The Jab? “What Does Quantum Medicine Say About It, And Can The Application Of It Counter The Negative Effects?”

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The Jab? “What Does Quantum Medicine Say About It, And Can The Application Of It Counter The Negative Effects?”

As processions of people line up for their inevitable train ride to doom and gloom, that perpetual slow infusion of death that doesn’t immediately kill but slowly disseminates every aspect of God’s gifts from His children’s lives until every resemblance of freedom or sovereign identity is slowly yet methodically extracted leaving only the skeletal remains, a dry withered husk as far from the original perfection of created majesty as a zombie is from a newborn baby, and all that is left is each their turn to jump from the cliff on command or leap themselves into the oven, for all resemblance of the once-free life has been stolen, given, bartered, slowly milked away.

Today, more than ever, our so-called leadership seems so concerned about health that they are willing to spend millions even billions to propagate the vaccination of not only all people who might be at risk of contracting their now proven debunked pandemic, but inject everyone else in the world, regardless of they have no chance of infection, let alone a mortality rate demonstrating the same odds of winning the lottery twice and never buying a single ticket! Not to mention the absolute maniacal obsession to put in place mandates and protocols they themselves know are utterly useless and may actually attribute to worsening of our health, mental stability, and social continuity.

Ninos Insiders

Of course, when these elites are observed behind the scenes blatantly disregarding the very mandates posed on the rest of us, those they deem below their own self elevated and imagined lofty status, proclaiming themselves royalty without the usual edict of the uniform consent of the masses or more importantly direct proclamation from God Himself?

This sudden obsession with our health, that our now seemingly all caring leadership suddenly expresses for us often follows on the backside of the very contempt displayed in their own soulless prattling regarding yet the opposite one of our apparent overpopulation or fault in the reported destruction of the environment of which they too wish to champion! Funny as it is when looking closer, it is often the corporations or the countries that spout out the loudest for environmental changes are the same who have contributed the most to the actual pollutant so-called disasters? 

As we have examined in the Body, Mind, and Spiritual examination of Health and the needed application of likewise considerations towards handling these now realized attacks, the common participant that seems to arise is the lie when the Systems given a description of the said attack is then subtly but uniformly transmuted into something we have become rather than something we should overcome?

Be-Come looking at the very word it would seem to indicate a sort of desire to “Be” something we are not or at least not yet, and then an attributed desire to “Come” or go towards this destination or objective as an ultimate goal? But in the case of any attack, plagues, sickness, or affliction, all basically variations names for the same thing, one would assume that nobody in their right mind would desire to transform themselves into something that is actually harmful to themselves, leaving only one conclusion; that desire for harm is from someone or something outside the individual being afflicted?

In the Word of God; we are called to be overcomers of all attacks and challenges of the enemy for God, thus if any afflictions regardless of perspective energetic origin, The Father Himself would have us “Over”-“Come!”

With Nicholas Veniamin

We are instructed to go over it like a hurdle or a crack in the sidewalk! More on that in a minute, but as we further examine these assignments perspective is always important to understand and to overcome these seemingly overwhelming barriers otherwise depending on the perspective they seem so vast and impossible the logical assumption from the inexperienced child is often to give up without even trying to “Overcome” especially when the order or destination of the coming event is to “Be” and not get “Over?”

We have heard now for almost a year the vast discrepancies, reported exaggerated numbers, flat out lies, and almost maniacal obsession with all the governments of the world, especially certain more leaning liberal ones, as well as the largest corporations, mass media, educational, and food distributional, and entertainment industries including all iconic athletic pillars of our worldwide communities regarding the need for us all to not only practice mouth and nose masking as well as social isolation procedures but an almost pathological and I may add aggressive desire to force us all into an obedient line to receive a vaccination for an illness that has for the vast majority of worlds population a nearly one hundred percent recovery rate, that is when the patient is not having a ventilator shoved down their throat regardless if they have obstructions or not?

