“Hispanic Make You Panic” A Fresh Perspective By The Dynamic Duo; Juan and Nino!

Today, coming to you, “Hot Off The Press”; David Nino Rodriguez brings to the interview stage Juan O’ Savin on Ninos TV, perhaps a little too hot for the censor Rottweilers of YouTube, or maybe not?

For the many of us who follow what is going on seemingly behind the scenes, with the Truth movement, any or all of the now boatloads of investigations that seem to be reported on the here’s and there’s of the “Revelations,” most suddenly appearing like speckled pepper in Sundays Gumbo, one cannot help but stop and listen every time Juan O’ Savin takes the mike. 

Myself, like many others I have spoken with, the regular people on the street, when listening to this brilliant man (JFKjr?) enunciate, it does often present itself as a repeat of much of the same information spoken of in the other interviews, the more than many he has done in the past or on other programs. With all due respect, the man is a well of knowledge, insight, and clear resourced information, and seeing how many interviews he does taking often into the two-hour range, needing to cover the information he feels the most critical, as well as pertinent for this particular measure of the symphony we happen to be listening to, one could hardly blame him for needing to repeat himself occasionally.

But not today, thanks to the resilience, timely questions, and investigative journalistic style Nino brought to the table, it did allow for quite a bit of “New Information,” and even a bit of “Fresh Perspective” to be seasoned into today’s feast.

Without giving it too much away, Nino did venture down a path of questions that while many of us are not in the “direct fire,” I am sure it must have crossed our own minds at least once or twice; “Do we need to be worried that the Deep State or other ruling factions who might still hold onto power, using what little power they have left, and retaliate against the regular people especially those who report the truths, support President Trump, or desire the audits? 

Juan was not pulling punches expressing the fact that it would be naive to believe the Deep State would not stoop to any low especially using grey area laws and captive intelligence groups in order to elicit fear as much as possible in people who might question the “ruling order” of today. While Nino did press the questions even when Juan seemed to be dodging them, our brilliant “Investigative Journalist” slash “In The Ring Brawler” was also quick to inject intel of his own further broadening the spectrum of the conversation as to open the door where Juan could elaborate further on issues and corners of the war previously untouched.


It is relevant to address the real threat here, but as I have so often spoken of with David in our private conversations especially in and around the health arena, “fear” must not be entertained. Fear attracts attacks in the spiritual, so much more than in the physical, and anyone who has ever come across a wild animal in the forest will tell you that fear attracts attacks all the time! In sicknesses as is the area I write about when I’m not sports commentating; it is even more so. So is it also true that by expressing courage we can reciprocally scare these dark spells away as well, a subject I only just began to delve into with my interview with Nino on June 17 “The Belief in Miracles” (see below), yet one that applies in so many more spectrums today as things continue to heat up?

“Fear Not,” God (Jesus) says more than any single statement in the Bible, not “Love thy Neighbor…” “Do unto others,” or even more than “Believe in me,” no, it was fear not which is stated the most, why? Is it maybe because it is one of the most self-destructive activities we can engage in? Funny the Man never says; “Don’t get angry,” especially when dealing with the traitors of the people.

But here again, our “Dynamic Duo” Juan and Nino are quick to venture into an analysis of who really is in “Panic” mode here, and it is not the White Hats, the Truthers, or the Good Guys, but those who are holding onto the short end of a lit fuse the satan worshipping blood drinkers, the traitors of all humanity!

Growing up in Arizona as I did, often allowed guys such as myself to get to know more than one Hispanic girl. There is a common saying among the guys Hispanic, or anyone else for that matter when referring to Hispanic girls; “Hispanic Make You Panic.” But who exactly are the ones doing the panicking, not any of the girls, they often seemed more in control than just about anyone, no it was the idiot guys who often tried to figure them out?

While I’m not sure that statement always has only to do with Hispanic girls, I can assume there was many more than just a couple of guys that literally felt “Panic” when stepping into the boxing ring with a “Hispanic Superman” like Nino. And trust me, that fear did attract attack! It’s no wonder that they used to call Nino in the boxing world; “Hispanic Make You Panic,” but here again it’s so God, when the Light shines upon the real venue of Godly power and might its others that do the panicking.

It’s not Nino and Juan calling us to a sudden panic attack, or any kind of attack at all, or even to worry, on the contrary it is these two Caped Crusaders who are quick to point out the many reasons why we shouldn’t panic, and the specific people who should be panicking, and if they are not; “they will be, they will be!” Without exactly taking names or kicking ass, the would-be panicking chickens are basically placed on notice; you can run, but really, you have nowhere to hide as the rest of the world quickly and uniformly wakes up to what really has been going on here, your goose will be on the end of a spick baking in the noonday Arizona sun.

In this time of “Revelations,” yearly has turned to weekly, which has quickly turned to literally every moment of every day! The Revelation leads to Apocalypse (which by the way in the “Greek” means “Illumination”), and you don’t have to be a Bible scholar to know what follows The Apocalypse; Judgement of the Evil one and Restoration to the Children of God.

Available for your spiritual feasting; NinosCornerTV and maybe for a limited time on Youtube.

Without further ado; I give you the “Dynamic Duo,” “the Caped Crusaders,” those butt kickers known to few and loved by many, Juan and Nino, in their latest show;


By Peter Colla

Spiritual Therapist and “would-be” Press Agent

“Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much for the wariors you have given us who risk their lives to bring Your Truths to the forefront, bless them and bless everyone of my Brothers and Sisters as they listen to Juan and Nino. Give each of them in turn courage to spread the word to others as we cross this finish-line and see the majority of Your world wake up.”

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