Hot News; “Ivory Has The Balls To Take On MSM Today w Nino!”

Ivory Hecker MSM Whistleblower on Nino’s Corner TV

Hot News; “Ivory Has The Balls To Take On MSM Today w Nino!”

Another Hot off the press report from the Spiritual Therapy Guy Peter Colla reporting in his somewhat sporadic side Sports Commentary News blog/video the ever exciting and often boxing ring-esque turpitudes our friend David Nino Rodriguez brings to our slumbering eyes, like some just north of the border, his Gladiator style reality news show, with all the vile and vigor one could hope for, under of course the watchful eyes of our all knowing mass marketing and social media’s executive ownership’s own big brother knows best censorship restrains, tries yet again and with first round knockout style delivery, I might add, dispensing to this world of ours; tidbits, a few rounds of ammo, and the occasional Right hook, yet again “Bang Zoom Your Going To The Moon Alice” is dished out to his ever so endearing crowd that have all the patience and self truth digging capability of the average frog slowly being bought to a boil in his little dish, or at least it would appear so when the Big Guy happens to bring in a guest who might not pan out in the entertaining or actual fight quality level they (meaning the fans) have so become accustom to expecting! 

Cry me a friggen river! 

It’s not like he can guarantee the quality, authenticity, or even level of actual fighter spirit prior to giving them a shot? You never know for sure, if a fighter, especially one who has little prior experience in the ring, are they going to turn out to be truly a phenom, give a good show, put out more than a few rounds of solid content, go the distance, even bring a few combo’s themselves into the fray with the “Hispanic Make You Panic?” being a true contender in this ever saturated somewhat “Watch The Watered-down” shit show we have out there handed us through the other news, views, Jackass CEO’s knows what’s best reporting programs?

Or are they just going to belly up, limp dick, whet noodle it, with skinny arms and even ridiculous prose, run around like a little school boy-girl eager to show off their new poke-a-dot undies until they can find a way out off the ring even faster than they got in? 

Or worse yet take a dive proving to everyone, at least to those who have an eye to see through the charade they construct, that an occasional fraud is really but plants for the Bod Guys who want nothing better than to discredit the whole friggen show Nino included! Like a turd hidden under the bed.

But we won’t let them my dear boxing, armchair observers, want-a-be Patriots, potential Light Walkers, we know the truth when we hear it and like Nino, they can throw in all their fish flopping wringers they want and it will not dismay us, we know “The Champ” is about truth and fights many battles for us we would love to have the guts to jump into ourselves, but seem to lack the bigger arms or hardened jaw to take a punch?

Yet thankfully so, Ivory was a display of astonishingly strong chin and an enduring full round capacity stamina, while maybe not big arms, quite slender to be assured, lacked nothing in her deliverance to bring once again a solid show to the canvas of fortitude, courage, and inspiration to the many others who have had to make their own similar choices. 

Some small but ever-increasing dramatic choices, where they used to be simple choices between simple good and bad, “should I continue to cheat this client or deny their benefits” knowing it is wrong? But the boss, even the industry as a whole seems to be leaning more and more to a sentiment of what is good for the company and increasingly less concern for the very constituents that fund it. What are we to do? A common question one Ivory makes known in her own early rounds of jabs and counter blocks. 

Spiritual Therapies With Peter and Anna Colla

As everyone or anyone who may have read my blogs, or happen to hear me speak with David and on my own newly created channel Spiritual Therapies w Peter & Anna Colla, will have come to realize by now, I can only speak from experience in the health care provider Great Coliseum arena of Gladiatorial performances which usually had all the spectacle or attractive interest of perhaps a single observer or at the most a few already beaten down participants, but one can assure this choosing between and right and wrong especially in the job site is not a recent manifestation but an ongoing circus act that while it never made it into even the smallest ring of the big tent, more like a little pony ride attraction, one sickly little droopy eyed pony out on the fringe of the great show, out of sight out of mind, as the system continued to throw a tip across its back and around, around it goes carrying some crying child far away from anyone to help or care, except of course those white faced clowns who seem to be always around planning, scheming when they can yet again take a bite of innocent flesh?

