Fluff Tube “News Flash Part Two:” Juan O’ Saven On Nino’s Court Of Public Opinion; “They Made Promises, But Lied To Us? Really, Welcome To The Party Pal!”

Fluff Tube “News Flash Part Two:” Juan O’ Saven On Nino’s Court Of Public Opinion; “They Made Promises, But Lied To Us? Really, Welcome To The Party Pal!”

Juan O’ Saven, I truly love the guy, and if he isn’t really John F. Kennedy Jr. then in this writer’s opinion, he should be! Every time he shows up on Nino’s Corner or anywhere else I have to listen, call it the old glued in front of the boob tube, or back to the era when there were only radios and everyone listened to the Friday Night Fights at Madison Square Garden, regardless if you were sitting at home with the wife, kids, and dog, or down at the local pub having a brewski with the boys, when the game was on, everyone piped down and the bartender turned up the volume!

But right out of the gate, our favorite horse the Big Cowboy Boot Himself Juan started talking about all the promises these rich guys make, promises of this and that, lawyers promising sixty and delivering six cracker jack rejects to keep the Nevada election safe? 

They didn’t follow through with their promises? Surprised at that one?

Well, all I have to say about that is; “Welcome To The Party Pal!”

I’m just a friggen low rank, ass to the grass, buck-private health care provider, who happened to promise God fifteen years ago I would place Him (Jesus) into the healthcare treatment scenario any way I could! 

If I had a nickel for every time I had some rich guy, or anyone else for that matter, step up and say they were going to help in this or that fight against injustice, or even promise to merely spread the word to others, and then disappear leaving me holding myself, while I moved forward in this or that battle because I was expecting some promise of help, only to be standing in front of the charging horde now alone with what had now become a common stupid look on my face, if I had a nickel for every one of those events, I could fund the whole friggen NASARA myself by now!

It is so common for people to make promises, often I think they like the feeling they get when we are grateful in advance, makes them feel good! What do they call this; “Savior Complex,” some guys, especially rich guys love to play the savior, especially in the eyes of women like my wife? “Don’t worry little lady, I will take care of that bully that is persecuting you.” Hugs, Kisses, tears of joy that the battle might actually have a positive outcome and we can march forward like lemming’s with confidence, just to have our hopes, prayers, even hard work moving now in the recommended direction, be dowsed like a cold bucket of water tossed on a pathetic little candle.

You’d think I’d learn, these guys always coming in these vultures in sheep’s clothing, a seemingly sincere want to help, real friends, buddies, pals, family, but when the smoke clears you find out they were just involved really as covert plants, working for the other team like some shit faced spy, eager to lend a hand until you read the fine print; double the normal charge. Then for an added bonus they charge you an extra five or ten percent on the backside because you should be glad just for the honor of knowing them! You think the pirates eye patch or black-eye on one eye would have given it away?

I always love the ultimate final disclosure, that’s when they are not flat out denying any knowledge or blaming the theft on some long gone subordinate; “if you think you’ve been mistreated or don’t like the way we canceled your contract, overcharged you, or basically “buggarded” you in the old back side, then sue us, we don’t care.”

It’s about that time they hang up with a laugh, they know what we all have come to know; if you did happen to go to court they would own your lawyer, if they didn’t own him, they own the judge, and if they don’t own the judge, they own the politician who might have influence over the judge, and if they don’t own him, they will commence to killing, so why even bother trying that route?

But there again, didn’t Jesus Himself say; “Either you are for me, or you are against me, there is no middle ground.

So my question to Juan, if I had happen to be sitting there is not that the ball dropped on the one-yard line as has happened so many times I can hardly remember, but who are these limp-dicks who made all these promises for support, integrity, even seemingly righteous justice just to disappear when we needed them the most?

Such acts of cowardice is nothing short of sending a band of soldiers into a hot-spot with the promise of support, and then when the time is most critical they turn their backs and leave the real heroes to fall because they are now seriously and almost humiliatingly outnumbered. You want a scene from Braveheart; How about when Mel’s waving the flag for attack right in the middle of the battle, and all the rich landowners smile their pathetic cocky Billionaire smiles as they turn their horses and leave. At least in that movie they got their asses whooped later.

What has happened to the world, I was always taught “My Yes means Yes, and My No Means No,” and if I promise somebody I’m going to do something I did it? My wife Anna is the same way, that is why it is impossible for her to tell a lie or say a negative thing about someone, yet how that simple Godly truth has just about vanished completely from almost everyone I know. And this betrayal today seems to bring tears to her eyes more often now than I had ever seen in the past.

Nothing infuriates and saddens me more than to see my wife cry because of that kind of hurt. Now, I don’t claim to be any kind of Godly man, and even the thought that I am supposed to represent God in my own home it does scare the “Be-Julius” out of me at times, but if it rocks my world that much seeing my wife tear, I can’t imagine what it must do to God when he sees his children being betrayed and hurt?

I love the part when Juan asks the question; “How do you beat the devil?” Let’s get back to that one in a moment.

Interesting enough in my own health care Mind, Body, and Spiritual application of therapeutic treatments (and I call it my own, with all due respect because it is really God’s, He just lets me write about it), especially when we have already discovered that treating the causes, all of the causes (something that has been discarded in healthcare recently), we have the greatest chance of not only being victorious over the attacks of the present, but thwarting future ones of the enemy that might come down the line. We do this by placing our intention on the very direction in which the attack came, then going to God for the answers or the proper procedures to use to defeat it if it ever comes back, thus turning the light on in the darkness causing the curse or evil to flee. 

