Chapter 10: Afflictions and Storms

Afflictions and Storms

Afflictions can be by definition placed into two base groups; those of which have been sustained from the outside influences such as trauma, breaks, or bruises, and second; injuries and symptoms that seem to originate from the inside, a breakdown of systems within the body such as illnesses, cancers, organ failures, arthritis, diabetes, and other systemic issues.

Traumatic injuries or outside attacks whether it be breaks or bruises have pretty much been treated approximately the same over the course of historical knowledge; basically, bring the broken pieces back together, manage or hold them there for a time, and allow the body to mend itself, and while you are at it, keep the affected area as clean and in a normal stasis of being in temperature and position. Then return the area to its normal function as soon as possible to further facilitate the healing and a return to normal stasis of the individual.

But when it comes to systemic issues of an internal nature today’s accepted practices of medicine for most have very little interest in curing anything, merely relieving the symptoms. Treatments are prescribed to reduce the symptoms that the sickness elicits, with little or no examination of the root cause of the affliction, whether examined or given in the first place. Unfortunately to merely treat the symptom without the cause is, in essence, a fool’s game.

For centuries it was believed by the common public even taught in schools that leprosy, a chronic degenerative bacterial disease that mostly affects the skin and peripheral nerves, was also coupled with the slow systematic loss of fingers and toes, that the disease caused the toes and fingers to eventually fall off. But in fact, it was well known in the communities in which these poor afflicted people were ostracized too, that it was rats that would come at night when the victim would sleep and eat the rotting flesh from their hand or foot often taking good tissue with it, and because of the peripheral nerve damage of the deceased, the unknowing victim would not even feel it, merely wake up the next day with new wounds and missing fingers.

So one might venture to find a medicine that helps with the new seemingly spontaneous occurring wounds or the sudden disappearance of fingers and toes, but leave the rat problem unchecked or even considered, would in effect result in the occurrences of disappearance continuing. This kind of quest considering the new knowledge would seem like a fool’s game.

Silly as it sounds that’s exactly what medicine today does. Treatments are given that effectively treat symptoms, such as coughs, reduce temperature, kill living cells, but do little to actually address the actual causes of injuries, and in some cases may even precipitate them, enhance them or facilitate others worse than the original ones hoped to relieve. They seem to have as little effect on the causes of the afflictions as throwing pills into the ocean during a storm and hoping the waves suddenly stop?

More and more I began to understand that afflictions seemed to come in waves, like a large wave slamming against a ship in a rhythmic and almost orchestrated fashion, these legions of attackers wave upon wave of attacks pressing against the skin of our journeys for one malicious group of purposes; fear, destruction, and defeat. Attacks, or even in the form of storms, I also began to see that people could and would almost without exception have the ability to pinpoint the actual moment they first became aware of an issue. This attack would manifest in almost a supernatural awareness on a spiritual level in their beliefs, whether it be a direct injury as in some kind of force injuries such as a break or accident, or a sudden awareness of something wrong in their body. Even the slower progressing issues occurring seem to also give up the ghost, revealing with almost psychic clarity the very moment we first became aware that something is amiss?

It almost seems like the sicknesses, injuries, or afflictions, the dark spirits behind them are gnawing at the bit to make themselves known?

All infirmities whether sicknesses or injury all result from the same thing, they are the manifestation of storms that occur in people’s lives. Like storms, a person must venture into them, whether by their own doing or carried on the back of others that ferry the soul through. In order to feel the effect of said storm, react and deal with whatever changes are precipitated by the events of the storm, good or bad, a person actually has to step into them? I have never known a single person who while watching a storm from a distance or flicking the TV off, ever sustained any damage when they themselves didn’t venture to the actual place of the storm.

So what am I trying to say, many of these storms could be avoided? I guess in effect t when we are in for we become storm chasers?

