Chapter 9: The Country Doctor

Country Doctor

Where have all the country doctors gone?

I am old enough to remember and privileged enough to have experienced the true country doctor with my own eyes. As I mentioned earlier, in days not all too long past I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Mike, a small private practitioner, but more importantly a doctor who still treated his patients the way his own father and father before him did; in like, real people merely suffering from injuries of various sorts, looking for insight as to what was truly wrong and what could be done to remedy it.

Doctor Mike actually took a great deal of pride in identifying the issue at hand, examining the person completely, finding a viable solution that would not only eliminate the afflicting issue at hand but also might prevent future recurrence, at least within the set of factors of available treatment options given him. He would even spend each of his lunches calling each and every patient who was seen the day before to check on them and see how they were doing; the follow-up call. Like I said a true country doctor.

Dr. Mike was a great doctor who truly cared about his patients well being, he was loved by every patient that was under his care, I know because many of them told me personally. If people came in and didn’t have insurance or a fee to pay for his service, a dozen eggs, a fresh cup of coffee, or at least a thankful smile and a good stiff shake of the hand with a thank-you was payment enough.

And how was he thanked for his years of service and giving? He was eventually strangled by the ever restricting contracting and rigid control of the pharmaceutical insurance machine until his practice was forced to close because he could no longer pay his rent and staff, just to be replaced by large insurance owned doctors offices which treated his patients more like a fast-food delivery drive through than actual people.

If we cannot get back to the “heart” of a country doctor in practice, we can at least get back to it in expectation of ourselves? We deserve better than fast food, we deserve fair treatment for a fair fee! Fair wages for a fair day’s work. We should expect and demand to be examined completely as human beings, as people, not just as ligaments, blood vessels, or parts. We should expect to examine not only the symptoms of an injury but the cause, all the causes, physical, mental, and even when necessary spiritually, and if the doctors or the authorizing agents are not willing to do this we must do it for ourselves.

It is time for us as individuals to take our rights back as people, “We have the Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Health is part of life, so we should have the right to access to the knowledge given freely by God to our fathers, the right to have all of the information as to what exactly is happening to us when we have afflictions, and all of the possible treatment options, not just the narrow undeviating path the Big Pharma companies want us to take to assure we use their synthesized drugs. 

If the legislators really wanted to make a positive change in health care, sign a new amendment to the constitution to ensure everyone receives this right! Simple as it might seem, fair and complete health care to everybody, at a fair price, taking out the middlemen who wish to gain by our suffering, but that too is a discussion for later. Doctors are not allowed to own entities they may refer to because this can lead to referrals not for the benefit of the patient but for their own monetary gain. Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies should also be forbidden to own the companies, hospitals, doctors offices, that either has the ability to refer patients to them or receive payment from them for services of their clients, as to not produce a situation where health affecting cuts could be used to inflate profits.

We need honor and honesty to come back to the people when it comes to healthcare. We need the Country Doctors back, and if we can’t find them we must become one in ourselves!

I always wanted to become a country doctor? Not because of the pay, because in the purest sense of the word they don’t seem to be paid much, as a matter of fact, many of my friends, family practitioners, or family doctors, would often comment that by the time they paid malpractice insurance, (their own contribution back to the great dark temple), and everything else, staff, supplies, taxes, the list goes on and on, they actually made less than I did as a physical therapist.

Maybe the prestige, probably not, and while they may have been held in high esteem in the past, today it would not seem so, pretty much having to pass every decision they make regarding a patient, by a person sitting in front of a computer screen with as much knowledge about the actual person being authorized as I may have about someone I chat online with located in outer Mongolia?

My field Physical Therapy is the area of medicine I chose to study and later practice for over thirty years. For those who have never had the privilege of stepping into the care of a physical therapist the practice of physical therapy in its most basic form is the application of physical therapeutic applications as a means to rehabilitate or facilitate the healing process in individuals after they have suffered from an injury, whether it be a traumatic event, a post-acute sickness process or a systemic deviation from the norms of function following one or more breakdown of normal bodily functions, all related to physicality or function.

