What is a man to do? Part 2

What is a man to do?

So, what can you do, when a man, or woman for that matter, finds out the dark side of the institution they thought was so nobly helping people were really doing the opposite; hurting, dumbing down, using, abusing, enslaving, and ultimately milking them dry until every essense of humanity is removed and then the ultimate; it kills them?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I was taught there are three types of people out there when they see a brother or sister suffering in the ditch; one, the type that crosses the road and keeps on going, not wanting to be bothered. Two, the type that closes their eyes and acts like the suffering is not there. Finally, three; the type that lend’s a hand, lifts up his brother or sister and gives them what aid necessary with their own means to get out of the ditch. I’d like to think as a health care practitioner I am the third one, and maybe looking back I may have not always been as much as I could or should, but in lieu of recent developments around the world, no other choice seems possible if you believe a man is choosing the Good choice. 

There it is then, choice number three; help the prisoners escape! But how?

The first thing a person needs to realize when they are in jail is; “they are in jail!” A jail of fabricated lies, doom, and gloom, fairy tales, a matrix, where the great monstrous shadows on the wall are nothing more than large dark projections cast by little irritants, no more real than mickey mouse walking into a cartoon, a giant fabrication of constructed problems, dialed in, facilitated by the other divisions of temples around us, and then offered up as an analyzed solution to the very problem they have facilitated in the first place. 

This is the same regardless of whatever infirmity, injury, or addiction we may attacked with, each happens to be used as the bars of the imagined cages we suddenly find ourselves in whether suffering from a disease or not. Disease by the way is “Dis” “Ease,” your ease or balance is placed in a momentary state of imbalance or disarray, and the shadow on the wall that is the explanation, the false name, curse, or plot of the perpetrators is nothing more than hoax designed to make a person fear, live in doom, and believe upon themselves a reality someone else would have for you.

Step one; the majority of what they have told us, taught us, prescribed for us, designed to treat us, is based upon a foundation of lies. All lies in order to exist in the real world must take something that is real and true and twist it subtly changing it, altering it, bending it to to the purpose the evil intent ultimately wishes.

The majority of the issues we suffer from today, those we seem to have to take medications for, increasingly, and for the rest of our lives, are not only created by them but they are also patented as well (Look it up), by the same entities that supposedly are touting themselves as wanting to help us and solve the very problems they created. 

Step One) Put the light on the situation and the darkness must flee! 

The Man Himself, Jesus Christ said; “I am the Way, the Truth, and Light…”

Truth and Light sound like the same thing to me, if you believe He was telling the truth then truth is truly what you seek in health, if not no reason to even read further, stay in jail!

If darkness flees, suddenly it loses what little power the infirmity possesses. 

Step Two) Ask the Questions… If they lied about this one thing, what else are they lying about? Who are the “They” that are doing the lying? And finally “Why,” what is their true purpose, or goal, for lying. 

If this, whatever this disease happens to be, is the real purpose for the prison, then it would seem logical that doing the opposite is a good and effective therapy to achieve victory over the issues.

A simple example in my Addiction Rehabilitation health care experience; one of the basic symptoms of depression is social alienation, or basically withdrawal from family and friends, society in general. Take away the bullshit medication which actually, while taking it, directly dumbs the person down and seems to reduce the depression, in actuality when the meds wear off the depression actually increases, and often other effects (so-called side-effects) arise, prompting for higher dosing or additional medications, either way, more meds!

If the afflictions cause a symptom of withdrawal from society or de-socialization, then the most natural non-chemical and effective method of combatting depression is reintegrating the person back into society. Give them a task, let them help others with the same problems, pride in aiding in the healing process, inject light, truth, and watch how fast the darkness flees! Let those who wish to receive healing, become healers themselves; so is the way of Spiritual Therapy, full circle, a Godly circle.

Step Three) Flush the toxins out of the system. Clean up the mess the attack causes on your body in the first place. This can be accomplished with any manner of the instruments. 

The good thing about God He is never short on promises for those who look to Him for answers, He is the most loving Father who can not say no to His child when he or she reaches up to Him in need. But just like everything else in this magnificent creation He has given us, we all have free will! Nothing in the supernatural can be facilitated without our active and free choice. 

So don’t fear my brothers and sisters if they grab you and forcibly give you the jab, put dead baby tissue in your food without you knowing it or try to poison you or your loved ones with toxic Genetically Mutilated Organics, nothing can harm you when it comes to the curse they intend with such an attack unless you have, with understanding, taken it anyway to possibly get whatever benefit, gain, or promise they have lied and seduced you with. How funny; now they have lowered themselves to offering financial incentives, even free strip dances in strip bars to convince people to get the jab.

Back to the promise, God always provides everything we need all around us, to overcome any of the trials and tribulations, the attacks we may face, as long as we look to Him and ask. 

Free Will! Free will to ask and free will to ignore.

You can combat just about any issue including all sicknesses, infirmity, attacks, literally open the door of the prison and walk out with just about anything around you; water, food, light, sound, action (Fight), all you have to do is understand the truth, pick up the tools God has abundantly created, put your intention on your weapon of choice, and slay thee great and mighty cartoon mouse!

What is a man to do? Everything he can to help his brothers and sisters. “Silver and gold I have not but what I have I give unto you.”

Bless you

Peter and Anna

“Dear Lord Jesus help us lift our heads to You as You reveal your Truths, Illuminate the shadows of the dark, and the Revelations of this time as You bathe us in your Life-Giving Light, Love, and Life. Strengthen and Protect all our warriors who are fighting in the front lines of Truth, the David’s, the Mel’s, the Charlies, the Juan’s, a Nino, a Gene, a Simon, an Ava and a Anna, all the Pauls’ and Peters’ risking their own lives to bring the messages of hope, faith, and freedom to captives held in the many jails of the mind, spirit, and body on this Earth, on it and below it.”

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