Justin, The Lie of Sicknesses, Chapters 12 and 13


Early in my career, I had a patient named Justin, it was a time when I had just started my career and was supplementing my new practice by also doing some work for the local high school district. Justin was a young boy who had an advanced form of Muscular Dystrophy.

For those who don’t know this sickness or have ever seen its symptoms play out on a child, basically, the child systematically loses the ability to use their arms and legs, basically, the sickness attacks the muscles or in this case the person’s ability to control the muscles. These children become increasingly weak, even the most rudimentary activities are extremely difficult. Most of them, by the time they get to high school, are sentenced to a life bound to the wheelchair, many have such limited hand and arm movement they can hardly control the electronic controller of their own chair. This sickness leaves the child progressively weaker in his muscles from the neck down to the point where a child first loses their strength in their legs sentencing them to a wheelchair, progressing up their body to their arms, neck and eventually even affecting their ability to support themselves even in sitting position leading usually to death.

The children have a particular posture that is typical for them they sit straight up in a chair with the exception of the head movements have very little ability to move at all. Justin had all of this, having to sit straight up in his chair, he wore a very restricting back and body brace that held him straight. It is believed that sitting up straight actually aids them as a means to help or ease breathing or other organic functions usually aided by muscles, the idea is to use gravity to help as much as possible. The result is often these kids receive a very painful and permanent rod in the spine to at least allow them to sit up without falling over into themselves.

I had the opportunity to provide physical therapy for an entire school district in which Justin was a student. A student like Justin while the standard Physical therapy might include stretching tight muscles and very lightly exercise someone to help strengthen their muscles, with him any of these activities seemed futile both to myself and to him as he was more interested in playing games or such activities than doing something that often involved uncomfortable feelings, even pain.

Let me tell you what I do remember about Justin.

I remember remarkably much about him, I remember how there was very little I could do with him, his paralysis was almost complete. No spasm or contracture to speak of, and when I tried to exercise his hands or legs, it was more of a bother to him than a help. The arm or leg would just move with little or no effort, as a matter of fact, he seemed to enjoy more than anything to just play games.

They had a pool table and one of his favorite activities was strapping a pool stick to his arm, and he would after being lined up for the shot, propel his chair forward to hit the ball. He would bust out in total excitement as the balls went into the pockets. After a while, he became quite good at lining up bank shots and hitting even tough long shots in.

Another activity he seemed to like was playing “super soccer” we would call it. On occasion, we would have access to the gym and with the help from a few student aids we would play soccer with a large exercise ball, this basically amounted to the kids being pushed around in their chairs and hit the ball back and forth sometimes into the goal.  They all seemed to laugh with such enthusiasm at any moment their chair would hit the ball. Justin seemed to laugh and get the most excited, often he would insist on driving his own chair, not wishing to be pushed, this would put him at a distinct disadvantage against the kids being pushed by health strong students, but it just didn’t seem to bother Justin.

While many of the other children of the class had issues coupled also with severe learning disabilities, often originating from some kind of brain trauma on or around birth, or worse damage caused by alcohol syndrome, leaving children underdeveloped and barely functional from birth with mental abilities barely above that of a newborn for life.  

Justin, on the other hand, had all of the normal mental capacities of his other general classmates, which basically meant he had all the desires and feelings as any other child, I guess this made it difficult for me to understand his need to be in special education. But I later learned that he often missed school because of his health and this was the only class, at least at that time where he could receive the one-on-one attention he needed.

Above everything else, I remember most the fact that with my every waking memory of Justin, he always had a smile on his face. I don’t think I ever knew anyone in my entire adult life who seemed to smile all the time like him.  

Yet as I bring him back to memory, another thing I do specifically remember about Justin is that one day I came into work and had a discussion with him asking him specifically why he seems to smile all the time?

He casually said; “Because I am so happy, I have everything I have ever wanted, friends, people who I love, who love me, every day seems like a new Christmas present and I love seeing the present unfold.”

