Juan O Saven’s On Nino!!! To the Canvas; “Deep Stank Narcissism, Spiritual Knockout”

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

Juan O Saven’s On Nino!!! To the Canvas; “Deep Stank Narcissism, Spiritual Knockout” 

Or How To Take The Head Off That Jezebel Worshiping, Dark Hole, Control Freak Witch Bitches, with Spiritual Enlightenment!

Is our country become ruled by narcissists, want-a-be king shits, they think they are AI, but probably more below average “I,” dark spirited energy suckers? 

David Nino Rodriguez w Juan

Heaven help the man, or woman for that matter, who has inadvertently fallen within its icy black fingered grip, the gravitational pull of its ass, or the subtle spell of one or another silky thread of webs of black widows curse these selfish dark holes perpetrate against anyone who comes within the perceived orbit of the rest of the universe that happens to spin around the center of the known galaxy basically themselves! Nowhere in nature do we see such an obsession with self, an utter and complete disregard for the wellbeing of anything around that happens to not be themselves, or the stunningly destructive perpetuations of these entities on everything around including themselves, as they toddle through space guzzling up everything they place their eyes on or happen to bite onto their dirty mouths to, well nothing except maybe the ominous black hole itself? 

Quite an anomaly of more recent construct, these children with their overindulging parents, rescuing them from every possible challenge, short of walking to the food troth, relieving then of every confrontation even the unbearable burden of having to ever say they are sorry, just to slowly gobble up everything in their path, turning promptly into an energy-sucking inwardly constricting vibration reducer, all attention needing, ever constricting, concentrating, and I might add growing, selfish ball of increasingly rapidly swirling idol worshiping or self, until only the dark hunger of never satisfied hatred remains and the entity descends into the nothingness of absolute absence of anything God has created.

As I said earlier, and have made more than one correlation in my writing Quantum Ascension the phenomenon of the theorized Dark Hole is not all too different in perspective or description when comparing an entity in nature to one demonstrated in the physical. As for my readers, I will at the end of this article read from the chapter of the Dark Hole not so much from the Quantum Physical description or event he Astrophysical theorizations that make up the phenomenon whether real or not, but one thing is for sure the dark spirit that more than the rest seems to perpetuate the image we see both in the narcissist and in the physical black hole is none other than the demon spirit Jezebel. 

Understanding the nature of the Black Hole does give light to the nature of vibrational resonance occurring in our own human representational universes. 

But first, let us dissect the evil spirit of Jezebel 

Why do I make this correlation? In the health arena sicknesses especially those with frightening names; today Ebola , Aids,  COVID, Cancer, years ago Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Wild Bill’s Pistols,

Heart attacks used to bring in those types of scares, but with the recent, and I mean the last twenty years of heart hearth the scare is all but run out of it? 


So as it is in the human experience, the same patterns of creation repeat themselves not only within the universe of our own existence but also in the greater cosmic universe. Micro, Meso, and Macro; extremely small those too small to see, our size visible to us in proportions, or infinitely large size those too large to be seen. All these structures seem to reflect within their base building parts patterns and similarities that appear to reflect a common matrix and certainly give credence to a common Creator demonstrating a uniform base structure, one that has universal rudimentary physical laws that govern them all.

Atoms in the micro resemble solar systems in the macro, clusters, and galaxies could be clusters of atoms which in their own associations form only recently discovered systems between stars perhaps throughout the entire known universe. Hurricanes resemble galaxies, sun rays are warming while the light of the moon cools, babies when first created smell perfect, and butterflies can flap their wings on this side of the planet while causing a hurricane thousands of miles away. The perplexities of this majestic creation are nearly as unfathomable as it is remarkable.

Nowhere is this ever so evident as in the hypothesis and description of the anomaly of a Black Hole. As we have discussed in earlier writings the distances between the actual physical particles, at least those we can physically detect and measure are vast compared to their relative size, leaving science with the realization that the majority of space even within our own physical bodies is for the most part empty space.

Without getting into too much of the actual astrophysical description of a stellar black hole, it is commonly believed and taught that when a star of much greater density than our own sun burns up a key part of its available fuel, a resulting collapse upon itself can occur when by its own sheer gravitational density the sheer weight of this accumulation surpasses the ability of the star to explode in what most stars find as their fate into supernovas, and the result is a crashing into itself rupturing the very barriers of creation and the atomic structure itself resulting into the ultimate formation of a black hole.

Without getting into too much astrophysics we will bring to the attention into the Macro sighting simple differences between supernovas and black holes being; supernovas at the end of a stars life explode outward into vast newly formed gasses and elements (the products of their life as a star) that then go on to form other more complex systems, many more stars, and possible life. The black hole on the other hand is a product of a life of a star that held onto too much material perhaps stolen from other stars, either way, hoarded vast amounts of physical energetic materials, and when its life finally comes to an end a collapse upon itself into a selfish constriction to the absolute void of nonexistence, death, and timelessness occurs.