One would venture to say, aside from the absolute fact that the same corporate giants own net worths doubled and in some cases quadrupled in merely the few short months of the lockdowns, shutdowns, and scamdemic otherwise perpetuate the exact opposite on the rest of society, it would seem that these pillars of community service ideology have suddenly decided that their main concern was for the rest of our health? This explains why the strip clubs in California decided to give free table dances for anyone who received the jab, or what was the other my wife recently told me about; “A donut a day for free if you got the jab, marijuana cigarettes or other scams to get the sheeple to submit?” It sure is good to realize the strippers care so much for the rest of us that they would work for free just to make sure we stay safe?

I understand the choice, I even understand a desire to so-called help your fellow man like our pillar “donut-producers” are doing, but when elderly are lined up and forced to take it under threat of being tossed out of their nursing homes, or worse refused hospital care for afflictions that have absolutely nothing to do with respiratory illnesses. But people being threatened, refusal to visit spouses in the hospital if they don’t receive it, children being forced to revive it without the parent’s direct knowledge or consent, even threatening to go door to do and if parents refuse to receive the jab themselves their children being taken from them, how can any sane person believe the corporate and governmental Bureaucrats behind this really want their well being when making such threats or implementing even in theory such procedures? 

There can only be one conclusion drawn from the scenarios when we examine it from a Body, Mind, and Spiritual perspective; the physical benefits don’t match the known risks and understood toxic dangers associated with the already known ingredients of the jabs. On an experiential or Mind awareness exam as well, the already multitude of contra-indications and in many cases lethal side effects on people who have a zero chance of lethal effects from the very virus this injection is supposedly promised to thwart, the numbers just don’t add up. 

But from the spiritual perspective, it makes perfect sense; there is definitely a malevolent dark spiritual objective behind all of this so-called health push that has in its sights the most vulnerable the elderly, the most innocent the children, and even a desire to now vaccinate pregnant women, any idiot regardless of what so-called lofty educated doctor or basic broom pushing med aid, knows pregnant women had to avoid completely the vast majority of medicines unless proven completely safe for the fetus by their OB/GYN, and the medical treatment providers as a whole, my own physical therapy included, were always educated and literally drilled into them the absolute contraindication of pregnancy for almost every outward-directed inward stimulus, electrical, ultra-sound, or chemical delivery procedure, regardless of what part of the body, only allowing the most basic exercises or postural relieving techniques to be applied. Even massages had to be done in the most cautious manner and some forms of reflexology were prohibited altogether.

So again why the sudden absolute concern for someone’s heath they would so blatantly disregard even the most rudimentary safety precautions if they didn’t have some other goal in mind, not one of Overcoming the virus, but one of Becoming something else?

The Curse and the Crack in the Sidewalk Analogy?

So let us examine the classic crack in the sidewalk as an affliction or pandemic, that our all caring and I might add Eugenic’s desiring leaders have suddenly placed our attention onto?

We are told it is a virus that this deadly worldwide plague potentially could kill millions, yet again the numbers of deaths in 2020 did not even match the totals from 2019, and the flu numbers were almost identical to those now being reported to COVID. As a matter of fact, the normal deaths to heart disease, other also supposedly lethal affliction such as cancer, overdose, even old age suddenly fell worldwide to nearly zero, yet the so-called COVID numbers raised almost in equal proportions to the falling previous reported mortality numbers. Praise God it’s a miracle COVID cured cancer, heart disease, the flu, and old age! 

So what does a crack in the sidewalk have to do with COVID? 

Well if you are a virus and are standing on the edge of the crack looking across to the other side, that crack would look like the grand canyon, so from the perspective of the virus or from its point of view the crack seems insurmountable, uncrossable, and almost unfathomable barrier to in no way overcome but accept as merely here to observe and live with? There is no way you are jumping the thing, there is no path down, not to mention the obvious fear of heights these cliffs demonstrate, and no friggen donkey to carry you down and to the other side, no virus size donkeys to save the day?

Oops, what this a glass of cat piss, formaldehyde, mercury, and carbon particles, with a sticker on it; “Drink this and the canyon will disappear!” signed your trusted and all-knowing corporate giants, absolute trustworthy politicians, known Hollywood compassionate philanthropists, and endearing as well as selfless athletes!