I remember clearly thinking; how could this boy not be sad seeing other kids run around, go to dances, drive cars, live, and do things he knew he would never experience? But all I could muster was a single question; “Do you ever long for the things you can’t seem to do; football, swimming, flying a plane, a girlfriend?”

He just looked at me with the sweetest most content smile and said; “I have so many friends, many of the girls, they are all my girlfriends, and as for flying a plane, I fly almost every night in my dreams.”

This was so perplexing to me, for this boy was smart, he saw the world, he knew the truth. He knew he was getting progressively worse, he knew he would probably never grow up, get married, have children? He knew he would not drive a car as many of his friends probably already did, or have a career, travel the world? But even in all of that, this boy was completely and utterly happy!

That was one of the last times I ever saw or spoke to Justin, he was out again with what appeared to be some recurring illness, but about a week later I found out he had passed away in the night. It turned out that he had pneumonia, and was unable to cough, his parent put him to sleep and he drowned.

It’s a little tough to see the overcoming possibility, let alone the perfection there? I remember Justin believed in God, even spoke of God freely and beautifully on many occasions. Why could he not be healed?

I now realize Justin was perfect and overcame, and now I can see as I recall that conversation having with him only shortly before he died when asked him why he smiles all the time? He said; because I am so happy.

Justin was the kind of person who was happy just to be alive and expressed it freely giving back to everyone around him every moment of his life. He in his short life was a true teacher of the gift of happiness.

While others are worried about what they don’t have, or should have, or could have, Justin, was just content with everything he did have.

It would appear now to me that it was Justin’s purpose in this life to show so many other people, myself included, that happiness is not measured onto people based on what they have, but it is a measure of a persons ability to recognize every gift they have been given them in this life.

This event happened at the end of the school year and that was the last day I worked at the school. For many years I struggled to understand the perplexities of such a happy young man dying, but as I now ponder Justin’s memories that slowly drift back out of the locked doors I placed them in within my own memories. I realize that while I found it such a tragedy the young life not getting to do so much, I only now realize the very wisdom and words Justin himself so desperately tried to teach me well back in my own career; that he had everything he ever wanted.

When I saw a life of Un-fulfillment, of dreams and experiences, never realized, Justin himself latched on to the very essence of wisdom in this life, and that was to see each and every day as a blessing, a gift, another day of happiness, and this realization in fact allowed this young boy to live a full and honorable life, honorable to God. I never taught Justin anything, he taught me!

 He was healed, and whole, fulfilling everything God would have him experience and given in his life.

“Justin overcame adversity with faith, love, and hope, and now he flies.”

The Lie of Sicknesses

The simple truth about health care is simple; we have been systematically lied to about just about everything when it comes to our health and health care treatment. People have been slowly and completely brainwashed in their belief regarding their own health for years and this belief has slowly been altered toward a point of complete fear and loss of hope.

Now, why would somebody do such a thing?

Medical knowledge has been accumulated over the centuries and often passed down from generation to generation. And while it is the rights of all free individuals to benefit from the accumulation of knowledge or technology that was developed by their fathers, particular industries of today, namely the pharmaceutical-insurance industry would attempt to restrict the access of medical knowledge to merely access through their own produced treatment regiments, calling everything else quackery, and in many cases restricting it from being used at all.

Thirty years ago, I studied overseas and found myself seeking medical help for various issues, and in those days the doctors would prescribe along with the pharmaceutical remedy plus additional herbal treatment, which often found itself in the form of dried flowers in a bag, that I would have to place in a bowl of hot water and then inhale. I later learned in schools overseas, that these herbal remedies had been used so commonly for thousands of years that many of the elderly people of the villages would often not only know of them but would accumulate them and hang them in their basements for use when needed.

