David “Nino” Rodriguez and Billy Falcon May Soon Go On Tour!

You Heard It First Right Here; David “Nino” Rodriguez and Billy Falcon May Soon Go On Tour!

All right sports fans, I like you have come to know visits with our Boxing Showman “Hispanic Makes You Panic” have become as predictable as first-round knockouts, or some comfortable leather chair sitting strategically in front of the TV after a hard day’s work?  

I will come right out and say it; I almost fell out of my chair when the Big Palooka said he would contemplate going “on the road” to further his illustrious singing career with songwriter Billy Falcon. 

There is no doubt the words spoken today were agh-inspiring, beautiful to hear, even at times spiritually ordained that leaves no doubt in any believing ear our guests not only spoke with the utterances and harmonies of angelic Word of God but may very well be mouthpieces for truths and messages from the very lips of Christ Himself.

But go on tour? 

Does he think he’s friggen John Bon Jovi?

Well, to be honest, the writer of this article has had the personal pleasure of meeting the “Master of Disaster” in person and can even call him friend, but has yet to hear him sing? I guess everything is possible!

There is no doubt the showmanship presented, the level of entertainment, as well as the spiritual inspiration that does nothing short of feeding a tired and hungry soul, will prompt not only much-needed healing but an inspirational kick in the old ass, to get up off one’s ass and get back in the war!

We have a lot to do, my brothers and sisters, and that’s not just sitting at home in our comfortable armchairs listening to others risk their lives to bring us Truths, or perhaps chatter like monkeys on the chat lines as we present our own two cents and dodge trolls. The other patriots are not the battle here, the battles are out there where many know nothing about what is really going on in this world on the surface and below.

Pick up your Truths, which are by the way “The Sword of God,” and go out there and spread the word to others, and if you can’t find the words, be the messenger and share this video and many more like it? 

If you can’t do either, then support it any way you can, so do all of the parts of the body do their part, some the mouth, some the hands, and some the feet, but all equally important to be the bringer of Truths, a Healer to our Brothers and Sisters, and ultimately to our selves.

By Peter Colla

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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