Looking Across The Red Sea; “Watch The Water”

Stepping up to the crest of the sand blown hill, looking across the desert at the waters afar, the heat of the summers sun has not quite begun to beckon the whispering dance of shimmering mirages that typically paint the images of distant watery shores often hoped for, yet more often remaining just out of reach. In this case, the clear colors of their swatches across the landscape of sky blue, definitive yet distinct from the more cloudy whites that clearly make up the sky just above, leave no doubt that a great expanse of water perhaps even a sea lays directly before them.

We seem to have found ourselves standing looking out across an impassable sea in the middle of this dry desert.

What, why, or who has brought us here? Not so much as to this place, but this junction in time where we all have over the course of recent memory came to the realization that we had systematically and uniformly been lied to and thus brought maybe even sold into slavery. That steady decrease in prosperity is easy enough to see, but the not-so-steady decline of the overall health or wellness of the people especially when it is stretched over the course of generations is a bit harder to identify, thus this decay is often only visible when witnessed from afar. As my wife has so often and more recently said; “It is like slowly cooking a frog, raising the heat a little at a time, the frog just keeps swimming unaware of the danger, not even trying to jump out of the water until it is overcome by the boiling heat.”

That might explain the what and even why, but the who, this is a little harder to fathom?  They call him the great leader, our President, our Prime Minister, “The Moses” the man pulled out of the water, but who is he really except a man like any other man? Yes, the people chose him to lead us, and true the majority seem to believe he was ordained by God Himself, but could this really be true? Not only does he fight for our rights as brothers and sisters, but to free us all from that bondage we have all come to understand was more than just the consequential path of a life we have chosen for ourselves, or was it that of our parents, grandparents, and their parents before, one thrust upon us by manipulation, coercion, greed, and despair?

I have heard it said the many miracles God has already been demonstrated especially over the last couple of years, leading us to a destination, without a doubt to this point of potential freedom from oppression. A Moses-like path to restoration of everything God has not only promised us who follow Him, all that had been taken from our fathers before us, but this fact is also suddenly a real and palatable possibility. Before recently we had no idea any of this was even possible, let alone even existed; literally, the manifestation of a Royal Decree to the sovereignty of all of us in God’s mind and the promises held back from His children, held in hiding, not gone, but merely plundered and locked away deep dark bowels of hells cruelty.

With it, the “Revelations” of atrocities so profoundly atrocious perpetrated against the most innocent among us; our elderly, the afflicted, the innocent, and even children, not to mention to all of us unknowingly, perpetrated right under our ever-green noses for decades perhaps beyond, without the slightest notion that such evils could exist. The totality of these revelations all suddenly unlocked from the vaults they have been hidden in, realized, brought to light, spoken about by our great leader, vowed and dedicated in his words to the freeing of the innocent, and with them, all of us held in the prison of the same system. Then to add the icing on the cake, a righteous justice rained down on all who have taken part in this deep dark state of evil systemic creation, poetic justice.

Yes, I have heard the mention of the recent miracles, seen some even myself, corresponding numbers, prophetic messages from the past, too many coincidences to be coincidence, but that hardly diminishes the vast eminent certainty of a sea standing before us, with no clear means to pass, it screams in defiance with the immense complexity of the entire system. The vastness of the waters is nearly incomprehensible, and to those who have not had the blessing of the learning of the dimensions within the system, the murky waters seem to stretch out into infinity. 

We can’t go back, too late for that now, past has proven to be only filled with pain, despair, and death for those who have been ruled, those who are being controlled, these smirking blood drinkers, the controllers clearly have shown they have no care for any of us, merely a continuation of the same scenario where they the very few rule the many, usurp control, lustfully own, and mercilessly abuse the vast innocent. 

We can’t stay here, the food is polluted, the water poisoned, our very existence has seemed to be squeezed out of every one of us where the majority who stand to gaze towards the vast sea all seem to cry out in silent prayer; “Oh God, If something doesn’t happen, something quick, it would appear there may not be an option but lay down and die?” And again as my genius wife Anna has said many times; “You can’t un-cream the coffee once it has been added.” There is no going back once the truth has been seen.

Is this how it was all those thousands of years ago when another Moses led the children of God from bondage? Hope wrestled upon revelation, prophetic enlightenment of secrets hidden, slaves slowly created, and children taken to be slaughtered, cast upon cruelties of a life devoid of compassion to only be used for the merciless pleasures of a few ravenous demons. Truths revealed, a course set, prayers sent up to God, freedom from oppression delivered in return.

