“The Critical Mass Of A Spiritual Thermal Nuclear Reaction!” A Continuation Nino News Report Climate Change?

It doesn’t take much observation my fellow gerbils in this cage of wheel-runners we call life these days to realize something out there is not kosher; dams breaking all over the place, multiple floods in key places that have seldom if ever occurred, laptops with boatloads of incriminating evidence suddenly showing up in the most improbable of places, and finally dark-minded seemingly half-witted people opening their own flaps spouting off all kinds of statements of such idiocy you would wonder if the jackasses back on the farm are not laughing their own asses off silly at the absolute levels of absurdity, buffoonery, and self-destruction, let alone self-incrimination these idiots seem to spout?

An article or two ago we delved into the almost Twilight Zone-ish appearance of the majority of the world’s Billionaires who had decided it was apparently time to assemble in a “faux” Builderburg, “let’s get together and decide together how We would move forward with the concerns of the world mainly; Climate Change?”

Like these spoon-fed “Nancy’s” care a flying fart about the woes or issues of the rest of us except possibly how they can maybe squeeze all for a few more pounds of flesh from each of us, or decide among themselves how many countries, birth certificates, or bottles of babies blood they can appropriate from the tally?

But what they do seem particularly interested in on every line item in their Mickey Mouse, joint smoking, little black-book brother boy band pocket brochure, every step of the way is this Climate Change agenda, or its the effect on each of their items they feel they need to discuss for the salvation of the rest of us?

What could Climate Change have a rat’s ass to do in the least with COVID, Vaccines, Election Fraud, how to rid the world once and for all from Trump, or the fact that there is a worldwide manhunt out on pedophilia?

 I would say nothing! But then I’d be only looking through physical eyes and not seeing it in the Spiritual, observing the real addenda, among and around, these nerdy pussy-whipped little boy buggerers!

Before we examine the Spiritual side of this attack, and oh yes my Brothers and Sisters it is an attack, ever so apparent from someone who happens to be looking; as any disease, infirmity, break, or baseball bat across the back of the head, let us look at how ridiculous the image of Climate Change really is!

Yes, before we delve into the Truth, or in this case “false” intention of the curse behind these ideas, we need to look at the absolute absurdity of so-called Climate Change and how the very thought of it is nothing short of a slap in the Face of God literally at the audacity of people to think they have the power through their industries or manipulations to actually “change” for good something that God created for all of us and called everlasting!

As I had reported in many articles in the past, my own interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics studying, even remarking as to the multitudes of changes in what they, (the scientists) refer to as constants, measurements, various theories taught to our children, are at best theorized about, yet continually taught as fact, and they continue this charade long after many are proven false (Another continuing article for another time)? Examining climate change from an Astrophysical perspective actually demonstrates much more believable, and I may add, more measurable the actual absurdity of men thinking they can actually influence the entire earth’s climate in the least!

Without getting into too much of the almost infinite factors out in the world that influence our planet, many more than our meager inputs and certainly much less the curses or desires of those boobs mentioned up above can bring. Just the sunspots alone when they are prevalent or completely absent as is the case in sequential periods lasting years even tens of years, changes in the world’s climate are dramatic especially regarding the temperature of radiating heat from the sun, so dramatically quantitative are these differences it would mimic the heat of the entire nuclear arsenal of the Earth being detonated simultaneously to perhaps account for the mere difference in a single few months let alone years!

Scientists don’t have to look far off studying core samples in Arctic or Antarctic glaciers, or the even an easier access the rings of very old trees such as Great North American Giant Redwoods who by all apparent observation do not ever die but just keep growing, and have be only one natural enemy and that is men. Even the greatest forest fires only seem to weaken them for a year or two and then they are back to growing on and on!

What the rings do show is periods of drought, extreme temperature increases, and periods of excessive cold, as well as a clear pattern that just so happens to match other referencing timeline observations throughout the world coinciding precisely with sun spot patterns almost to the day!

I’d like to see those pimple-faced computer geeks try to wrestle with the power of a single sand storm or the devastating withholding of blessings droughts bring especially when they are purposed to open the eyes of people who have been too busy praying to their idols of clay and wood, to hear the soft voice of God when he speaks. 

To influence the entire planet with their little chem-trails, or ashes of dead people in hamburgers, let alone their pathetic prayers to Moloch at their Bilderburg witch frolic through the forests naked, if sunspots are more powerful than all the atomic bombs, how silly they must appear to the angels who know the ridiculousness of their petty spells and chants are.

But isn’t that how they do it, present up a lie that seems to have a direct influence on us offered in the pandora’s box of a little virus too small to see, smell, touch, or feel? Somehow they are going to tell us that the world we see and God has given us is different, changed altered by their invisible threats. Then try to completely described to us in a way that is fathomable only the smartest members of society have a prayer to understand it, oh yes they were educated by them and are on their payroll.

All the bullshit they feed us is completely opposite of what we experience or makes sense, like masks when jogging in the park, or vaccines for sickness coming in the future, or like the elderly needing to sit six feet apart when they eat dinner even though they might live together and even sleep in the same bed. Yet here we go because some rat-faced doctor somewhere says it’s so we obey without question. 