From the virus’s standpoint, or from the perspective we have decided to take, one of a virus’s viewpoints, the crack is an impossible barrier. But what if it turns out to be a lie, what if the grand canyon before us is no canyon at all but merely a crack in the cement, one we can overcome as simply as merely stepping over, sliding our feet over, crawling over, or even roll over as easily as one would roll over from one side of the bed to the other? In other words, laugh at the ridiculousness of the crack nonsense and just move on with our lives?

We wait a minute what about the poor elderly who can’t even roll from one side to another or the baby who is still in the womb and has no choice but has to endure the crack charade and thus is forced to drink the cat piss tea sitting there?

An interesting thing about curses, in order for them to work it is vital the person who is the victim of the curse must be deserving of the aggression, this comes right out of the “witches war manual of curses, spiritual conjuring, and black magic” or in  other words; “woe unto them that try to place a curse upon an innocent, for the curse will be reflected back unto those who cast it resulting in a much more horrific and lethally devastation result.” They basically get ripped to pieces when their spells don’t work!

If that’s the case, then why would a baby ever be at risk? It is unfortunate that children and others who are under the responsibility of other people, elderly, sick or afflicted, incapacitated, are under the responsibility of these others who then decide through their own actions and choices the physical consequences of the child at least until it comes to the age off accountability for its own choices. Cat piss is no exception, if a parent decides to give the child rat poison one spoon at a time the child takes it because he or she supposes that said dumb ass parent loves them and would never be so stupid as to wish them harm, regardless if they want to take a vacation to Disneyland or not and the only way is to take a drink of Cat piss.

But what does the Bible, aka God say about those who have fallen inadvertently into the grip of the enemy? Those who willfully chose by active participation or casual observation such as would be witnessed in ritual sacrifice, as is often been speculated and now more and more comes to light these recent days, witches, warlocks, priests, priestesses, high or low regardless of status, all seem to have to participate in some fashion in the blood sacrifice of children, blood-drinking, flesh-eating or the like, whether directly or through support lending aid to the perpetuation of the system that facilitates this atrocity against humanity, the capture, transport, promotion, cover-up, or financial profiteering of said system.

As I have stated in earlier articles and will not venture into now, other than to further illuminate the fact that active participation seems to have a direct and distinct physiological effect that is demonstrated both on the face and or on the hands of people who actively engage in these ritualistic performances and it already has been scientifically concluded without a doubt, that a detectable and clearly morphological change takes place on the cellular level, one that not only leads to symptoms of insanity but one that is irreversible and lethal if the same ritual addictions are not continued. This would without a doubt add an experiential component that plays with the mind in a diabolical manner?

But the spiritual component that too seems to be at play here, especially when we are talking about the willing consent, or in some cases the unwilling consent as would be demonstrated in people being forced against their will to participate in rituals that clearly are not for their own good but merely to feed the lusts and evils desires of some demon. These people who have fallen victim are in essence killed because they are good, or children of people who have chosen God, directly if not now consequentially in their path through this time.

Is it much different than the many first-century Christians who were taken and then fed to the lions or slaughtered by the sword as entertainment for cheering crowds in the Roman Coliseums? These people for no other reason than because of their choice to follow God were put to death, making them basically Martyrs for Christ, they did not willfully sacrifice themselves for personal gain, not even by active choice find themselves in this pickle, but pay with their lives all the same.

Today we have seen many scenarios where people are being forced against their will, tricked, or deceived to participate in all forms of self-destructive practices, and if the reports are true, we don’t have to go any further than the good old McDonald hamburger to find instances where human flesh has been leached into our food against our consent, knowledge, or social advantage, but merely for the purpose of an attempted curse which may or may not have had the intent to facilitate the same morphological changes at the cellular levels that were stated above. Maybe the powers to be felt that having to actually pay something for this burger fest eliminated their own reciprocal response for cursing the innocent. Maybe that is why we always have to pay something even the most fractional co-pay or get something in return like a table dance at a strip club, to activate, at least in their minds the curses potential? 