There must have been a sort of apocalypse; an enlightenment of at first a few, that later gained momentum until it crescendoed into a symphony of many, perpetuated into the raising of enough voices that God Himself reached down and lifted up a great leader to stand in the face of the controlling system, the very Cabal that believed it not only ruled the world, but it had the right by its own self proclaimed demigod monetary decree. 

Revelation and deliverance from oppression; the masses marched towards a new greater land, on the blessed words that had been promised and kept from them for too long. Words coded within written prophecies, these sometimes mingled upon the soft orchestrated numbers that must be played in perfection in order to hear the Heavenly symphonies within. This “Hope” is the anticipation of success that realization of answered prayers can bring, Godly revelations, and the supernatural Justice that is so desperately needed by His people brings faith that with each step this new march musters into the unknown and our own Moses directions of deliverance will bring.

Yet they too stepped up and looked across the sand to see and vast sea stretching across the path they clearly were on and only moments before walked with faith towards. Their leader brought them there, they knew in their hearts that God did lead him, or at least they hoped so. Leading him in a battle with the very talons of the evil itself, an evil that was still there, still had a plan, a set of goals leading to the destruction of everyone standing staring out across the vast sea. 

So there they have it, they stare out across the sea. Now what? At this point, only a miracle could solve this vast conundrum that has presented itself in front of us all. Only a miracle of Biblical proportions could not only save all of them but somehow stop the onslaught of the enemy as he clearly is charging down the valley towards them bent on misery, destruction, re-enslavement, or death. The System, the Pharos, the Eye of Ra is not coming for a picnic, and he has more than once said what his intention is regardless of what other talking-heads might promise. 

I guess we are all standing on the shores of a great red sea, a sea painted with the blood of children, staring out wondering what our Moses meant when he said; “Watch the Water,” “The Storm is Coming.”

Did the children of God even have any idea of what might be coming, any hope, any prophesy, did Moses? Could they even in their dreams had contemplated a parting of the great waters before them?

We, of course, know what happened, we know God parted the Red Sea, He held back the armies of the so-called demigod of Ra, Pharos, until the children were almost across then casually released them to charge forward to their deaths. Pharos chariots litter the bottom of the red sea visible to this day.  

But back then as today did they even dare to dream of such a miracle as to “part” the Red Sea? I would say no.

We have all come to the point where we are standing on the edge of the Red Sea staring out at the vastness, wondering now what? 

Ships of ever-green are stuck out there for all to observe, Revelations of Truths are being revealed, the villains who yesterday hid in dark places are being brought into the light for everyone in the world to see today. The children are being set free. God’s apocalypse, his enlightenment is being revealed to a few, then more, today many, and ultimately to everyone who is willing or able to see.

So stand with me as we look out into the sea, looking in childish wonder as we ponder the first question; “What now?”

Stand with me in faith as we know in our spirit that the same hand that brought us here is the same hand that created the entire world, the entire creation in the first place. He, of course, gave this entire creation to all of us including to those who are bent on control, abuse, and destruction of the rest of us for their own greed. Free will is God’s greatest gift, but “free will” does not include free to control. 

As I have already have written in many other writings; Greed is not the desire or even selfish desire for anything in this world, but greed is the fixation with the idea of not wishing anyone else to possess that which the greedy believe is theirs alone. Control is merely a desire to place one person’s desires onto others while denying to the other theirs, denying to someone else that which God Himself gave each of us; free will. 

Simple as it may seem evil has only one desire and that is to take from each of us that which God has freely given each of us. We are all green in the illumination arena, but we are not ever-green anymore. God only gives and the enemy only takes. Even the fools who have given over their lives to evil in trade for some momentary satisfaction, get nothing yet have to give or sell their souls, when they are gone or when the enemy no longer needs them he takes back everything he has presented, leaving those fools soulless. 

It is in anticipation of freedom that the children of God stood on the shore of the Red Sea and stared across the waters too, it is the same today.

Moses didn’t bring us here just to fail or abandon us staring towards the horizon, nor did God reveal everything to Moses and us merely to dangle a freedom carrot in front, or a lofty promise of restoration just to let us stand there for the slaughter. 

We stand on the sands of the desert shore today looking across the expanse of vast water, looking to the blue waters in anticipation of God’s prophetically illuminated message.

Stand with me in faith as we look to the water, waiting in hope, and joyful anticipation with prayer-filled faith, faith in our Great President, and faith greater still in our infinite God Jesus. 

By Peter Colla



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“Would if I told you that every oil-based pharmaceutical is not developed to heal anything or merely to make money, but actually enhanced, synthesized, and developed to facilitate other physiological issues, thus make us need additional medications. It is a classic; cause the problem and then present the solution mechanism to enslave and control. But the good news is we can with God’s help escape this prison.”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna



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