News From The Front Line; Nino Raises His Fists In Exhaustion

The fighter sits in the front line fox hole, head down but eyes sharp, a sore back and weary legs as he must stay propped up enduring yet another end-times war battle, for it is the twilight of yet another day and he is clearly exhausted. Who wouldn’t be, the battles he has embraced encompass him like a heavy fog in a hot musky gym of a midsummer’s eve. The battlefield in question lacks boundary yet seems to expand into the realms of the heavenly’s, and as days now blend into months, the weary spirit of yet another extended engagement beckons rest as a soldier’s momentarily exhaustion falls like a veil and for a moment he may forget perhaps even what day it is. 

The battles are fierce in the End Times War, the Apocalypse, A Quantum War, the war to end all wars, battles not with bullets or fists, for were it not so, at least the commonality of a man’s past and the fact he has had to fight his whole life, would at least place confidence in the reservation of his own extensive now veteran-like experience. But this is no longer a war for territories, or ground, or for gold, or even glory, not a war between men on opposing sides, or countries, but a fight throughout the entire planet, a fight to free us from slavery, imprisonment of many, perpetrated by an only the elite few. This fight is fought, within and for, the very souls of every individual, a war between good and evil. 

I watch and witness my new friend Nino in clear frustration as he is interviewing Juan O’ Savin who many, including this writer, believe to be the, not deceased, but in “almost” hiding lost son of one of our nation’s greatest Presidents John F. Kennedy; namely John F. Kennedy Jr.

Frustration builds as the Fighter begs, almost pleads for some words, a gentle nudge, or a reassuring spark that will prompt him, like so many others as him, to breathe a sigh of relief; a glimpse that reinforcements are arriving, much needed ammunition has manifested, that there is “For God’s Sake” an end in sight to this mess. Give us anything; let us see even a few of the victories, the fallen foes, the evildoers finally getting their rightfully deserved noose? It is the soldier’s in the foxholes, those fighting on the front lines, being starved, being beaten, being besmirched by evil, weathering the continued exhaustion of battling day in and day out, with no end in sight that wears on you. I know this, because I am right there with my brother as to fighting from my own little corner of the war, you see my brothers and sisters; the battle is everywhere.

There is no doubt the man being interviewed, if he is not knee-deep in the leadership of this Godly campaign, he certainly, without a doubt, receiving direct insight and a vast amounts of intel allowing him the confidence and linguistic ease to stay calm in this shit storm we see around us? But not everyone is privy to the workings, planning, and intel in the General’s tent, and certainly not the regular grunts on the front lines like David the Fighter, or other even those less fortunate saps like me.

We hear rumors and see signs in the dust, but long in our bones to actually see some of the victories brought forward, we have only heard but the faintest whispers of these windfalls, yet again we wait another day, another week, a couple of percent of the people who must awaken, it would seem from my corner of the war a great many few have all been waiting for now longer than we dare to remember.

I know the leadership has a plan, and I know they cannot be satisfied with only taking the head off the hydra, heaven forbid if two grow back? I know these minions of Darkness would rather take a hundred innocents with them, “burn it all down,” than go quietly into the night.

But it doesn’t mean we have to like it. I’m right there with you brother, I like so many others have already seen the truth, we know the election was stolen, not only with the truly elected President Trump but with plenty of good people who should have been elected all across this country, so a rich few could put their bought, bribed, coerced leaders in every key position in our society, and let us pay for it with our lives. 

I’m with you Brother, it’s time, I’m tired of waiting for someone else to right the wrong, in my world in my corner of the universe, in my foxhole President Trump is the President, the majority of those now in control have no business being there. They need to get the hell out now! Count the real votes and put the elected people in immediately, it’s our government, our military, our votes, we pay for it. 

It’s time people to take that first step, up and out of the valley, with every truth you step one step higher out of the valley, before long you can look back from the mountain top and clearly see what is going on. The truth!

By Peter and Anna

Nino’s interview with Juan O’ Savin; The Near Death Experience can be seen on Youtube and

“Dear Lord Jesus, help us as we open our eyes to see and our ears to hear, reveal the truth and empower us to stand up as we demand the true President Donald Trump that we know was elected by an overwhelming majority be recognized immediately brought back to us in true leadership and command. Help and bless all the warriors on the front lines as they hold ground and take new grounds’ for You in the final war this war in the very Quantum levels of each of our souls.”

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2 Responses to News From The Front Line; Nino Raises His Fists In Exhaustion

  1. Syrin says:

    I have zero faith in 107 anymore. He was asked about whether the military would ever step in, and he answered by giving Biblical history and ignoring the question. He likes to listen to himself pontificate. If I hear “digital Pearl Harbor’ one more time, I’m going to puke. Hey 107. Did we let Japan win after Pearl Harbor? Did we step back and let them take over the US 9 MONTHS after the attack like now? Here’s a question for you. What do you call all ranking members of the military? OATHBREAKERS. I would trade our entire treasonous gay pride loving military for 500 Myanmar soldiers.

    • paulorpeter says:

      I appreciate your comment and opinion, and rather than answer your questions, or respond to your statements here, I decided to write my response in the form of an additional article today.. thank you for taking the time to read my article, and bless you on your own journey. PC

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