Juan O’ Saven, Nino, Everybody Is Saying; Watch The Waters, And Pray? “How Exactly Are We To Do That?”

What is going on in the world? Floods in subways? New York, Washington DC .. you call those floods, you should see what’s going on in Europe? 

Entire villages two some three meters or more (six -.ten feet for us not so arithmetic savvy Americans) underwater… rushing water carrying cars through the streets like corks floating on the water!

And if you think; “oh that doesn’t matter, not my home, not my kid being drowned?” then you, my friend are not part of the solution and in my opinion part of the friggen problem! 

So if you are one of those “not my neck of the woods why should I care” people, you better stop reading right now because you’re not going to like what I have to say!

Floods, landslides, mudslides, droughts, earthquakes, suddenly appearing literally overnight at least over the weekend in places like Austria, Holland, Germany, Belgium, all the way down to Italy, Bosnia but Turkey? Not to mention Oman, Chech Republic, Luxemburg, Switzerland, strange things with waters all over the place… Africa, India, Yemen, China and Japan, even Tanzania, South Africa, Middle-East, Far-East, North or South half of the planet, it doesn’t matter, it’s going on all over the place, and not just specific targets one would imagine happening? 

Seems like every place or country that is a hotspot for news, at least End Times action White Hat or Black Hat, is being hit with a water-like attack these last few days! First, the thing you think is weather manipulation?

But it’s not just the tunnels, DUMBS, major rat holes, underground Cern or germ labs, those hidden right under our noses baby cooking hell holes we are talking about here, but small villages remote hamlets in Germany, little towns in Northern Arizona like Flagstaff nobody ever heard of (it’s not their fault all that election theft happened two hundred miles to the south in Maricopa the hell hole I happen to live in), or some obscure village in the polish countryside off in the middle of farm country, far off removed from the spotlight, and certainly of no concern to the rest of us more forward-thinking gerbils running on our wheels in the Big Cities? Isn’t it really the same as some starving baby in The Sudan, if I don’t know them or it’s not my kid why should I care?

In the Bible, especially in Revelations it talks about floods earthquakes happening in diverse places (places they never happened before) but it also says; “these will be like a woman’s travail’s (birthing pains) they will come before the birth, the major event! And if we really look at that example with spiritual eyes we see not only it is happening but who it is happening to; the mother, she is the one who has to suffer to bring the child into the world, and after the birthing pains comes the birth, more pain and more concentrated into a short time frame. 

Why that example, I understand the idea of travails happening unexpected and then the good coming, but here with this example, it really doesn’t apply to all of us especially men who wouldn’t have a clue about women’s travails except for the momentary displeasure of being cursed at in the delivery room because we did this to the woman in the first place?

But the good news; soon the birth is fulfilled and she receives the child in her arms, tears of pain turn into tears of joy, and the mother forgets the pain, and the spattered insults, as Love is deposited finally into her arms and to her breast. 

We are told to see them and know what these travails mean! Knowing and understanding is also passing that information onto others so they too can see, or make it a reality in their life! 

Is this possibly why these travails are happening in such diverse places, seemingly to the innocent? I think we need to look at this fact a little more in-depth, since that is what I try to do, uncover the spiritual meaning behind the attacks (specifically Medical) and discover what we are all supposed to learn from it, might as well try it here? So again when I don’t know I go to God and pull that tool of my old tool belt; “God You said we have not because we ask not; So I’m asking!” Why these small villages, why innocent people, women, and children are suffering, even dying?

My dear wife Anna talks to so many people all over Europe, and the world for that matter, gathering intel, not just the tidbits sprinkled out to the public but real information from real people, the “Boots on the Ground!” Even the vast amount of films of flooding, devastation, or the reported rioting in so many countries, cruel authoritative regimes (who used to call themselves democracies), who are forcing their will upon others nearly at gunpoint, using every dark tactic possible to force people to take the vaccine or buy into the narrative that we all know now is based on a lie. 

