Hot Off The Press; President Donald J Trump Steps Into “The Water Cooler Interview” Ring

All right sports fans, right off the press and live to you; our illustrious President Donald J. Trump just had a “water cooler” interview with a reporter by the name of Brody featured on Just the News dot com. 

That information was immediately relayed to yours truly via David “Nino” Rodriguez as we both surfed through the exchange hoping, praying, even in some form or another pleading with God The Almighty Above that our Commander and Chief, the Champ himself of countless battles with the Deep State would throw out a salvo or perhaps give us a little of the old “Maga” Razzle-Dazzle as maybe he delivered a much anticipated “Right” and down to the canvas this whole shit-show of a false captured presidency would look to head? 

We all know full well that the 2020 election was nothing short of “snatch and grab” chicken thief pathetic pic-pocket of the booty and run type, not only on a Presidential scale but most likely throughout every State of critical leadership in our once free country! Who cares how many people saw the fraud, how many witnesses come clean in their own fear of prosecution, hidden cameras of corruption and downright treason, the jackass courts think they are in charge, leaving the rest of us to just go and “F” ourselves. 

Don’t you realize Brothers and Sisters; the thieves steal from every one of us because if we don’t have fair and secure elections, then not one of our voices matters, regardless if we are Democrat or Republican! If we are not one of “them” then we are on the outside looking in as they basically take complete and utter control of every leading factor of our country, squeeze it any way they want, line us up like sheep to the slaughter and walk us in our little six-foot social distanced, gagged and masked, jabbed pathetic order right to the ovens for a lamb grilling! And like the good little sheep; they won’t even have to throw us in the oven, we will jump in all too eager!

Well, not this guy, and not guys like my Big Little Brother Nino, Juan, Charley, Jim, Lynn, or even my wife Anna, there is still a few out there that say; “Hell No,” sitting with bated breath focussed on every counter punch and dusting off of slaps the press seems to throw at our President!

How many “friggen” times does the President have to answer a question about 2024, or some kind of pathetic “poodle prize” offer of the Speaker of the House before these reporters realize; the President didn’t lose, and he has no interest in talking about a future that seems to assume he did.

Oh, I see the problem, they stuck the Champ our undefeated Heavy Weight Champion of the World in fighting the spirits of darkness in a “Puppy Bowl” match, giving him the same fluff questions, with the same fluff options and not giving the Man an opportunity to really say what needs to be said; Kick-Ass and Take Names!

I think our President needs a little better “Representation” from his corner! The next time, with all due respect, Mr. President you get in the ring with some reporters, go in with Fighter! A Fighter needs to go into the ring with Fighter’s in his corner and he certainly needs a competition that is worthy of his talent.

Go on a show with someone like Nino, a fighter in your corner that understands the Fighter in the Champ!

Hey, I’m just an ordinary therapy guy who fights sickness and the deep state for ordinary people and gets to write about it once in a while, ok maybe a little sports-politico commentary on the side, but my God, the same old water cooler questions? Put that blonde Kayleigh McEnany back in and interview with her, she has ten times the fight in her statements that “water cooler pussy” did.

Ya, I think its time, we need our Superman back, President Trump, I can’t talk for everyone but I certainly can talk from the majority, we are aching for those rallies again, we are desperate to hear from you again, we can’t wait to see you back in the ring, the “Old Silver Palooka” dishing out splattering jabs to the elite, the combinations of stunning cross punches, a little “rope a dope” a side step, let them think they a farts chance in a whirlwind, and then the Big Right down they go whimpering in Soros!

Now that’s an interview I’d pay prime time to see!!

By Peter Colla

“Heavenly Father wake up my Brothers and Sisters, let them see what has been stolen, open their hearts and give them strength to speak out in One voice, a voice of Truth as they demand their Freedom of vote back, not in 2022 or 2024, but now today as they demand these political employees of our government, our courts, and our media do their jobs and speak the Truth!”

Bless All You Patriots

Peter & Anna

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