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Twelve days ago I had a chance to visit with Charlie Ward on his program, quite an honor for a mere medical practitioner Peter whose only claim to fame is the fact that now over fifteen years ago he felt he needed to put God into the treatment regiment with his patients anyway possible regardless of the fallout. Not long after deciding to put God in, I received the message to write, scribing everything I saw for years later, the majority posted on this site, and if one thing is true the fallout was constant and relentless. 

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

Normally such a visit with a viewing audience that Charlie has, in the millions, would be considered a much-desired opportunity to promote a person’s book or speak to the work they have done if for no other reason to perhaps raise support in this time where fighting against the “System” has devastated if not nearly ruined those who fight for good against the system of evil that dominates the world. 

But when I believed that God Himself would have him speak something else, who are we but to obey, especially if we feel we are mere soldiers in His End Times Army? Only days before the morning of the show I was asked by my Mentor Peter Laue of Pagosa Springs Colorado to read on the show, a letter he had composed in which Jesus instructed him to write down and send out among a few of his contacts. 

I have decided to now display that letter in my own blog and speak a bit further about what I feel is my own responsibilities in this war we find ourselves in;

The Lion of Judah has roared and scored!

January 3, 2022

Cookie Cutter Christians everywhere, throw off your denominational labels and be known by the love you have for one another and for Me. Political party members, throw off your party affiliation labels and be known by the love you have for one another and for Me. I made the world. I did not make borders. I did not make denominations.  I did not make political parties. I did not make cookie-cutter Believers. I did not make the kingdoms of this world. You made them. I gave you the freedom to build them or not. You did a very poor job. No denomination, no political party, no kingdom of his world, no president, no pope has anything to brag about. In My eyes, you are all lacking. You all need to repent and start over.

 These worldly kingdoms you have built have made you prisoners and you don’t even know it. They have isolated you from Me and from one another, and you don’t even know it. There is only one Kingdom. You have made many kingdoms and many kings, many presidents, and many popes. There is only one King, one heavenly Father. And I, Jesus, am his only begotten Son who paid the ultimate price to save your soul and the world.

I cannot be your Savior; I cannot be anyone’s Savior unless you choose Me to be your Savior. I gave you the freedom to choose Me or not. If you don’t choose Me and don’t follow in my footsteps, you are lost. You will remain lost, confused, and lonely forever. Party time in this world is short-lived. Hell will never freeze over. It is always eager to meet you and greet you. You will continue to be swallowed up by it if you don’t know Me.

I say to you, be known by the love you have for one another. I say to you, be known by the love you have for Me, the crucified and risen Savior, the soon coming King. There are only two worlds. There is the world of good and there is the world of evil. Everyone and I say “everyone” is given a choice. Which world do you want to live in forever? You cannot live in both. Those who have chosen this world or have not chosen, have traded their soul for a pot of porridge.

No one, I say once more, no one is saved by their denominational label. No one is saved by their “good” deeds. No one is saved by their own righteousness. Unless you wear my garment of righteousness, you will be wearing filthy rags forever. You will be out of place in my world. My death on the cross provided you with those righteous garments. Has anyone else offered to provide that heavenly wardrobe?

Jesus Turning Over The Money Changers Tables

I threw over the money changers’ tables in the temple of my God and Father. I exposed the corruption. Do you have that kind of courage and love for Me and my Father? The world and the devil crucified Me for exposing its corrupt heart. I paid a heavy price to redeem your soul. If you are not willing to follow in my footsteps, you are lukewarm and I will spit you out.

It is by the grace of God that these words are placed on the screen of your heart and mind in this late hour. Apprehend them for yourself and you will live with Me in my Kingdom. Don’t hide these words. Speak them into the dark corners of the world.  

Choose you this day, choose today who you will love and serve forever. Be done with double-mindedness. These words are delivered to you as a gift of love and mercy from my heavenly Father through one of my chosen vessels. I have others.  If you are one of them, pass these words on. It’s fire and love and mercy from heaven. Spread it. This is the fire that will burn down all fences that imprison my sheep. Denominations as you know them shall be history. No one will say again, “I am of Peter or of Paul or some pope or saint.” All will say, “I am of Jesus.”

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has spoken

Lion Of Judah Shield

People often ask in comments or email; “What now?” as they watch, listen, try to decipher the information being dispersed to them from seemingly every possible source on the planet and beyond, of course, that is at least the few who are actually looking for answers and willing to ask? 