They tell us what we are to believe, they pay the teachers to teach their lies, they pay the politicians to support their agendas which coincide with those lies! They tweak the system so it benefits them and fulfills their plans, and ultimately becomes the very instrument they would use to chain us in the prison of their construct, they cheat and stuff the ballot boxes so their guys get in and give them back all the money it cost plus, then laugh as we are the ones who pay for it! No wonder they smile like Jesters, yes 33rd mason Jesters!

How frustrating it must be for Truthers such as Nino to have to dance around the endless games of images presented by the Dark Stank, movies, lies, charades that are then spoken of as truths, like Biden winning the election, or a pandemic, just to find himself discussing events, timelines, perspectives, even prediction all centered around circumstances that will never happen either way because the first wisp of lie based pantomime never happened in the first place?

No, they don’t believe in climate change any more than the ridiculous contradictions that we see around us! They believe in a change in the perspective “climate of our awareness” of which they want total control, to rule with absolute authority, and bring us under total submission, regardless of the idiocy or illogic of the command. 

Their ultimate goal is to get us voluntarily sign on with our part, our perception of the world not based on truth but the lie they feed us, then to facilitate any friggen thing they want as long as it follows the ultimate desire for one world rule, one world finance, one world media opinion, and one-world government; the “one-world” they run the show, and we shut our mouths, do our work, give them our women and children, and die in a neat and orderly military fashion when we are told to!

The good news is they can’t do it on their own! They can’t change the whole planet, oh sure they can change a small part of it in the short term, they can pollute a small corner of the ocean, they can facilitate a small patch of tissue to revolt and become a tumor, but Gods water then disperses the particles so miraculously throughout the entire body, (it’s called the law of diffusion) that by the time the poisons, radiation, food dye, plastic particles, one of Hillary’s turds completely dissolves and spreads out the molecular concentration per trillion gallons is less the one or more atom of the original, good luck having an effect especially without the power of the curse behind it.

Diseases, poisons, attacks, so-called RNA manipulations nano-bot or not, take away their curses, and you are left with a few molecules of substance among trillions of cells, they can’t infect and thus affect them all! We put the light of Truth on it, and the power of God spoken word into the mix and the Light Saber turns on, the darkness flees, and the water of our bodies does the rest! God Himself said “I Am the Living Water,” that was not just an arbitrary statement to make people feel good.

The Devil does not have the power to make us sick, nor does he have the power to kill us, if he had either he would have decimated the entire population of the Earth long ago. He doesn’t even have the power to change anything God has created, we might? And through his coxing, manipulations, lies and deceit get us to go along in the short term, but it too relies dramatically on us, our participation, our agreement to even have a mouse-farts chance in a whirlwind?

They are desperate now, the hunters are being hunted, they have to show themselves, they have no other cards left, they know it’s only a matter of time before enough people will wake up, before the images they have placed in front of us, racism, BLM (Baal, Lucifer & Moloch), crazy politicians, hate-filled media, ridiculous athletes that preach noble causes from their multimillion-dollar locker room’s and their pizza parties, staged false flags this or that, fake deaths, women actors who are really men, male actors who have been so compromised they can’t piss without asking permission, bogus pandemics, curses in place of medicines, poisons instead of food, the theft and torture of our children. 

Soon the critical mass of awareness will take place throughout the world, enough people regardless of their side of the aisle will see the reality of the evil before us, another light in another obscure corner of the war, and that will be enough and the entire planet will be bathed in God’s Light of Truth, the darkness will have no place to hide, especially when the tunnels have all been destroyed or flooded. Then what little power of protection will flee like a wet cat with its tail on fire, taking with any curse these butt heads might have hoped for, leaving them just standing there looking stupid as the rest of the planet grabs its pitchfork and torches and storms their castles ready instigate some truly Righteous Lion Of Judah Jesus Christ ass whooping.

And for those who have not only betrayed their own kind but sought the enslavement, damnation, even deaths of innocents; in His words, not mine; for those who have done so “You are either for Christ, Good, Light, or against Him,” and “It would have better for him that he was not born than to betray the Son of Man.” 

By Peter & Anna Colla

“Dear Heavenly Father help me see past the imagery, past the false flags, and through the shrouds of the enemy to see your purpose for me in the End Times War between Good and evil. Grant me the strength to lift up your Light sword of the Word to wield it in the battles You call me to fight. Empower and bless all Your front line fighters and bless them with everything they will need to be victorious in this life and the next.”

Bless You Patriots

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Peter and Anna

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3 Responses to “The Critical Mass Of A Spiritual Thermal Nuclear Reaction!” A Continuation Nino News Report Climate Change?

  1. Frank Cunningham says:

    Well presented powerful message. Each week this Evil plot is revealed, now the planning and historical examples are coming into focus. The reality of what is happening is so outrageous that it is a part of their cover. Zealots for obedience and fraudulent media are their main tools, so thank you for sharing these truths. Justice has a main challenge, complacency, solve this, remove our silence and acceptance of the trampling on our Constitution, things will happen. The left is very loud and in full coordination with one common purpose, we can learn from this.

  2. Erin says:

    Loved your video very inspiring. Do you have a you tube or other channel?

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