Spiritual Awareness News; From The Pages Of Nino’s Corner and Paulorpeter.com Comes Real Spiritual Awareness Illumination To Help The Patriots on the Front Lines

The early morning message that fell into a simple writer’s lap like a spilled hot coffee drenching one’s pants as well as his early morning donut, assembled in subtle form among the casual veils that usually slowly part as dreams blend into awakening, and the infinite expanses of the Spiritual are quickly replaced by the needs and necessities of another day, “Boom” the wake me up image materializes before me, as I am quickly trying to wipe my eyes as sleep just leaves.

On this particular day the singular image I could remember before it too faded into obscurity was that of the face of one or another Hallmark Movie my mother happen to loved watching, the “whomever” the producing church that happens to sponsor this particular show and the obvious Pastor who now got to play a sort of cameo role showing up as the “All-knowing,” extremely overconfident for the situation, and even displaying, in my opinion, his smug smile, basically relating, at least to me; 

“I know something you don’t, and regardless of how dire the situation seems to be to you, the viewers, and pretty much anyone else in this movie, I’m not worried because I know I am in control of this production, this charade that is playing out before you!” 

So I spent the better part of the morning trying to get a grip and further understand my own emotions, remembering the last video from Nino and Mel K where many of the top Billionaires were casually parading around also demonstrating the same smug, overly confident, jackass licking smiles on their faces, and I remembered how this seemed to almost infuriate Nino, as I sat and laughed just wishing I could be there if he ever had a chance to wipe one of those smiles off their baby raping faces?

But more important than my own desire to see Godly Justice delved out to these criminals was the “why” and “what now’s” of the information I have come to trust as Godly downloads, and somehow relay it then on to the rest of God’s Troops in the Front Line?

That smug look? Why are they so confident, of course, they think they got their guy in, or in the case of many offices throughout the country and abroad; their people! Sure we have heard of counter-offensives, investigations into pedophilia, proof the election was rigged and stolen, even proof that the whole COVID bullshit and everything around it may have been a complete farce, but by the looks on their face they wouldn’t seem to give a rats ass?

What do they know that we don’t, or at least what do they think they know?

As with all of my writings, and even before this my paintings from years ago often the complete picture wouldn’t unfold until at least the majority of the background, main subject identification, and even a good part of the implementation of the work had to be set to the canvas before the complete picture could start to grow out of the garden of colors before me, as so was it in this case.

Images of the past, set far back in the background of this Landscape, brought my mind back well before the “Scamdemic” and the subsequent lockdown that followed. I could clearly remember months before anything even remotely began to surface regarding COVID, masks, vaccines, Dr. Rat-Face Fauci, or the great toilet paper shortage, people were already being told in the healthcare treatment arena that they should remain home, many out clinic services were already being canceled, and insurance companies casually started to dramatically reduce services as if in anticipation of an eminent drama?

My readers don’t have to go far back to clearly see what I believe and despise about insurance companies (If you would like to read my more in-depth reasons why, check out “Insurance or Spiritual Enslavement” paulorpeter.com Feb. 24, 2014), but they are not the only one’s who seemed to clearly benefit from the lockdown or COVID scam? Before we jump to the next subject line I am sure I would have one or more readers ask me; how could the insurance companies possibly profit from a pandemic, don’t they have to pay the claims of all patients who get the disease?

Well, here you go, what does it matter anyway, my reputation with them was already fucked long ago, now almost twelve years when I decided to put God back into the health care treatment process, I might as well just tell the truth regardless if they like it or not!

The insurance companies prior to COVID paid out in benefits nearly a billion dollars a day in payments for services for people, of course since they have purchased the majority of the health care providing companies, a vast number of primary care doctors, plus pretty much all of the hospitals why would they care anyway, they just pay themselves! Plus they are part of the same shell game switch artists that make the money in the first place so who cares, the majority of that billion a day was silenced when everyone suddenly had to stay home and even doctors were ordered to now treat remotely? 

So what exactly prompted them to pay doctors at least ten times more for each COVID diagnosis, paying instead of a standard 2-3K they were paying the doctors (notice the little “d” these traitors don’t deserve the title) exaggerating it up to 30K for every COVID diagnosis? Obviously, they have something to gain by pushing the whole COVID scam? I understand the hospitals going along with it, they are owned by the insurance companies anyway, but the doctors merely for pay? 

