Jim Caviezel; The Man Who Played Christ, Yesterday “Christ Played Him!”

“The Storm Is Upon Us”

In every war, whether it be at the beginning or at a critical moment during, there is someone who steps up and makes a significant call to arms, a rallying cry to normal everyday citizens about the need, more, the inevitability for us to rise up see, hear, and most importantly, take action towards that which would conjure itself against the very fabric of our lives and the lives of our loved ones, our children, to our very demise. 

People have been speaking of “The End Times,” an “End Times War,” the final war between “Good and Evil,” for a long time, as long as I can remember, and I am an old guy, but never in history has so much information trickled to the surface, or in the case of recently, gushed forward like the lava of the La Palma Volcano about the hidden evils, unspeakable atrocities, and unbelievable inhuman acts perpetrated against literally millions of our innocent children by the leadership of our world. 

Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard

Any single one of these horrific acts being true, would enrage any normal loving Father, Mother, or human for that matter, into a call for righteous justice to not merely put a bullet in the head of such inhuman animals, but literally grab torches and pitchforks and march up to their castles and rip them limb from limb!

The various calls to action, well they may or may not have been done in the past against attempted enslavement, and every definition of tyranny alone, against social injustices, against evil rulers, countries that would seem to inflict its power and control against the weak, but most were. Famous men with more infamous statements like those of Kennedy, Lincoln, Churchill, Roosevelt, Regan, stretching way back through time all the way to Hannibal, words eventually heard around the world into modern times, especially today because of the magic of information technology, remain in the annals of our memories as faint calls to rise up, not as a nation, but as a people against that which would destroy the very essence of who we are as a people, the most common call is “Freedom.”

But what could such a call be if indeed this is indeed End Times and we are facing a fight literally between Good and Evil? Who could make such a call especially when those who seem to lead, who control even the very venues, the System, even the narrative, in which such communications of ideals are spread, are the same perpetrators of the evil in the first place?

If this be true, then we already find ourselves knee-deep literally in a fight between Good and Evil, between Heaven and Hell, between God and the devil himself, who more appropriate than a simple man who was not only was chosen to represent Jesus Christ to perhaps billions of people but one who said “Yes” to that call, as to perhaps voice the words in a manner as well as presentation of Jesus Himself?

I saw Jim Caviezel, the man who played Jesus in the “Passion of Christ” yesterday give a speech, more, a passionate call to arms to rise up against what many of us have all come to know as perhaps the most sinister and horrific institutions of inhuman child trafficking today, consisting no less in abuse, and satanic ritualistic atrocities being perpetrated right under our noses, by the very people, systems, and institutions we have all lifted up ourselves with our work, taxes, unknowing approval, involuntary participation, and financial support.

Being a student of history, I have heard many speakers and their recorded or documented words of passion as well as empathetic call to do something, anything, against that which has risen against the God-given rights and freedoms of the people but never have I been brought to tears by the words I heard as I listened to Jim Caviezel last night.

For me it has always been simple; if it is from God whether it be in the message, words, an image, even an action seen, heard of, or described, the common denominator; if it is from God it always seems to bring me to tears. 

No less yesterday with hearing the words from the man who not only played Christ, but himself admitted in the filming of that God anointed film The Passion of Christ; “It Was Christ Who Played Him!”

The emotion, the resolve, the Words, the message, the authority of voice, even the occasional pause for a tear, left no doubt in this writers opinion that this was no performance, no mere speech delivered to an agreeing audience, but an anointed message directly from the mouth of God Himself.

I believe with all my heart, that again on October 24, in the year 2021, Jesus Christ Himself decided to “Play Himself” through a good and simple man Jim Caviezel in a call to arms speech against tyranny that not only will be heard around the world but must be!

This time, this speech, it wasn’t Jim playing Christ, but in this humble writer’s opinion; Jesus Christ played Himself through Jim Caviezel as he called us all to Action!

Video Version of the Blog; Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

What is that action, one may ask? Well short of our call for justice against those who have not only perpetrated these horrors against our children, but have profited by, promoted, participated in, or knowingly hid this information from us, it is our duty to pass this information on through to as many people as we know or can, as well as encourage them to share, then share again with everyone they know.

This is the “Call to Arms,” this is the mobilization of not only an idea but the “Mobilization of Truth.” For all Truth comes from God, and it is through the sharing and spreading of Truth that more and more, the Light gets turned on in every crack, crevice, and corner of the world, until there is no place left for darkness to hide, and Light can finally victoriously drive the darkness away.

Righteous Justice for the Children, those innocent Holy Spirits.

By Peter Colla

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

A Special Thanks to the True Patriots and warriors in Christ; Jim Caviezel, Juan O’ Saven, David “Nino” Rodriguez, and Anna

“Dear Lord, help me to be courageous and share the good news, the message you gave us through Jim Caviezel, bless him and the many others who are risking their lives to spread the Truths of Your Kingdom.”

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