Blue Butterfly Glade

Floating cotton in oceans blue,
Summer song sing on winter dawns dew,
Peddles soft scent of camomiles wing,
En new the vines grow under Tuscan morn-ing.

There she does stand in the breeze of the sill,
Light of dawns perfection my blessed Gods will,
White wisps of the poppies it flutters her hair,
Pure hold of my gaze in hearts beating-ly stare.

Butterfly do we flutter in blue-winged glade,
With cobblestone trickles, it’s wisdom abade,
Gold morning the treasures her warmth is anew,
The soul filled with heavens is feast for these two.

By P. Joseph Colla

“Thank you Lord for every moment, the gifts of each and every blessing the day brings, and thank you for your greatest Gift, my Wife”

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