Hold Up Moses’s Arms; “For God’s Sake”

Over the course of time, the once-great nation of the children of God slipped into comfortable servitude. Those among them who they had chosen to lead, sold their own people into slavery to a foreign ruler who had no interest in the wellbeing of the people, no love, no compassion, but merely a desire to control and enslave for the purposes of its own gains. So dark was the contempt of the great Pharos for the children they enslaved, that when he was done with them extracting what little labor he could from their lives, death was his salutation. 

But God heard the cries of the children, not those who dwelled upon the land, for they were too busy in their daily herding and coercing through the pig-pens provided by their captors to even realize they had long been enslaved? No, God heard the cries of the children who had been taken, brutally used, abused, tormented without mercy, caged like animals, and slaughtered like white rabbits by the merciless wolves that have arisen among them.

While others, even their parents had forgotten them, God heard these little ones’ cries. 

Among the once-great peoples of God arose a leader one who vowed with his first breath to free the children from the cages, destroy the system that perpetuated the crime against humanity, and bring the traitors to justice. 

Mighty was he, strong, faithful, not in the men who surrounded him, for while these might bolster words of strength, their hearts lacked the conviction to press on when wilderness and doubt calls? This mighty leader’s faith relied on the One who called him in the first place, the Creator of all, the only One who has the power and ability to overcome the many Pharos who have now seated themselves above all the rest of the people. 

Many miracles have occurred, any of which God alone could orchestrate, fabricate and facilitate with such perfect masterpiece the words necessary to harmonically reverberate throughout the entire world bringing these dark powers who have ruled us so long finally to their knees. 

What a symphony in the supernatural it must be, this plan needing to route them out, while at the same time remove from them their power, but let us not forget why God is doing it in the first place; to free all the children who are in the cages tormented, and forgotten! 

For such a plan to work, to find every hidden caged child, a vast and stealth plan must be formulated, one that must strike over the whole land, the whole world, all at once with such precision and surprise that the rest do not know they are being hit until literally, the sword is at every one of these devil’s throats. Leave any of them to realize their world of power, lust for blood, and control has ended and they would have no qualms about slaughtering what children they still have access to before falling themselves.

Every child’s life is worth more than all the inconvenience or physical suffering the people slaving still on the surface must endure as the People are being still seemingly clutched in the grip and control of Pharos.

But there is the great leader, this Moses-like man who God called still leading the rest of the people, who sit around mewling and complaining because everything they hear, and the lies they are being fed don’t support the freedom and victory they all know they already have acquired. 

Oh, how tiring it must have been for Moses himself knowing he had received an anointing from God the Creator of all. Watching the people complain between miracles, they even get to see the Red Sea divide, for God’s sake, check that; “for their sake,” and yet they complain? 

Of course, there were the Amalekites, the people who plagued the Children of God as they left Egypt marching forward to the promises God had for them yet unknown. Those bastards had their own particular way of attacking the people as they passed through. They wouldn’t fight straight on man against man, no, they enjoyed watching from the bushes waiting for the elderly, the sick or weak to fall a little behind, the children, they seem to love hunting the children, and when one would wonder just a little too far from the group, they would pounce on them! Always about the children!

So here we find Moses again trying to rally the tro0p’s, God himself tells him; go out and slaughter these baby killers! Moses by now has dozens of miracles under his belt, you would think the faith of the people behind him, standing on the hill holding up his hands telling the people “Go out there and take the victory God has already promised you, shown you, created for you,” would be enough to send them out with unaltered and unwavering faith? Remember these are the same people who got to see the plagues, the Parting of the sea, the Pillars of Fire.

What did they do, these pillars of faith, loyal supports, so-called warriors of people, they doubt the minute they saw their leader on the hill drop his arms a little? Moses, who as we remember was sent by God, after putting up with all the bellyaching, insults, doubting, and wailing of those who slandered him constantly with their complaining; looks out and when his arms are up they are winning, when they drop they are losing? 

Who’s to blame here Moses, by this time he must have easily been in his seventies, standing there for hours having to hold up his arms? Maybe God, oh it has to be His fault, why not just wipe the Amalekites out Himself, why inconvenience the poor warriors, who have to again get off their butts and do something?

It is these so-called warriors of faith, the weekend warriors, talk a big talk, but when it’s time to stand when our leader is tired they sit silently just waiting for the next meal dropped off in the feed troth by a laughing Pharos. If they really had faith they wouldn’t need to look back to see if their leader was lifting up his arms to know God told them to go, then go!

