Mandate or Curse? The Latest Medicare Mandate To Force People To Take The Vaccines

Another Mandate; this time issued to all Medicare Recipients, whether they are patients or “Providers of Services,” from the administrators to the janitors taking out the trash; any and all persons receiving money associated with medicare whatsoever! The new mandated threat; Get the jab or get out!

As the evidence seems to just pile in considering the worldwide jostling of reported numbers in and around what we in the “Truther’s Movement” have affectionately called the “Scamdemic,” and with it all the seemingly horrifying aspects of issues that come with taking their favored solution, aka the many Jab’s and their little buddies the “Booster,” even when the audacity of these so-called “Leaders of Health and Wellbeing,” as well as the clear demonstrative lack of concern for the actual health of anyone, that is perhaps with the exception of themselves, can stoop to no further depth, they seem to pull their literal noses out of their shit bowls and spit out yet again another piece of mandatory conciliation to further placate something that is so based on falsehood and lies, that it would seem to indicate an utter ideology that they think we are all just stupid sheep!

Must See Medicare Disclose

Those who know me and have watched my videos or the ones done with others, know I write, speak, share, and try to the effects of placing Godly Truth back into the health care system? People who read my blogs on would also know I have on more than one occasion spoken of the increasing lack of the health care system, aka the Big Pharma slash Corporate Insurance, in actually our health, and even what seemed more of an increase in ideologies that propagated increased dependency on the system, increased and diverse medication use, as well as a systematic reduction of the people’s ability to even get in contact with their own spiritual side of themselves.

This morning I receive a concerning phone call from a very sweet friend and colleague, I will call her Dr. Rose, we will call her Dr. Rose not because it is her name particularly but mainly because she is one of the sweetest believing Doctors I have ever had the honor to know not only serves the people she treats to the best of her knowledge and ability but is also someone who answers to God both in her own life and in the lives of those she touches. While I had not spoken with her in years, it is funny how God works and she had actually been the subject of a discussion between Anna and myself as we spoke in length about how people can follow orders with what we are finding out about the ingredients or at least seeming purpose of these so-called health treatments today, how difficult it is becoming for people to work in this industry at all?

My own work to basically counter what I seem to have seen as the anti-health push has in itself resulted in two things one; God showing what happens when we put God back into the health care arena, and two, the pushback that results in my own life when I dare to say no to them as the so-called system mandates, protocols or instructions. We don’t have to look far, or too deep these days to see, there is dark agenda behind the majority of the so-called health advice they are pushing, not only on us but on the world. The good news is one also does not have to look far to see their clear intent and that is not for our health as this so-called mandate may infer. 

I will post a pdf copy on my blog and a link at the bottom of the video page for anyone to see if they wish. 

People might ask if this is truly their intent and there is a dark agenda why give us a warning at all, why would they say this is the “plan” sixty and ninety days before it becomes mandatory, why not just I’m put it out immediately; that answer too falls under the Spiritual side of this whole process and without getting into it in lengthy detail as I have in the previous video it is as simple as two basic factors; one, disclosure, they have to follow rules, and if they wish to place a curse or have a plan for a sinister dark agenda in the future they must disclose their intention in the form of a least involuntary consent, send out some inconspicuous email with two hundred plus pages or a whole page of small print knowing only a few will even bother to open it and read it. 

And two, time! Time needs to be given between the moment of threat and the actual point a threat comes to the surface so people can get scared, feed their demonic entities that live off this fear every and they hope in the meantime people will get so scared they just give in and do what they are told without being forced! Free will, another gift God has given all of us, they cannot force a spiritual curse upon a person without them freely asking or accepting it, any more than people can be forced to take the “Mark of the Beast.”

So the question always falls into the old “Spiritual Therapy” bowl; what can we do? 

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The answer is simple; if the storm is upon you and the waters are dark and raging waves throwing everyone around, winds screaming their demonic threats of drowning, all-consuming destruction that waits in the churning waves under the surface of the water, then the only thing to do is look at God and step up and walk above the waters where you are safe.

I will further discuss the process of Ascension as related in my books concerning this subject in the video further, let me assure you, readers, all the solutions and the ability for any of us to walk on the water is clearly defined and spoken of in the many blogs and three books I have already published. All available on this site are free to download, read, but most importantly share.

By Peter Colla

“Lord help me to see the Truths hidden right before my nose in plain sight, then help me to assimilate them into my life with understanding, practice, and finally mastering by sharing the newfound treasures You have given me with at least two others.”

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