Makes sense the Big Pharma would want it too, people can’t get out for treatments, locked up at home, pill sales goes through the roof, but does it really, people couldn’t even get their prescriptions renewed because they couldn’t reach the doctors? So again, is it just the hope of a lucrative vaccine contract down the line that prompts Big Pharma to not only play along but actually push it at every turn?

And that doesn’t begin to explain the educational system, mass media, movie industry, all the big chain stores, all the big companies whose net worths seemed to sore during the lockdown and since! Even the meatpacking industry all seem to be right in line first to proclaim the utter necessity for lockdowns, masks, social distancing not only in this country but suddenly all around the world. I may be slow, but it doesn’t take a “Nostradomis” to see something fishy when one hears even Syria ordered a cease-fire and return to home of all fighters because of the COVID? Are you friggen kidding me; the so-called terrorists are concerned about catching a cold or flu virus, who cares how many innocent men, women, and children get killed by bullets, bombs, and mines, but oh no, can’t spread the COVID heaven forbid, better stop fighting until the threat is over!

What do all these big companies, rich CEO’s, corrupt world leaders, in various leadership positions of every industry we know all have to gain, and it can’t be profits, because some, many especially like the movie or sports industry has nothing to gain from shutting down its venues? No, the only thing that makes sense is their desire to keep the “System” they seem to have put in place, and they obviously lead, each from their own corner of the pie, actually in place!

Even the Trillions of dollars given out supposedly as stimulus for the people, I can tell you from my own perspective everybody that I know that was engaged in battles for the Light Side got the minimal if not a Big Goose egg of all that PPP money or economic relief. Sure the bank and the government officials that were in charge of dispersing, but gave the majority to their friends or causes that filtered it right back to their evil coffers. But why do they even bother to disperse it at all and not just steal it all for themselves, like they have done every other time before?

And like every other image I have ever had placed into my autistic, did I say autistic I meant artist’s head, the image stops suddenly casually waiting for me then to put it to pen before more images appear, meanings or translations then might follow. Usually, this is precipitated with me hurrying to write because often I procrastinate then the next thing I hear is what I have so endearingly come to know as my Loving Father adds; “Come on right it down dummy so I can give you the rest!”

Suddenly there is an image developing right before my eyes, stuck in my head to the point I can’t shake it even with a couple of cups of coffee; pre-war Germany 1938 or so, and the Jewish people confused, slowly yet methodically being harassed, impoverished, isolated, vilified, marked and tormented not only economically but even in the basic removal of their very rights as free citizens, and then finally marched off systematically to be worked to death, used in human experiments, degraded, humiliated, and forced to endure the “frog-in-the-slow-boil” black widow like life being sucked out of you until any resemblance of a life they once knew has faded forever in the past and the only dignity left is to jump themselves into the oven!

Then it came to me; that’s why the smug faces, they would have the exact thing for us! Not everyone in the world, certainly not for their own, but if there are any crumbs to be tossed to the peasant’s then they will certainly make sure the crumbs go at least in most minimal proportions to the “Sheeple’s” on their team, or in their own systems they happen to have been given temporary command over.

But this, like every other form of attack, directed at the Children of God, especially against the Front Line Patriots in God’s Army, you and I and all the receivers and speakers of Truth, we know that when we realize what is really going on, we make it “Real” in the “Eyes” of our own universes, the Light goes one and the curse of the Dark Stank must flee! Any power these curses may have had behind them before suddenly and explosively evaporates from the scene leaving those smiling Jackal’s sitting there in their own shit-stained pants as they now realize themselves people like you, and I, and Nino, and Mel, and President Trump, and JFK Jr., and the whole US Army is coming for them, and while we may only be carrying pitchforks and torches, there is a whole lot of us and only a few of them!  

Jesus Himself said; “Take it with Joy when they persecute you, for they persecuted Me first.” “Everything given up for God, whether stolen, sacrificed, or lost in service of God will be returned a hundred time again in this life and the next.”

Don’t worry Nino if you and I see the smug looks on their pusses, so does God!

Light Force turn on the Lights of truth and let’s kick some Dark Stank Ass!

By Peter Colla

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