These patriots call themselves this lofty title when the President seems to be winning, but the minute his arms go down so goes their courage!

Last night I went to dinner invite in Phoenix and had a chance to meet Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne who were in town filming a documentary about the recent voter fraud that occurred with our last election. True Patriots who are not willing to give up on Truth.

I, like pretty everyone I know, has come to the conclusion that President Trump really received over 85% of the vote, but through massive fraud, foreign interference, and theft this fact was stolen and later even denied by the very system that perpetuated the steal in the first place. This theft by the same people who not only want to control and enslave every one of us in this country and worldwide, but also have for generations stolen our children for their satanic lusts for blood.

What amazed and angered me was the statement that our Great President has gotten tired. He is tired of being betrayed by everyone around him, even the courts, who, by the way, are paid and represent us, refusing to even look at the cases of fraud, this has somehow worn down our President where he has given up?

Bullshit! He hasn’t given up, any more than someone can say God has given up?

No, you know who is giving up, all these so-called patriotic warriors.

How can we stand here, knowing that 85% of our brothers and sisters voted for President Trump, just to have a few cry babies in the media or in politics say; “We don’t care, we want control, and we are going to take it! We have the best thieves China and Iran can buy, so just take it and you can try again next election!”

I don’t know about you, but when I was young and I heard someone, maybe a bully, came into the neighborhood and stole something from us, we stood up decided we weren’t going to just let them have it, go out and take it back. And if they were lucky we wouldn’t throw them a beating for taking it in the first place!

Next election they say? You let the bully get his way this time, knowing we know he stole it, there won’t be another election. They say let’s impeach or re-call them? You think the same people who rigged the system in the first place, who now suddenly have control, will all of a sudden allow a fair re-call vote? You believe that you are stupider than Biden’s speechwriter. The bully will rig it in such a way that no election is possible!

We the people already spoke! My wife and I are simple medical people who try to help people in a system that seems rigged to hurt them, we voted in Arizona, we voted for President Trump. Every person we knew, every person we spoke to, all across the city, in every conceivable social group was a Trump supporter with exception of only a very small fraction of CNN Trump haters.  Hundreds of people in my own little poll for Trump, only a small fraction said otherwise, young, old, black, white, rich, poor, it didn’t matter all on fire for our President and eager to show it. Yet somehow on election night here in Arizona, they are already calling for Biden long before the ballets close? 


Then to hear our own Arizona judges refuse to audit or allow examination of these fraudulent machines. They refuse to allow examinations of the so-called mail-in ballots! Who are these traitors, these thieves that think they can steal and then just deny us to even examine our own votes, this is America, not some third-world back alley dictatorship?

President Trump is our President, you know it, I know it and eighty-five percent of the American people of this country know it. I don’t give a shit if that pisses off a few Liberal or Pino’s (Patriots in name only) in Hollywood or at CNN.

If President Trump’s arms are getting tired, can you blame him, then someone needs to step up and hold them up for him?

If he can’t find anyone close give me a call, I’ll jump in my truck and drive across this country, and do it myself if he was to ask, or God tells me to?

But as for my Brothers and Sisters, the time of this bullshit mask charade is over; we all know the COVID scam is nothing, the masks do nothing, it’s all about obedience! Like I said I am a medical provider, I’ve treated dozens who so-called had COVID and not one had a symptom above a common sniffle. Anybody and everybody in the business knows the numbers are fake, cause co-morbidities, or outright lies, to justify mail-in balloting. 

Donald Trump was elected our President, he was and is anointed by God to lead us to freedom, and free those poor children captured by these witches and demons. 

Every one of these Jackasses that support this Treason, this horrendous blood-drinking sub-culture needs to be exposed, pulled out into the street, and tried for treason and crimes against humanity. And if the media won’t state this fact, we need to get a new one who is willing, to tell the truth instead of making it up to suit themselves. 

By Peter and Anna Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, help our glorious President Donald Trump complete what You have ordained and began, please bring our warriors of God throughout the land absolute, complete, and everlasting victory.”


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“Would if I told you that every oil-based pharmaceutical is not developed to heal anything or merely to make money, but actually enhanced, synthesized, and developed to facilitate other physiological issues, thus make us need additional medications. It is a classic cause the problem and then present the solution mechanism to enslave and control.”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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