Chapter 8: The Truth About Healthcare

The Truth About Healthcare

The truth about healthcare as we see it today basically falls into one basic issue; that over the course of the last one hundred or more years we as individuals have given away the total comprehension of our individual health care, giving over to others who we hope are trust and learned, to evaluate the status of our health and then put us on a course of remedy for the ailments that befall us. 

The problem is through a system of ideological uniformity and a narrow-minded desire to only address health improvement from a distinct and thus controllable basis of potential treatment modules, people are pressed into a course that has such a grim and hopeless outlook that often a sense of despair and abandonment fills their hearts until they give up all miraculous hope, and give their health over completely to other entities that in essence take their complete trust into hands, and then dish out remedies with no better enthusiasm then one might expect from receiving the billionth hamburger from a fast-food drive-through window.

What if this is exactly the motive for the prescription of care? What if this is the uppermost diabolical purpose and thus the system we find ourselves in has a much more dark spiritual root desire lingering just behind the veil that is visible to the general public, and the ultimate desire is not curing or easement of infliction, but manipulation through control of information, restriction from solutions that could cure, and submission to authority with the eventual enslavement that occurs when dependency instead of freedom overwhelms a person?

There are certain absolute truths that are promised to all of us equally and completely; first among these God keeps all of His promises. This is a primary fact we will need to understand as we examine further the aspects of health care and how God’s promises are instrumental for setting all of His children free from the slavery the current healthcare model provides.

I had similar conversations throughout the almost ten years with colleagues, patients, friends, and seemingly with God Himself. It took all of this time to assemble these writings as they developed, many in the form of visions and dreams regarding the true nature of insurance and the spirit behind it, the way people should look at sicknesses they are suffering from, and how to effectively treat them to be healed.

Sicknesses, injuries, and all sorts of infirmities are merely spirits lingering within the shadows cast by the gifts God gave our fathers and mothers over the years.

I would share these words especially the ones related to spiritual healing, and others, moving forward in their appropriate place and time.

There was a time when people would go to the most learned or experienced members of their community for help with their health care issues, and these people would give them fair advice for fair pay.

I can remember a day early in the career of a health care provider, one with fonder reflection, a gentler time, when basking on a touch of soft scented spring breezes felt like willows lacing themselves in the arms of those in need with honeysuckle blossoms, cast their long slender branches into depths of peacefulness, gave way to a view to a calmer reflection of tender gentler healthcare.

Men and women soft in touch, firm in thought, rendered all types of healing arts with actions of professionalism, given not for prestige or money, even as this most usually and almost assuredly followed, but for the deep desires to merely help other people in need. This very desire being the driving force that released spirits into the sacrifice of reaching out a helping hand, a man could find a special calling, giving a sweeter meaning to life, that without, would most assuredly lack taste or spice, a bland dish; unpalatable.

Even within my own years, especially early in my career people would come in with an air of expectation more than that, they would have “Hope,” hope that a medical provider, regardless of title or accumulated letters behind their name, could help them with the issues they suffered from, help them feel better?

To answer such a deep-seated calling, when one could see the life dwelling within the very eyes of the many he or she might help in this world, and perhaps aid through the seemingly impossible trials of sickness and despair, many often brought to some in the form of quenching water to the dry mouth of life, one merely had to desire or volunteer to the task of helping their brothers and sisters with the affliction these happen to be suffering at the time. The earliest Nurses were Nuns attached to churches where the sick happen to be brought for care. The earliest Doctors were the learned men or women who happen to be schooled in the known processes of the body, and specifically understood or practiced the treatments of the injuries presented.

Was it not a simpler time, and not all too long ago, when people paid for the medical services they needed, a fair price for the time spent. And while I may be giving up my age by saying so, many times people who were even a little short of pay, might bring in eggs or a baby pig, or maybe do a little work on leaking plumbing in the Doctor’s basement as a payment in like, and to this medical caregiver; payment of such was just fine!

It was the gratitude expressed in the smile of a woman when she finally came to the realization her child was going to be fine, or the injury to her husband wasn’t as bad as suspected. And while the two chickens or newly finished quilt hardly made up for the relief they found, ever happy was she to know that the Doctor, the kind man, who had been such a Godsend, would sit for many a warm night inside the arms of that quilt it took her so many hours to produce, maybe presenting but a fraction of the warmth her love ones produce for her as well.

But as sudden as a thief in the night the system was overtaken by wolves in sheep’s clothing, or so it seemed, specifically in essence by the insurance companies. I wrote an article and posted it back in 2014, describing my own realization and the results this takeover of the health care system had on care as a whole.