For me, the choice began almost as soon as the industry, the medical-big-pharma-insurance-driven, regulated, and controlled, finally seized, or at least bribed the politicians to grant these industries the right to buy the major share of all healthcare providing options about the mid to late ’80s into the ’90s. Regardless if we are speaking of hospitals, evaluation labs, pharmacies, healthcare providers, even doctors offices, control these they control the pricing, who cares if they raise prices, they just pay themselves one industry has reduced profits, raise prices for them, another is easily blamed for higher costs, they have their fall guy, blame the doctors they must be to blame they all drive expensive cars while still demanding your $40 co-pay?  

Why not, they have long controlled the education, research, even the very media controlled (controlled by their advertising dollars), control all the workers, if they don’t do what you tell them, simply fire them and hire others who will? 

Being told not to cover something you know was right, going against the big boss’s orders? You can thank God you were only being told to do that lately Ivory, I’ve had it shoved down my throat since the early nineties, long before Obama and his so-called “care” ever lifted its ugly head above the weeds ready to slither in and take complete control of an industry that was supposed to be for the betterment of the people who finance it in the first place. What was that oath exactly; “Do no harm?”

But when insurance industries limit the care, stall, or even deny care that we all know if held back will cause increased harm, it is not long before we have to choose over and over again to do it anyway, treat anyway, wait for auth, and not turn some suffering child way because his back is so sore he can’t even walk, let alone lift an air conditioner up a ladder onto a roof, earn a living, feed his kids. 

Choices, do we treat anyway, insurance doesn’t care, they just won’t pay, the patient can’t, he can barely pay his food and medication bills, with what they give him for worker comp. You’re the rich private practice owner, you can treat for free, why not it’s only one, then about a third of your patients, ultimately if you don’t do what we say, we (the big Obama Care system face that sits in front of the demon that drives the entire industry) will take away everything, all faith you might have in healthcare until you either bend a knee or die because you work for us remember?

Long after you lose your practice, they steal your equipment, can’t have you open up again somewhere else, and belittle you in the process, you try to bring a better way to help people, a nobler one, the way things used to be done, treating the cause and not just the injury, treating people like people, even offering to help other businesses teach the new therapist, nurses, doctors, options that not only will help many more people much more effectively, and faster, but will build your own businesses, practices, and reputations, drawing not only more people to your doors for care, but also like-minded health care providers who entered the field in the first place not merely for money but with the desire to actually help someone? 

But here again, it is their game, their rules, working for companies regardless of which sector of the industry, the bigger the companies the worse they are pressured, very quickly they are pressed with the decision as you were, do what we say and cut cost, cheat the patients, lie, steal, toss out who we tell you or suffer the consequences? Oh ya that guy who is trying to put God into the health scenario, I don’t care if he is helping people, have dozens of people finally finding health where there was only doom before, or has grown your business in staff, offices, reduced building costs, programs, done everything you have asked and then some, get rid of him or we will cut you off!

I have been hired by owners of large multi-state treatment organizations personally, asked specifically to incorporate God into the health care regiment, open offices, regain lost reputations as a company that cares for the patient above the dollar, grow, teach, recruit, merely to have the carpet yanked out from under me over and over again by one or another Rottweiler faced, ass-licking, little man complex, control freak, guard dog, who thinks because he might have once in his skinny arm life actually sat on the bench of a sport with real men, it now makes him qualified to lead, but unfortunate for our would-be God-inspired owner, the guard does, he thinks, works for him actually works for the system put there to guard him against doing anything they deem unacceptable?

Today we are just seeing an ever-increasing push to not only chose bad instead of good in the workplace but since evil has reared its ugly head now more than ever in every industry, mountain calling throughout the world, we are now placed more and more frequently, as Ivory was to choose now between doing Evil and good? Nowhere more than my own industry.

How many hospital staff members danced around like fat ass hippos in a clown show, parading like hero’s to the public when they know the not-so-busy and overrun hospitals are just sleeper cells of ghouls, waiting for another victim to falsely test. Then, when real people find out the truth the hospitals were ghost towns, serviced by this skeletal crew, as I quickly did, that anyone and almost everyone I knew, who worked in this were sent home, this led quickly to question in any rational healthcare providers mind; who and what is behind this charade?

The few misfortunates’ who happens to get the so-called positive test, which doesn’t take an Einstein to know is not a viable testing choice anyway, it even says it right on the box, but all of us so-called now “Oath-breakers” the oath to do no harm, have to move forward in this false positive, horrendous fatality and desperate need for a vaccine scam as if it is all true or risk losing our jobs?

Always a fucking Rottweiler in the mix! 