Of course, if they truly are storms, then most of the time we see them approaching usually off in the distance with enough clarity to at least change direction when that seems feasible, that taking into account we are looking up to see the clouds on the horizon? You chose the course especially after you are of the age of accountability. But once the storm is experienced, or upon you, it is up to you how you will deal with it, and this has a profound effect on how much if any damage occurs because of the storm.

There are many examples throughout history where people seem to fall prey to sicknesses and the effects of the storms they experience. The oh so many, throughout the life, we foolishly set our own feet onto experiencing the full brunt of the storm, yet others seem to go through the same storms unaffected? People seem immune or just thought to be strong enough not to so-called catch the sickness others are seemingly powerless to avoid, why is this?

Speaking of leprosy, I was often perplexed with the documented fact that people like Saint Francis of Assisi worked with and treated leapers yet never contracted the disease even though at the time there was no effective treatment or medicine for this severe affliction.

Storms occur, there is nothing you can do except how you choose to deal with them?

Sometimes storms come upon us like a little child running into a bully.

The Vision of the Bully and the little Girl;

To understand the nature of healing one must first examine and understand the aspects of exactly what is going on. A person cannot understand, let alone hope to fight a battle if they are looking in the wrong direction or blind to exactly what forces are attacking.

Infirmities of all types, whether they be sicknesses, injuries, or afflictions that can last a lifetime, are attacks from the outside. People believed this once, and today there needs to be a relearning of what is believed about such things.

Today people seem to take their sicknesses upon themselves with a comfortable passiveness as if they are predesigned with or by some kind of mistake made years before, or worse yet, a flaw in their genetic makeup, a design mistake or imperfection dooming them to pain and misery. In days of the past, we were told we came down with, afflicted by, or were tormented with this issue or that. Today we are being programmed by TV, doctors, and schools to believe we have it as if it is a part of us.

Darkness cannot make us into anything, God gives us everything real in our life, but we do have the ability to created it in ourselves. We have something when we begin to believe we do, confess it in our own life or accept what others have proclaimed unto us, that is the question, crossroad for people to decide whether to accept slavery or declare freedom?

There are four examples I will use to describe the true nature of sicknesses as I have come to understand them to be in people s lives based on what I have witnessed over the years and what has been shown to me; “The Bully, the Raccoon, the Spy and the Hole in the Road“.

Basically, these are all the same but for the purpose of explanation and future reference, we will use all four, and describe the nature of each of these attacks and then relate them to sicknesses or injuries in order to later reference them for further understanding of how to recognize them and what to do about them when they have already been defeated or overcome.

The Bully, the first, is a metaphorical example of how sicknesses appear in the lives of ordinary innocent persons.

A child is walking to school and maybe has walked the same route over the course of weeks maybe even years, but every once in a while either they deviate from the path to a neighboring street or maybe take the not so frequented alleyway. Perhaps they are just meandering down the same street they have always ventured down. Along the way perhaps back from school, then suddenly they come around the corner and walk right into the bully.

The bully frightens the child, maybe even harasses or picks on the child, dishing out a bruise, scratch, ache or pain or two, leaving the child venturing the rest of the way home, hurt,  eyes watering, nose stuffy, muscles aching, crying, scared and feeling lonely.

Now if the parents are clueless, perhaps disinterested, or unaware either by experience or education they may have no idea as to a cause of irritation that may reside outside the surface of their young child, especially when it comes to retrieving any information from the child regarding the abrasions or how they suddenly appeared, they may not even see the possibility that something sinister (sin-is-there), and lurking outside trying to affect the inside?

When all education has spoken otherwise, even the idea that there possibly could be an outside origin to the bruises, becomes something along the same line as the earliest native Americans looking out at the first ships that appeared on their shores? Not only, were these structures something they had never seen before in their lives, but it is also commonly believed because the people couldn’t comprehend the existence of such ships when they looked out upon the seas it resulted in an inability to even see them.

Assuming conclusions of reality can only be based on the limited information people have already been fed, either experientially or projected onto them from others, merely picking up the child and bring them to the doctor, one might say that this still represents a good idea?

