“A Message For Humanity” Another Knockout In The First Round!!!

A Heavy Weight fight to the death heralded as “A Message For Humanity.”

The fighters step in the ring, long past are the introductions and normal bantering’s that precipitate the battles that without a doubt will soon follow, there is a calm yet decisive feel in the air; something big is about to break? In this time the battles for the bodies, minds, and most importantly the spirits or souls of the world are of Titanic importance, it would hardly classify as a mere victory or loss for a statistic in a win-loss category, another trophy, medal, or belt to collect dust hanging on a bedpost or sitting unobserved in some tucked away trophy case, there is a certain realization in today’s fights, there is much more at stake than mere gold or glory.

Be that as it may, one of the combatants David “Nino” Rodriguez, a veteran champion of the ring, it is his show, him they come to see, his fighting skill that draws the audience, and of the thirty-seven professional fights he happens to have fought in, thirty-five were decided in the form of “Knockouts” dished out at the hand of Nino against would-be assailants. A man doesn’t acquire that kind of world-class record without developing at least an air of aggression as well as a person that emulates confidence born out of dishing out ass-whooping in place of receiving it.

He team’s up today and fighting in the white corner, representing team Q, in light-colored stars and stripes pattern trunks, weighing in a bit plumper than usual yet modest 269, he has today in his corner cut man and recent spiritual trainer John Paul Rice. 

His opponent in the Black corner; representing team Beelzebub the master liars, weighing in at nothing, in his corner all the pomposity that same ridiculous moused-faced doctor wearing twelve masks can muster. If this was merely a man in the opposite corner of the ring one would say “adios muchachos” regardless of who the fool was that would be stupid enough to step in the ring with a fighter like Nino and his record of straight Knockouts, but it isn’t flesh and blood that Nino and others like him are fighting these days but powers and principalities, demons, “spirits of the air,” entities of secrets societies that not only prey on the most innocent of our children, but brainwash each and every one of us to involuntarily accept it, pay for it, and even empower it with our unwitting acceptance of its narrative as they hide these atrocities right under our noses in plain sight. 

Round one “Ding” goes the bell; the smaller more aggressive shadow of a villain literally springs from its seat and seems to fly across the ring, what appears felt by those close enough to feel it’s cold sweat only glimpse of a shadow-like large dark spider-like image one that has cast an enormous and malevolent presence as it crosses the rings of countless fights for the last few months moves with the subtlety of a bull? The snarling added to its grossly exaggerated image coupled with the lies of decades, and the doubts that scars many a sane man’s minds, this creature is used to fighting straight on because most opponents flinch first taking the initial salvo of punches which is often enough to damage them remove all faith needed to win any battles in it’s dark neck of the woods.

But we cannot blame men or women, for that matter, for they have been conditioned for decades if not centuries of MK Ultra like Pavlov-Dog brainwashing, negative initiated responses, dumbed-down poisons in the foods and our medicines, not to mention the herd mentality defeatist attitude training, to react in fear when the Fog Horn Leg Horn loud mouth Dark bully starts mouthing off. At this point in the fighting scene out there, the reputation alone from the Dark Team is usually enough to silence if not for only a single round, but permanently, even the toughest fighter’s on the scene.

But not Nino, from the moment this fight started you could clearly see there was power and confidence in the eye of the scrappy champ as if he knew something new and powerful, just waiting for the moment to unleash it. Never, not once, did the confidence leave the champ’s eyes, or a doubtful word crosses his lips, even as the attacking fiend crossed the ring in the opening seconds of the fight the champ just waited calmly for his opening. 

Nino merely with a casual smile, and maybe a challenging wink, sidestepped with the grace of twenty-year-old ballerina dancing on the back of an elephant, casually swept the assailants blows of doubt and despair away like flies, and immediately went into a barrage of confident spiritual attacks that packed enough walloped to knock Arnold Schwarzenegger into orbit.

Pop, Pop, Pop, three quick left jabs, as the fighter casually steps to the side avoiding the onslaught these battles so often erupt into. Three jabs of confident truths, statements of revelation, and spiritual authority smacked the demon of deceit and lies right in his filthy mouth jolting that pathetic pinhead back like a “jack in the box” on a spring. Then an immediate cross, boom; a Right hand (the hand of Right!) the champ speaking with faith the Name of Jesus and the confidence of the strength the Word of God gives dished out a blow that even that darks spirits mother (Jezebel) felt 3000 years ago in the grave. 

If the creature wasn’t heading for the canvass with those previous blows then the following left and right to the body with the revelations that immediately followed did;  statements of illumination, truths made exposing the real weaknesses of the enemy the soft underbelly he so loves to protect hit him like gut punches of a sledgehammer. And just to put the icing on the cake, the champ pops another tooth splattering left (I’d say teeth but these blood-drinkers usually have but one tooth if any), followed by the thunderous downward driving blow; confessing his own faith and the power of spiritual truths into the universe, in effect created a pile-driving blow that drove that demon of doubt not only to the canvass but most likely through it and all the way to the bottom floor of hell!

If you haven’t seen Nino’s recent fights, especially in the last couple of days then my friend you have missed a truly Titanic example of spiritual ass whipping the likes that would the original David the Giant Killer smile with pride!

“A Message For Humanity” Another Knockout In The First Round!!!

If you didn’t hear it and see it, check out for yourself John Paul Rice “A Message For Humanity” ninoscorner.tv and maybe YouTube

Good Job Champ, add another KO to your tally.

Sports Commentator humbly provided by a friend;

Peter Colla  

“Dear Lord help us all have the courage to pass on any and all of the truths You have allowed to be revealed in this illuminating time of Your revelations.”

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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