Back In The Ring; Juan O Savin and Nino!! “Everybody Is On The Edge Of Their Seat For Action?”

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Back In The Ring; Juan O Savin and Nino!! “Everybody Is On The Edge Of Their Seat For Action?”

Yes, sports fans here we are again, after many weeks of this ever seemingly continual wait for something, anything to happen with that Maga goal post that keeps being moved back, which have crawled along like some legless zombie that just doesn’t seem to want to die, our “Master of Disaster,” our “King of Sting,” the “Big Kahuna,” “Hispanic Make You Panic,” the “Sizzling Zapata with the Boom Town Right; David Nino Rodriguez jumps back into the ring with none other than the old “Cowboy Boot” himself, mister dodge and weave, that cunning fox whose cat-like evasion tactics would make even elusive greats like Prince Naseem Hamed scratches his head in wonder, (that is for those few boxing enthusiasts who might know or remember who he was).

But that evasive nature and cunning Jacki Chan diversionary tactics that we have all grown to love-hate our maybe JFK Jr. buddy by the side of the road, Juan, did not deter the “Wham-Bam Thank You Mam” Nino from trying at least a few times to land a comfortable body shot Right to the body and know a few words out of his slippery opponent. But sorry to say, readers and viewers, the elusive Juan kept the mouthpiece snug in the old maw at least through to the final rounds and if you think this was going to be “A Quickie” maybe four or five rounder think again, this fight went into the thirty, forty round range!

Let’s get on to the interview… Of course, it is must-see TV, and if you missed it yesterday live, or as close to live as “The Big Guy” would dare with Fluff Tube, then you will just have to go watch on Nino’s Corner TV like the rest of us to get a full and unobstructed view of the Olympic Event playing out before us.

As for the Juan o Savin interview… 

I could feel for you brother when you were doing it, your frustration was matched by our own. Early-rounds, mid rounds, turn after turn the “Old Not So Punchy” and still “Light on His Feet” Nino did manage to press Juan into the corner over and over, but the sly fox swatted the Big Rights away with about the same ease as Jacki Chan can catch flies with chopsticks, and managed to dance back into the middle of the ring venturing off onto another tale of some image or another that seems to have something to do with a goal post somewhere. Maybe, we are in a movie or maybe not, and does it all really matter, well I guess that depends if you are one of those in the ring, ringside, or the puppet masters, the boxing glove, or just the stool that serves no other purpose than to be sat on?


The interview had all the hype of an Olympic competition match, considering Afghanistan, Jab protests, Hollywood Dirtbags falling from sight like mosquitos from a bug zapper, the recent Mike Lindell stuff, and the obvious knowledge that the “Red Racer” Juan was there, of course “Throw us a Friggen Bone” is at least expected, well at least from this sports enthusiast? We, meaning my wife and I are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for him to answer one of King Davids Right hooking body shots, sling shot Giant killing questions?

But unfortunately, if it was an Olympic game then it reminded me of that one, that race where the guys walk-run for 25 miles? Is that even a race? They wiggle their hips and pump their arms and just walk along seemingly for mile upon mile, maybe bumping into each other a few times, but lacking all the excitement and action of turtles playing monopoly. A person could watch one of those races, take a break, go grab a burger at the local burger bar, take a dip in the pool, even take a nap and hardly miss anything?

There was one point in the interview even David actually looked like you were going to fall asleep? What was it about the 45-minute mark?

“Here they come around the corner again” “The same walk-run, same guys bumping and walking along…  look at them go!” “Now rounding corner 450… only 175 to go!” Round 37 of this schedules 45 rounder!

Even my wife Anna fell asleep, and Juan’s her favorite!

But the end was good! 

Spoiler alert! We almost hit 70… almost.

I like the God is in charge part! 

It was confusing to me in the middle Juan, is verifying the facts briefly that Biden is not Biden… motorcades or lack thereof, Biden gets to ride around in a beat-up Chevy, his guards wear muffed up old shoes, he caries his own bags, Air Force, Trump is the only one who really gets to use it, Biden gets a repainted old junker, what is it Air Force twenty-turd? Green screens, cars parked in front of the white house lawn, ears that don’t match, blank EO’s, is it a show or isn’t it? All this stuff seems wrong, maybe because this stuff is wrong?

