What is a man to do?

What is a man to do?

What is a man to do when he suddenly comes to the realization that the bars he has staring through almost his entire adult life even as an attendant, a caregiver in the health care system, believing he is helping people, suddenly comes to the realization he too is in prison, the difference only in the perspective of which side of the bars he happens to be observing from? 

This sudden realization like the smack of the thunderclap once felt and experienced leaves no doubt the lightning has struck, the proverbial bat has hit him in the face, and ones’ life is suddenly changed forever. Once the cream is in the coffee, there is no more un-creaming possible.

He too, no less, resides in the prison! 

A prison of a constructed system whereby some find themselves whether temporary or permanent residents all reside, many others the attendants to those labeled prisoners the afflicted, helping those in prison, not necessarily attempting to free them as much as maybe comfort them as they serve their time. Fabrication of a system designed to swallow up all who are considered socially undesirable, we will address that fact later.  

Even the wardens, the directors, guards, and police that collect and corral the inmates, the very judges, all the family members all find their dwellings, offices, workings, pay, daily conversations residing around the never-ending table of the all-powerful seeing eye; the TV. All us poor souls our lives living within the structure be it not necessarily a physical structure, yet a social-spiritual structure that has enveloped itself around an entire segment of our society, one in which nobody is immune, and no-one escapes?

This controlling segment has one purpose and one alone; to depress any spiritual expression and development thrusting the inmate into a never-ending rabbit hole of downward spiraling depression and fixation on the physical state his or her body has been suddenly or unexpectedly afflicted with. Once the little toe starts to hurt, as impossible as it may seem the little toe becomes everything to the injured soul.

You might say how could that be? Are not the Doctors, nurses, even the insurance representatives supposed to have our best interest at heart, are they not, in many cases sworn by the very oaths they take when completing their studies and receiving a license to treat the afflicted? “Above all else do no harm!?!” But who is giving them the licenses to practice, is it not the same entities that formulated the system in the first place, decide everything, what is taught, what is right, what is wrong, who lives, who dies? 

They decide what is learned, what direction the treatments must follow, what medicines are to be given, what is in the medicines, what procedures must be observed, even the research and development is all done under their careful eye and discretion ensuring only themselves witch procedures or treatments that fall within the overall plan they decide are not only taught but practiced, approved and implemented. No, I didn’t make a mistake the word “witch” is of major intention in this system.

Is it a wonder that the same parental organizations, same people, the same oil barons, funded the classification and education of what we would later know as Doctors, they invested and eventually controlled all of the pharmaceutical production of the world, they identified all the educational entities that would support their ideologies funding these, the experts are only experts because they say so. They legitimize them and vilifying the rest, they controlled the media so only their ideas and theories regarding care would be promoted, they initiated the idea of insuring for healthcare then obtained all authoritative control over its dispersal and wellbeing direction. They decide if you get any care at all and if you do it is in their own sphere of control and production only. 

What if this same group of ultra-rich suddenly decided they wanted to use this vast system to dumb down the entire population and chemically control them with their pills, if they suddenly began to believe the population was too large for them to control and a larger portion of the population must be reduced in order for their ultimate plan of world domination and enslavement, their One-World-Order to take place, would they possibly think to use it?

The medical system today is not one that is interested in the health, healing, or wellness of people who have become afflicted with one or another infirmity, it is a system that merely reduces the symptoms of the body temporarily without any significant positive effect on the cause in the first place. And while the poor prisoner may feel a bit better for a short time, the long term effect of taking their medications for extended periods almost always results in the need to take others to counter the sudden unexpected, or in the case of them very well expected, side effect additional ailments that suddenly develop. 

That being said; “What is a healthcare practicing man to do when he suddenly realizes the truth?”

One could quit, leave the prison system all together go off and tell people who are in need of health and wellness the truth. The problem is those who are sick and injured never come to see you because those who would send them, have no desire to put the said prisoner on a course where he or she may suddenly be able to escape?

One could go undercover, stay in the system, free people one by one, but if one decides to do this it must be done with the utmost stealth, for this is their system, their game, their prisoners, and if they find out you are trying to free people they will stop you. The problem is when people start getting out and blab to others and before you know it the word is out, and your goose is cooked. 

First, the powers-to-be might merely defund you, which works for the most part, later they might deny access to the people they already have in their system; “Excommunication?” This too works for many larger entities who rely on these payments to fund their large companies. So out goes the man, at least until a man decides he doesn’t care, he is going to do what’s right regardless if they pay him or not?

It is at this point the attack is taken off the money and place directly against the man, other people are warned to stay away from him, he is defamed, persecuted, attacked from all other sides, if they can’t get him they go after his children, his friends. When this doesn’t work; lie, steal, or cheat him in any way possible to distract him from wanting to help others. If anyone ever told you this wasn’t a war between good and evil out there they either have had their head in the sand or are so busy swimming downstream they can’t see what’s happening on the shores, or worse yet part of the problem?

When they can’t get you with money, and they can’t get you with their crooked courts, and you have isolated yourself enough where your loved ones are no longer at risk, it is at this point they usually commit to killing. How many times in history have we seen people step up and promise to expose the dark side of this or that, merely to find them suddenly dead, suicide, accident, overdose even when historically such ideas were never witnessed by their loved ones?

You always know when you are onto something when the degree of their counter-actions suddenly ramp up, if it was bullshit, they wouldn’t care and would just leave you be, but now the more you seem to do what is good the harder they attack?

I guess this is why the best solution is to keep one’s head down, keep it one on one with care. If we truly are in a war, an “end-times” war between good and evil then the last thing you want to do is stick your head up when you are in the front lines and within sniper range.

So who exactly are the social undesirables? The prisoners, without a doubt they are, especially the lifers who have no end on their sentence, but what about the many prison trustees, those who seem to promote the institutions within the prison often for their own crumbs they may taste from the master’s table? Yes, they are definitely in prison! 

Well, what about the guards, janitors, clerical workers, cooks, everyone who supports the prisoners inside, they too seem to be residing in a prison, at least for most of their day they are definitely inside the walls. If they are included then the administration, the warden, chief officers, the many law enforcement people who move in and out of the prison, anyone for that matter who places people in; the judges, clerks, lawyers, institutions that make up the many bricks in the structure of the great temple that is the health care system, I mean prison must be included! 

So I guess then it must include the many lawmakers, educators, media personal that promotes the structure and noble ideology the prison represents, all their families and associates that in turn make a living in association with the great system that intends to rule us all, keep us in line, and punish those physically if they so much as deviate from the set course the system had so diligently and systematically set up for us?

The answer to the question; it doesn’t matter how well you feel while you are in prison, as long as you are in the prison system you are in prison. 

I guess the only real choice is to escape. 

There is a way to escape and it is as simple as taking a key that is right in front of us, unlocking the gate, and walking out.

You see my dear brothers and sisters they keep us in prison using shadows on the walls. The shadow looks large and menacing, but it is only an illusion, a fabrication build on lies and deceit. Like any other shadow, put the light on and it must flee!

In part two, in a couple of days, I will share with you my sweet brothers and sisters what God has so graciously shared with me; how to turn the light on, pick up the key, and set the prisoners free, all of them!

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, help me to see the bars of the jail, the system the Cabal has created around us, give me the wisdom to unlock open the door to healing and freedom, and the courage to walk through”

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Bless You

Peter and Anna

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