So the doctor examines the child, renders a matching diagnosis based on the limited symptoms presented, gives the mother some ointment for the abrasions, even advises the cautious parent to wash their hands before placing the ointment on the child’s skin, because you wouldn’t want to infect the child with germs that are resting on your own skin?

The doctor might even give the mother a pain pill to help with the pain, maybe one for the mother, she seems tense as well, maybe it is contagious, another to help with the tension or fear the child is suddenly suffering from, a nice full tube of oil-based antibacterial cream, cautioning the mother to keep an eye on the skin and if it shows increased signs of redness or irritation stop immediately with the cream, it has been known to cause other complex issues. And while the doctor may be advised of the possible contra-indications such medicines have been known to facilitate, he does little if anything to warn about the various toxic chemical that the cream has in it. But at least he does warm the child not to put the cream anywhere near her mouth or eyes because it can cause severe irritation or even blindness. Yet with a satisfied customer and a collection of his deserved co-pay, he still prescribes the ointment for the bruises.

Now the child is not as enthusiastic when the doctor tells her she needs to stay home for at least a day or two, for she knows she will be behind in school, she already dreads what her teacher will say and certainly will need to make up the work. The ointment seems to hurt when it is applied and even burns after, how can that be good? Mother is told to put her in the room alone, get plenty of rest, and it might even be good to keep it dark to help her sleep. Better keep the dog or cat away, you never know, and out the door he flies to the next client spending a whopping 120 seconds with the pair, actually doing more writing than actually examining.

The child leaves wondering about the darkroom, needing to worry about the irritation of the ointment, the worry about just lying around in a dark room, thinking about the angry teacher and the extra work he will have to do, and most of all the worry about the trip back home the next time from school fearful the bully may come back.

Sickness is like the bully, it lays a thump on an innocent person, most of the time for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and then goes its way leaving the undeserving child with the bruises, scrapes, and pains leftover from the abuse. The bruises are not the bully, nor the ointment, maybe the idiot doctor, but even if the irritation was to spread because of the ointment, or the child was to suddenly develop a taste for the relief of the depression the pain pills seem to alleviate suddenly as she rests and the tension of going back to school suddenly is clouded by the drugs, one might easily confuse the ongoing issues with the ointment or the ongoing need to have pain pills as a continuation of the bullying, but it is not, they are merely tools for the spirit to use, like waves.

As for true therapy to stop the cause, for the bully, once one understands where the bruises actually came from, of course, one could advise the child to not take that particular path? But also knowing where the attack might come from, we are better able to look out for the culprit, especially knowing which street they are hanging out and when they showed? A counterattack to fight back the bully might also be a good idea especially engaging the local law enforcement authority to ensure this behavior will not be repeated with other innocents.

This is a storm of angry malice. The disease is also not the bully but a spirit of malice driving the bully to do what he does.

There are basically three ways you can deal with such a storm of malice; you can buckle down and take it, you can run and hide, or you can fight.

Sicknesses, Infirmities, Injuries, and Attacks, basically anything and everything that comes against you in the form of harming or hurt to your life, does so always first in the form of a spiritual attack, these attacks must find an opening in your Temple and it is through this opening and only through this opening, an attack can come.

The spirit of sickness and malice might send in a lone attacker, attempting to do harm on the strength of an advisory, stabbing him or her in a place unsuspected whereby attempting to cripple them in their strength. Once the storm has arrived, and once you find yourself in the midst of it, dealing with the Storm, running no longer becomes a practical solution. This leaves the remaining two options; just buckle down and take it, or fight.

Sicknesses, Injuries, Afflictions, or Infirmity’s, are all storms, they blow in from afar, cause problems and fear, and in some cases damage even unto death, but for those who overcome the gift of each day is growth.



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“Would if I told you that every oil-based pharmaceutical is not developed to heal anything or merely to make money, but actually enhanced, synthesized, and developed to facilitate other physiological issues, thus make us need additional medications. It is a classic cause the problem and then present the solution mechanism to enslave and control.”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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