“Arizona 2020 Audit;” Just When You Thought It Was All Forgotten? Think Again!

Dr. Peter Colla of Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla sits down with Arizona 2020 Presidential Election Auditor Frank Cunningham. Frank is a long time friend, local International Entrepreneur, and most importantly Patriot whose roots go all the way back to Columbus, speaks out regarding the findings of the 2020 Presidential Elections specifically the proof of election fraud in Maricopa and Pima counties, the largest two counties in Arizona, one of the key swing states in the last election.

In true David “Nino” Rodriguez fashion Frank pulls no punches as he names – names and throws out the “jabs” with every one of these Cabalist slash communists that had anything to do with the “Election Steal” as he put it. As an Arizona Auditor Frank was mandated to investigate and submit a written report as to the findings of the 2020 Arizona Audit, of which he has provided this investigator a PDF copy (click below).

Frank’s family lineage goes all the way back to the discovery of our continent and the very ships of Columbus the Nino (different “Nino”), Pinto, and Sante Maria. Throughout the interview, it becomes clear that in the opinion of Frank “If we don’t do something about the past election forged and stolen election of 2020 and eliminate any and all Dominican Machine usage throughout our country and the world, we will never have a fair election again, and probably haven’t had one for decades now.”

Frank’s relationship with me is as a survivor of one of the most horrendous attacks of the modern Big-Pharma and Cabal Driven Medical System I had witnessed in my 35 years of medical practice, and had it not been for his deep belief in Stronger Spiritual influences of Natural Health Care, he would not be sitting here today to make such bold statements against many such institutions running ramped in our State.

I hope the readers will take the time to listen to Frank’s very informative interview and then review the documentation he provided.

In this time of worldwide attacks between bioweapons, threats of nuclear poisoning, controversies regarding vaccines especially “do the risks and witnessed side effects outweigh the hypothesized benefits?” Not to mention the wars and rumors of war, vulcanos, and great natural disasters all over the world, none less in the Media’s now bullseye as Ukraine, it is no wonder that hot topics of yesterday 2020 election fraud, Pandemic, varients, vaccines, even worldwide protests with the obvious loss of human rights has suddenly been placed not only on the back burner but seemingly made to sit with ones desk out in the hallway, like yours truly had to do when he was in the first grade?

Now more than ever as we have all come to the conclusion, point a finger where you wish; bio-labs in Wuhan, or Ukraine, nanoparticles, and graphene oxide in shots, or corrupt politicians and mega-corporate conglomerates worldwide, the agenda is clear there is an active program for depopulation over the whole world and we are in the State of War. Not a War between men or countries, or even gold but a World War for the very souls of every man, woman, and child throughout the world. A war between God and the darkness.

Dr. Peter Colla has dedicated his life to the publishing of articles in paulorpeter.com, videos through Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla, and through his now thirty-five years of selfless medical practice to bring Body, Mind, and Spiritual additions, not substitutions, for the many physical, mental, and spiritual ailments, afflictions, infirmities we all suffer from.

David “Nino” Rodrigues

In his books Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” and Quantum Ascension he describes real proven methods Natural God-given modalities and all-natural ingredients can augment the present Big-Pharma and Allopathic Medical System much of the modern world has become physically and mentally enslaved in. Recently Dr. Peter has teamed up with All Natural, American-made medicinal replacement natural-based suppliment company Vera Life and Pharma Natural Labs out of Dallas Tx to bring my viewers and readers a special offer only for Dr. Peter followers;

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please respond and share this info with other patriots as well as respond back to me regarding your experience with these products and others as I fine-tune some of the formulas as well as diversify the product lines for the needs of our viewers.

In production and research an all-natural product that will not only detox the nanoparticles of the vaccine but bind and eliminate any graphene oxide as well as counter the negative effects of the mRNA.

God does say in His Word; “There is no obstacle that comes before His children, that He (Jesus) does not provide the help or solution right before their eyes!” Of course, all we have to do is have the wisdom to look to God for the answer and then reach out and take the Natural solution He has already given us.

Next week Dr. Peter will be traveling to Poland to interview refugees firsthand and report the truths of what’s really going on over there. I will not be talking to staged performers or scripted protesters but real people who have real proof to back up their statements.

Hopefully, you will be able to see these interviews on David “Nino” Rodriguez’s Telegram my good friend and colleague, or other truthers I have interviewed with Nicholas Veniamen, Pryme Minister, at the very least I will be on The Charlie Ward Show Thursday April 14 ready to give quite an update from the front line.

Be Blessed

Dr. Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, help us every day to realize that this is a war, a war of souls and as such we are responsible for our own little corner of the war. To help those around us, but how? By sharing what we have so freely received from God in this critical time; Wisdom in the form of Truths.”

“Truths when they are from God, become the bullets of our own Spiritual Weapons, only effective in defeating enemies when used, shared, spoken.”

The Latest Letter From My Mentor;

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