“Welcome To The General’s Tent” An Impromptu Interview Between Generals; General McInerney and David Rodriguez!

Hot Off The Press; David “Nino” Rodriguez interviews General Tom McInerney!!! 

I will just say right here in my opening statement; While you have come to expect the gloves on, meat and potatoes, boxing ring brawls, pretty much every time we go to the Madison Square Garden ringside seat view of Ninos TV this one was anything but that!

This interview had all the respect, seriousness, and trappings of any common soldier, regardless of rank’s, view of “Stepping Into the General’s Tent,” whereby intel, assignment, perspective, even further orders, are requested with “All Due Respect,” and soldiers then wait respectfully and most importantly at full attention while the information from the General is conveyed!

I have had a little experience having had the pleasure myself to have “A Visit To The General’s Tent.” In my brief report today I think rather than try to regurgitate to my readers the perspective or in-nuances of what was said; for I am sure all of you will certainly see it for yourself, I believe I will reflect on what exactly what it is like to actually have a visit to the General’s Tent as perhaps a precipice to fan the flame in each of you to make your own pilgrimage to one such heralded occurrences? 

The General’s Tent is not as much a destination as it is a significant event in the life of those who are privileged enough to be invited, that is when you are being invited for assignment, instruction, and to receive direct orders from the very top, “The Commander and Chief,” and we all know who that is!

We all know that we are hip-deep in the End Times War, and if you don’t know it by now, you better wake the hell up; “grab your socks and grab your… sword,” because if you have sided with the side of Truth, God, The White Hats, even merely “Good” wanting a better life for all people, especially the children who have been abducted and tortured, then like it or not you are in “His” God’s Army, and you have a job to do so you better just suck it up and go with it!

Like I was saying there are only two reasons to pay a visit to the General’s Tent, the first one is to receive your “Further Order’s,” the General is not obligated to “fill you in,” or to brief you, he or she does not pay you respect, answer to you, they must answer to the top, and likewise are privy to plans, perspectives, goals, and objectives they might relay or not dependent on purely one thing; “A Need To Know Basis!” So just sit at attention, listen and take note at every word the General Says, it will soon be made clear exactly why you were brought there, what intel you will need to be privy to in this campaign, and exactly what assignment or “Order’s” you have moving forward!

Of course, there could be the other reason for being called to the General’s tent and that is a less pleasurable reason; usually has to something to do with being chastised or reprimanded for one or more “Bone-Head’s” you have done? And if it has to happen all the way to the top and it is the General who is having to do the reprimanding, as seem’s the case in this interview I watched, then Heaven Help your ass if you are the one who is on the short end of that pain stick.

In God’s Army, He has already set up many strategic command centers throughout the world in which He delves out specific orders to His Generals and High Command. They are not all in the formal military assignment as many obvious are, but all have one significant factor in common; they are in Direct Connection with “The Commander And Chief” take their orders directly or sometimes indirectly from Him, I say indirectly because obviously, a Four Star will pass on the information and sometimes orders to a Three Star who might be more in the field.

These Generals receive their orders from the same source that gave them their Stars in the first place, “Rank Has Its Privileges” and allows them direct access to the Commander And Chief any time they pick up the “Literal” phone and call. But with great privilege come great responsibility, they more than others must carry out their orders not only to the best of their knowledge but adhering to the “Straight And Narrow” course their Commander has specified, because they are not only responsible for themselves or even a small band of others, but responsible for thousands even tens of thousands of other soldiers in God’s Army who look to them for courage when times are hardest.

You, my Truther Brother’s and Sister’s, the real “Patriot’s,” the “Freedom Fighter’s,” the “True End Time Soldier’s,” you, who not only seek the truth but in turn pass it on to many others around you in the front lines of this war; you are the officers, the Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals, and regular Grunts fighting these battles of Dark and Light, one soul, one universe, one precious man, woman, and child at a time!

I would advise you not to envy the various high ranking General’s like Gen. Tom McInerney, Gen. Flynn, Juan O’ Savin, Charley Ward, Lynn Wood, Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Laue in Pagosa Springs, Mario Murillo, Kim Clemente, or even “Old Palooka” Nino, for they all risk their lives every single day, some already having given that ultimate price to bring these commands, instructions, prophetic words, inspirations and Truths to the rest of us. You really don’t think that even the highest-ranking Generals like our illustrious President Trump, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, or Xi Jinping if they are truly on the side of Light and fight even behind the scenes for God, Truth, Freedom, “The Good Of All Man,” risk their lives, risk them every day, knowing full well there is a whole army of darkness out there that would like no more than to put their heads on spikes any chance they had?

Notice I said President Trump is a high-ranking General, and while he may be the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of the US and perhaps other armies of the world, the ultimate “Commander And Chief” of the whole End Times War is none other than Jesus Christ Himself!

Envy them not such privilege of leadership, because again where there are great gifts comes with it great responsibilities! 

No, it is not our place in this man’s Army of God to ask why this one leads, and these other’s are to follow, why this one gets to sit in the Generals tent, and these others merely have to watch from the fringe, why this one survives assassination attempts and the other fell?

“No, it is not our place in God’s beautiful perfect garden to ask why one flower is here, and the other is placed there, it is our place to “Thank God” for the privilege for even being flowers in His garden, and further “Thank Him” for the time we got to spend with the other precious flowers He so perfectly placed in His so majestic garden.”


Welcome to God’s Garden.

Welcome to the General’s Tent.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus thank you for the privilege of serving in your End Times Army, give us the strength, courage and fortitude to weild your sword of Truth and we battle darkness and spread the Light of You in all the souls we are privileged to know in Your majestic garden. If, by chance we ever have an opportunity to enter into one of your Generals tents I pray it is for assignment and not reprimand.”

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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  1. Debbe says:

    Excellent! Well said. Thank you.

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