This all may be true, and the substantiated by the overwhelming display of circumstantial evidence could hardly speak to the contrary that is unless a person just believes in such outlandish coincidences as to think its all just bay chance these facts show up, like a person with as low of public support and lackadaisical emotional following as our illustrious sitting fake president could have mustered the largest voter turn out in history and an unprecedented 130% turnout of voters in many swing states throughout the country. And if you believe that one is right, I have some water rights I’d like to sell you on the moon?

So if we are to believe in the Quantum Ascension Medicine a few have speculated exists, and even fewer have dared to talk about other than the hidden thousands of cures, and hidden technology med beds that may or may not be on the cusp of being rolled out, then one must assume that the only way such technology could or would possibly benefit a person would be if said individual was willing to disengage from the perspective of the virus standing at the edge of the crack and realize we are actually children created in the image of God, designed and destined to see the crack as it really is, nothing more than a distraction a lie, and a charade, one which is intended push our face to the cement and make us look at it close up regardless if we want to or not?

From the air, from even a child’s standpoint cracks in the cement are at best funny little novelties that can’t hurt anyone except those who have chosen themselves buy into, actively participate, or propagate the said horror of the world, the great grand canyon of a small crack that will swallow us all up. 

Realizing this fact is the first step in neutralizing the lie of the ever-dooming and dark plot of the Deep Stank Crack scamdemic. If people have been against their will, forced, or deceived into taking a poisonous anything jab, burger, or glass of water with a curse placed on it, placing our attention, knowing the Truth, spreading this truth to others, or praying to God this truth will be revealed is all that is necessary to counter the curse aspects of these plots, thus driving out the darkness and its malevolent shadows leaving merely the inert God created aftermath to the attacks to be further cleaned up by whatever means necessary whether, sound and spoken word, beautiful light of Gods heavenly creation, water, and its cleansing as well as garden stimulating effects, or any or all of the above wrapped up into a new technology med bed delivery system designed to bring into us ascended souls all of these rich God-given energies for facilitate the promises God has already given each of us, and that is to be “Overcomers.”

Of course, God isn’t mocked, knowing that one day we might just be able to lay down in a med bed and the curse, as well as the poisons of the McDonald hamburger jab, will be dissipated, so why not take the jab today and cash in on the marijuana cigarette and get our stripper lap dance, party, party, party? You step into that pigpen and lay your sacrifice at the feet of satan today, with the hope of asking forgiveness tomorrow, hay it’s your ass, but me I don’t play Russian roulette with the devil. I leave that to the politicians!

By Peter Colla

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4 Responses to The Jab? “What Does Quantum Medicine Say About It, And Can The Application Of It Counter The Negative Effects?”

  1. Sybille says:

    Love your thinking and attitude. I am in the healing “business” myself.
    My problem that nobody ever addresses is what to do when you lose your best friend/BETTER half and cannot get through it and out of the funk. November 4 will be the third year that he left and I still miss him terribly! I don’t want to you touch anybody because I do not want to transfer my sadness to my clients. I want to be with him on the other side but I would not do anything foolish either. I have no reason to be here on this earth. No children, no family, no siblings and no goals or dreams. I am 72 and feel obsolete and out of place.
    Thank you for your time,

    • paulorpeter says:


      I know what you are feeling, I too lost a love one before I was ready. My first wife on the eve of the birth of our second child in a car accident (or so reported to me) lost her and the unborn child. And while for me the remaining 2 1/2 year old child was evidence enough of what I must assume is purpose for me to go on, had it not been for her I fear I would have checked out??

      But you see my dear if I would have done that I would have missed all the purpose God had in store for me since. We all have but days on this world at least until the next age, and with it a purpose that only God knows and we are to fulfill…

      I would encourage you to read my very first post on “We are all flowers” it helped me when I asked many of the same questions and felt the same way as you… I asked and God answered!

      Be blessed you will see your husband again!


    • paulorpeter says:

      Your talking to the wrong person, you need to present your question and statement to God because He truly has a reason or work for you to do.

      Bless you

      • paulorpeter says:

        I will offer my answer to this question in a video I am doing today Jan 9th, 2022 on my YouTube channel Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

        The show will be called The Revelations of the Matrix part 3 “Ode to the Fallen”

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