So often and more increasingly we seem to be brought to the point of needing to choose when to finally say no; when they order us to go along with their lie, business is business, let the buyer beware, all of that shit.

Do we wait until they make us ourselves buy-in, take the vaccines ourselves if we want to work in their hospitals or play on their team? Ok, we took the risk, now what, they are asking us to give them to others, put others in danger, give them to young children who we have long been told have little chance of even contracting these want-a-be plagues, or zero chance of dying, lie to the masses, even though we know that the products in these could kill them, are certainly toxic, but at the least dumb the people down, that they may have put in controls or other triggers that could combine with other chemical factors from other entry points, then facilitate even worse problems than the ones we have been lied into believing so far?

What do we do, when or where do we cross the line, is it when we have the give the injections to our own kids, what about the pre-cancer chemo, is that the line? Give up our wife, our best friend, our own life in a masked, voiceless zombie-like servitude we have seen and joked about in China but now the jokes on us?

Two choices stay and do as they tell us or quit our jobs?

But is there a third choice? 

Bullies demonstrate themselves in many forms, not always limited to the pimple-faced somewhat overweight boy, large in stature for no other reason than the fact that at least one time being held back in the early stages of his education experience, gave him the illusion that he was actually bigger than others. Lacking as much in the cute existential comment department as they do in compassion, but always presenting their own hearts that drives them to particular behaviors of cruelty perpetrated against weaker defenseless opponents, bullies present oftentimes for reasons known only to their own jealous desires. 

Once said bully is spotted, or at least finds himself within striking range, one of three responses for the would-be victim usually is eliminated especially if the Bully has already placed claws or filthy teeth on soft innocent flesh.

The first either, “Turn and Run,” option is thwarted leaving only the “Just Take It?” or in some stronger and in rare cases “The Fight?” But first, we will further examine the run and hide option in part.

Turning represents a physical changing direction from the path in which one has been set. When a person turns their back on something, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to see it, thus the person becomes blind to everything that lies down that particular path they were on only moments before. Not to mention turning from the path on which one has set their mind to, in itself brings a notion of defeat? 

Turning one’s back on the attacker puts them as the victim in a particularly vulnerable position, by presenting one’s back, inviting attack without defense, blind to any blows, 

tail tucked in pathetic attempt to protect private parts in the backside of running retreat. 

Protecting private parts, now that’s a statement; trying in some desperate way to protect a person’s destiny, the not yet conceived future, even maybe their children, holding tightly to a hope that not only pain will be avoided, but maybe other daybreaks warmth still might be found shining on their face, if only through survival.

In the case of disease or other spontaneously occurring afflictions, many of these seem to arise without specific physical events tied to the cause. But remember we are taught that diseases, which by the way we can never see because they are too small to see, too faint to smell, too light or few to feel, we just know or believe them to be real because we have been told they are. 

But we are also programmed to feel we are absolutely helpless to these attacks, and the eventual destruction they might inflict, or at least we are told from our earliest memories. We don’t see them, feel them or know for sure they are even present, but we are told, taught, and convinced they are real, the symptoms in our body are the proof, and in most cases, the symptom of our body fighting them has been misconceived to be the actual sickness itself. Example; “you have a fever!” The fever is not the sickness but the result of the person’s body trying to rid itself of a would-be attacker.

“Amazing how fear can make the most insignificant speck of essence into a giant.” 

But let us make one thing clear, we are talking about a bully here, not standing and fighting battles we are not prepared or equipped to, nor called to fight against in our proper time, by Him who would command us is foolish. Running, and while in certain undeniable and overpowering attacks, survival can in itself find certain qualities of victory, but for the sake of the bullying, or in this case the very start of an affliction, we can assume that God will never place His children who seek Him in a place where defeat is possible unless He is calling us home. God keeps all of His promises and it is up to us to remember this promise?

Avoiding the storm altogether, which includes changing the direction you are walking through this journey which is your life, is not a bad idea, especially when the direction is wrong or destructive for you or others for that matter. But changing directions is not always feasible, considering some storms come upon people so fast and unexpected, it is almost impossible to avoid them.

I have noticed people who often avoid contact with infections at all costs or take extreme almost fanatic actions to isolate themselves from injuries often end up wallowing in fear more than not and catch the very thing they fear anyway. 