The process or the mathematics of this theoretical anomaly, and I do say theoretically because while the presence of a black hole can be observed, it is not the actual black hole that is being seen, but the effect the anomaly has on the surrounding environment that has led scientists to believe they not only observe them but also study them. It is these effects that the black hole has on the surroundings that I am correlating to the study we are discussing here. 

A black hole is an ever-hungry pit of darkness that only sucks everything in and rarely generates anything except possible destruction in return. Everything that falls within its grasp is sucked down to what has been called the Continuum, whereby nothing of reality can exist. All physical matter is so compressed by the sheer force of the gravity this glutinous entity emits that matter itself is compressed into such a small insignificant point that it is theorized that there may be absolutely no distance even between the singular pieces of raw energy, capturing and then suffocating any and all physical energy even light into a single infinitely small space, the waves of sound like energy literally cease to move and thus die.

A sort of depression of energy plays out in an ever-spinning to an absolute dark lifeless center point which could only be described in the most philosophical manner as the opposite of ascension or as we have coined descension. 

For the purpose of our discussion, I would like to make a correlation between the anomaly of a black hole and pure evil that can occur in the hearts of some truly evil people. 

It is the belief of this author that when God banished the enemy “satan” or “Lucifer” from his presence he stripped him of everything that would be considered Godly; Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Mercy, anything good. If we assume as God created the physical universe and called all of His creation in their turn; “Good,” then likewise everything physical was removed from evil leaving only the spiritual essence of it to dwell in darkness. 

The positive emotions or actions such as Truth, Kindness, Compassion, Wisdom, all come from God and thus fall outside the access of spiritually dark creatures who by nature must flee from anything Godly especially light when it is engaged. As for the creatures who dwell the closest to this absolute darkness all essences of these spirit anomalies as well become physically nonexistent, within their own individual universes, their souls home God gave them envelope ever-darkening shades accumulations until the resulting death collapse occurs.

Thus, also the necessity to articulate in negative Anti-God emotional or energetic endeavors such as fear, torture, slander, lies or deceit, because if these poor creatures with their very existence are doomed to flee from God it is only within these remaining shadows that any kind of existence can be realized.  Falling prey to these emotions does a sort of Quantum descending or “Descension” occur? In the world of our direct view, we see similar patterns play out in the relationships and interactions of the souls who are privileged to observe.

As the bird or any number of other unseen assailants suddenly attack from the unrealized sky, seemingly touch out of nowhere, scare or startle our young caterpillar, the initials response is to coil up in a ball, a desperate attempt to hold and protect any and all private parts from attack, and play dead. The only problem is we all know that snowballs always roll downhill, any upward momentum is suddenly and drastically lost as the grip on the present level of ascension is lost and a sudden and possible painful fall to the hard unyielding ground awaits.

This sudden, and often repeated fall due to an unexpected and unseen attacking flying spirits from the sky, have a drastic and possible permanent negative effect on our young adventurer’s soul. The soul being different than the spirit is the accumulation of the entire life experience in this crawling life and the next one of flight. This repeated face planting, the unmistakable injection of negative energies, malevolent energy that seems to counters any positive long-term progression that might be remembered, results in such a slow and gradual slope of reality one can almost forget they are supposed to be climbing in the first place.

But now back to the black hole; as I have stated earlier it is my supposition that we are all universes in ourselves, entire galaxies and trillions of star systems that harmoniously cooperate in this wonderful creation our dear Lord has seen fit to create into each and every one our singular lives, good and evil must be demonstrated clearly each as pigments presented in the painting to give the observer a clear depiction of the painting before them. For he did say Himself; “For I knew you, even before the first star was in the sky, or drop of water appeared in the sea.” This in itself would support the fact that we have always been here and we are, in the likeness of our Creator immortal beings. This fact I too will touch upon a little later in the book.  

So as entities of the like of trillions of star systems there is a part of us that represents the very heart of our living soul. In the physical universe, it has been stipulated that at the center of the largest galaxies reside in its center a black hole. I myself have not seen evidence that this is true, and since these same scientists can merely hypothesize about it, without actually basing it on observed data, I will assume that in some cases, this may be true, and perhaps in other cases it may not be. Perhaps in some cases, a large cluster of stars so bright and correspondingly massive, their combined accumulated forces drive the engines of large galaxies, yet in others, these driving factors are in fact dark and ominous. 

Even in our own larger social and national structures, it is easy to see when governments are controlled by good leaders, their people and the land thrives, yet when it is clear that evil reins destruction and death soon prevail. I believe when we cross-correlate what occurs in human beings the same can be said in the Meso; some people have brightness inside them that is so evident that it radiates literally out of their eyes. He also said; “The eyes are a lamp to the soul.”

Likewise, people who have chosen darker paths for their lives also demonstrate more sinister and dark eyes, the worse of these even seem to lose the whiteness that surrounds as the physical begins to mimic the spiritual resulting in the eyes revealing an almost spiritual snake-like slit of darkness where their eyes should be.

