Spiritual Therapist, a Dream

Sitting talking to a commander, I can’t see Him but know He is of authority might be God could be an Angel, Jesus, definitely someone who holds a rank of giving assignments. 

We are watching from a displaced view, out of the body, watching a man who is having trouble progressing out of the third dimension, he still enjoys the things of the world, he doesn’t believe anything has happened and is happier accumulating things than worrying about his own marriage, which has long been on rocky shores, due to the fact his wife is the one who sent his case to us in the first place? We are Spiritual Therapists.

Three boys are also under our care, they are three souls who are slow to ascend into the fifth but they are all three borne in this new age, you might say they are children of the next age, all three are walking along they look like they are walking dogs the way they are prancing from one bush to the next, but in reality, each seems to be walking the other companion, they are walking each other through this life of discovery and for them it is a slow progression from one rock to the next sandy mound, to a bush or a bird in a tree, like a whirlwind they continue to move across life in a slow progression of accumulating life’s truths as they slowly present themselves to each new adventure that comes along. They are slow by other kids’ standards, but they are all three happy and giggle to each other as they discover over and over again life’s new world around them. 

They present themselves on occasion to us for a sort of school where we in turn help them focus on things that they each discovered, and dependent on their own interest; help them through broadened ideas and assignments of their own interest, they then interact between the three to fully discover everything they have seen from the days before. One boy is a little chunkier and has decided to paint his skin green even wearing green shaded shorts, for the most part, the other two; one with a Hispanic accent is wearing long shorts like trousers and a tee shirt he is smaller but stronger than he looks, the third a fair skinned thin boy sandy dark blonde hair with glasses is shy, but to his companions, he seems to talk all the time even though to us he hardly says a word. The three boys are orphans rescued at the end of this last age but came into their awareness in this one now growing and living out in the light of this new free world.

The heavier set green colored boy carries a shotgun with him, he says it is for hunting, even though he really does not know what that means or would ever kill anything anyway, but it is the only thing he has from his father, who gave it to him before he died as he told him;  “I use the shotgun to hunt for food to feed my family, you son, only use it to defend yourself if no there is no other means is possible, you have a good heart you will know when it is time?” He was very young when that was said, he always has had enough to eat, and besides nobody has ever shown him what hunting really is, yet?

The older middle aged man you are working with is having difficulty concentrating on anything spiritual continuously concerned with his ever changing mind for the things he sees, he suddenly wants to accumulate all of them almost driven to possess anything he sees, a constant whisper; obtain them at any cost, and lock them in his barn for to use later? When presented with the option to just use them for a moment, and then release them back to the person assigned to take care of them, like a boat or a motorcycle, he becomes angry and would rather not have them at all than only use them for moment and share. He is stuck in Three D and struggling with issues of selfishness and greed which constantly pull him down into the dirt.

“You are asked if you want to accept this man as a client of Ascension Therapies for he will commit a crime, it is inevitable?” the Commander asks. I watch the middle aged taller but strong build man leave, his bearded un-shoveled face tells me everything; he is angry and easily agitated with the challenges of life as they present themselves to him each day. The Commander says; “He will steel from the boys approaching, and may even hurt them in the process?”

“I don’t know if I want to take on such a student he doesn’t want to listen,” I say as I watch the boys circle around each other like a small pack of dog walkers, “He is angry all the time, and I am surprised he even comes at all?” Circling across the sanded hill spattered surface I watch from above as they circle around and approach the area where the bearded man who is now just climbing on his motorcycle getting ready to leave therapy and go home to his wife, or decide to go out to the bar, he can’t decide as his head moves left and right making that choice to himself?

“Why not just stop him now if you know he will commit a crime like assaulting those young boys?” I ask as I still contemplate if I will take the assignment or not, such assignments pull you back down into the realm of the Third Dimension and while it is gratifying to help others Ascend with each again it is painful to watch the sins of the Third happen, even if in my mind? 

“You know the answer to your question even as you ask it?” the Commander says with a smile.

“Yes, Free Will, the bearded man cannot be confronted with a problem to solve before he has experienced it for himself and can certainly not be Tried for a Crime he has not yet committed?” I say out loud, stating the fact, even though I already know My Commander knows it.

The boys approach the man on the motorcycle who steps off and approaches them reaching out he restrains the heavier boy, stopping all three in their circling procession. 

Confused the three boys all stop and immediately become ashamed as well as silent from the man’s questions that have impeded their journey across the sand, and also have suddenly presented them with questions they don’t understand or even have thought of prior that moment. 

“Why did you paint your skin green,” the man asks? As the other two boys look up sheepishly not really understanding the question? “Paint green?” the boy didn’t paint his skin green he has always been green, at least as long as they remember, until now the two other boys never really saw any difference between them, since they knew each other their whole lives, they always thought it was merely normal since his color was green and he was like that their whole lives?

“Where are you going, and why do you walk like that, it looks stupid?” but even before they could answer, now all three looking down again feeling embarrassed at the “Stupid” comment, the bearded man reaches out and grabs the shotgun by the barrel the heavier boy is holding between his two hands?

“He’s trying to steal your father’s shotgun, Timmy,” the boy with the Hispanic accent says as he grabs the larger man’s arms and starts to help his friend resist releasing the gun to the now angry man. 

I can see from above the taller man falls upon the younger heavy boy with green skin colored skin they struggle, and the Hispanic boy grabs the larger man’s arms with more force than the man expected, who now turns his anger towards the small boy grabbing his arm.

The gun goes off to everyone’s sudden shock, Timmy looks at the gun in his hands, he didn’t even know it was loaded, now tears clearly streaming down his face, as he remembers earlier in his life the horror that usually accompanied that horrific sound, he starts crying uncontrollable and releases the gun. 

