If the Healthcare System Has Become A Jail Then COVID Is The Solitary Confinement

If our healthcare system has become a jail then COVID is in essence “solitary confinement” in that prison. 

Over the course of the last twenty-five years of practicing medicine, treating thousands of patients, even saving a few lives, I have come to realize that if a person doesn’t treat to the cause and not just the symptoms, as we health care providers seem ever so much more prompted to do, people actually have a chance to heal rather than just learn to live with the issues they have come down with.

Not exactly a simple task in today’s society where it has become increasingly difficult to venture away from the standard dictated behavioral norm, even to a degree forbidden to even speak of such things, such as God in the healing process, without fearing reprisal, slander, ex-communication, and outright censorship. 

I have written many words in my books relating to various examples of needing to choose between telling a person what I knew was true, truths that would heal and not just maintain or suppress conditions, giving them advice to, in essence, free themselves from the incarcerations of the soul by the sickness they were already convinced was incurable? Yet as the stranglehold of the healthcare big-pharma insurance-driven control mechanism quickly engulfed every aspect of the healthcare environment around me, and I realized the only way to help people was to venture under-cover and speak the truths to individual patients and perhaps a few health care providers who thought like me, basically give the patients what they need, only after rendering the regular ordered treatments. 

The people in need always received the additional information with tear-filled gratitude, but often it was those who only wished to hold a controlling hand on these individuals and their sickness status that would strike out as snakes that hide in the bushes when any word was spoken of possible godly intervention and healing advice may occur. 

It didn’t surprise me the very least, as it became clear that our President was obviously anointed by God Himself, and that the task at hand was not merely status quo, but in fact, a direct assault against the dark forces worldwide that have endeavored, robbed, stole, and slandered, even killed innocent children, performing any dark or sinister act they could to ultimately realize their goal, and that was to seize total worldwide control in their one-world-order, the very same they have planned even since perhaps the Roman empire or earlier.

The medical industry not only controls the health and wellness of the people, but I was not surprised to realize that Karl Marx himself stated that controlling the health of the people was the first and necessary step in gaining total domination and ultimate enslavement of the masses. Severe population reduction is at the forefront of this ideology, and thus when the total control of the world’s healthcare is in their hands, they of course would not flinch in hesitating in unleashing this ultimate and covert weapon as a means to reestablish or illicit total control.

What better way than to manufacture a pandemic, of course later usher in a viable solution that they, in turn, could use to facilitate their plan of population control, screening, and ultimate non-essential reduction of population. 

My earliest work in immunology gave me particular insight into the irregularities that already had sprung up early in the pandemic media information blitz. I already saw it even as early as the first months that what was being reported was far exceeding the truth and the numbers were being greatly exaggerated, but initially, it was unclear to see the why’s? Such companies as the insurance industry and the pharmaceuticals why could or would they become complacent in these misrepresentations worldwide, unless it was an organization above the concerns of every country with the power to facilitate the same protocols in each, illicit the same miss-information, and secure this lockdown for their own nefarious reasons.

The only thing that made sense; it was obvious that the same people who owned the Big-pharma, who also own the insurance agencies of the world, must push these agenda’s through the media unquestioned, financing the lies through the worlds economic systems the central banks, low and behold, I had already realized the same few private entities did, as a matter of fact, own all these individual industries, as well as the energy, and weapons manufacturing. But again, why the pandemic?

The only thing that makes sense is the insistent desire to remove President Trump from office at any cost. Smoke screams put up a pandemic in the media, name any and all deaths COVID manifest a problem at all costs. Alter the reduced testing criteria so even an orange or a can of motor oil tests positive, and then deny any and all possible treatment plans with the exception of vaccine, of which they could put anything they wish in to finalize and place back on track their ultimate global population reduction plan. Anyone who speaks to the truth, vilify them, label them conspiracy theorists, and then send their dogs out to attack anyone who dares say otherwise? Now you have the perfect smokescreen for an unlimited removal of the masses’ rights, the dimming down of their voices, mail-in ballot and voter fraud. 

This whole charade is no different than the entire spectacle of the healthcare industry in the last fifteen years. A slow degeneration from anything curative to an increase in the chronic manifestation of ailments; one issue caused by the increased acidification of our foods and the added toxins of GMO’s or other toxic additives in our air, water, food production, preservatives, and flu shot combining to facilitate the issues more and more people worldwide suffer from at an ever increasingly young age. Blanket coverage of the media regarding the doom and gloom of the sicknesses and then their solutions; pills.