Trump really is in charge? But what, then he goes on to talk about Biden maybe being declared incompetent with Alzheimer’s…if he is an actor? Then what the actor has Alzheimer’s is that an act too? Do we have to wait until the actor gets his act together and plays the Alzheimer role well enough to get some corrupt Judge somewhere to see it finally as “Standing?” Or are they corn too, is Biden corn, all the minions, corn, corn, corn, corn. Oh ya that was the last match!

Trump is and always will be President, Yah so is Carter, and Bush and Obama, so under that definition, what we have four presidents? And did Clinton actually get impeached maybe we have five presidents? 

“The war of the five kings!” So which one is the Dead King? 

The most frustrating part is this seemingly pushing the goalposts out, talking about this need to have this happen than that audit, Mike Lindell’s symposium, didn’t he release all that information back in January, or was I dreaming, watch the water, lookout for this lookout for that… 

I get it, people (Sheeple) need to wake up, but don’t go out and protest! Heaven forbid that’s what they want! Everywhere else in the world they seem to be, is it working I don’t know, because nobody reports on it except a few tictoc’ers and their phones.

The people know 80 million people voted for Trump and all of the elected at least the crooks cheated their way in! Trillions of dollars of relief, ya sure the threw a few bones to the peasant but really who got the majority of that money, nobody I know… Only the friends of the bankers. They get the PPP loans, they get the contracts, they get the grants, the rest of us pay. That is as long as we do what they say, otherwise off goes the gas, take your pencils and your little box and get out of the building!

Juan, I hate to say it, I love you guy but, we know what is wrong, we know we have all had our country stolen, we know they are caught, we know they have taken our children, abuse them, torture, kill, and even eat them? What we want to know is when do they pay!!

We are paying for law enforcement, armies, judges, a system that is supposed to protect the innocent… Are you telling me there is nobody out there left to say enough is enough, it’s been almost ten months and the crooks are still allowed to run around spend the money, drink the blood? 

What we want to know? What are we supposed to do, because sitting around waiting for someone else to wake up, especially when the wolf is loose now in the hen house, doesn’t seem to me to be a feasible strategy, I don’t know about you, but every day that passes that’s one more innocent hen that dies bacause we are waiting for some Karen somewhere to pull her head out of her own ass.

People can’t complain to their politicians they are corrupt. 

Can’t go to the judges .. bought!

Can’t complain to the papers ..  they laugh!

What the schools they are run by Karen’s!

Social media? Closed or Shut down!

Internet? Censored!

Police… good luck with that defunded and vilified… In most places controlled by Beetlejuice-looking mayors. 

Everywhere in the world millions are protesting, we sit in our houses and watch our telegram reports. 

We had our country stolen from us!

I guess we wait for the all-knowing 68% to edge up to 80….

Basically, Juan needs to come clean and admit … if they have a plan then say so … if not and it’s all in God’s hands like he finally said.. fine leave it at that.

The people need to know… if these people controlling everything are really evil then it’s time everyone finds out…It’s Good against Evil? It’s us against them? 

Take your shot and shut your mouth?

 Or say no and get ready to fight!

This waiting waiting, waiting, waiting shit is getting old!,

Yes we all know It’s all about the kids???

Ok we have the evidence of at least some of the pedos so what are they not arrested publicly… are you friggen kidding me, … we have to wait let these ghouls walk around, so some poor Karen somewhere doesn’t see Trump as a tyrant? 

Heaven forbid if they show the tribunals (if they really exist) people might rise up and hunt down these baby killers and rip them apart!!

Oh, that’s too scary? 

Ok, let’s just leave them keep shipping kids, open the border and fly them to Tennessee. 

Got to take our time, sleeping sheeple haven’t woke up yet?

If they haven’t woke up by now … in my opinion, they never will!

Well, sports fan there you have it, a blow-by-blow commentary from the spiritual therapy guy.

By Peter Colla

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  1. Frances says:

    Wonderful video, you seem very loving. You can hpmspread the word. Thank you

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