Practicing Physical Therapy or at least applying the therapeutic techniques to thousands of patients over the course of tens of years, and I don’t know if that actually qualifies as “practicing” anything, merely regurgitating information I myself was given years earlier in one or more school or happen to learn along the way, all being said, has allowed me to see the relative significance within the application of natural stimulus as it pertains to the body both in the immediate and long-term, regarding the return to normal or even possible enhancement of function.

It has also allowed me to witness firsthand where the application of physical stimulus by themselves also result in reduced effectiveness of the applications over a large group of people, thus suggesting other factors must be involved for a consistent and guaranteed healing outcome that far exceeds the mere prescribed and commonly authorized and practiced procedures.

As I read and studied more the historical accounts of Jesus it occurred to me, increasingly as I looked at them through the eyes of a medical practitioner, that many of the applications of healing had similarities to many of the applications practiced perhaps inadvertently by the majority of the therapeutic practitioners I had witnessed in the field. Some people may call me a religious fanatic merely by mentioning the name of God or making references to the Bible, but the fact of the matter is I may be one of the least religious people I know, I merely chose to believe in God. Being more of a scientifically minded person, I, like many of friends I may call peers, have come to the conclusion mostly by scientific research and study that God must be true, there is no other explanation for the infinite order and complexity of creation that can be explained by a realization of God.

So it is by deductive reasoning that I began to believe if God is absolute and true, then the promises and examples related to healing must be too. He is everything good, real, and alive especially when it comes to medical experiences such as healing, then when He says every good thing comes from Him, all I can do is assume that statement is absolutely true. If some of it’s true then I began to realize then all of it must be true, the more I looked the more I began to see.

Jesus was the first true healer, healing all parts of the person, not merely the body, but the mind and the spirit simultaneously. 

He seemed from a practitioner’s standpoint to be able to discern with Godly intuition exactly the direction in which to apply the necessary stimulus for the more apparent and qualitative result. He knew exactly what direction and in which realm to operate to get the job done. 

This is because He understood people are more than just bodies and symptoms, but also the experiences of their minds, and most importantly their spirits, and in considering this, applied the healing to all of these areas proportionally according to the individuals need. Healing them not only in their immediate physical areas but completely as to help them on the course to fulfill their own destinies, their very souls.

One of the first things I noticed, or better yet had been taught by God, was that in every case, there was some kind of action which was coupled with the healing, whether it be “Pick up your mat and walk”, “Go report to the teachers of the temple”, “Dip yourselves in the Jordan” or merely “Go and sin no more”, bottom line there seemed to be always some kind of precipitating or facilitating action coupled with the healing, a physical therapy like procedure.

Was this perhaps the factor necessary for releasing or stimulating the God gene? Perhaps this was the God gene itself?

I came to find out that the action places reality into the healing process, not only does the person experience even at the moment a small fraction of improvement, they experience it in their senses; hear, see, and feel, it is through this positive experience that they receive a physical momentous experience of healing. There is an exact event created, they have been told and it is now and forever coupled with their own healing experience, they thus believe.

If you feel something experience it, and know it is true or real, then believe it is true, does it then become real?

There seem to be three factors for determining whether something is real or not at least when it comes to our individual lives; the thing or experience must be experienced or felt by the body, a real stimulus is then processed and analyzed by the mind, and ultimately believed thus being processed or placed into an emotional response of; do we like it or not, are we attracted to it or repelled by it. It is only when all three factors are formulated in our own personal physical universes do they become realizations in our souls.

Realized equals Real + Eyes, things become real in our own eyes, they become realized!

But we don’t have to experience something to know it is true? I was born, I was told so by my mother. Do I know for sure, I don’t remember, and while some of us may see videos or hear the story enough times, even witness or experience the same process in other we didn’t feel it or remember it, but we believe it anyway? I guess that is where faith comes in, having faith in what we know is true is really true!

