Firemen or Water Chapter 7: Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”

Firemen or Water

Sometimes I like to compare “Healers” to firemen, these being people who put out the fires of our lives, and I guess if one believes a doctor, a therapist, a priest, or a pill, even a particular procedure for that matter, actually heals someone then perhaps they are? Perhaps?

Standing in front of a raging blaze one cannot but become transfixed by the awesome destructive power of the flames. There is such power in the flames as it burns with bright and radiating intensity, waves of dancing heated motion undulating in an almost live rhythm that mimics a spiritual motion breathing in various cascading hues of intense light and heat. A person is easily drawn into the seductive sirens call of voices just under the levels of awareness whispering almost begging you to step closer, it is no wonder that within flames people have been known to also become addicted.

The intense dance of reactants bringing often two components together; a reactant in this case the apartment complex filled with wood, cloth, gasses, and other accelerants, and heat in the form of an igniting agent such as flame, spark, lightning, or some ill forgotten and ignored heater, results in a massive and accelerating transformation of matter from one state to another; one a useful home filled with memories, joyous gifts, and useful accumulations, to become a fierce blaze of heat and light along with a resulting pile of char and ash.

Thank God for the Firemen and the knowledge they have learned and practice in their attempts to combat these ferocious battlefields. They direct their water hoses with such accuracy that not only the flames are extinguished but the materials that are in the process of combusting are dowsed to prevent further combustion with a true chance for the fire to be extinguished not for just a moment but moving forward. Trying first to arrest the active process while penetrating to the cause of perpetuating flames to further reduce ongoing and ultimate total devastation.

But who actually puts out the fire, who should get the credit for the heroic and wondrous achievement? Does the fireman alone, for without the fire hose an exact delivery would not be possible? A thousand firemen standing before a blazing inferno have no effect if they have no fire hoses to use. But what good is the fire hose without the water source; a water truck or fire hydrant must be located to access available water sources, so in preparation for a source of available water, the city planners who brought the hydrants into close proximity, should they be given the credit? Perhaps these long-forgotten city planners should get the credit for the heroic results decades after their writings were first penned?

But no, without the water in the pipes, without the water, no fires, or at least most of them would not be able to be ever extinguished. In days of old, in places where no available water was or is near, the only hope people would have is hoping even praying for the rain to deliver them almost miraculously from the destructive anger of the flames.

So really who should get the credit for the ability to extinguish such a destructive onslaught; the fireman, the hose, the hydrant, no the water, or at least the One who provided the knowledge in the first place for the strategies, insight, and useful application of such a substance He so abundantly provided to everyone for the alleviation of such attacks.

I guess the fireman himself doesn’t put out anything, the real extinguishing of the fire comes from the water, yes I guess healers really are no different than firemen!

Healing could be described as simply as an image of a Fireman and a Hose?

Like fire, when sickness or injury first occurs it attacks the homes we call our bodies, or better yet our whole existence, our soul. For do these events such an accident, a fall, a break, an infection, have lasting effects not only on our bodies but on our memories, experiences, even dreams of a life yet to come, do they not have a very effect on the way we see the world, or very belief, maybe even ultimately in a choice of whether or not one might even believe in the very existence of God?

Yet, such a potentially catastrophic event can come from such a small and insignificant start, a destructive event, a mere small spark of a flame, once occurring can in itself ignite into a chain of events that can destroy an entire house.

It is no different in the houses we call our souls, of which fires often start by our own hand, by the paths we walk or others take us down, events in and out of our control, hatreds, even unhealthy thoughts, all being brought into our lives one spoon at a time. These flammables can then be sparked at the onset of a storm irrupting into a blaze of virtually uncontrollable destruction.

Wise firemen, some may call them doctors of the flames, are called, and first direct their efforts to help anyone they can out of the blaze. Is not the next immediate action is to douse the blaze with water, drowning the fire, in essence suffocating the destructive nature of the flame with life-giving waters, and ultimately hoping to contain the destruction, and ultimately save the house? I have yet to see a fireman throw oil onto a raging blaze?

If we attempt to analyze this fire as a parable and compare it to the sickness process, are the firemen in your opinion the healers? One might assume so because, without their learned skills and practical application of firefighting, the blaze would have certainly destroyed the entire structure, and possibly killed the innocent inhabitants.

But no, as I said above the doctors do not put out the fire, any more than the fire hoses do, they are merely instruments of the wisdom of the actual gift which is the water. Did I say, doctors, oh I meant to say, firemen?

Without the water, you could have a thousand firemen standing there waving hoses at the blaze and nothing would happen. Without God, you could feed a person every pill in the world, perform every procedure, wave this hose, turn on that fire hydrant, if the healing does not flow through the hose, the fire just burns.

When men try to heal without giving acknowledgment to Him who healing comes or at least seek the source of that knowledge, it is like a fireman going to a fire without a water source.

But the fire is not the disease either. The fire is merely the resulting symptoms or byproducts coming from the accumulation of flammable or vulnerable materials in the vicinity of the spark and the resulting damage caused by the small spark. Dowse a garden with water and it doesn’t matter how many lightning strikes it will not catch fire!