When a person does happen to see the danger and chooses a different path, leaves the previous experience or issue unresolved it will result in a constant searching in the dark bushes and looking over the shoulder waiting for attack posture of fear, and a distraction from the path immediately results. Take your eye off of where you are going or where exactly you are stepping and a fall is imminent. 

Fear that the bully or storm may show up along the new path taken results, and this can be so overpowering that this fear actually begins to smell, the enemy can smell it. Fear is taken on by the childlike a red cloak draped around the quivering shoulders in the middle of a field, and the angry bull is immediately attracted, resulting in the very thing the poor child fears. Remember what we are dealing with here, these creatures are like animals, and like animals, they can smell fear. These spirits live to be known, they only know fear, they recognize it, and feed on fear! Fear is all they have, they have it and they desire it themselves, they are drawn to it as flies are to a dying carcass. “Sickness, like flies from what or where they come so are they also drawn.”

Both results running or just taking it, are not the most desirable, and often result in the child having to usually suffer the brunt of the storm anyway. 

No matter how a child tries to avoid or run, it seems like the bully always seems to find us and confrontation is inevitable. 

So turning and running, for the most part, demonstrates and grants if not directly, inevitably assured defeat! Nobody ever wants to feel like a coward yet the feeling is put on us by ourselves when we run from the path we thought we should be on, all because of fear.

So that leaves us one choice, yes, with bullies and diseases the best is to stand our ground and fight.

For God has said in many places throughout the Bible, “I will give you all you need!” “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” 

Philippians 4:19 

Also “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things shall be given unto you.” Matthew 6:33 

Notice He says; “seek ye first,” so by assumption, if we are seeking first, doing what we are supposed to, in each and every one of our steps, then we can also assume, by His promise, that He will give us all we need to overcome any challenge, any attack that presents itself on this path?

But God also doesn’t honor the footsteps of fools. If we by our own selfish desires, pride, lust, arrogance, or whatever, find ourselves not only off the path but knee-deep in the camp of the enemy, then getting everything we need to overcome, may just reside in a pair of good legs and enough oxygen in the blood to get us out of there with barely our skin.

Back to the bully, if running is defeat, it still results in two things that only a good God could even remotely turn to positive; it reduces the value, the stature of our would-be hero in the eyes of most watching, those eyes of himself being the greatest affected. Popular phrases that one will often hear include; “Once a coward always a coward,” “You chicken,” or “Scattering of the roaches” these just being a few of the endearing terms, that have been associated with people who flee. God’s ability to even turn this into positive is without dispute, for no other reason than just because He said so, but we will have to reserve this topic for future writing. 

The second effect of running is that it builds the confidence of said bully. Making it more likely he will just do his mouthing-off again, louder next time, more often, and cause even more damage in the next or direct vicinity. So confident is the bully of where he has been that he doesn’t even look back on himself. And why should he, only the conquered reside behind him? 

But it is in his confidence that he exposes his weakness. 

There is the third choice, “Stand and fight”. 

“Do not fear, I am with you!” 

I remember as a youth running and avoiding a bully for many months and possibly as much as a year until finally, I resolved to myself I would not run again. Taking my normal route home I turned around some bushes along the path home just to find myself face to face with the bully. 

A larger boy with a reputation for the cruelty, he immediately started to advance but slowed when I held firm and said; “well I guess if we need to do this, we do?” Putting my hands up to defend myself.

Now I know the larger boy saw the fear in my eyes and his advance was certain, but the confidence quickly subsided as he looked past me at the figure that just happens to step around the bushes after me. Ronny Mayberry an even larger more athletic boy from the same class suddenly steps from around the path and immediately moves towards the would-be bully taking him firmly by the collar and stating in no uncertain terms that his bullying days were over. 

While there wasn’t much of a size difference between them it was clear who was confident and now who was afraid. The would-be bully whimpered and made his promise and to my knowledge never bullied anyone again. 

“Bullies like diseases are really cowards in disguise, turn on the light and they always run.” 

Ronny was an angel sent by God, he might not have even known it any more than the bully knew he was being used?

The essence of reality, funny how is it that people are so easily convinced what is reality and what is not, purely based on perspective, experience, images or sounds they have been fed, or even what others have merely told them. With medicine or in the case of sickness it is amazing how people’s symptoms will actually start matching the perspective symptom list of an injury the very moment the person thinks they actually have it, even if these same people never demonstrated the original symptoms in any other areas of their bodies, so strong is the mind and positive, or in this case, negative is its reinforcements; “Re-In-Force-Ments. 