It really boils down to people being harassed to the point of revolution throughout the world because of the “Eugenic Agenda” of a few greedy, rich, satan worshiping, punk asses, that think their indulgences, wants and desires, are more important than the well being of the rest of us, and they don’t give rat’s ass how many children die, women raped, people suffer, or souls are lost, as long as they get their thirty pieces of silver or bottle of babies blood.

But let’s not get too far off the subject at hand the flooding?

My God the flooding that’s going on, Anna has had it verified from her contacts “Boots or in this case Heels on the Front Lines” and it’s actually worse than we are being told! She has Direct Contact in Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, of course, Poland, also even in Romania getting intel that is being suppressed even by the usual internet sources! 

When they said; “Watch the water” and “It’s Going to be Biblical” well that falls under the “No Shit Sherlock” Category!

I spoke with my Spiritual Mentor in Pagosa Springs Peter, and his wife Rebekah jumped in who never does that, almost crying telling me, to tell Nino, that the “people need to pray”?? Then goes on to read me a story out of Ecclesiastes a very obscure book in the Bible I’ve maybe read through once, twice or a few time in my life and then barely awake.

The point is “People, in general, don’t really know how to pray?”  And it’s not the way these self-righteous preachers show everyone else, basically, it being only these guys or others like them that have an angle on it!

I’m going to write an article trying, as the many I have written about previously, specifically from a health care practitioners perspective, and that by the way is one who tries to put God into the treatment scenario by basically examining the whole individual Body, Mind, and Spirit (or Belief) and then applying this information into a resolution that can bring on healing, I am going to try to present it from the same point of view. Basically “asking God to chase away the darkness, asking for healing, picking up ammo for a fight, and praying” all basically the same things when examined on an energetic, vibrational, or quantum level, then tie it to the floods going on around the world and see if we can come up with a viable practical solution we can all grab on to? 

Now, that’s quite a prayer!  

I will try to do this, not using scare tactics or imagery that just makes the people fear more, but try to speak to the Truther’s regarding the Biblical nature of this stuff with the hope to give them positive belief for what they can actually themselves do about it!

You know what gets me, what really burns my craw, is why is it that these tragedies seem to always hurt the innocent though? Why do the Rats seem to jump ship and somehow survive before the actual ship goes down, taking the innocent children or sweet grandparents who are too old and feeble to get out of the way of the floodwaters as everyone else is running like chicken thieves; chickens in hand?

I am immediately reminded of a story I heard some fifteen years ago, about the same time I had my own near-death, come-to-Jesus, tub experience, I have talked about in earlier writings and will not regurgitate right now, except to say that at this particular time in my life God was showing me many things, many miracles, I hardly comprehended then, vaguely wrote about, and certainly did not even remotely understand until perhaps today; also as it turns out having to do with water and Flagstaff. 

It was a particularly hot and dry summer, and as it was when the summer would not present enough afternoon rain showers as was often seen in that particular part of the country (Northern Arizona) the forests would dry out to the point of being literally a tinder pile with merely a lightning strike or a discarded cigarette butt being all that was necessary to set the whole forest ablaze?

So they do on occasion close the forest or forbade campers from building fires, and in some drastic extremes both, as was the case in this particular summer. But how it stands there is always one or another limp dick who thinks his wants and desires outweigh the risks or hurts potentially posed to others, like some moron want-a-be Mario Andretti who drives down the freeway one hundred and thirty miles an hour, in his souped-up Fred Flintstone mobile that is designed at best to barely go sixty. The dumb ass crashes, and especially if alcohol is involved usually walks away but not after taking an innocent woman or a couple of kids down with him? 

So was it this particular summer, one or another also dumb ass just decided he wanted to camp even though it was forbidden, either he ran off or stumbled off in a drunken stupor and left his fire which quickly broke out and consumed the entire side of the mountain on the East side of town. Either it was the high elevation and even higher pitch which only drew the winds in like a blast furnace made it impossible to get the thing under control and the fire burned nearly to the edge of the homes far below in the foothills of the great mountain before going out.