A few throughout the world have without a doubt answered the call, some more evident than others, a handful of men and women who when called know they must put everything on the line, reputations, security, even their life, for one purpose and that is to help others, with no guarantee of applause, payment, or often even thanks, often met only with slander, theft, or spit in the face. 

For me, I believe those who answer are the definition of “The Remnant” spoken of in the Bible, that group of individuals who risk everything with no guarantee of approval except God alone who calls them. As I have spoken in my last interview with Charlie Ward, the desire to contact other Remnants who stand on the front line in the battles against such villains is spoken of and even to a degree promised, yet often the contact needs to be solicited from them? 

Writing many words throughout the years of such courageous contributors many in the past, a few more recently lends to the honor we all should display in their undying answering’s; the most obvious ones being the John F Kennedy Sr’s and Jr’s, Donald Trump, Jim Caviezel, Tim Ballard, Mel Gibson, Samson or King David, all displaying one or more characteristics of a Superman, at least in the role of Clark Kent. Warriors around the world a few a little less obvious like Peter Laue in Colorado, my wife Anna, or Eva from Holland, Juan O’ Saven, Simon Parks, Charlie Ward, David Mahoney, or Mel K. I would like to think I place myself among such a list as the battles rage and we seem to stand alone fighting an invisible yet venomous assault, I guess time will tell? For now, all we can do is pass the information between us.

What Now?

The answer for those, like me, who know without a doubt know we are smack in the middle of the End Times War between Good and evil, it is not as much as what now, sitting and watching for another event or marker to give display where exactly we are in this race, but more importantly the knowledge to understand our own assignment and purpose in the total battlefield we find ourselves in individually? To do our own little part in our own little corner of the war with the instruments and supply we have been given. So exactly what does that mean?

We fight for what is right the battles that present each and every one of us as they present themselves. Pass the information on to those around us.

We have been by definition of life, been assigned our fox holes and the defense of each, it falls in our duty to then battle the attacks around us with what we have been given and in turn, help those around us as much as possible whenever possible for the ultimate victory and establishment of security against counter-attack. 

During World War Two my God Father, a man I hardly knew fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He never spoke of these battles, nor was the account of him winning a medal of honor described a single time in my life, except to later understand his part, the fact he survived, what the battle must have looked like as reported, and ultimately the results that played out around him. 

Deep in the winter as the allied forces pressed forward the German counter forces placed everything they had left in a counteroffensive that not only divided the attacking troops but left them stranded, isolated, cut off from resupply, and left to freeze in the now frozen mud even without gas for warmth. This effect left at least half of our offensive troops wondering if they had been cut off, but more importantly, had they lost or been forgotten by God? 

We find ourselves today in a sort of Battle of the Bulge scenario, cut off in the winter, being cut off from much-needed supply, and left alone to wonder each day what now as the days turn into months of the winter. The only “tidbits” of information we might receive are the few words passed on from Truther to the next Truther as this siege-like counterattack lingers.

So if you are a Remnant as I believe most hearing this information must be, we can only do one thing and that is to pass this information to anyone else who might need it in the form of positive supply, it is our job, and we have only one job. Not to fight among ourselves pointing fingers at our command and as such turning our own guns against those behind us leading from the command tents behind the lines. They are themselves involved only with further reconnaissance in order to fully understand the totality of the enemy they confront moving forward, root them out and eliminate them as we push forward towards our ultimate goal; the victory and return of Jesus with the subsequent peace this brings moving forward for our children.  

By Rebekah Laue

If you are like we are, and find yourself in this war wondering what to do, look at your own gifts, talents, and opportunities, deciding to share what you have been given in this war effort especially with those who only have their last few bullets to fight at the front lines. Knowing even a man who stops and thanks us for the advice that had helped him months before with our books or in medical advice, the simple thank you is often just the spare bullet a person needs to continue the fight if but for one more day. Share your words, contact the soldiers upfront and ask what you can do to help, if only a simple prayer, or as we have recently received from a sweet elderly Italian woman who spoke asking God-Mind, Body and Spiritual advice via zoom with Anna and I; a much-received couple bags of homemade biscotti has still the sweetest taste and gives refreshment as the nights linger into cold weeks.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord, help us to remember to give all we have in this End Times War. Place in our heart a desire to share what You have given us as we share it further with others around us, and this win these battles for You.”

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