The effects of negative reinforcement, where negative suggestions, images, sounds, or ideas actually are reinforced are being felt on or as imagined symptoms. This is nowhere more evident than in health care and the people claiming understanding and knowledge, the ones doing the telling know nothing about where these issues actually come from. These have stopped being concerned about what prompts or motivates the diseases or even that they are motivated by something. Where these beliefs direct people or push them into hopelessness. As matter of fact, our entire medical health care temple with all of its potions and procedures cannot cure a single affliction or ailment, only God can. 

It was a very disconcerting realization as a health care provider that with the exception of a few skilled individuals using techniques as old as civilizations themselves, repairing or even replacing damaged tissues with healthy undamaged replacements from others, very few procedures actually stimulate healing, but merely reduce symptoms of other injuries suffered earlier. I guess this all amounts to just taking it instead of actually fighting back.

So how do we actually fight? 

“Standing and Fighting” grants and demonstrates certain victorious portions! Victory is a victory!

By definition first, a person must “Stand,” that is get up, rise, now this image carries a meaning of an immediate and direct increase in stature. When a person rises to the occasion, they grow larger, and in a direct counter, their opponent will decrease, if by no other means than just a simple vantage point. As a person being attacked gets higher, the object against which one stands appears smaller. 

To stand also implies finding a firm foundation, one can only successfully achieve a firm foundation if they press against something also firm, the rock being the strongest, but make no mistake even a deep foundation in the sand, the key being deep, can be a significant pillar for resistance. God describes studying the Word as finding a deep foundation or building on the rock, both apply, but basically looking to God in any method is sufficient for the building. 

As I have already stated the physical changes that one will benefit from in standing and fighting, those being first an increase of the defender, and a decrease of the attacker, is crucial for a change in momentum and status. These are immediate and Godly provisions given by the natural laws that nobody can deny. There is movement and that movement is backward into a realm the giant never looks, he has no experience there. 

I have made many comparisons of any and all attacks regardless if we are talking about a jackass boss wanting you to throw an elderly person under the bus in health care, or you speaking about some affliction that has suddenly attacked you or your loved one.

But let us examine further some supernatural effects, those just under the skin. 

What must have gone through Goliath’s mind, and maybe even that dark hole which represents his heart, when David walked out there unto the battle plane? And we might even possibly take a glance at what may have been going on supernaturally, in and around the environment. 

First, in Goliath’s experience, everyone who had ever faced him ran, only the poor unfortunate’s that he may have been chased down, fought back in some kind of pathetic defense as he dished out his cruel blows, or just played on the ground screaming their pathetic “no waits” as he swung down his death blows from above. For an oversized opponent, the forward motion has its advantages, as any football player on the line will tell you, once you get them back on their heels you can push them anywhere. The forward momentum of any type is a force that must be resisted, held in check, overcome, and eventually overpowered in order to turn a would-be victim into any type of victorious posture. A very difficult situation when facing something that big, no maybe the largest warrior to ever step on a battlefield? 

So when Goliath saw someone actually step up and faced him, even just a boy moving towards him rather than away, most likely doubt from witnessing something new and yet unseen must have at least tickled the edges of his senses, a small yet inconceivable new experience just under his skin? It wasn’t tickling the hordes of the supernatural, for the wave of force that shot through their ranks most assuredly shook them to their “black” bones. Remember these are forces created by God and empowered by His promises, good things, real waves, Godly waves, and darkness always flees when The Light shows up. 

Goliath was bigger than anyone, so fighting from a height advantage in downward blows, always allowed him to engage much stronger muscle groups than having to fight upward. Goliath was used to only his forward motion, using his imposing size, weight, and great strength and most importantly his “postured fearful image” to do most of his work for him.

When David stood his ground, the increased advantage, even if it had been but a slight decreasing effect on Goliath, was a decrease nonetheless! Anyone who participates in any kind of sports activity will tell you momentum is a powerful thing, and when someone starts downward or decreasing in trend, that it is usually coupled with some kind of loss and or even pain. This pain signal starts ringing announcing the attack is coming! 

Next, David not only took Goliath’s insults and threats, yet laughed at them and responded with his own, backed by the power of the Creator of the Universe, Reality instead of just shadows! 