Once they have you in the grip of their pharma-insurance-driven prison, they can present their crude oil toxic medicines that you must take indefinitely, one causes the next, then the next one you must take cause the next two. Doctors no longer have any choice but to obey and prescribe as they are told, they all now work for these industries either directly or indirectly, those who don’t have already been run out of the business.

If you dare to ask to receive an alternate treatment it is met with angry denial or even threat of expulsion from the insurance care. A prominent addiction specialist told me that pain pills are specifically synthesized not to reduce pain but to increase your susceptibility to it, in other words, while you have less pain today you get more tomorrow thus needing more pills. And the added surprise is they also cause depression, which facilitates the need for anti-depression medications, or sleeping pills. But if you find yourself taking anti-depressant’s these cause the patient to have thoughts of suicide.

Over the course of the last few years, I have realized that almost every single patient has allergies, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, various aspects of arthritis, and in time skin lesions that I have no doubt turn out to be malignant. The average patient I see in the home above the age of sixty-five already takes at least ten medications on a regular basis, but recently I have begun seeing at least a page full of meds, as this is not only common, it is almost the norm. 

How different was this in Nazi Germany people being marched off to Auschwitz and they don’t even have any idea they were going? A slow train into the prisons and the Deep State doesn’t even have to send you to the FEMA camps because they send you home to house arrest. Mask them, shut them up, place them in fear, incarcerate, isolation, feed them constant reports of exaggerated death; fear, fear, fear. The prison wasn’t bad enough, put them in solitary confinement! If I have told you how many elderly have been locked away, denied even seeing their loved ones for Thanksgiving, denied even the basic rights of seeing each other, it is a crime against the basic needs of social interaction. It has been proven a baby left alone without any touch or interaction not only will not grow but dies. Prisons use Solitary Confinement to isolate, weaken, and break prisoners so they will submit to authority and obey. What is the purpose the powers to be have done the same to the whole world?

Next ruin the economies of the middle class while the ultra-rich flourish, kick them while they are down. The same ultra-rich that sponsor the anti-Trump movement, they have everything to gain, by our reduced prosperity, they seem to be the only ones prospering in this environment. I have known more than a few greedy rich men in my life, the problem with them; it’s not that they want more, no they just don’t want anyone else to have anything. It is the same at the top; they would rather place us in a communist-ruled regime, easy to control us, while they get to lead from the top of their individual dung piles!

People the masks are useless, it even says openly on the box that the masks do nothing for the prevention of viruses or bacterial diseases, as a matter of fact, the same so-called doctor that recommends the masks today, in earlier articles they stated; that the majority of the death caused by the Spanish-Flu were due to the wearing of masks and the onset of pneumonia. The very thing happening today and again being mislabeled as COVID.

I knew this was all a farce even at the beginning, many of my colleagues refused to treat COVID patients at the onset of the disease so I volunteered. I knew I would not get it because I know how viruses are transmitted and the way they say it can happen goes so far against the science it is bordering on stupidity. Of the more than two dozen patients I treated who were said to have COVID, not one had any active symptoms, and other than normal cold symptoms or seasonal flue initially, not one said they felt anything but merely had to sit tight while they waited alone in their homes for the quarantine to end. 

But one thing is for sure, they all reported; while the media said the hospitals were overrun when they were there, nobody home, the place was empty and hardly anyone was around at all. So I went to the hospitals to look for myself, and they were all ghost towns. So again what is prompting the insurance industry, the medical industry, the local politicians, all the medical staff, and the media all to be complacent, lie, and go along with this charade unless it is someone, something so powerful, and carrying such influence over them that they must obey?

They say our Great President is waging a worldwide war against child trafficking and pedophilia if this is truly the case, then it is one of the greatest Art of War, you fight here, we attack there, tactics in history? If the rest of this is merely a smokescreen in order for those witches and bastards to be distracted while our military free’s the children and dismantles this worldwide crime against humanity syndicate, then it is certainly worth it? If Adrenochrome is real, then it is being produced somewhere, and big-pharma is involved? If COVID was produced in a lab then Big-pharma is the only institution possible that could do it? Strange there is even a patent on COVID.