As we walk down the paths of our soul, we bring in all sorts of energies into our houses through the many doors and windows of our crystal clear golden glass walls we receive upon the day of our conception or as some may believe the day of our birth, our soul that represents our life, it has been called a mansion of many rooms.

Healing is merely one of many of these treasures we gather either to pass on to others or hold onto for ourselves or both.

For those who chose to look only onto light and love and godliness, these energetic treasures are drenched in the waters of everlasting health and life. But for those who chose the shadows these treasures you choose to gather are embedded in death and the dark oils that burn hot when sparked into destruction.

In the therapeutic process if we wish to effectively fight the process first we must increase as many water-infused energies we can into our houses, but if a fire does occur we must drown it. Would not water be a good choice?

The spark is the disease, small, almost insignificant, and nothing more than a momentous event in a single fraction of time, like a shot of the gun that starts the race! At the very earliest moment, an attack occurs that is the moment of the greatest effectiveness for victory with minimum damage. And yes, the less accumulated flammables one has the less likely a fire will irrupt when the little flame occurs.

Water is the truest blessing in every form, in every possible process, in every solution, especially when it comes to Health and Wellness.

Did God Himself not say; “I am the Water of Life” “I AM”?

Water seems to be the essence of everything that is good, natural, or perfect when examining the health and wellness relating to people. The deeper I seem to investigate various ways to apply a treatment the more apparent the use of water becomes instrumental in this process.

Even earliest in my career, I recall one of the best Doctors I had ever had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Mike, the true embodiment of goodness in a doctor, a real classic family doctor, the picture-perfect country doctor in all of these images love and care. A man I would often see spend his lunch at his desk calling the patients he saw the day before just to find out how they were doing after coming in. He really cared about people.

One day I presented myself to him with some cut or abrasion and he cleaned the wound with water, told me to “let the cut have some fresh air and light and only bandage it when I thought I might expose it to contaminants.” I remember asking should I not use alcohol or other germ-killing washes that I had myself been taught to use? He merely smiled and said; “Alcohol kills cells, and many of those chemicals they would have you put on a wound do the same, water is the best cleaning agent in the world and the best thing for washing away germs.”

In the natural so is it always demonstrated, as it is in the supernatural.

“Rivers of Life” so did Jesus, the greatest reported healer in the history of the world, speaking of Himself, the Message, the Word, as He spoke of spreading the good news through the people.

His first miracle as reported by His followers was the turning of water into wine. He took something common, something essential, and converted it into something valuable, pleasurable, something to be consumed, something red.

As it was in the beginning so must it be at the end, one of the last events He also performed was using the wine to symbolize His blood. The wine was involved in His first miracle and at the end as in the final supper, wine plays an intricate role. Wine the representation of His blood. He said specifically; “When You drink, think of me.”

Blood is almost completely made up of water, as so is wine, but not quite pure. It has an essence of other things mixed in that make the blood what it needs to be in order for it to give life. A small amount of hemoglobin which is a fascinatingly complex molecule, a carbon-based structure with key points of Iron, this molecule has an enormous capacity to bind with oxygen and deliver life. It is all the other things in the water that gives it the ability to perform the various duties we need, or is this perhaps not quite so?

Water has a greater function in the kingdom than I believe we can ever comprehend. Water is used for cleansing, not only the body but also the entire world as in the flood. Water is necessary for almost every vital function in our body. Our body is almost entirely composed of water, and when all water is eliminated as in cremation only a small amount of substance is actually left. We will die of lack of water long before we die of lack of anything else. Water seems to be the key element of life.

Science would tell us that we all come from the oceans, and thus from water, but I believe this world is merely a representation of our body and as we are primarily made up of water, the majority of the earth’s surface is also either covered with or retains in its water in one form or another. Recently I heard it reported that scientists have determined that there actually may be more water below the surface than above, which seems incomprehensible since the oceans are so vast.

In my education overseas, one of the areas of study was alternative medical studies, namely homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a particularly interesting form of medicine, finding its foundations preempting the pharmaceutical medical industry we find ourselves engulfed in today, by at least two or three thousand years. It has been written in the time of Hippocrates, regarding the ability of “likes curing likes”.

Without getting too much into the philosophical or even into medical physiology, the premise is that when you significantly dilute compounds, the resulting compounds can be used to cure the problems caused by the original stronger compounds. For example, arsenic poisoning is treated and cured by giving the patient compounds that have supposedly extremely slight amounts of arsenic in them.

When I was in Europe we had an opportunity to examine not only this process but also samples of these products. I had even on occasion the opportunity to receive homeopathic remedies prescribed right along with the regular pharmaceuticals, and I must admit the healing process not only was faster but often with fewer side effects and downtime.

The process goes something like this; they take the particular poison, compound, or substance; arsenic, snake venom, gold, mercury, whatever they happen to want to make into a homeopathic compound, they dissolve it in either pure water or alcohol and then press and sift it to remove solids or impurities.