I have known people who have willingly taken on with what appears to be darkness in their hearts. As we look upon them with “Ascending Vision” it is apparent they almost have a small dark spot that seems to reside right in the middle of where their heart is. At first, this is the most insignificant of small spots, leaving the observer with the notion; “Is it there, do I actually see something or am I just imagining it, that shutter, or small crevasse that seems to be forming where their heart is supposed to be?”

But as more and more evil is poured into the black hole that resides in the center of their chest the larger and more profound it becomes and likewise, the hungrier this ever consuming, never satisfied lust is, always wanting more, increasingly depressed, never happy with what it has, falling, descending and headed for death!

One example, I can only imagine is that if it is fact, which all of the hidden evidence out there seems to state about the subject Adrenochrome; a substance derived from the torture and killing of innocent children among others. That when people start ingesting this substance they receive such an incredible “high” and seemingly physical benefits, that their desire to replicate that initial high immediately becomes so strong they cannot control themselves but must feed the dark black hole they have now invited into their being. Ever growing in the dosage, an ultimate and uncontrollably dark addiction,  drives them to continue to lay at the feet of the dark spirit everything and anything it may desire. 

The evil these people who engage in this ritual, who have freely sold their soul too, that dark spot that resides there now, is absolute, utter darkness and Anti-Christ; they must obey, they must sacrifice their very children or others they may have within their grasp, throw their brothers and sisters into the fire, sacrifice any innocent, even betray humanity itself, or die, irrelevant at what they believe is right, what it will cost, or who they must kill to do it.

I think feeding any kind of spirit that has control over a soul has the potential to manifest itself into a dark hole like entity, but truly sinister deeds perpetrated against the most innocent among us must risk crossing the line of “Sins against the Holy Spirit?” What purer spirits exist than those of newborn small children? Obviously, no light can reside in a person who would choose to partake in any fashion in such a ritualistic activity as drinking the blood of a traumatized child merely for whatever physical satisfaction or personal gain they may receive. 

I heard a lecture back in college from a converted ex-high priest of the satanic church who said when witches or warlocks, high priests, would engage in these ritual sacrifices, thereby the most coveted persons they would seek to acquire as victims would be the purest of heart. Of course innocent elderly, afterward children, eventually babies, and ultimately young virgin girls were among the most desirable because the pure essence of these spirits is that which these creatures wished to capture. But in cases of lack of supply; animals, rabbits, rats, even insects would be used if only to have something when better and more potent choices could not be found.

It was this high priest that said when they would capture and torture these poor victims, the essence of their purity could only be held for a short time in the compound or elemental structures they coveted, sold, traded, or desired, and thus they would have to continually search out more victims to feed the darkness they themselves served. 

Again everything under the sun is an example or tries to mimic that of another of God’s creations. Within the great power of the black hole with its almost infinite strength of greedy gravitational power, light is regularly ejected from its polls. As a matter of fact, the intensity of the light that is ejected from the polls regularly out of back holes is so intense that it is equal in strength at that moment to the combined output of all the stars in a galaxy or more. It is these ejections that scientists have used to at least demonstrate the existence of black holes at all.

Isn’t that true though; greedy selfish people, after they die are soon forgotten, but the lives of the good are often spoken of long after they have left leaving embellishing honor unto even their Descendents’ for many generations to follow? Many people would be proud, and even lift up a descendent of George Washington or John F. Kennedy, but few would even admit to being the descendent of a John Wilkes Booth or Manson.

Even the great power of the greedy black hole cannot hold onto the light, and after holding it for even a moment in time must release it into the vastness of space, pure light must leave the grasp of the dark foe and illuminate back into the vast heavens of God’s entire universe. Hawkins, Einstein, and many others who have the mathematical calculating capacity to work out the calculations of a black hole state undeniably that in this singularity even time ceases to exist? If on the Quantum level all energy is sound, if even the most rudimentary sound in the black hole is compressed to the slowest and ultimately single still moment the wavelength becomes zero, then the sound must cease to exist. 

If time ceases to exist, and energy stops moving, and all space between the halted moving energy disappears, then is it is not hard to fathom on a quantum level that when death occurs and this black hole effect likewise occurs, this vast world of evil compression down into nothing perpetuates a vanishing into the world of non-existence.

Ascension must win? If darkness only embodies the smallest most insignificant point of space, completely void of movement, remember physical energy on a quantum level is sound wave movements and time itself is the movement and measurement of these waves, then this negative energy can only reside in the shadows of walls of our homes God created us? This must be the case-in-point by the small remaining essences of dirt or darkness we bring in ourselves and veils the light to cast shadows of our own homes.

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As we ascend in our consciousness collectively and more and more individual universes of people brighten their reflections, shadows disappear from their own existence, and darkness fees leaving only the bright colored hues of the magnificent masterpiece God’s creation for all of us in the first place. Healing is from God within the same spectrum of light, love, peace, and joy, filter out the darkness, clean the filth off the walls and floors of our mansions leaving only the light to shine through as Ascension Truths are discovered, healing must occur. 

Bless You Patriots, Remnants, Brothers and Sisters,

By Peter Colla

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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