La Palma; “Another Planned Event?”

“How long oh Lord, before You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell upon the Earth?”

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When have we seen so many volcanos all erupting literally in the same month or two and is it possible that these coincidental happenings are not just merely the result of random occurrences, but may have a more nefarious and consequential component? Especially watching the La Palma Volcano which happened to start on September 11 this year and has continuously been convulsing lava, daily earthquakes, or one might call tremors, and spewing hot gasses into the air in an almost regular and even increasing fashion ever since. 

I have found myself unusually drawn to watch this day-by-day coverage which also includes sound day and night, whereby the constant rumbling just beyond a person’s ability to comprehend, yet does sound vaguely if not distinctly as the sound of almost demonic entities groaning from the far deep? This mesmerizing sound has left me on more than one occasion with a deepened sense of grounding and an almost depressing feeling as I sit and listen to the constant low-frequency rumbles for many hours on end.  

There is no doubt about the sadness and devastation to the local population that has ensued as a result of the Canary Island volcano, yet a more sinister intention seems to be lingering just outside the average person’s ability to register? As I have in the past written on the more spiritual side of sicknesses, afflictions, and infirmities, the thoughts that there is something more to these happenings than just mere physical issues have come up and prompted me to write this blog today. 

Well, if we apply the same spiritual awareness and apply it to this happening around the La Palma, assigning a more than what meets the eye application, or in this case also the ear, this does pose itself for a particular sitting in contemplation, and at least prayer, as the true understanding of the mysterious feeling sitting just behind the slightly raised hair on the back of the neck, may precipitate such contemplation that may entail.

This is not the first time that the situation in and around Canary Island, in particular, La Palma Island has been brought up in a negative context or in reference to End Times predictions. A BBC video report circulated some now more than thirteen years ago 2008 in which a study and subsequent report were done describing what would happen if a volcano or a major earthquake happened to hit the Canary Island specifically La Palma, where a major fault line lay directly through the middle of one of the side slopes of the major mountain on the island. It was hypothesized that if such an earthquake would happen the resulting landslide would cause a tsunami so large that it would devastate the entire coast of North America and completely cover The State of Florida over with its 100-150ft wave that was sure to happen to result in perhaps millions of deaths. 

2008 BBC Prediction of Canary Island Tsunami

They were so sure about this prediction that I remember for months after people were almost watching the Canary Island for days even weeks, as they anticipated this earthquake and subsequent tsunami, but it never came.

What is interesting is the fact that in the Bible specifically in Revelations John speaks of witnessing devastation to the coast of such proportions that it destroys all the coastal cities and a third of the world’s fleet of ships? Now with what seems to most people who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, that we are truly knee-deep in the End Times as spoken of in Revelations by John of The Bible, and the coincidental volcano on an island which happens to have all the attributes to cause coastline devastation as spoken during Revelations is not only coincidentally unfathomable but truly must be from God, or is it?

Interesting fact that recently was brought to the surface by a fellow Arizonian Truther “Off The Grid Desert Farming with Paul and Adrianna,” where they demonstrate a fixed and symmetrical potting of earthquakes over the southern flank of La Palma, that could no way be random but clearly appear to be man-made, or at least plotted and executed at exact places on a European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) site which is the equivalent of our own USGS the United States Geological Survey site which registers everything geological worldwide including earthquakes and volcanos. 

My first thought was this was just a glitch and as soon as they zoomed in on another location the same patterns would arise, but Paul was one step ahead and went ahead and did that at various other places around the globe only to see the random displacement of earthquakes and nothing even remotely close to the symmetric patterns demonstrated in La Palma. (See Paul and Adrianna video here)

Paul and Adrianna’s Report of Seismic Pattern

Shortly after Paul and Adrianna’s video came out, I saw on the European Truthers site a report that the La Palma disaster was predicted completely in an obscure 2009 video game “Secret Files 2,” this itself was not as suspicious since the original video that described the possible tsunami also originated in the prior year as the first proposed tsunami video. What is a little suspicious is the fact that one would think it would take at least a little time to research write, plan out, and produce a video game even one as cutting edge as “Secret Files 2” obviously was, then add on to that fact the need to place a cutting edge geological Seismologist on the writing staff so they could base the entire attack method on some vague theory that has just happen to recently pop up. 

2009 Secret Files 2 Tsunami Demonstration

Possible I guess? Now I had heard as early as twenty years ago the idea that plans of the Deep State were subtly and sometimes subliminally placed into movies as a means to allow us unknowing idiot sheep the processing of what was termed even then unknowing or “Involuntary Consent,” in which just by watching something subtly described in a film, and coupled with especially paying our own money, our tithes, if only a little to that image, we are giving our involuntary consent to the curse or the dark purpose and plan they (the Deep State) wish to demonstrate in the film, image, advertisement or in this case video game?