I guess belief is the greatest factor of the three. Belief as a factor of Faith!

Now apply this to healing or healthcare.

Belief is the basis for all reality in the world.  God or as He called Himself; I Am being the most powerful force in the entire physical universe, spiritual, mental, or physical. I Am transcends time and space, for what you believe you are, you become.

Didn’t God say; “If a person only believes even with the most insignificant fraction like a mustard seed, then everything is possible, even the impossible.”

These are not new revelations, everything we need to understand about healing God in the form of Jesus has already demonstrated, documented, and revealed from the very first moment He physically stepped onto the world stage two thousand years ago.

Exercise has the same effect, and that is why it is such a perfect therapeutic tool for rehabilitation of the boy who suffers and needs to pick up his mat and walk. People often misunderstand exercise seeing it as a sort of program one needs to fulfill to accomplish a specific task. But as a therapist I realize that exercise does not cause the body to grow or heal, the body merely reacts to the stimulus that is being given it, that is why it works with some people, and with others, it doesn’t.

If a person wants to walk they merely have to start first believing they are meant to walk, then begin along a path of belief and actions that promotes them to the course of experience which includes walking. Jesus used many examples of exercise, adding movement into the healing process; pick up your matte and walk, go down to the Jordan, go back home your event is already healed. But in my very own practice many seem to do everything they need to do, everything right, suffering from the same issues, some get better and some don’t?

This is because the actual moment of healing took place at the instant Jesus showed up, the rest was the after effect the mopping up of the mess. The person who picked up their matte had to be healed to pick up the matte, they believed what they heard, they felt the results of those words on themselves even if it was but a small fraction, a small mustard seed size portion of faith.

Belief starts a sort of domino effect creating a miraculous change in our very genes and spontaneous miracles occur within the body’s anatomical essence moment in time itself.

Sounds like particles moving in waveform occupants within the science of quantum physics? Quantum Physics is the scientific study of the most basic particles of the known universe, their movements, interactions, and in some cases, their possible origins. But how does healing fit in here?

If quantum physics is the study of the particles themselves, healing is the essence of the belief that resides within the spaces between and around all of our very existence. Healing as a product of God, an idea perpetuated and promised by God, comprises basically energies consisting of the very life-breath of God, and as much must take place within the vast space within them, around them, and between them.

If you snap a dry twig at what moment does the twig break? The moment you hear the snap or the moment you feel it?

The common answer would be the moment I feel the snap, experience the release of energy, the motion, and hear the sound, simultaneously.

Yet science, moreover bio-physiology would tell us that a moment before the brain actually is aware and processes the action it has already occurred in the past, and the time the signal goes from the hand to the brain or the sound travels from the hand to the ear, and then into the brain, is not instantaneous but there is a lag even if it is but the most insignificant fraction of a moment.

Even in the most sensitive and observant fraction of time it still takes a split second for you to become aware of something after it already occurred, thus the moment is over and forever in the past, leaving you with the feeling of the effect of the action of snapping and the two pieces resting in each hand.

Sicknesses and injuries are exactly the same, and as well so is healing, they all occur in a moment in time transcending the very essence of time and space. What starts out as simple events become a giant at least in our minds for the realization of reality depending only on and limited to our awareness.

You only “become” sick after being attacked, becoming in our minds and spirits what we experience merely as the effect of the attack. This can only take hold onto our belief system and become realize if and only if a person takes it upon themselves and believe it to be so.

If we are all children of God, then as a perfect God one could assume He only creates perfection, for again did He not say; “All good things come from God”? And being we were then created good we cannot thus be created sick, but then we can become sick but only if we let this process in from outside, taking it upon ourselves either knowingly or perhaps unknowingly.

The logical conclusion is only we can claim what results in a personification within or upon ourselves, or in some cases as in children have it placed upon us. Now, in both cases, it seems to be more like onto the form of a curse?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?



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“When it comes to healthcare, the same seems to be true regarding politics or the media; specifically, everything they tell us is engulfed in lies.”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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