If the media knows even a fraction of this then they are complacent for hiding the truth. If the politicians know and hide it with their stacked judges, crooked attorneys, and paid-off bureaucrats, then the truth must be told and they must be rooted out. If law enforcement has hidden the facts, if the transportation industry, Hollywood, and social elites are part of it, the corporate giants, untold industries have been involved in any aspect of abducting children for the purpose of rape, torture, or murder, then they all need to be exposed, flushed out, rooted out, drawn and quartered into the streets and eliminated like the vile they are. 

If one child still remains, and what I hear the numbers are a staggering one million children a year worldwide, then this represents the worst crime against humanity in world history, a sin against the very spirit of God, a sin against each and every one of us. All sin can be forgiven except that which is against the Holy Spirit, Jesus said Himself, and I am sure He was talking about these little ones. 

If it is true and our great President is and did wage war against this satanic Luciferian plague worldwide then it outways any and all inconvenience any of us have had to endure while we put up with the ridiculous mask and lockdown incarceration. 

Our President is truly a genius; get everyone looking at COVID bullshit, all the ridiculousness of the obvious voter fraud, impeachment this, impeachment that, Biden signing blank EO’s from a studio in CA, flying around in second rate charter plane, soldiers standing with their backs to him as he passes, all the while our genius President is mopping up clearing out the last of the in-prisoned children, grabbing all the evidence of anyone involved with the money laundering, gun running, child trafficking, voter fraud, especially the witchcraft driven adrenochrome and pedophile mess. Gather every one of those animals and strip them march them through the streets to the gallows. 

This is not a chess game between the Dems and Republicans any more than it is a game between Donald Trump and the Rothchilds, they are all just players on the board. No this is a game between God Jesus on one side and the Devil on the other. Poor devil, he lost that war two thousand years ago!

It is time for people to stop and realize they have been in jail, a jail of lies. I heard a story that at Auschwitz at the end of the war the Germans were so short of ammunition that the guards of the concentration camps had only the most minimal rounds for their weapons. The number of guards to prisoners was often one to every thousand men, and at any time the people could have easily overrun the guards and escaped. But they didn’t because they were convicted that they were doomed. 

People of today have been told lies about the healthcare system so much that even the thought that they could have been lied to is as inconceivable as realizing they are already in jail. But, it is only a jail of air! Anytime a person wishes they can say; I am no longer doing the lie, I am taking off the mask, I am refusing to do the isolation quarantine bull, I will find a treatment for my medical condition that is natural and doesn’t cause three others. The COVID scam is just that; nothing, and if you can’t die from it why take a vaccine for it? 

Soon people will realize the true criminals are the ones telling the lies to protect their crimes against humanity industry, get us to give up our rights, give up our elected President, submit and shut up. I don’t know about you but when I hear that some other country or a few greedy rich guys decided they wanted to dictate who is our President and they don’t give a shit about the desired of the rest of us, what I understand is eighty-five percent of the voting Americans voted for Donald Trump, I say Bullshit to that! 

If it was a fifty-fifty deal I can understand the court possibly not looking at it, but 85%? Eighty-five percent of my brothers and sisters realize finally that they have had the election stolen, not only the Presidency but perhaps in many areas of the entire government; congress, local, federal, courts and all, aka they have had the bread from the mouths of their children stolen. Trillions stolen that was supposed to be for us given to again given to their friends!

When eighty-five percent realize the whole COVID thing is a sham, and our loved ones have been placed in fear, depression, physical danger, torment, placed into unnecessary isolation, and health danger because of a few greedy politicians who are getting their pockets lined and their butts licked by China or Iran?

Strike eighty-five percent, wait until the ninety-nine percent of my brothers and sisters find out that children are being stolen, raped, and tortured for their blood, their organs, or sexual pleasure. Little children in cages are alone and afraid!!!

I don’t know about you but Americans are not pussy’s, they are the strongest men and women in the world, and they are ultimately good, they love children, and they hate being lied to, and they hate having their stuff stolen. No, I feel sorry for these traitors out there, these ghouls that have hurt children, because when it gets out, and it will get out, there will be no place on this friggen planet they will be able to hide!


By Peter Colla

“Lord Jesus I pray for these fools that have stolen and abused our children, stolen our election, committed treason to our country, I pray you to give them the wisdom to turn themselves in, repent before this gets out, because if they don’t then I pray you to send your vengeance on them. I fear if they have to face the ninety-nine percent it’s going to be ruff for them.”

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