So basically if we look at the physical elements of the symptoms as they manifest before or on the individual, the experiential meaning of the particular part of the body part being attacked, and most importantly what spiritual activities they seem hell-bent on stopping them from doing in their life, then create a therapeutic application that encompasses all three parts is essential to have the greatest chance of not only defeating the attacking malevolent entity, but have the added bonus of growing stronger in the process as we then become experts in the healing process of this particular attack and can pass this information onto other as clearly demonstrated by the universal fact; “Been there, done that!” 

A simple example of the symptom cause-based perspective we will use for today in this report; we will use the attacks of depression, or the common pain associated with an anxiety reactionary affliction such as PTSD. Without getting into the etiology of these afflictions, or the particulars surrounding the common treatment of such attacks, let’s just say that the most common symptom associated with depression is de-socialization or a withdrawal from society in general. And even if this particular symptom doesn’t manifest itself clearly, which it usually does, in secondary attack scenarios such as PTSD, the implementation of commonly approved and even “pushed” medicinal treatment procedures will often do the trick to desensitize the individual so much so, they have no choice but to de-socialize. 

So if we know that de-socialization is the hidden agenda of these curses within the poisons of our “Big-Pharma-Pseudo-Insurance-Controlled-Allopathic-Crude Oil-Based-Medical-System” and promotes this, then we have not only placed the light on the true location, as well as the direction of the curse inflicting us, but in one scoop know exactly the direction of the counterpunch necessary to knock the skinny-armed little demon right out of the ring? 

So back to Juan’s question; “How you beat the devil?” He does answer that question even though it seems like he dances around the subject stating a need to “quote scriptures,” or that it is actually happening right in front of our eyes without specifically stating what?

Well, from my own experience, you know what they say; there is more than one way to skin a cat? Why would someone actually want to skin a cat, I like cats, they are always so sweet when you are sweet to them, but they seem to be picked on all the time?

But yes, God gives us pretty much give us all we need to defeat attacks of darkness all around us, literally in every plane of the senses we have available to us, basically demonstrating there are enough tools around us in all forms of the senses whether it be sight, sound, movement, even food and water, or the very smells in the air, He gives us all the tools we need within each of these senses, to defeat all the attacks or afflictions we experience, merely needing to seek and ask Him, recognize them, then reach out and take any one of them to use in our own efforts defeat the attacks. 

Now back to the devil, what does he or those minions he has under his control, those demons, witches, warlock, high priests, and priests display as a symptom more than anything else?

This is an easy one!

They hide! They have their “secret” societies, their “hidden” bases, their “secret” handshakes, their hiding all their dirty secrets under the covers, their behind closed doors, behind the masks evil bitch witch covens, or their little dark butt spanking little boy bands cross-bone lodge member funny hat wearing or little apron club.

If this is their main symptom, and oh by the way the majority of the medicines out there including pretty much all of the psychological drugs, including alcohol, all seem to do one thing in common and that is to dumb down our senses, almost making us feel like we are living under a heavy blanket or in some kind of dark numbing cave with only the smallest of the peephole to look out of! A conscious and spiritual disconnect from God!

Even prisons of the oldest forms all used solitary confinement, locking a person up in a dark confined room as the most rudimentary and aggressive form of long-term punishment, throwing people in dungeons, causing them often to go insane if kept too long. Funny how the doctors always seem to tell parents of an afflicted child to put the child in the darkroom and keep them there as some kind of potential treatment? What child has this ever been made to feel better by this, only worse by causing anxiety and added depression?

So if the devil likes to hide as his main side effect, symptom, prompting, call it what you will, then exposure is the best and most effective way to beat the devil!





Turn the light of Truth on, everywhere and anywhere you can, tell as many people the truths you can, share with everyone you know, pass them on, and tell, plead, beg them to pass them on again themselves! This is the death of devils in any form!

Do you want to defeat the devil? Pass the Truths on to Others; “For God’s Sake”

But all this being said; I totally see the frustration my friend Nino has when doing these interviews, guest after guest revealing what appears to be page after page, fact after fact, or truth after truth of not only outright theft, violation of constitutional rights of every American (that isn’t the puppet of satan), but also evidence of pedophilia, child trafficking, attempted genocide on a worldwide scale, say nothing of the treason, outright bold-faced lies, slanders, and countless atrocities perpetrated against the many innocent for the desires of an extremely few Dark Sider’s. Yet the days march on, goal posts moved yet again, another date for some future tell-all report, some all revealing audit what our military supposedly has known for now three quarters of a year, some last dumbass that still needs to wake up before we hit that all revealing ceiling of awareness that must be found before anything seems to be done?

Good thing we are only talking about Biden and that AOC bitch, if we were talking about “Ze-Germans” or the “invading Chinese” we’d all be walking around with our chopsticks in hand trying to make heads or tails of the “ding-dong-ping-pong” language, or wearing our armband this time with crosses on them, as we march slowly and in our neat and orderly fashion to the ovens waiting for our turn to jump in.

I think I agree with Nino, what the frig are we waiting for, if people haven’t woke by now then fuck-em they never will!

By Peter Colla


“Dear Heavenly Father help me recognise the attacks of the enemy, understand the means in which they wage war, show me the weapons of war and more importantly how to use them for Your glory as we fight this End Times War to end all wars, in preparation to Your Son’s return.”

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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