The Must Stop The Momentum? “Say Hello To My Little Friends!”

Hello, Hello, Truther’s, here we are again with another “Hot Of The Press” report and it is a doozy!

Well, I don’t know if you had a chance to tune into Nino “They Must Stop The Momentum” yesterday on the old Youtube, or what I more commonly refer to these days as the “Censor-The-Shit-Out-Of-Free-Speech” Tube, the “Pedo-Friendly” Tube, or the say whatever the “F” you want Tube as long as you don’t mention President Trump, COVID, Vaccinations, or any other thing it obviously would it suddenly finds offensive. 

But the “Master of Disaster,” the “Big Palooka,” the old “Hispanic Make You Panic,” didn’t pull any punches as he danced around the ring throwing out salvo after stinging jab; pop-pop-pow, landing truth after truth, news flashes that would make any sleeping beauty left-winger have no choices to lift their drug-induced head from in the baked summer sand, and at least look up for a moment to see what all the commotion was about?

A tantalizing set of news points, a brazen display of incisive thunder promptings, a few “Hammer Drops,” which by the way the old “Goliath Killer” seems to be tossing out with seemingly more and more vim and vigor until even the most distant observer would wonder if perhaps now’s the time to seek cover and hide under the bed?

At one small moment, he let that little tidbit slip, just the smallest piece of intel being dribbled from the front line, so subtle, so almost code like a person might hardly have noticed it, like a soft cool breeze gently passing by on blazing hot Arizona summers day. But this guy noticed this guy heard the reference in immediately detected the nuances that such sudden “Left Hook” could release.

That one little piece he did slip from the arsenal of mortar thuds he was dropping into the enemies camp like a 155 mm artillery shell, or specifically;

“There have been many arrests of sex offenders and child traffickers at the border!” Casually says Nino.


Nino displays the real double barrel Bazooka’s and its “Say Hello To My Little Friends!”

Light’s on, oh my fellow lightsaber wielders, time to pick up our own swords of truth and climb out of the fox homes charging across the field to spread the message. Truth throughout that entire video was being radiated into the darkness with all the ferocity Bengal tiger with its tail on fire for all of us to see, hear, taste, and feel.

Down to the canvas, the old “Left Hook,” the pile driver “Thunder Stick,” that sticks old goat face right in the chops, it’s lights out or more importantly for all of us Truthers, End-Time Warriors, sitting in our fox hole desperately waiting for any and all signs of D-Day; “Lights On.” Finally, a piece of “Fresh News” blast that squirms past the relentless censors, a jewel of Intel that got past the gatekeepers and resonated through the fabric of eternity into the souls of the rest of us grunts in the trenches.

Out for everyone to see that single piece of intel plastered across the face of the Dark enemy leaving it suddenly breathless as it hopes and prayer to whatever rock, or plaster gold-painted statue, or tree somewhere it believes actually gives a rats ass about it.


So what of it, what does it matter a few more traffickers get arrested, a sex offender or “pedo-asses,” as Nino has so eloquently has named them, we all know that those people bringing the children across are not their parents? But I would venture to say the arrests Nino was speaking about are no arrests of perpetrators originating from south of the border, that would hardly be newsworthy at all, as a matter of fact, why would the American side even bother the expense, trial, or jail of foreigners, merely toss them right back to Mexico where they come from?

No, those arrests must be American sex offenders, child traffickers, who suddenly have to begin to coagulate in and around the border, the logical question that must follow is “why” are they suddenly risking such obvious exposure, and who are the “whose” prompting them to take such risks and crawl out of their rocks? Again, this is the only logical next question that must follow, just like in any attack we may suffer from when we realize all negative things in our lives are attacks, that there may be a darker spiritual agenda; “What the Fuck is really going on here?”

So let us imagine a number of side points the “Champ” eluded to as he danced around the ring in the early first rounds?

The many Conspiracy “Theories” he was accused of spouting over the course of the last few years seemed now to have been proven more and more into Conspiracy Facts!

Let us just for a moment assume that everything we have heard about Adrenochrome increasingly over the last year or two is true, substantiated mainly by the MSM and social media increased censorship to anything that even remotely relates to it?

Let us assume that people who were stupid enough or just plain evil enough to partake from a product that was derived from the torturing of little children and then draining their frighted blood until they are dead, followed by drinking it as well as eating their flesh, suddenly found their supply cut off now almost a year or more ago?

Let us assume what science has already proven that the consumption of human flesh or drinking of human blood has the effect of visible and measurable morphological changes on the cellular level and these changes are not only permanent, undeniably addictive but have the effect with prolonged usage to stimulate insanity? 


Not to mention if these vampires suddenly stop chasing the “White Rabbit” or take a slice of their “People Pizza” the withdrawals are so severe, the person (if you can still call them that) transforms into a sort of raged zombi, where a bobble-headed spastic death irreversibly follows. It is amazing how much of this stuff Hollywood throws right in front of our faces for the sheep to just “Casually Consent” to.

Oh, I’m not done!

Let us assume what we have been told for years about the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) is really true, really being used by these satanic murderers to hide the abduction of millions of children per year worldwide right under our feet, and that President Trump and a whole team of Coalition forces have been clearing them out as well as destroying them now for over four years?

Let’s assume they have already taken out the larges most powerful organizers of this dark force syndication worldwide and now the only ones left are the “Wanna-be’s,” the rich fools or their “minions” who joined the dark team years ago for whatever little crumb of power, popularity, or control these demons dribbled from their mouth to them under the table groveling like dogs for scraps but now find themselves not only cut off from supply but cut off from the power they seem to lust, hold and count on for so long?

Let’s assume with every arrest and the subsequent seizure of the laptops, cell phones, it opens another pandora’s box of names, evidence, cohorts, sidekicks, little rich bitch “Wanna-be’s” who may not have a place at the table but certainly stand by the bully, watching, cheering it on as evil is dealt out onto innocence?

Let’s assume these institutions have all morphed into temples of various satanic entities, and all the high placed representatives are nothing more high-priests and priestesses, fumbling around using their covens of witches and warlocks to fetch their shit for them?

These are the people who desperately want everything to go back the way it was before the “Golden-Haired Titan” our illustrious President Trump started really fucking up their whole game now almost three and a half years ago. 

These are the people who would do anything to get their supply back including rig an election and put that masked dim-wit and his cackling witch sidekick in, it matters not if they ruin the country in the process as long as DJ Trump is out.


What if this was the game all along? 

What if this was the plan, create a shortage in the supply chain, destroy the DUMBS, stop the container ships, cut off the head of the snake, take away their funding, put the old habitual squeeze play onto all the minions until every last one had to crawl out of their holes come naked into the light, without any dark power to cover them (darkness always flees from Light), and pick them off one dumb ass at a time like ducks in a barrel?

It is the only thing that really makes sense!

“Say Hello To My Little Friend!” You drink blood, The Big Guy is coming you, there is nowhere to hide!

Thank you, Nino, we needed that!

By Peter Colla

“Dear Heavenly Father help all the Truthers out there that risk their lives bringing your messages of Truth, bless them, empower them, and protect them as they spread the Word, basically wield Your Light Sabar’s of Truth.”

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2 Responses to The Must Stop The Momentum? “Say Hello To My Little Friends!”

  1. Myself and wife have been watching Nino for quite a while now and you sure gave my wife a great deal of relief that there is more real healers out there that do care!!!
    We will be waiting for your return to his show again soon!!!!

    • paulorpeter says:

      I am too, but check out my site “Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla” on YouTube, I post many other interviews as well as more Spiritual Therapy insights.

      Bless you

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