But what is very unlikely and impossible to be a coincidence is the fact that the scenario demonstrated in the video was of subterranean explosions placed at regular distances across the southern slope of the island and then again depicted along the eastern-western direction in the next diagram, that would cause a volcano and ultimate landslide of the south-western face of the La Palma with the subsequent tsunami that would match almost exactly the one theorized today, not to mention the almost exact distances, symmetry, an even number of five deep explosions to facilitate this does curiously match the image and distribution of the earthquakes listed on the EMSC site? 

Wow, not only did these game writers have clear cutting edge seismology knowledge but apparently had insider information as well as insight into geological explosives formulations, the distances necessary as well as the foresight to place the locations of their explosions, and the almost soothsayer intuition to place the detonations needed for their plan in the almost exact locations they appear today in earthquake readings? They need to hire those guys to work in the Seismology Departments around the world or at least pay them to teach the classes.

But when it comes to predicting the future in cartoon or children video game presentation, nobody has as much skill or accuracy as apparently the writers of the cartoon “The Simpsons” have, they have accurately predicted almost every seeming major disaster from 911, elections, assassinations, and even vague conspiracies such as a President really wearing a mask, or one getting impeached, well before the same persons even decided to enter into the political race. Not to mention uncanny accuracy of the crashing of planes into the Trade Towers to the burning of The Pentagon and now without being left in the dust also have predicted the same tsunami plan with their own rendition of Canary Island comical satire in 2003! Maybe the Simpson’s writers should start putting out lottery number predictions?

Well, be that as it may, if they had the intention all along to create a volcano or not or whether some kind of seismic manipulation was being attempted as would very well seem, one thing stands out and that is why now, and why there, if not to facilitate a natural disaster that could mimic at least in death count the great flood? The thought of a man-made pandemic or worldwide poisoning through foods or inoculations does sound as far-fetched as The Weather Manipulation or now in this case a plan to facilitate a tsunami. 

If we consider but for a moment put into our thought possibilities that such things are possible, and it would seem by the fact that the plans are disclosed months even years before in satire, then the next logical question would be, if this is the case and they (The Deep State) just want to kill off a large portion of the population why go to such a grandiose and far fetched plan as a tsunami or man-made plague if all they had to do is nuke us and be done with it while they had power in the first place? In other words, if the devil really is as powerful as we have been led to believe by Hollywood and the rest of the old storytellers telling us scared children stories of Boogie Men hiding under the bed or in the closets, then why hasn’t he killed us off long ago when he had a chance? As a matter of fact why wait until the population is at the seven billion level, kill everyone off all the people who possibly could lead to the birth of Jesus while Pharaoh still had them all under his hand?

Maybe the reason is that try as they may, men cannot duplicate the powers that are left to God alone, no matter how many parlor tricks, magicians, nukes, or germs they may decide to grow. Does it not say only God decides when the day of a man’s death shall come? 

Well, of course, people can kill others, basically taking that right from God, not to kill but to decide when to end a life, but it would seem that the devil cannot. I think if he could he would have years ago, not centuries ago, he has to get us to do his dirty work for him. 

As I examine the more Spiritual side of attacks and particularly health care it becomes very obvious that all of the things have one thing in common and that is they, meaning the curses or attacks, all have to obey the Laws of God. My favorite is “Light Drives Away Darkness. The devil and in this case the Deep State does seem to have plans to decrease peoples ability to get in touch with their Spirit and God, eliminate their free will and enslave them, drain each of us of everything God gives all of us even our very life essence, and when they have taken everything from us cast us away, population reduction, from this world that God gave to us not only to them? 

What’s stopping them since they already seem to be in charge? Maybe God?

I always love to go back to the Bible as I try to make sense of the miracles I have witnessed placing God into the treatment arena of healthcare in my own practice. Much of this experience as well as discoveries I wrote about in the three books I have published, as well as the many videos, and hundreds of blogs I have written, and without trying to sound redundant I would remind people that throughout the Bible there were examples of men trying to mimic God. One doesn’t have to look much farther than merely at the earliest books of the Bible and the attempts of the magicians to mimic the acts of God when it came to Moses.

Moses throws down a stick to become a snake, they throw down two, but the difference is the snakes they threw down didn’t have the effect they wanted, Moses’s snake ate their two. The intention they had to mimic God’s power didn’t work out as they planned, they wanted to be twice as powerful, two snakes and theirs got eaten up! 

I believe the same thing is happening today. They try to make a pandemic, the truth gets out, the light is shined upon the dark curse, the curse flees, and the sickness that was probably dead in the lab is no more irritating than a common cold. 

Their big plan is thwarted so they run with the narrative anyway getting all their minions in healthcare, politics, and the media to go along with it, to not only justify the planned election steel but then poison the entire population in order to facilitate the ultimate plan of control, enslavement, and elimination. But here again, the light gets shined upon the curse and it doesn’t work either, people are not being controlled, actually the opposite, and they are not being eliminated either. What the heck is going on, they have to be scratching their bald lizard-lipped heads?

People all over the world are starting to find out more and more of their dark secrets, names, videos, seized laptops, hidden surveillance’s released, whistleblowers, the truth is not only coming to the surface it is gushing! But even this wasn’t it also told us long ago, warned us of this time we are now living in no other than the Bible itself again. Warning to people of times when the world would demonstrate issues, atrocities, acts of horror literally right before God Himself does something about it.