It was as sudden as a thief in the night, or maybe not unlike a dark mold slowly growing in a dark damp place, whose dark tentacles only show their intent long after the roots sit so far in the foundation, nearly nothing can remove them. A creature of dark-hearted stealth started slithering its evil talons hidden right in plain view, only inches from the bare innocent feet of our children.

When I wrote these words I was given eyes to see the theft within my own practicing environment and how greed allowed this temple of a false god to slither its way into what should have been a noble and caring practice.

Enter the insurance company, the heartless snake, who creeps in with a seemingly innocent statement; “Give us a little of your money each month for medical insurance, so you can be Insured, or ASSURED, that when you have medical needs, the money will be there to help pay the medical bills, the “care” will assuredly come, we will pay for it and not you! But that is not exactly what was delivered?

I saw over the course of only twenty or thirty years, first people give away their rights slowly and systematically to the insurance companies, only later to give away every form of control. What started out as an agreement to pay, later resulted in the insurance companies deciding exactly how much and more importantly who to pay. They used the payment and media delivered concerns for preventing fraud as a basis for requiring authorization before a person could be treated. Of course, they could never stop anyone from treating if they chose, but they would refuse to pay if a practitioner didn’t ask for authorization in advance, jump through hoops, and adhere to all sorts of ridiculous control and regulation.

This too was limited later by the same insurance carriers then telling the medical practitioners how much, how often, what medicine or medical procedure they would authorize or not, and the only people who would become aware of the dark controlling enslavement that had occurred were the people who unfortunately fell so fall down the rabbit hole of needing healthcare, they could hardly afford to complain, just take it and just suffer.

In essence, them taking control of every bit of our health care process results in a sort of enslavement of both patient and practitioner.

This does seem to be the purpose and goal of false gods, to completely enslave people. Where first they desire and demand people’s first fruits, even deducted from their checks before they have a chance to touch the money they earn, then make them later beg to even have a little portion back.

We must understand the nature of the beasts we are dealing with if we are going to victorious in this battle.

They lie to us! They want all the gifts and treasures God has so freely given to each of His children, all of the health, wealth, devotion, and thankfulness for everything that is already ours, even to the point of our whole body, mind, and spirit.

They desire to tell us what we are, we are sick, or this or that name they label us with, something less than perfect, something less than human, we are diabetic, obese, depressed, addicts, patients, in their opinions we are nothing but insignificant specks in the almost infinite universe, Unimportant, forgotten, unforgiven, and lost.

But that is all a lie, none of these names are real or true unless we believe them to be, and take these images, these lies, upon ourselves. I for one refuse to do it any longer.

The dark spirit doesn’t seem to stop there, I have seen most people who are afflicted; their every desire, their every thought, delivered like waves of stress, anxiety attacks, and addictions, compound into worries, pain, and fear which always seem to be directed towards or fixated on the issues they are suffering from regardless of how small the area of affliction is. They seem trapped to think about their sore “little toe” every moment of every day.

Darkness does not have the power to take anything away from us that God had given, for if they could they would.

Do not be deceived. All “Good” things come from God. Freely God gives us all good things, and only we have chosen to turn our back on Him, and walk away from them.

Our present system basically has the effect of placing people so far down the rabbit hole, that even when a small amount of improvement is offered, down the hole they remain and merely an existence as a scared rabbit hiding hoping the big bad wolf of Disease may somehow pass them by, this becomes their only hope, sitting there in the dark, damp and dirty, hiding, shivering, and fearful for the impending dread their infliction may precipitate. 

One day I realized that without seeking the true cause of an affliction, and understanding the true origin of the ailment in question, perpetuating a complete restoration and thus cure was for the most equivalent to attempting to put out a single small fire and try to rebuild while standing in the middle of a forest fire.

Or perhaps a better analogy would be; to find oneself standing on a small island in the middle of a large raging flood, as long as you stand on Firm ground you are ok, but once you enter into the floodwaters down the river you are washed. Sure, someone might throw you a log or other flotation device that will help for a moment, but soon other issues will spring up, such as hidden debris to grab you and pull you under. A lot of good the log does you when you begin to be pulled under the water by your tangled foot.

The health care system as we know it has become a great raging flood, powered and controlled by the very systems initially perpetuated to help us with these issues. The insurance companies, the pharmaceuticals, the many industries that have made themselves rich, have no interest in curing anything, even if they could, but merely have a desire to alleviate symptoms, with their ultimate goal; which is to make each and every one of us dependent on them, using their products, each and every day of our lives.

The truth about healing is; that all healing comes from God, and as much as that seems to sound like a cliche’, most medical specialist, as well as researchers, have come to the conclusion that we really don’t know why some people heal and others don’t, why sometimes people get sick and others are immune, why bones will mend and then suddenly they don’t?



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“Remember when they say they hate you for helping others, they hated Him first.”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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