Patriots We Need To Join The Fray

In my most recent correspondence with David “Nino” Rodriguez, and my Mentor Peter Laue, both powerhouses in the spiritual war between good and evil, we entered into a brief conversation regarding the Cyber Attack and the Digital War that has been perpetrated against our country. Anyone who follows Nino’s posts will know this is his primary subject; the Digital War and the consequential election fraud, as well as other aspects of the enemy that has not only attacked us here in the US, but has been waging an open assault against the most innocent of the world’s people right under our noses and in the shadows for decades if not centuries. 

This subject seems to be the majority of the topics discussed by his guests he happens to interview and is on the forefront of almost all of the topics of the discussion he posts on his videos. And why wouldn’t it be, because if it is true, and it seems more clear as each day passes that it is, it would represent not only an attack against America and the selection of our President, but left unchecked could mark a definitive step in which evil robs from us and the world of our fundamental right to choose our own leadership now and definitely in the future?

This one major victory for the Dark Side the 2020 election would in essence give them the keys to the jail of their creation allowing them to lock up every single other one of us, now and going forward, removing any freedoms we might have left. They could do to us, in finality, anything and everything they wish fulfilling even their darkest agendas; the eradication of the majority of the population.

Who is “the they” we are talking about, the few “who” that control almost every aspect of our society, controlling even enslaving all of the many through their greed and hunger for power. The top of the rung, that little group who thinks because they are rich they are better than everyone else, they hold some kind of divine ordination, or for some reason believe they were born to rule the many; those blood-sucking, power-mongers who pledge allegiance to nobody except themselves and the demons led by the devil they worship. 

The question on the table was; “Once the rest of us come to the realization that we are in a cyberwar, what can we do?” Being volunteer patriots even spiritual soldiers wishing the wrong would be made right, waiting, and watching as things seem to be happening, there is a frustration in not knowing what we as normal people can do about it. So we sit in frustration wondering why it seems to be taking so long to see victories, waiting for someone else to do the dirty work, and bring these criminals to justice?

Nino made a good point, the war is so complex and being fought on so many levels, too much information about one arm of the battle, the wrong step, an inadvertent leak of important intel can unknowingly inform the other arms of the Hydra giving them the information they then could use in counter-attacks of their own. Not to mention all the children yet to be rescued, that when these Dark ghouls realize they no longer are free to terrorize but are now being hunted, they most certainly, now knowing full well they were going down, would take as many innocent with them they could. 

Even a single life, if it was your child, is too much, and they are all Our Father’s in Heaven His Children, every one of them is more precious to Him than the entire rest of the physical inanimate universe. 

So back at the question what are we to do? Nino had an excellent idea; “All of the listeners, the patriots, get off your asses and join the fight.”

Not with bullets or fists, because this is not a war of bullets and fists, it is a war between good and evil. A war being waged not merely in the bodies of those fighting to free the children, but in the ideals, images, sights, and sounds of all the people throughout the world. It is in essence a worldwide war fought literally in the spirits of every single man, woman, and child for their souls.

So we as spiritual warriors, I guess there is something we can do, we can fight! 

We can join the fray and use the strength of each and every one of our owns spirits to illicit a spiritual revolution, we can light the fuse to in the spirit realm and watch the truth explode in an almost atomic bomb like burst of Godly light all over the world. 

There are many truthers out in the world like Nino, Juan, Jim, Gene, Charlie, Mel, Simon, Sidney and so many more, they are all on the front lines reporting and bringing the truths to each of us, the digital warriors. It is time for us to get off our asses and join the fray. 

Not with bullets or bombs, or torches, or fists, that is the enemies game, their rules, we join God’s game, His rules, His realm. 

If everybody every time they hear new revelations of what is going on out there regarding any aspect of the Truths regardless if we are talking about election fraud, lies in the media, education, poisons in our foods, the bull shit masks, censorship of the social media, political thefts, child trafficking, the corrupt medical system, it doesn’t matter what revealing truth, pick one and share it with two other people. The person in line at the grocery store, the worker next to you at the job, the friend down the street, anyone, everyone; pick one, or two, or three.

If they suddenly see the truth three questions will result, “Why” did they lie to us and what is their agenda, “Who” is the perpetrators of the lie, and if they lied about this “What Else” are they lying about? The answer to these questions; “go find out for yourself the information, it is out there.” Tell just two, they need to in turn tell two what they now know, on and on it goes until these truths spread like wildfire through the dry desert grasses. 

With each person who opens their eyes to any truth, opens their ears to the sweet sound of God’s truth (All Truth Comes from God), another light goes on in that individual’s universe and the whole universe is brighter for it. The power is stripped away from another demon half a planet away guarding a stolen child. 

On and on lights go on all over the world 2, 4, 8, 16, 32,… on and on exponentially until the entire planet is bathed in the reality of what really happened and the darkness has nowhere left to hide. The majority lift up their voice in unison, if it is merely a few, we cannot cut through the main-stream-media lies, but with many the thunder will drown those little mouse squeaks.

People often ask are we in the times spoken of in Revelation? How could we not be, there is so much“Revealing” Revelations being expressed every single day more and more all over the world, especially revelations about the deep-seated evil that is all around us in our leadership in every industry on the planet and below? We have been knee-deep in Revelations since President Trump took office.

After Revelation comes to the Apocalypse, the word comes from the Greek word “Apocalypto” which simply means “Enlightenment,” if ever we were in a time of Enlightenment we are in it now, truthers such as Nino breath enlightenment with every word. Their voices bathe our bodies with Godly Truth that when we accept it, has the ascending effect on the very vibrations of our being; That is Quantum Ascension.

The last thing that comes at the end of Revelations is “Restoration” and “Divine Justice.” Restoration giving back everything that was taken from these thieves and given back to those who are in Gods army, and divine justice ushered out in Holy retribution against those who have done such evil acts to the innocent.

By Peter Colla

“Heavenly Father give us have the wisdom to see the truth, the courage to share it and the strength to endure to see it through to the end.”

Bless You

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