Those words we have all heard, are not new, but for the first time in history they are not just some little random cases that spring up from time to time but is clearly revealed as to being done all over the world, and on such a scale that the thought of many millions of children a year being captured, tortured, raped, killed, and their bodies and blood consumed, and the sheer mass of people it would take to facilitate these acts, keep them hidden, mobilize them, facilitate them, fund and profit from them as well as fool the rest of us is not only staggering but almost unfathomable. 

I would say myself to place such a system for even a single child to facilitate it and keep it hidden from everyone else would take many dozens of people if not at least a hundred, so logic would dictate that if this is true what is being revealed than the participating amount of people involved at least in a consensual basis would have to be in the hundreds of millions worldwide?

Take what my wife reports to now upward near ten million children a year and estimate it may take 50 per child to take them, hide then, transport them shush the hysteric parents, the price needs to be silenced, judges, first responders, news, then transport them, finance it, orchestrate it, research and advertise what to do with them, then hide that, finally to bring some product, the child, of course after processing torture to a receiving and funding loving arms of the elites who can fund this whole endeavor of 8 or more million fifty per kid is not unreasonable bringing the total to 500 million?

Interesting the number of people the Georgia guide stone said the population needed to be reduced to. Not to mention the fact art something of this scale and planning has not just suddenly sprung up but had to develop over the course of decades if not centuries. All hidden right under our noses!

The last point I would make is if we look at the spiritual side of the matter, as I try to do in my books, applying the Biblically-based assumption that everything good comes from God and since in essence everything physical is basically created by God for us. The assumption can easily be made that when things that are meant for good are used for malicious intent like a butter knife or a pencil, could be used for a weapon in the wrong hand, it is the “intention” that changes the basic energy of the vessel form something of good to something or someone intending on the destruction of themselves or another.

As we have demonstrated in previous videos and writings whereby even in the most abundant and available substance throughout the macro universe as well as the structured media and micro-universes that make up our individual lives and bodies, has itself the ability to transmit independently intention long after that intention is spoken to it? It would not be much of a stretch to assume since it has already been scientifically proven that water is the most abundant molecule in our physical world then the thoughts of ideological thought intentions are not a stretch to imagine even on something as large as our entire world above as well as below the surface.

Didn’t Jesus Himself say; “I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would cry out.”

Such a statement would confirm that even the rocks have the ability to transmit information especially when being driven by such a magnificent spoken potential as God Himself. I have come to realize that the structure we call our bodies is nothing but physical matter without the spirit, and thus when the body is attacked as in any process be it sickness, affliction, or infirmity, the body will react in its own capacity trying desperately to discharge the attacking negative energies anyway possible. Nowhere is that more evident than in the case of the viral attack.

Scientifically it is known our bodies co-exist with viruses in and out of every cell of our body on the surface and even surrounding us. They are in the foods, air, on the surfaces of everything we come in contact with regardless of how we try to mask this situation. The only time we start to react is when these viruses suddenly make their presence known in large enough quantities to warrant the bodies’ need to eliminate them thus the fever and in some drastic cases convulsions surface. 

I believe that is exactly what is happening today, the world as a whole has come into an increased awareness that a sickness, dark sin, a malevolence has become known to reside deep within the confines of our world and the body or world as a whole has started to exhibit signs of fever and more importantly convulsions. There is no such thing as coincidences any more than it was coincidence The Simpsons predicted 911 years before it occurred. No, we are clearly seeing the result of what our collective consciousness has already begun to realize has occurred throughout the entire body we call our world, and that is we have been infested with a virus of the most malicious kind; these satanist and their minions who would do such a horrific things against the most innocent and Holy Spirits among us as they do. 

Anyone ever doubting demons are being cast out of the deep need only to look at the video of La Palma volcano spewing demon shapes or spirits into the air. The earth may very well have had enough of these creatures hidden within. 

Demonic Images in La Palma Volcano

The Good news is if the infestation does not kill the body as in the case of a rogue virus, once detection is revealed and the processes for elimination (the fever and convulsions) are begun it is not long before the virus is completely eradicated, and the war is quickly and abruptly over. 

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!” Afterward when a body has tossed the malevolent agent into the waste can of the toilet through ejection the typical disposal, then a system is created to fight any future attacker of similar description, translation; if any of their like ever surface again they have no chance! So is it for the Satanist who did this to us, only a little longer and the fever will be over!

By Peter Colla

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

“Dear Lord grant us the strength to eject that which the enemy has intended for our destruction and that of our children, and empower us as we use the fever of Your righteous anger to burn them up as the Light of your truth removes any dark curse which they may receive power from, giving us victory to vanquish this evil once and for all from this world You gave us into the pit of hell where they belong.”

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla Reports

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  1. Rose L says:

    Gene Decode says that La Palma is being “mitigated” by the whitehats.

    See the end of this video

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