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The Bricklayer’s Dream

I had an image appear in the early morning whispers that awaken from the dreams of my mind. One of a bricklayer sitting on a small stool and laying bricks along a cobblestone road in some remote village street perhaps … Continue reading

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Jesus the First Therapist; Excerpt and Introduction

Looking out the windows of light, a person cannot but possibly see all that is in the moment of this reality, the new venture, the unwanted adventure, the white untouched canvas of unexpected realization; there is so much out there … Continue reading

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Blue Butterfly Glade

Floating cotton in oceans blue, Summer song sing on winter dawns dew, Peddles soft scent of camomiles wing, En new the vines grow under Tuscan morn-ing. There she does stand in the breeze of the sill, Light of dawns perfection … Continue reading

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Father’s Choice, and excerpt from A Fathers Love

How many times do my children ask Me to do something? Ask me if they can have this item or that, asking if they can be allowed to do this activity or another, all within the reasonable granting access of … Continue reading

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Gods Gift Handed From One To Another

I imagined somewhere left in this land, fashioned by the creative hand of God, there still is left properties nestled softly on the edge of yet still nearly untouched lands, preserved from times long past as memorials to a time … Continue reading

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“Lord, Am I Rich?”

Soft was the voice speaking in deep caring tones, uttering only a whisper through veils of a hidden shroud, pushing softly through the clamor of endless voices, desires that fill the many rooms of every thought. His Voice, its sweet-scented … Continue reading

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How To Win A Spiritual Battle?

Battered, tired, pushed to the point of absolute exhaustion, the mud and blood drenched soldier cradles his rifle like some long almost lost lover, when did he feel so completely famished that he could even taste his own blood within … Continue reading

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