Your Soul Is A House, Chapter 11

Your Soul Is A House

Our life is the accumulation of everything we experience in our body, mind, and spirit. Our life is our soul. Sicknesses and infirmities are storms affecting our body from the outside in. We decide how we will deal with them.

Your soul is as of a house, a house with many walls, and chambers, doors, and windows. God builds you perfectly with clear crystal golden glass walls. The house God builds, you form the foundation early in your life, and add to your house good and bad each day with the choices and experiences you live through.

There are five portals into your soul and that’s through your eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and through your skin. It is in and out of these that you chose what to receive and give throughout your lives.

On a quantitative or at least an experiential level there are four ways the insides of our bodies feel, becoming aware of the outside world this is through light, sound, taste/smell, and physical feeling. The light through our eyes with sight, sound for the most part through our ears with hearing, food or chemicals and various organics through our mouth or nose, and the last are interactions with the outside world through the sensations they stimulate on our skin, joints and the other inner movement receptors of the body.

Science would call these the five senses being sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, and even has spoken and become aware of a possible sixth sense, a yet unknown sense or feeling rectors that somehow make us aware when danger is imminent or intuition about one thing or another.

It is also taught in psychology that we have the ability to encapsulate our experiences into rooms allowing us to close off more dramatic or painful experiences of our past into chambers until we are able to properly handle them. Often these chambers represent the most fearful and traumatic areas of a persons’ life they choose to lock up and forget.

This description is not far from the truth as spoken of in the teachings of the Word of God, except the chambers are made by God and hold the various treasures of the life He gave us. All the love we experience, all the joys, the other souls we dance with through the garden of our life are held like jewels in treasure chests in the many-chambered mansions of our souls.

Closing off ourselves to the storms and tribulations in our life is the equivalent of allowing a wild animal into our house and then locking it up in a room rather than dealing with it or chasing it out.

I have seen it often with people, patients who suffer from chronic issues, there are often unresolved issues that surround the injury they are presenting with. People who come with back pain, whether spontaneous as it may seem to occur, often find itself manifesting with people who have issues in their life where they have problems with the burdens they are carrying whether it be in their own personal lives, family, friends, or even in the workplace.

Understanding the basis of the problem is the first step in preventing the problem from reoccurring, and it is only when they deal with these preemptive initiating factors that they are able to effectively address the issue in a complete and long-lastingly way. It is for this reason that the initial evaluation is so important for the proper evaluation of all the injury factors to be assessed, the causes, all of them.

While this evaluation process, especially determining the complicating or initially preempting factors was stressed earlier in the education of medical providers learning process, over the course of the last ten to fifteen years these interests have been less and less required and even to the point where it is completely ignored stating more of an interest for single isolation of affected tissue, a specific chemical or particular gene. A sort of caring less for the whole person than just putting a label, a single isolated location, or a single diagnosis code on it and treating the injury as limited and regimented as possible.

“Everything that gets into your house either you let in, bring in, or have delivered in through the doors and windows in your house, this includes injuries.”

Sicknesses are spiritual, they manifest using unsuspecting and often unknowing agents that deliver their dark agendas against God’s children. They knock on the doors, we feel this as pain, discomfort, or fear and open the door with our own words when we claim them as our own.

Spend enough time with enough injured people and you will see this point is so true. When I first was educated almost forty years ago people still believed they “came down with,” “were afflicted with,”  “were suffering from,” or “caught” this or that, now they say; “I have” this or that, or “I am” a this or that name of an injury. I am a diabetic, an amputee, a heart patient, a cancer patient, an addict, a rheumatic patient, and the list goes on and on. The I Am is used so often these days, it is almost accepted as a badge of honor, but people don’t realize they curse themselves.

We have the power given by God to be and thus become what we claim unto ourselves. Our words have the greatest power in them to affect the universe we each know at this moment and forever.

Jesus said; It is not what goes into the temple, but what proceeds out that can make a man corrupt.



“Dear Lord, help me to realize that I can never become anything You have not created me to be, give me the wisdom to see through the lies of the enemy especially regarding my own health, and create in me the words that speak out into this universe Your truths.”

“Lift up our Great President Trump.”



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Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will publish each day a few chapters of Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” as I produce and publish an Audio version of each chapter. 

“Would if I told you that every oil-based pharmaceutical is not developed to heal anything or merely to make money, but actually enhanced, synthesized, and developed to facilitate other physiological issues, thus make us need additional medications. It is a classic cause the problem and then present the solution mechanism to enslave and control.”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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