Suddenly Goliath’s words that usually made his opponent’s quiver made this person laugh, but notice Goliath wasn’t laughing, he was too busy shaking from the apparent Lion’s roar he just heard! Something was seriously wrong here for Goliath, and for the first time in his life, he might have even felt that cold chill go literally up his spine, and if he wasn’t, he should have been! 

Momentum shifting, from Goliath moving forward his whole life, to being suddenly held in check, someone stepping up, him shrinking in stature, and getting less than expected result from his threats, even resulting in further diminishing on the bullies part. Momentum had now at this instant shifted! The lights were on and blazing! 

Goliath threw out a desperate comment, trying to weaken David with statements; “You come at me like a dog, with a stick.” His comment was not as much of a joke, but a feeble attempt, for it was designed to make David believe he was ill-equipped to the task. 

But David’s faith and the trust he had everything he would need from God to defeat this creature, threw the insult right back stating that Goliath’s weapons were nothing compared to that of the Living God. And if Goliath’s eyes were not wide with fear at the power of these words, they were the moment the giant took but a single step forward and David started running straight towards him! 

At every turn, victory was accomplished, and the actual deliverance had not even been dealt out yet. In everyone’s eyes, natural and in the supernatural, there was no doubt as to the sudden cease and immediate reversal of the momentum. 

I can imagine on the barren plane of the supernatural where a horde of demonic legions stood moving comfortably forward against the children of God, riding on the backside of Goliath’s image, the attack’s and effect’s of the constant bombardment of fear, doubt, hopelessness, rejection, abandonment, and doom, must have been nearly overpowering to the soldiers of God’s army, and everyone else that had ever faced the giant. 

Many a troop probably were gripped in such paralyzing oppression, that they were to busy protecting their soft underbellies in some kind of fatal self-comfort, to even pick up the sword and shield that lied only a handbreadth from them to fight back, so gripping is the fear of hopelessness. I can hardly imagine the refreshing warmth that must have flowed over the children like anointing oil on dry cracked skin, as the demon horde immediately stopped the attack, withdrawing suddenly not unlike rabbits running for their holes, into their own defensive positioning at the sign of the sudden and direct momentum shift exploding in front of them like a nuclear explosion of bright Holy Light! 

Thousands of smaller demons squealed and ran almost immediately as the Light went on! “A Scattering of the Roaches” does apply here very nicely! There must have also been an immediate withdrawing of the more herd animal-type troops, running in every direction the spiritual screams would surely have been audible in the murmurs of the physical troops. The more seasoned and some might say powerful spiritual troops first knowing that they were going to be held accountable for the butt-kicking that was coming, may have tried to pull back hard as it was not to run, they may even try to interlocking their own spiritual shields in some kind of desperate counter defensive. This had no doubt, sent that physical twinge up the spine of not only Goliath but all of the Philistine troops assembled, cold and lonely was certainly its chill. A direct opposite took place in the counter anointing, the refreshing warmth that must have thrust power and confidence into the souls and bodies of the Israeli army. 

But I also know when David charged, any demons of herd animal status, the entire front lines, dropped everything and ran, even trampling those who were not as fortunate to get out of the way. That’s what herd animals do when someone charges, ripples of fear, and fiery Godly retribution must have sent choking shivers through the remaining demonic soldiers, and this feeling was backed by the power and presence of God who created the universe. It was a domino effect of epic proportions.

The Stone, the hurdling of the rock, the spoken manifestation, the small representation of the word of God, even in its simplest form, was all it took to open the floodgates of God’s deliverance. David could have thrown anything, the giant was already doomed, but throwing out a single small piece of the Word was all it took. 

Once contact was made the result was immediate and Goliath’s fate was sealed. Down onto his face, Goliath fell, back exposed, demons of all ranks were running for their lives, very much emulated in the natural as the armies of the Philistine who also broke rank and ran. 

At this point, all that remained was the mopping up! David casually walks up and takes Goliath’s head, his victory prize to present to the king. The armies of the Living God pursue now in frenzied strength, I am sure empowered by the angelic horde that wraps themselves in and around all of the arms and souls of the Lord’s army until all of the opposing force has been hunted down and killed. The Bible speaks of bodies being scattered across the countryside. It took a little time, and effort, but the victory was granted before long before the army was completely destroyed. 

“Pick up your mat and walk!” How must that have sounded to the man who was himself crippled his whole life? For just a moment, wouldn’t you think something dark may have whispered into his ear; “What is he crazy, you can’t, you tried so many times”? Maybe he 

even reached up for help, but God gave him all he needed to overcome, a gentle hand and he stood? 

