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The Need For Change in Health Care

People talk about change these days, expressing their desire and even frustrations with the sense that something must change, without even really knowing what or how, nowhere is this displayed with more of a sense of urgency than in health … Continue reading

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Miss Piggy Comes To Visit

What a joy it is to feed the creatures of morning light, the soft cuing voices and symphonies of fluttering sounds lift up the dry desert in it’s early hours and echoes sweet scents of being alive. Majestically highlighted are … Continue reading

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“A Morning With Villa La Fagianaia”

A honeymoon morning in Tuscany is a symphony of sounds, sights and feelings dancing across one mans senses with no less vibrato than the softest most superbly played Mozart. A masterpiece of fresco pigments laid down with just a hint … Continue reading

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A Local Therapist’s Take On The VA Debacle, And General Shinseki’s Resignation

A single man, while having the ability to change and effect many areas, maybe even breath life into a dying body, has little or no chance to affect the overall eventuality of said course the would be corpse is heading … Continue reading

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