Today in the West, the notion of herbal medicine has been reduced in the media as something short of witchcraft used only by crazy medicine men or villagers living in huts in some far-off land. What eludes most people is even today the majority of medicines that are synthesized are based on natural products and plants found in nature, and pharmaceutical companies merely wish to discover a synthesized version of what God has already provided us and then make money with it. What is the craziest fact is many of the agents that are found in modern medicines and vaccinations, especially some which seem to have no medical benefit at all but are in most cases extremely toxic, found their earliest uses in ancient rituals of witchcraft and sorcery, substances such as mercury?

Investigators will tell you, that if you want to find the truth and expose the criminal, look at those who are telling the lies they will inevitably give away the light as they describe the shadow in their darkness.

We are taught that our bodies are everything. The Physicality of where we are right now, exactly how we feel right this moment is pretty much the major aspect of any disease or problem we might face physically.

The essence of any injury can be analyzed and then if the structures that are injured or affected could somehow be reversed the issue or disease should disappear as well. Nice thought, makes sense and it pretty much takes the thinking out of any problem. The tumor appears, remove the tumor, problem gone? Who cares why the tumor showed up in the first place?

Unfortunately as is the case in most issues the problem doesn’t seem to disappear but merely reappears later in another spot.

Mind over matter, the power of positive thinking, Law of Attraction, The Placebo Effect, or various other areas of ideology that put power in the mere way we think, have begun to spring up in various areas of the treatment environment, yet it only seems to get the most fringed recognition often being spouted in the accepted medical community as a sort of heresy, how dare we think we can tell the doctors anything, they know it all?

Belief? Well, forget that, the spirit, that’s pretty much for the miracle department, and those only seem to happen to other people, often fabricated or just some miss-diagnosis that someone else completely fumbled. Plus the church is the place that holds the patent on miracles and it seems as eager to keep the church and state separation prevalent to include separation of church and medicine.

Maybe this is why injuries have a way of defining our lives?

Speak to anyone who has an injury enough and you will find that for the most part, people can speak of nothing else than the injury they are dealing with, and more so the symptoms.

It is true, I have noticed that when people are hurt or dealing with a healthcare issue their whole world becomes this issue, and regardless of how actually small, the issue is. I have known people who have nothing more than a sore pinky toe, and their entire life seems to revolve around this one particular issue. They only think about the toe, they consider the toe, they look at it, they feel it, they see it, their whole life revolves around it as if it is some sort of dark black hole, and they have suddenly become trapped in its ever constricting and crushing orbit, spinning down deeper and deeper until death itself becomes a Mercy.

The injury through fear and deceit causes your eyes, ears, and every thought to dwell on the issue at hand. 

It does seem in a self-defeated manner, to be an almost worship-like consideration of the little toe.

People have a tendency to turn their faces to the ground, press their face into the muck and their whole world becomes consumed with the injury. They become a slave to the injury, regardless of how insignificant it is in proportion to the whole body, the effect on the family, or its resulting waves throughout the entire community.

But let us get back to the symbol of people as we all have been taught.

Like I said, I have often believed or may have been taught in my youth that when considering the whole society the symbol of the pyramid on the dollar bill is supposed to represent us as a whole.  We should consider the perspectives of this taught view of us, and we might even see ourselves as this constructed stone like a pyramid, let us take the one off the one-dollar bill as an example;

Our life represented by the monolithic representation of the pyramid, as is so demonstrated throughout history. Pharaohs, leaders all around the world have used this pyramid structure as a representation or demonstration of the life these many great people, countries, cultures have presented, as a way to represent or “Re-Present”.

So let’s take the representation of the pyramid; in this model, the body is the huge base covering the mass that rests against the earth, grounded and needing at least the majority of our consideration for anything to continue, unmovable and face down in the dirt?

The mind then would be the middle section, less than the body but sitting above directing the whole comings and goings of the body, visible and aware of its place in the whole picture; above the body, kind of like the mind or head resting on top of the body, the director, the boss?

