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A Father Loves to Watch His Child Learn; an excerpt out of “A Father’s Love”

Now who’s tender feeling’s create in brightened blue eyes, given freely to Me, my child’s heart when in his discovery? Blending softly in my touch, to wisdom one might surmise, then pure crimson glow, caressing glance of My little son’s … Continue reading

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When Did I Compromise To The Point Of Double Standard’s

In peacetime, venturing along the many branches of political idealism, the necessity to chose the proper route, or even the consideration of a table guest, deciding with whom one might recline to break a piece of bread, lend’s less of … Continue reading

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Purifying Gold to Transparent Glass

How far back, how deep must a man dig, to uncover the coffin of the buried heart broken so long ago? Cold autumn chill is the touch of the course bricks, a great wall, surrounding his now empty heart, leaving … Continue reading

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So Gloriously Difficult Are The Chain’s He Releases Us From

The greatest battles we might ever fight, may very well be on the eve of the greatest victories, or the greatest miracles we ever experience. Given that all good things come from God, not withstanding the strength and ability to … Continue reading

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“You Didn’t Kick The Kitten”, Another Vision of Angelo

Hovering close to another man under the meager shelter of a few cardboard boxes, a crumbling pallet, and some stacked empty wire milk crate’s, lending little if nothing in protection, the shivering Angelo contemplates the bitter winter’s cold wind biting … Continue reading

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