How long after, maybe every time after he walked, and stepped just this way or that, did a feeling, a twinge in his newly healed legs, brought back a voice of the enemies whispers; “It’s back, you see, temporary, a lie, you weren’t really healed,” 

The continuing of believing, the sharing the healing with others, that’s what’s called work. 

The Bible tells us in John 9: 13-34, of a blind man who was cured by Jesus, and when he presented himself to the priests they tried to discredit Jesus, thus discrediting the man’s healing itself, but he refused to buckle. The man stood on faith, even unto pressure, fear, ridicule, for himself, and his parents who also had been held, he held to the healing in faith, and many times confessed with his mouth; “For before I was blind, and now I can see,” “if This Man where not of God, He could do nothing.” 

If one could look into the supernatural at such a moment one might see such a sight; 

On the barren plain, fear of the pure power of the Living God exploded through the demonic horde as fast as a blast of irradiated light of the greatest flash ever witnessed. The front line buckles and explodes in a moment. From a barrier and confidence that has been no doubt built over years, toppled in a moment. As the demonic troop scatters, a wall of dark black bricks is clearly seen, most likely that of which these creatures have been leaning against, hiding, almost secretly building inside the courtyard of God’s beautiful child’s eyes for years? 

He takes a hand full of the arrows, yet unused, some that have yet to hit their intended mark, and he throws them down in a thunderous explosion. “From the ground you come and into the ground you shall go again!” “If This Man were not of God, He could do nothing.” 

The ripple of the power sends a shock wave through the ground like a massive earthquake wave right into the enemies camp, and like a vast wave rolling through a calm still black lake, so confident they were in their hold and position there wasn’t even a ripple on the surface of their dark waters, until now. 

As the wave explodes through the dark waters, it becomes clear and sure to see, not deep were their murky secrets, an illusion of lies and deceit. The wave gathers strength as it approaches the wall, it seems to be powered by his momentum, and that of the Word, exploding into the dark wall sending it toppling like a flimsy card house of black dominoes. 

Facing down in the muck lies the one that yelled; “How dare you tell me I can see, it’s not my time yet?” 

The worm-faced giant lay face down in the muck, back exposed waiting only for death’s victory to be dealt out. 

The recently blind but now victoriously seeing child stamps the shadows mercilessly into the ground with mere words, for they showed him no mercy as they tried to steal his gifts. 

Time to mop up! He stamps the image of sickness into the ground in defiance. 

Yes, there are groups of fleeing troops that have run to the trees, waiting for some reinforcements for small counterattacks. Waiting for orders, they still turn and fling their arrows of doubts. Tossing accusations against those who helped him, doubt, challenges to him to turn and run, more doubt, calling to him “if you doubt any you must doubt all,” trying to shake even his faith that God could or would help him, more doubt, but now his shield is up and deflection is becoming something he is beginning to master. One by one each of these little attacks fall, time, distance, and perseverance must follow to mop up the entire army. 

‘Victory is undeniable! The stronghold has been toppled! Now the mess has to be cleaned up, many dirty bricks lay around, held together in the memories of mortar and ash. The black ash water is just settling, the clear water pressing the ash into the soil soon to become the fertilizer of another beautiful patch of garden. His house, his lands are called to be a garden, not a barren plain of ash and dark. 

Yes, there will be skirmishes, troops will attack, some he may lose, but many he will win, and ever will their numbers slowly dissipate until the last of the retreating horde finds itself defeated or banished. On he goes to tell others of the gift he has been given, a gift of love and light, a free gift, a promised gift. 

So is it. 

Standing and fighting for what is right is not the same as quitting, being fired for what is right, is no different than taking fire for what you know is right and true in a war situation. 

The Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded not for battles won, or rank achieved in armed conflicts, if that was the case every Colonel Klink and above would have one. No, they are given for risking your own life to save another, and the majority of the time the only people that qualify are Men or Women (only one), that die in the process. 

We are today at war, and how many lives are saved when truthers risk their jobs, families, their very lives to bring much-needed information to the masses, knowing they will, no doubt be hunted down, silenced, or worse killed for their commitment to saving lives instead of allowing and even placing them at risk?

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord please open my eyes, those of my friends, and my loved ones, to the lies of the enemy, give us strength, wisdom, and discernment as to Your path for our lives, and the battles You would have us fight.” 


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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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