Well, then what is the spirit? That little all-seeing eye that kind of floats above, small, insignificant, detached, it radiates with some kind of detached power, light, radiation, or whatever, and just floats there not really doing anything at all, inconsequential?

If they lie about one thing then are they lying about everything?

Let us consider the opposite is true.

A sort of reverse pyramid image might appear.

Then the body would actually be the very smallest portion of the whole?

The physical body is the smallest portion of your soul. The soul is in essence then the entire aspect of your life in this physical life and beyond.

The sharpest and insignificant point actually touches the ground. It expands upward and outward for about one-third of the evident structure. This might actually make sense.

Science would tell us that the body is merely a conglomeration of assembled atoms, coordinated in the most complex fashion, so complex they can hardly understand it let alone fathom it, yet they are convinced, and it is commonly taught, that all atoms are merely various organized structurally restricted entities of energy, locked in a particular structure and orbits around each other, and further organized in complex patterns that somehow make us up as Human, and for the most part the entire visible and invisible universe? Real, now and present for just this one particular moment in time. Not unlike sound waves flowing like the ripples through a pond one moment here and the next touching the edge of the sand.

The mind lets assume, in turn, rests above larger and growing upward structures expanding, it might make sense seeing how the mind not only encompasses everything in the now, taking all of its stimulus from every aspect the body might offer but also incorporates memory; past, present, and even to a degree that which we might imagine a future, but also extrapolate this information making judgments as to the effects of the past on present information and a possible projection to theoretical future predictions based on data received to date. A sort of enormous library with shelves for past experiences, interpretation, and reactions to be placed for future reference and deductions.

Then what about the spirit? If it rests above and is the essence of our belief system, it is how we believe, it might make sense that it is a product of everything that the mind processes, all the stimulations the body feels at any one particular time, fed up into the mind, processed along with dreams, teachings, imagination given to us through conscience and even un-conscience stimulus and then passed on to the belief system, the spirit to assemble and collect, building its own collection as it was to make its own ultimate decision; what does it actually believe? Does it swing toward yes or no, good or bad, dark or light, God or something else?

If this be the case and the spirit resides up and into heavenly realms of considerations, one might also assume in our structural demonstration that the spirit would go on and upward actually without an end?

So back to health care.

If we are actually structures of not only physicality in the present, but also past present, future, and more importantly the mind has a much greater volume of consideration of the whole, then one would and must assume that the spirit has the greatest consideration if for no other reason then the massive volume of the whole it seems to be in charge of.

The first step in confronting and eventually eliminating any medical issue a person may be suffering from on an ongoing basis, it is first necessary to understand the issue at hand and exactly what we are fighting.

Given the fact that we are the greatest proportion of our essence is spirit then we must also realize that anything that happens to us good or bad in our lives is primarily spirit-based, and knowing this makes it so much easier to fight and defeat in the case of a negative confrontation.

We have been taught we have little or no influence on the outcomes of issues that afflict us, that we are some sort of random occurrence and when bad things happen to us it is just Karma, bad luck, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But this misconception has the effect of taking the Divine out of our paths and makes us a bit of a slave to whatever infirmity that may present itself. It is so easy with such thought to just give up and not even begin to hope when we are suddenly afflicted with a dreadful occurrence.

The actual specifics of the injuries are too complex to understand and must be left to the people who have been taught these facts. As a matter of fact, we are systematically being taught we should not even question the diagnosis or prognosis when told to us merely act on the results, and do what we are being told.

Yes, it would seem we have been enslaved by fear, deception, and false teaching, but when a person lifts up their head, just starts to ask for wisdom, God is faithful to give all we will need to overcome any issue we may seek help with.




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Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will publish each day a few chapters of Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” as I produce and publish an Audio version of each chapter. 

“Why are so many people placed on symptom-reducing medicines and then left to keep taking them for years long after the symptoms have disappeared?  Money, greed, control, maybe it is something even more sinister; fear?”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna


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