The Hispanic Boys screams; “Aughhhh…………….Nooooo!” in wide eyed realization as he sees the gun has shot their third companion who now lies many feet away, his unmoving body tossed more than ten feet from the group in a heap, his white teeshirt now covered in red blood. This represents what felt like an amputation of the part of the other two boys’ bodies, the three boys were never further than arm’s length from each other their whole life they remembered, even as young children together in a small crib or room?

The same scream of horror was now matched by Timmy’s who now looked back at his own clawed hands in horror as he releases from the gun the larger man had now pulled towards himself, he just knelt there staring at his hands as he realized they had caused this horrible thing to happen to Chet his friend. 

The bearded man looks himself at the boy sprawled away seeing the large gaping wound in his chest and not seeing even breathing, for he knows he must be dead, his own lower toned screams “Nooo……..” match the boys as they all can’t even move. The bearded man looks back at the gun gripped in his hand and tosses it down into the sand as he slowly stands, almost fainting from the shock himself, and staggers over to the boy not even beginning to understand how he could have been so stupid to invite murder back into this new age?

Men in white coats appear as if from nowhere and lift the injured boy up to quickly attend him, a uniformed man walks up to the now sobbing bearded man placing a black restrainer on his hands, the man does not resist, merely looks to the poor boys still kneeling together now clutching each other in crying sobs.

“Of course, I will take this assignment,” I say as watch the bearded man be led away. “I just wish such scenes were not so painful?” I think to myself as I already know the answer to that question before it is even finished forming in my mind. 

“Spiritual Therapy, helping others as they Ascend, analyzing the tragic events, attacks, or trails of their lives and seeing them as well for understanding the Spiritual significances unseen by them at the time, allows people to then re-address these events and overcome the attacks, learn from them, through injected wisdom you help with, they will not be continually repeated again and again as horrific memories or new hurdles appearing before them in their life?”

I wake from my dream and write down what I saw…

Just then my wife walks into the room to join us in this world between wake and sleep, as I re-cap the incident and she asks “Why are you being shown this, what does it mean?”

“I think to be shown what our life as a Spiritual Therapist will be like in the next age? God is asking me if this is something I really want to do?” I say to her even as I try to understand what I saw. 

“Is it no different than what we do now, just today we were working with Jimmy,” our neighbor who shared with us that he too suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as I explain to him many of the people we help today with Spiritual Therapy suffer from PTSD, even many who never saw anything close to war? For them, in their lives, those near death experiences are just as traumatic as soldiers experience, because in their world it brings them to death’s door, either physically like what happened to Jimmy in Vietnam, or mentally (as often the case with addictions), but always Spiritually (to a place where we feel we want to just give up on life in general)?

As with Jimmy taking a person back to the place where the attack happened, and instead of just “taking it” surviving, and trying to forget, realize the spiritual side of what was going on, defeat it now in the “Spirit,” that way they can close the door forever on that event and not have to worry that those dark spirits can get past your defenses and hurt you again the same way in the future? A realization that sometimes is immediate but in other cases can take quite a few sessions to become real in our own lives.

My wife looks at me and says; “The difficult thing is for you and me is; that we are drawn back to each of these people’s events and in a sense reliving them with them, so as practitioners we feel what they feel at least in our minds, experiencing all the horror of the situations when we see it with them therapeutically?” 

“Yes, that’s the reason for the dream?” God is asking me and showing me at the same time what such a job as a Spiritual Therapist will and does look like now. Asked me; “Do you really want to do this in the age to come?”

My wife Anna loves to help people; she is a dancer, and performer, she has a difficult time when she has to be confronted with the horrors of the world and will often want to stop discussing the horrific event without realizing it in the therapeutic scenario, not talking about the event at least once to evaluate and treat, is the same as pushing the event under the rug.

“This is why you have been called to Treat people, and I have been called to Present that treatment to the public,” We both realize this truth without actually having to say it.

As I drive God shows me the rest of the vision of the bearded man and the boys. The bearded man does well in his Spiritual Therapy he must pay the price of his crime yet quickly realize the “wages of sin” in this case his greed, “is death.” The man goes on to become a Spiritual Therapist himself actually helping others who suffer from similar issues that he suffered from not having to pay such a drastic price through “Hearing his story” before they decide to look higher to more productive (productive for themselves and life) desires. 

“What about the boys?” I ask as I still feel for the pain they suffered.

“You don’t have to worry about them,” the Commander who I now realize is God says. “The injured boy while his heart stopped, his spirit did not leave the body and quickly he was placed in a Med Bed where he was brought back to even better shape than before.”

“In the next age, there will be no more death for a thousand years, as you have already been told.”

“The boy re-joins the other two in only a couple of days new clean white tee-shirt the only visible sign he had ever been shot was the telltale signs lightly painted on his skin, badges of honor for the attack he overcame, helping his friends. Timmy still carries his father’s shotgun but does make sure every day again; that it is unloaded.”

“The bearded man Max, took in the three boys and helped them by giving them parental love they had never experienced prior, he became the Father and thus Husband his wife always hoped to see in him, and that man loved those boys as much as any man ever loved his three sons before him.” 

“As for the three boys they grew into handsome strong men, never leaving each other’s sides even into adulthood, and together formed a bond that made the three musketeers look like school boys in comparison.”

Thank You Jesus for such a dream and a vision for my life.

By Peter Colla

“Father, help me to have the courage to go into battle with my new friends as they bring us back to the place of attacks, guiding them now to victories and becoming themselves Spiritual Therapists’ in their dance through this life the many stones in the garden of our soul.”

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