This kind of attack, a real spiritual one that has a serious curse behind it never precipitates all of its destructive power until well after the attack seems gone and so it was with this one. About two months later the rainy season started and as anyone who lives around great mountains will tell you, they seem to attract the storm clouds like flies to sugar, and it wasn’t long before the major monsoon rains began, except this time there were no trees, no undercover, to hold the rain as the mountain was being drenched in millions of gallons of Downpour. 

The rain pours down the mountain gathering speed and volume like a big wave crashing on some sandy beach somewhere. By the time it has come the houses up on the foothills the pathetic efforts of our civil engineers to channel large rains into the streets and then into the sewer drains waiting below, are so seriously overrun so much so you think it was one of those “Haboob’s” you only see on TV in Saudi Arabia (another event this weekend) but sense deep in your heart it must be the wrath of God. 

Long before the major wave comes crashing down the streets, they are already beginning to flow like a small river, and by the end of the summer, this rain has become such a welcome sight in Arizona (desert country for you readers who may not be from around here), beckoning children and old people like yours truly to come out into the yard or at least watch the rain from the patio? This too happened!

It was reported that two little girls one four and her sister of six or seven (they may have been even younger than that) were among those who ran out to watch the rushing water of the rain, and when they saw the crashing tidal wave of debris and death barreling down on them, turned quickly to run back to the raised recesses of the house. They didn’t both make it before the waters talons took the younger sister!

The older sister jumped in after her sister and pressed her to push the little girl to safety several yards down the now-massive flowing river, before being pulled under herself and disappearing from sight only to be found at the bottom of the mountain days later buried in the mud, washed away materials, and fallen logs. 

I remember crying at the thought of a little child giving up her life to save her sister (A true Martyr of Christ),  but more than that at my own anger towards the ass hole who through his selfish act had caused this tidal wave of water to occur in the first place.

The news of that little girl giving her life never made it to the TV in the days to follow her death, I don’t know if I ever heard her name, often as it were news doesn’t report stuff like that especially when it happens in the more poor parts of town as this was, or in such an off the grid location that people could hardly notice if they did?

What exactly is a travail, in diverse places? Why does it happen to innocent and not down the mainstream in Hollywood or Wall Street? Maybe it is because the travails happen to the mothers, so they will know when the baby is coming and they will be prepared, looking, expecting the eminent knocking on the door?

We are the Bride, the signs are for us to see, comprehend and watch for Jesus to appear in the clouds, the major event, the actual birth!

So Rebekah is right we need to pray! But there again, pray for what and how?

Even Juan O’ Saven is telling everyone to pray!

I’m not a pastor, nor even a righteous man, of this I have been guilty of trying on occasion? In the Spiritual treatment Realm, in the application of applying Spiritual or Godly Truths to health care and the health treatment arena I am an expert! Expert because of experience, the desire to do it, the acknowledgment or saying “yes” when I was asked, and the courage of not turning away from the truth even when being slandered, threatened, attacked, and the honor of being given the wisdom God has deemed me able to express in writing or word.

The very act of asking God for understanding is prayer, the very act of saying to God; “I have not because I ask not… so I’m asking” is prayer. Every time we include Him in our daily lives, not just casually ignore He is there, but actually recognize He is and throw out the simple thought or question; “What do you think about this or that,” or even more simply “look at what I found” as we sit and play with the objects we happen to be focussing on at that moment. These are all prayers, the best kind!

I wrote a story that captures this image as well as one painted before me, actually wrote it as a part of a book “The Father’s Love,” one of many I have finished but yet have not published. Part of this story was released in my last book Quantum Ascension, but I think it is appropriate to tell here at least in a small part.

In my dream I am transported and see before me, my own small child Grace as a baby, sitting on the floor in front of me. What is amazing, the image I can see is one where I am looking at the scene from directly behind her and I can at the same time also see myself sitting on the couch off to her right watching her play? A sort of out-of-body experience is taking place, that or I am somehow transported back to witness the event that I also remember myself in the past? Regardless, I am clearly there watching myself watch my child.