They then draw out a single drop of the resulting liquid, and place it in a vat, a huge container containing maybe a thousand gallons or so of pure water, an extremely large barrel! This is then thoroughly mixed and a single drop is again drawn out, placed into another vat with water, this process is repeated four to seven times depending on the compound, ending in a final vat of water with what science would say, contains nothing of the original compound, not even a trace.

Yet the resulting water is then drawn out and placed in small vials and distributed to patients who suffer from various particular sicknesses, they take a number of these drops under the tongue, resulting in a cure, and this treatment had been used, the success I might add, for at least the last two thousand years.

I don’t know how it is possible, but when we as students tried drops from the various vials, a person could distinctly taste a flavor or essence of the original compound. Each vial had a different distinct taste!

Arsenic being the one I tried, I could really taste the specific almond-like flavor, that is typically found in arsenic poisoning, or at least an after smell in my nose, after tasting the drops, even though I knew that this compound had been diluted to a billionth or maybe even many billions of its original strength.

But I also know that as you continually make half of something even a billion times there is still a small piece left, even a trillion times make something a half or a tenth or a hundredth, there is still a little bit of that ever so small amount left.

The study of Homeopathy would say that a sort of energy exchange is passed into the water from the essence of the compound, and no matter how much you dilute it something from the original is passed through the pure water. The pure water has a property about it that sort of draws out some of the essences of whatever is placed in it and disperses it throughout its entirety, thus the significant cleaning ability of water.

Water makes us clean! Water can purify, sounds Godly to me.

Let us suppose that this is true, science today can only attempt to explain through a theory of unobserved belief the many energies that not only hold the molecules together, and even surround the various atoms, making them independent of others, though they also know vast distances compared to their individual sizes separate the fractions from their other parts in atoms or molecule.

So if we suppose there is an energy that surrounds and holds these compounds, molecules, and atoms together and makes them into the significant essence they are today, this un-measurable, unexplainable, and even unfathomable energy, (again sounds kind of Godly) is definitely strong and indestructible, being able to be split but not destroyed, then why is it not conceivable that this powerful energy could have an effect on the surrounding like energies it comes in contact with? Energy cannot be destroyed only transferred! Hey, scientists say that not me!

And because we do further suppose that this energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred as science would teach us, energies of such strength and significance that even just splitting themselves release forces that can topple cities as demonstrated at Hiroshima. These yet unknown, un-measurable, unseen, unfelt, only believed to be real by the faith of the observer energies, again seems Godly? These energies clearly demonstrate some kind of interaction as seen in homeopathy, well this raises all kinds of questions?

If all of this is true, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then one other fact is true; Jesus’s blood was shed, his side was pierced and water gushed out. This was a fact, it was documented and nobody denies this event took place.

What is also a fact is that at the moment of His death it is recorded that a great storm irrupted, to the degree where even the many Roman onlookers had to comment; “Surely this was the Son of God,” an earthquake that shook the land, and split the great Jewish temple, ripped the veil, and a rain-drenched the land?

But even if it didn’t rain we know he was beaten almost unrecognizable, also documented! A great deal of blood. You would suppose that the area where whipping occurs would have to be washed, eventually! More mixing and washing away of the blood?

Any rain or water would mix with his blood, if but a few drops, by all accounts, tell us there was a great deal of blood and a great deal of liquid that ushered forth from His side. This, in turn, could flow over the land or soak into the ground, not destroyed only move, it would assuredly find its way into the water table eventually, which in turn would find its way to the stream, later rivers, and eventually, the ocean, where it would be diluted with all of the water of the world.

I guess my point is if a single drop of arsenic can be diluted in a thousand-gallon barrel of water, a drop taken from that one, and placed in another vat, over and over again, retaining enough of the essence of the original to assist in the healing of the person with his infirmity, then I guess it is not inconceivable to believe that the essence of Jesus’s blood, the Creator of the entire universe, the healer of all, resides in each and every drop of water we may drink.

And He said take this cup and drink, for this is the cup symbolizing my blood, take it and think of me.

When we use water, consume it in our foods, drink it, bathe in it, wash the faces of our children with it, treat our afflictions with it, and thank God, we in effect bless the water with our words. The water will become blessed and in turn release its blessings of healing and life right back into us.

Dr. Murimuto, a prize-winning researcher and scientist famously known for proving this very thing, that when water is placed into a container that has a positive blessing it actually changes at an atomic level forming crystals that when frozen are beautiful to behold. Likewise though, when the same waters are stored in a vessel that is cursed with dark, hateful, depressing messages, the crystals that are formed when this water is frozen appear dark and ugly. Students have even been able to actually taste a difference in the same waters when drawn from each of these different vessels.

Are we not vessels of living waters? Sounds like another promise, a healing promise. Water, rainbows, healing, love, they are really all the same energies.

Knowing what direction one must in any battle, the cause of a fire, the origin of sickness is the first step in overcoming and becoming victorious.



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“Silver and Gold we have not, but what we have we give unto others.”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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