the voice of God say to me; “The Kingdom of God is as a Scuba Diver swimming along in the currents in the sea.” Of course, if I say I heard the voice of God say what I mean is I heard the voice say; “the Kingdom of God is,” and then I see the image, and thus write and apply, correspondingly, what I see. 

Interesting as I apply what I know about Scuba Diving to the image in my head and then try to apply it to the Kingdom especially about medical care, in our ability to heal and overcome sicknesses, and the Ascension scenario in general, the things I have at least the most experience with from a purely experiential point of view, multilayered interpretations suddenly bubble to the surface.

Even as the image just starts to take real shape in my mind; a calm scuba diver swimming along perhaps thirty or so feet through gentle and bright crystal clear blue water, above the white sandy bottom, again I hear The Voice of God; “And Darkness dwelled upon the surface of the deep.”

Immediately I began to see black sharks swimming almost blindly below, first only far off but increasingly approaching, they skim along the bottom among the other smaller fishes, swimming in their chaotic manner turning left and then right searching for prey? A brief gasp of air with its deliverance of increased God His Breath and the resulting expansion of the diver’s chest raises his body just a little onto a slightly higher level of perspective. 

One might assume this is fear, but I believe it is merely the realization of truth in what he sees that brings about the increased perspective, because the diver knows he is not in danger, and thus gains Knowledge regarding the true nature of the creature dwelling below. These dark sharks are by design a creature that dwells and hunts at certain depths, oblivious to the goings-on with the entities who dwell above them. 

But that in itself does not preclude the attraction potential of fear? Had the diver suddenly started thrashing to the surface or about in an obvious display of fear or even more devastating “panic,” the attractive nature of those created depressive energies in the form of that signal, would no doubt immediately elicit an attack by the predatory creatures below? Fear always brings on attacks like throwing a bucket of chum into the water where the diver is swimming or walking too close to the table of a bully in the school cafeteria, knowing he has a proclivity for your muffin. 

In conclusion, the lesson would seem for my Truth-seeking, and may I hopefully add, Ascending Patriotic foxhole dwelling warriors in this ongoing End Times War we find ourselves wallowing in for at least the last couple years; fear not the misgivings, plots, and creatures, that dwell in the levels of vibrational awareness below you, for they can not harm you or even touch you unless you, through doubt and worry, call them upon yourselves.

And if you find yourselves needing to descend into the murky depths in order rescue, someone yourself, a drowning colleague who is sinking or suddenly calls upon you, in despair, for help, remember what they teach us in lifeguard school; when you try or need to save a drowning man, you must secure them from behind, and literally incapacitate their arms just under their armpits and lift the head above the surface to calm them down in order to pull them to safe ground. This behind-the-back attack is crucial otherwise the flailing “water gulper” will pull you down with him as he contuses to in stupidity the very thing that has gotten him in this pickle in the first place. But more important than this it is the knowledge and confidence such wisdom elicits that allows you to take on such a noble task in the first place without fear.

I can’t tell you how many times in my thirty-five years of physical medicine treatments have I had people walk into the office with their own predetermined ideas about what treatments they should or would receive based purely on what they have seen or heard, often resulting in only a further exacerbation of the situation they already are suffering from, or in other word wanting to do more of the same thing that caused them the problem in the first place only this time hoping for a more positive outcome. And likewise, I would have taken on a posture of “it’s my way or the highway,” without getting into long debates or lengthy explanations as to why what they thought was good medicine for them was actually a devil in a “Pills” clothing, otherwise even if they accept the treatments you would give them they wouldn’t believe them or put them into practice; they never stop flailing about, and you risk going down as well out of pure exhaustion!

So what do we let them drown? Of course not, but if a man is stupid enough to sink already to the bottom, linger too long at that depth, and just lay there giving up until he dies in the now sediment blinding churning of the sea bed.  How often do any of us just lay here screaming out to God; “I’m Drowning Here?” Just to hear Him say; “So, Pull Your Head Out Of The Water Stupid!”

As the idiot further resists any and all attempts from you to calm his ass down, look up and get to the fresh air of God’s life-giving breath, then do what the lifeguards do; give them a good college try, approach with caution, try to relay as much truth about one single subject, and in this case, the one that will save their life, breathing. 

But if they continue to resist and it becomes clear how your life may be in danger because of your close proximity, back away and leave them to drown, you never know, you might be able to revive them once you pull the unconscious body from the water a little later, never a guarantee, but if God still has a plan for them stranger things have happened?

Life Guards, Star Seed, Truther’s, Patriots, Spiritual Therapists, we really are all the same.

Bless you

Peter Colla

And the Patriot’s Push Team

“Dear Lord help us as we help others to lift themselves off the surface of the deep, help us as we ourselves dwell there, and give us the understanding to recognize the Truths You would breathe into us to rise.”

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