I say I can see myself because I am sort of watching her, and watching myself watch her even as the scene unfolds before me. There is a look on my own face, as I watch my sweet child just sit there, playing before me; of pure happiness. And while I probably couldn’t do it justice, let’s just say I don’t think I could ever remember myself as happy as I witness myself at this moment. But perhaps the only word that I could possibly come up with, that could even remotely describe the look on my own face I am witnessing is utter bliss.

My little daughter cannot be even a year old yet, because she doesn’t seem to be old enough to stand up on her own, but she is sitting unsupported. She is from the vantage point I am observing, right now behind her, clearly sitting looking or playing with something in her hands.

My own eye must have the supernatural ability to simultaneously look from behind her and at the same time, not only see what she is examining in her precious hands but also the look on her face as she examines it? She is just sitting there looking at a simple small rectangular toy, perhaps a small woodblock over and over in her hand as she looks at it, studying it, and turns it over again and again examining each side as if the new side is suddenly and excitedly being found new again.

Her face is one of complete contemplation but also happy and smiling satisfaction as she looks at the block, turns it over, looks at the other side, and then looks at the other side again, studying it and smiling in her thorough exam. I think I even softly hear her quiet voice a soft cooing sound as she again discovers a new side. “Hmmm, Ohhh, Ohhh, Hmmm” The words she says soft are as relaxing to my ear as the wave of symphonic images that bathe my sight in beauty, love, and joy.

I am amazed at her complete peacefulness and thoroughness she places on this simple item, locking her gaze, not wanting to miss a single atom of the precious treasure that has suddenly found its way into her hands. Over and over she turns the block examining it and excited again to find a new different side, color, or image carved on it.

For a moment she almost seemed to get so enamored by her activity she almost forgot I was there, but suddenly she stops and turns, needing to make sure I still was. She looks up to me sitting on the couch next to her, watching her. She gives me a happy satisfied smile, almost as a response to me watching her, and just as quickly returns her gaze to the object of her attention. Because just as fast she looked at me, she was is right back looking at the block, again starting to rotate it around in her hand as she examines one side and then another.

Again my spiritual eye goes back to myself sitting on the couch and the look on my own face as I seem to realize myself she is just making sure I am still there; her father, safely watching her as she plays. A wave of personal satisfaction as my own fatherly self seems to know that she must have thought, at least realized with the look on his face; “Yep, dad is still there, I am safe, protected, loved, even being watched.”

Then back to her sitting on the floor looking at the block and me watching.

Again she suddenly stops, but this time reaches out with the outstretched arm to show her dad on the couch the block in her hand. Looking up at him and lifting it up, she smiles at me clearly wishing to show the wonderful treasure she has just discovered.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I see on my own face as I look at the wonderful smiling bright loving eyes of my child, reaching up and wanting to share her new discovery with me, her precious treasure. At this moment she is giving me a true experience a true gift in my own life, one I will cherish as a true treasure, a gem, a real golden nugget, and love all wrapped up in a single “wonder”-“full” wooden block, an image of utter joy, pure bliss that I will remember for the rest of my life.

This I feel in my heart and realize immediately in my own thoughts; “Is the Definition of True Worship or Prayer.” God does the exact same thing with each and every one of us as we sit and discover the world He created for all of us. And like I saw myself, He watches with infinitely more love than I could possibly comprehend as He watches all of us as mere children examining the simple wooden blocks he gives us each day.

And if I can sit there and feel a wave of utter joy as she holds up the block to share the new discovery with me, how much infinitely more does our own Father feel when we take but a moment in our busy lives and hold up our own discoveries to Him, or ask Him what He might think?

God loves to watch us experience his gifts, loves it more when we look to make sure He watching, and loves it the most when we reach out and share our wooden blocks with Him.

That is the definition of Prayer! In my opinion.

By Peter Colla

“Help me Lord to remember you are watching, eager, and loving in the discoveries we have each day, help me remember to take the moment to reach out and show you. And help me pray.”

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Peter and Anna

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